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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png  I should not need to explain why flash is a must. It is a very good escape or engage summoner.

14.png  Ignite is a very good summoner for securing kills or playing against heal reliant supports.

3.png  Exhaust is a very useful summoner if your fighting against AD heavy teams or an AS reliant ADC like vayne because it shuts down the ADC's damage long enough for you to secure a kill or escape.

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url.jpg Damnation

Thresh does not gain armor and magic resistance per level. Instead, Thresh collects the souls of dead enemies by walking near. Souls permanently grant 0.75 armor and ability power. 

Champions and large minions always drop a harvest-able soul. Small minions only sometimes drop a soul.

Thresh_Q.pngDeath Sentence

: Thresh throws out his scythe, dealing magic damage with the first enemy hit and stunning it for 1.5 seconds. Upon hitting an enemy, Death Sentence's current cooldown is also reduced by 3 seconds. While the tether persists, Thresh cannot attack and he will periodically tug on the tether, each time pulling the target a short distance toward himself. After 0.5 seconds, or instantly if he hooks a minion or monster, Thresh can reactivate the ability to use Death Leap. 

Active - Death Leap: Thresh pulls himself to the bound enemy. This removes the stun but allows Thresh to attack again. Thresh loses the ability to activate Death Leap when the tether breaks.

Cost80 mana
Cooldown20/18/16/14/12 seconds

thresh-dark-passage.pngDark Passage

Active: Thresh throws his lantern towards the target location, which remains there for up to 6 seconds. If an ally clicks it, they pick up the lantern and Thresh pulls them both back to him. 

Additionally, allies who come near the lantern gain a shield lasting 6 seconds that absorbs damage. Allies can only receive the shield once per cast.

Cost50/55/60/65/70 mana
Cooldown22/20.5/19/17.5/16 seconds

Thresh_E.png  Flay

Passive: Thresh's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage. This value is equal to the total number of souls collected, plus a percentage of his attack damage based on the amount of time since his last attack. 

Active: Thresh deals magic damage in a line beginning behind him. Enemies hit are pushed in the direction of the swing and then slowed for 1.5 seconds.

Cost60/65/70/75/80 mana
Cooldown9 seconds

thresh-the-box.png The Box

Active: Thresh creates a prison of spectral walls around himself. Enemy Champions who walk through a wall take magic damage and are slowed by 99% for 2 seconds, but break that wall. 

Once one wall is broken, the remaining walls' damage and slow duration is halved.

Cost100 mana
Cooldown150/140/130 seconds

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    Full Build , If you start with : Ancient Coin
    Full Build , If you start with : Relic Shield

Situational Items

    Multiple AD on the team
    Effective if the teamfights are lasting a long time
    Useful Against Ap Heavy Teams If You Are Getting Nuked

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

Matchups ( ADC ) Back to Top

EASY - Ashe does not have any escape to dodge the Thresh hook, her kit is completely built around slowing her enemies and kiting, which she will not be able to utilize effectively against Thresh. Use minions to avoid getting poked by her volley and grab her whenever you can.

MEDIUM - Caitlyn's long range can be difficult to deal with early game and her traps will give her good bush control so it is almost never effective to try and poke her. Use your shield to avoid as much poke as possible on your ADC and most ADC's will outscale her as the game progresses. That said, if you can hit a grab on Caitlyn after level 6 she will most likely die.  

MEDIUM - Corki has a short range so it is possible to poke him down although be careful as his Q/E can hurt if he decides to turn on you. Corki's escape is extremely slow and fairly easy to interupt with your Flay. This lane is all about smart trades and only going all in when you have an advantage.

EASY - Draven's kit relies on him being able to catch his axe's to maximize damage. Thresh has alot of disruption so in a fight it will be extremely hard for a draven to catch axes. His movement speed can make it hard to land grabs early but this should still be a fairly straight forward lane.

MEDIUM - Poking Ezreal is next to impossible so try to keep bush control as much as you can, bush hook's will be your best bet at a kill because once Ezreal has been hooked he should not be able to escape unless he flashes. Thresh's E and R both out range Ezreal's jump (The trick is to not stand still / try and E as soon as you pull yourself to him)

HARD - Graves is difficult to fight against as Thresh because his Dash makes grabbing him difficult. Even if you do land a grab it play's well into the graves kit as he is in a perfect position to Q R you or your ADC while also denying your adc vision with his W to trade back. Graves can also dodge your E fairly easily if he does need to escape. Poking him down and gaining early lane dominance is your best chance at winning this matchup. 

MEDIUM - Jinx can trade fairly well with her rockets so poking her down is difficult. Having said that, she has no natural escape for your grab so hooking her is fairly easy, just be careful that she cannot turn the fight around with Trap/ Ulti. Avoid her W poke and try to gain bush control and this is should not be too hard to win.

EASY - Kog has no built in escapes for your ability's so you can usually engage this lane whenever you want to. Harassing is not usually a good idea unless Kog has used his W, but you should not need to harrass to win this matchup. 

HARD - Probably the most difficult ADC to play against currently as Thresh. This is because he has a fairly low cooldown escape to dodge your grab meaning it will be very difficult to engage on him. He also has very high poke and engage that hits very quickly so you can't shield the damage. Avoid as much of his poke as possible and rush your 3069_32.png as it will help enormously with your engage.

MEDIUM - Another ADC with no escape, although MF's passive makes it more difficult to grab her. This should still be a fairly straight forward lane. Avoid the Bounces on her Q whenever possible by standing a safe distance from the minions (or keep your bush controlled). You have a low cooldown interupt for MF's ulti so if you do land a grab it will likely result in a kill.

EASY - Quinn does not see much playtime at the moment because of her short range/ Odd ulti. She is fairly easy to grab, and you can Flay her jump. Try to avoid engaging on her until she has used her Q as it will give you a huge advantage in the duel.

HARD - Sivir is another very strong ADC currently. She has a shield to block any grab you try to make and she has huge movement speed with her ulti if she does get into trouble so can just run away. Playing with an ADC who can eat the shield fairly easily (18_64.png) or take advantage of him saving it helps alot in this matchup. Early aggression (level 1-2) also helps alot against Sivir, make the most out of her low early game damage and small range.

EASY - Thresh has 2 ability's which interupt Tristana's Jump (Q/E), meaning she will not be not be able to escape you if you get close to her. Thresh can also shield all of Tristana's early game damage from her E. You have opportunities to outplay Tristana all game, this lane should not give you many difficulties.

MEDIUM - Although Twitch is very weak to CC, a good Twitch will only fight on his own terms, meaning he will be inbetween minions when he engages on you. This makes it very difficult to land a grab on him. His huge range with ulti will also usually make it difficult for you to get close to in a teamfight. Having said that if you do land a grab he will most likely die.

MEDIUM - Varus has very strong early game damage so avoid getting poked by his Q in the bush. He does not have a natural escape from your grab but he can turn around a fight fairly easily with his ulti if you go too far looking for a grab. Varus can also dish out alot of damage in a duel so dont expect it to be a slam dunk kill after you hit your grab.

MEDIUM - Vayne has a low cooldown tumble so grabbing him can be difficult in lane. Be careful that he does not Condemn you into a wall if you go looking to aggressively poke. Poking is possible, but only if you have shield available as a backup. Late game Vayne relies alot on his team to peel for him, you will be his worst nightmare since he will die if you grab him, you can pinkward/ Oracle his ulti, you can pull Allies onto him and he will find it eztremely difficult to stay alive if you get in range to Flay/ulti.

Warding Back to Top

With the implementations of trinkets and overall changes to supports after patch 3.14, warding has changed, it is now much more of a team effort - however the main warder is still the support.

This is how I try to ward during the laning phase;

Sem título.png

Blue side 

  • If the lane is even and not pushed in either direction I will ward the ENEMY lane bush and the river (near the dragon, bot side)
  • If the lane is pushed towards my tower I will ward OUR lane bush and TRI bush
  • If the lane is pushed towards the enemies tower I will ward the river near dragon and if necessary the ENEMY lane bush

Purple side

  • If the lane is even and not pushed in either direction I will ward TRI bush and the ENEMY lane bush (If the opposing team has a jungler who can jump over the dragon wall I will ward the River bush instead of TRI)
  • If the lane is pushed towards my tower I will ward OUR lane bush (If the lane is fluctuating slightly here I will ward the river bush)
  • If the lane is pushed towards the enemies tower I will ward TRI and if necessary the ENEMY lane bush

Pinks (Vision wards)

Pinks are now permanent wards, however they are not invisible anymore. Try to use these wards for taking objectives, or put them in places that will deny opposing team key vision but without putting it in a place where the enemies will just kill it for free! (For example if you are blue side, put one in tri bush and if the opposing team decide to go and kill it they risk being ganked fairly easily by your jungler)

Defensive wards

Alot of people will wonder why I do not ward TRI bush when pushing on blue side, or dragon on purple side while pushing(unless they have jumpers!). The answer is simple - Your mid laner should be warding the jungle entrance on the other side of the dragon, so you will see if the jungler tries to come the long way to botlane. However in solo queue this does not always happen, if that is the case then you will need to ward more defensively (and probably give up the lane bush ward during the early levels and sit in the bush)

Sweeping Lens vs Warding Totem

The way I prefer to go about this dilemma is I start the game with a warding totem because it gives you alot more versatility in lane especially against unpredictable junglers, you can use this along with your ADC's warding totem to block off possible enemy ganks. I then decide whether to upgrade my Warding totem or sell it and buy the Sweeping Lens (it's free! however selling a trinket will disable trinket use for 180 seconds). This will depend completely on what champions I am playing against. The Sweeping Lens (Upgraded into Oracle's Lens) is very good against champions likeShaco35_64.png, Rengar107_64.png, Wukong62_64.png, Kha'zix 121_64.png and Akali84_64.png because the activated oracle can completely counter their stealth ability's. Warding Totem (Upgraded into Greater Vision Totem) is slightly better against anEvelynn28_64.png team as the Vision ward is permanent and can completely close off her engage path at objectives. Both the Greater Vision Totem and the Oracle's Lens fulfil the job of securing objectives for your team very well.

How to use Sweeping Lens in lane

As a support you should always be keeping track of where your opposing support is placing wards, and what type of wards they are placing! Communicate with your jungler to find out if he is planning on ganking your lane so that you can use sweeping lens on the ward covering his entrance just before he enters the lane. If your jungler is not going to gank botlane use your sweeping lens to clear out STEALTH WARDS in the lane bush to force your opponent to either use another stealth ward for lane vision and give up river vision or give up lane vision. (IMPORTANT: It is inefficiant to use your sweeping lens on a trinket ward in the early levels because they only last 60 seconds and your sweeping lens has a 180 second cooldown.) 

You should always use Sweeping Lens before attempting Dragon or Baron.

(Tip: There is a visual difference between the trinket wards and stealth wards - The trinket wards have a golden glow)

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