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Summoner Spells Back to Top

It's best for every Top Laner to run Teleport, it allows you to not miss CS after recalling, and lets you join fights around the map.


Flash is standard on most champions, Trundle is no exception, having a Gap closer especially early game will help you either secure a kill, or escape death.

New Runes Back to Top

This Rune setup gives Trundle free tankiness & Sustain

Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=64 Grasp lets you heal when skirmishing with an enemy, in lane it can easily be proc'd after hitting a minion and waiting 4 seconds, then hitting the enemy champion. Since it is passive, and on a low cooldown you can get this off multiple times during a fight.
Bone%20Plating.png?width=64 Blocks damage for free, better against burst champions, but will always block some damage.
5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=64 Start the match with a small amount of extra health, that later will turn into AD after getting 4 kills or assist, Trundle getting free AD as a bruiser from a rune that also makes him tankier early is very valuable.
Revitalize.png?width=64 You will have tons of healing from Trundle's Kit, Runes, and Items, so even though you aren't a support you will get tons of value out of this rune, just from self healing.
Triumph.png?width=64 Can really turn fights in 2v2s early or 5v5s later when you get the good chunk of health back after getting a kill or assist.
Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=64 Free scaling attack speed, Trundle is primarily Auto Attack based, so having more attacks is more damage. 

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order
trundlepain.png dot-pattern.png trundletrollsmash.png dot-pattern.png trundledesecrate.png dot-pattern.png trundlecircle.png 

trundlepassive.png Passive

When enemies die near Trundle he heals based on his Max Health.

When fighting in minion waves this will give you a good amount of sustain.

trundletrollsmash.png Chomp

Trundle's next Auto Attack deals bonus damage and slows the target, he then gains bonus Attack Damage, and reduces the target's Attack Damage.
  • Chomp Reset Trundles Auto Attack
  • So for most damage Auto attack > Q trundletrollsmash.png > Auto Attack
  • You can use this to gain AD from Minions, Monsters, Dragon / Baron, and Champions, so be mindful of who / what you are taking AD from.

trundledesecrate.png Frozen Domain 

Trundle changes the terrain in a large AOE around him, while in that zone he against Bonus Attack Speed and Bonus Movement Speed, and increased health restoration.
  • Use this to heal and to gain more Attack Speed & Movement Speed during fights
  • Cast in lane in combination with Pillar of Ice trundlecircle.png to gain distance on your lane opponennt to trade with them
  • Use this to enhance healing effects of trundlepassive.png Passive,  2031.png and potions.

trundlecircle.png Pillar of Ice

Trundle places a Pillar that knocks up a target hit briefly, and slows the area around it.
  • Use this to slow enemies you want to get onto
  • You can also use this to block off paths to enemies are either completely stuck near you, or have to walk around the pillar.
  • Use this to escape ganks.
  • You can put 2 points in Pillar of Ice early if you can make use of it in your lane matchup.

trundlepain.png Subjugate

Trundle steals 40% of a targets Armor & Magic Resist, and also deals magic damage based on the targets Max Health over time.
  • Use this to put a target at an extreme disadvantage against you, stealing their Armor & Magic Resist, and dealing damage based on their Max health, no tank stands a chance
  • Cast at the start of a fight, no reason to hold onto it for a long time.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

1054.png Doran's Shield makes any matchup ranged or melee passively easier, since it gives you health, health regen, and you recover health every time you get damage, just a lot of bulky sustain. 
2003.png You start with 1 health pot, use the health pot when you are around half health.
3340.png Ward for free, use to ward before the junglers 1st gank

Example Full Build


Build Path makes you a split pushing threat that is very hard to deal with.

The early build path will look similar to this 

1054.png > 3077.png > 1001.png > 3074.png > 3111.png or 3047.png  >  you can build PD 3046.png before or after any item, it gives you a huge boost in DPS, but if you build it super early without a lead, you will not have defensive stats. > 3065.png > 3025.png > 3742.png

If you are against an AD laner build Iceborn Gauntlet after Hydra! 3025.png
If you are  against an AP laner build Spirit visage after Hydra! 3065.png 

After Hydra you can change the build path of any of the items depending on what champions you are playing against, you will get more immediate effectiveness out of some items vs others.

3046.png Trundle Gains lots AD for free from his Q trundletrollsmash.png, so an item that gives him Crit & Attack Speed, will make you do more damage despite the fact that you aren't just building Attack Damage, the passive from PD also makes it so the target you are hitting deals less damage to you, giving you very unfair 1v1s and a better chance to solo out enemy carries during teamfights. Most people would probably recommend you build 3078.png Trinity on trundle, it's not a bad item, but PD is cheaper, like way cheaper and as, if not more effective.
3143.png If the enemy is building lots of Crit you can swap Deadman's Plate 3742.png for Randuins. 
3050.png Zeke's isn't a bad item if you are going to play to teamfight with your team rather than split push

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Camille
  • Cho'Gath
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Irelia
  • Ornn
  • Pantheon
  • Sion
  • Vladimir




Camille is very snowball oriented, if she takes off there is not much you can do to her. she can also setup the enemy jungler for a gank with E camillee.png & ULT camiller.png so avoid that early, and you can abuse her later in the game in a solo lane 1v1.




Cho'Gath becomes a punching bag for Trundle, his only option is to build tanky items, which Trundle ULTS steals, and he has very bad escape tools to get away from you.


Dr. Mundo


Mundo might have a lot of healing, but so does Trundle, any fight you take will be a right clicking battle where you both sit on top of each other, if you have 3123.png it will make the fight even more in your favor.




Beating Irelia comes down to if you can avoid her ireliae.png & ireliar.png, both will prevent you from doing damage to her while she does damage to you.




Ornn will always give you lots of value from Trundle's ULT trundlepain.png, building 3111.png also midigates a lot of ORNNs kit, so it's very hard the later the game goes for him to deal with you pushing a side lane on his own.




Pantheon has tons of poke early in lane for free with his Q pantheonq.png that you can't really avoid, start 1054.png, then on first recall buy 1029.png & 2031.png




Even thought Sion is a tank, he wins lane early by spamming his abilities, when fighting him he has lots of ways to avoid damage & CC you, so pushing against him solo he can also set you up for a gank very easily.




VLAD top directly counters trundle, the laning is hard, the mid game is hard, and the late game is hard for Trundle to do anything directly to Vlad, without the Vlad making a huge mistake. You can skip Tiamat, and build an early 3211.png and look to play for the late game, staying in your lane and farming as much as possible.

Vlad will push the lane constantly, so you can use trundlecircle.png E to setup your jungler for a gank onto him.

Early Game Back to Top

Early Game Trundle's gameplay is pretty linear, you are doing 1 of 3 things

  • Pushing the Minion wave
  • Trading with the enemy
  • Last Hitting minions and avoiding the enemy
The way you push the minion wave is simply auto attacking the minions repeatedly, you have not abilities that will damage the minions besides Q trundletrollsmash.png so you will spend a lot of time on top of minions compared to other top laners such as 516.png14.png that cast abilities repeatedly to clear minions waves.

To Trade with the enemy, you should try to place your best Pillar trundlecircle.png E  to stop their backwards movement, and to slow them as you approach towards them, then cast W trundledesecrate.png to give you more movement speed, and more attack speed to damage them more, then when you are on top of the enemy Auto Attack then > Q trundletrollsmash.png only use Q trundletrollsmash.png first when you really need the slow or else you lose out on damage.

Lasting Hitting Minions and avoiding the enemy is necessary during different stages in the match such as when the enemy laner is stronger, or if you are at risk of a gank from the enemy jungler / roaming laner.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game you are either dominating your lane opponent, in which case you can push into their tower easily, or force trades with them without much risk. If you have already taken the 1st tower Top Lane, it will present more risk to push further if the enemy jungler is in the top side jungle, and can pull off a successful gank against you, so you shoud factor this in to decide rather or not to continue pushing or how long to push for before pulling back.

If you don't have a lead / are behind / in an unfavorable matchup, it is fine to continue to farm your lane, don't put tons of value in looking for cross map plays with TP 12.png or roaming to mid for a gank, both are very hard to pull off, and staying in the Top lane will guarantee Gold & XP, which you will need moving into the Late Game.

If you have free time after pushing the minion wave you can look to farm the enemy / your own Gromp / Golems.

Watch to see when your Bot lane, or the enemy Bot lane takes the first tower Bot, once they do you will most likely need to swap from Top lane to Bot Lane, or else you will end up in a 1v2.

Even though you have a very good 1v1 into most tank top matchups, they will usually have CC and during the mid game ganks become even more threatening, if you fall behind during the Mid game you won't be able to pressure as hard as possible during the Late Game.

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game Trundle becomes one of the biggest side lane annoyances in the game, being able to push endlessly with 3074.png, and have 3-4 items, allow him to take some damage while hitting the Enemy Tower, then heal it back up on the next minion wave.

Having tank items 3065.png3025.png also allow you to have a good chance of surviving if enemy champions come to gank you while you are split pushing, if they do this your team will most likely have position to take the Baron, be sure to ping them though. 

When split pushing, you can move to hit the enemy tower, without hitting the enemy champion, and you won't take tower aggro, even if they start hitting you, so long that you don't right click them, you won't take tower aggro, and can continue hitting the tower.

When a teamfight does break out you can TP 12.png into it since late game when you have items you become much more useful to your team during a fight, look at fights and judge if you should go or not, staying in a side lane that the enemy top laner has also left to be involved with a fight might be worth, if you TP into an already lost fight than it becomes a double miss play, wasting your TP and not getting value by taking towers while the enemy is taking towers that you can't defend solo / at a numbers disadvantage.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Huge Split Pushing power
  • Direct counter to Tank Top Laners
  • More lane oriented rather than Team Fighting 


  • When behind becomes very useless for a long time
  • No CC
  • Bad Matchup against AP Mages Top

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I'm going to be the Best North American League of Legends Support player there ever was. I currently write guides for Lolking, coach, and stream on twitch to financially sustain myself.

I believe in the power of Games, and think they will have a great impact on the future.


You can see Challenger Support gameplay live on my Twitch stream ,for the love of god please follow lol.

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