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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Standard Speedamere 14.png6.png


  • Ghost is a lot stronger than flash mainly due to it's 40% less cooldown. After the nerfs to ghost, where it ramps up movespeed, you should be popping ghost a lot earlier in the fight if you plan to chase. When you use ghost correctly,(popping it when you pressure a kill), you should not expect to get a kill, but instead trade summoners, using this, there is about a 102-147 second window, where you will have ghost, and they wont have flash (Time window is different if they are running 6241.png or not)
  • Gives you more damage, less time moving = more damage
  • Great getaway / chase later on, when you are playing for splitpush
  • Burn Ghost for their Flash = Them not having flash up when you can ghost = kill potential
  • Your E Is pretty much a flash for things such as 59_64.png ult or Walls, so you can still get past those easily


  • Vulnerable to early ganks
  • Less outplay potential

Sneaky Flashamere 14.png4.png


  • Gives you really good lvl 2 all in/ Killing them early on
  • Great to escape early ganks
  • Can flash AA+ignite for great kill pressure, they shouldn't have time to react.
  • Good assassination potential with E + Flash combo onto backline, E+Flash adds E damage similar to Gragas Bodyslam CONS


  • Less speed = less damage
  • Less chase/lock down later on

12.png = Situational, if it's a lane where you won't have any kill pressure, 133.png mainly, or 17.png, ONLY if you are not confident in the matchup.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

6231.png  Is extremely strong with your  tryndamereq.png . At max rank grants an additional 44 HP, when you start spamming this ability (Which you will) Is very effective.

6162.png Is a must on Tryndamere, the AD is extremely valuable, as you will be rushing Attack Speed and Crit first item.

Can swap out 
6122.png for 6121.png for extra kill pressure

Can swap out 
6134.png for 6131.png if you need the lifesteal, although I never would as the AD is very valuable early on. But it is okay to take Lifesteal as it is very strong on Tryndamere.

Should swap out 
6142.png for 6143.png if you are in a 'poky' lane

Should swap out 
6241.png for 6243.png if you are in a bursty/chaotic lane, 

    Such as 

Abilities Back to Top


Battle_Fury.png Battle Fury

  • 0.35% Crit Change for every point of Fury.
  • 35% at 100 Fury.
  • 5 Fury per AA, 10 Fury per Crit, 10 Fury per Last Hit/Killing Blow.
  • Controlling Playing around your fury is extremely vital. You can tell if someone knows how to play against Tryndamere because they will abuse you when your fury is down. Likely most people will not play around your fury correctly. Use this to your advantage, by avoiding fights when you are out of fury, and look for fights while you are 80-100 Fury.

Bloodlust.png  Bloodlust

  • Max This first, Get it at level 2.
  • Great sustain in lane. 344HP at max level with 6231.png
  • 25 AD + up to 60 AD, based on missing HP
  • Some lanes you can trade at full fury, then use this to heal, some lanes you need to never use this when they can pressure you, otherwise they will abuse your 0 Fury weakness.

Mocking_Shout.png Mocking Shout

  • Max Last
  • At max rank -80 AD AOE = OP
  • Huge slow 30/37.5/45/52.5/60% for 4 seconds
  • They must be turned around for this to slow.
  • If they try and juke the slow by facing you quickly when running away, just wait it out as they dance around like an idiot trying to juke it, then use it when they stop
  • During trades use it just for the AD reduction.

Spinning_Slash.png Spinning Splash

  • Max Second.
  • Great for wave clear + burst.
  • Can actually hit the same target twice, if they stand in it for long enough - glitch but very common.
  • Always use on smart cast this for easier combos.
  • When using this with flash make sure you flash during last half of E onto your victim.
  • Spin Hit away a lot, where as soon as you proc auto damage, E out. Can harass them at tower this way without taking tower damage as well.

Undying_Rage.png Undying Rage

  •  This is actually really hard to master ulting right, you can mess up by ulting too early, and too late. 
  • A good ult and a bad ult can mean the difference between you living an extra 2 seconds, or dying because you ulted too early.
  •  Watch out for burst killing you before you can ult. EX 92.png126.png
  •  Has a small delay - VERY SMALL, so just make sure to ult at the right time, or you will screw yourself over.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Broken item right now, Although you will value the lifesteal/stats on Dorans Blade greatly, doran's shield is a must in certain matchups due to the raw HP regen, ex Teemo/Jayce/Quinn
    The stats are AMAZING for you. Any lane where you don't need a D-Shield, this item is nuts, 2 dorans blade early game is very strong because of lifesteal being very strong with you as you will avoid lifesteal items as they do not fit well in your Core build early on.
    Typical first back, i avoid boots like the plague, you want your first item fast, you don't need move speed with your E/W gapclosing, you can buy boots after first item completion.
    if you're not buying/using these items you're trolling. you're extremely easy to gank as tryndamere post 6. Only if it really interupts your buy will you avoid a control ward.
    If you CAN'T afford refillable buy this.
    vs Tanks with no/little CC, or if you are ahead. it's a LOT of cheap AS
    A little armor is very effective, Use for lanes like Riven, Jayce, Fiora. if you are going for ninja tabis, it's okay to rush first item, although delays your build a lot.
    Not very good to rush, but after your first item I would consider, it helps a lot with chasing down tanks with CC like maokai, or against someone with hard CC you'll run into later. Ex Twisted Fate, Nunu, Lulu, always consider these, even if you're against AD, just build them later on if you don't need them right away.
    Choose one of these for your first item. Statikk only if you don't need the damage reduction/chase, as Statikk helps your waveclear/jg clear/burst and is very convenient

Core Items

    3 Core Item, Once you have these, your damage, mainly on low armor targets ( armor <100) will be insane. Even tanks you will shred due to ridiculas DPS. Use this Item Power Spike by actively looking for more fights.
    Your first Huge Power Spike, you will be at 85% crit, and deal insane DPS in all ins/ 3 shot squishies. Look for more all ins when you reach 2 items.
    Typical 5 item
    Typical 6 Item

Situational Items

    Alternative 1st Buy. Statikk is usually always better if you don't value the chase/damage reductions from Phantom Dancer. Lanes that won't threaten kill pressure on you I will buy Statikk or lanes that will stack armor I will buy Statikk. Statikk is also very strong with early wave clear/farming jungle camps.
    In some matchups where lifesteal/speed bonus is good, the main problem with this item is how it does not fit into your core well, being you want to hit your 2 crit items much earlier, and this delays that a lot. Although you can find use in it, it's not terrible, has the strongest 1 item powerspike of any.
    Very strong item when duelling in AD vs AP matchups, can upgrade to MAW after you get your 3 core items.
    Can just drop this item early game if you really want the lifesteal, and upgrade to botrk early, or just sit on until late game, in which case you will buy Death's Dance, Mercurial Scimitar. Botrk is a weak last item over the alternatives in your late game.
    6 Item, I will always sell Phantom Dancer for this as the 400 magic damage late game is Nuts.
    Against a lot of AP, upgrade to maw after your first 3 items.
    If you buy any tanky items you're probably trolling. You need damage to be useful, as well as tanky items are bad with your ulty.
    The only tanky item you should CONSIDER buying in a 5/6 item late game. Is very good against a buff adc.
    Can be good with health potion chugs if you are looking for all in early, but lane is hard.
    this item sucks, but if you want to anger your opponent go for it.



1055_64.png2003_64.png - VS AD

  • Gives you 604 gold of stats for 440 gold. Great early game.
  • More HP = Better survivability in an All In.
  • Even after nerfs, Great Item. Buy 2 MAX, 1 MIN.

1054_64.png - VS Annoying AA Ranged/ Bad matchups Pre-6

  • Reduces a lot of their AA poke.
  • VS   133_64.png2.png17.png126.png114.png
  • I would still buy a longsword VS 17_64.png67_64.png because you need kill potential vs them. But this is an option.

3139_64.png - HARD CC LATE?

  • If you have a problem with someone like 17_64.png9_64.png45_64.png33_64.png4.png39.png497.png CCing you late game, you can buy this as 5th or 6th item. Never rush.

3111_64.png - PLS NO CC

  • If you are LANING against someone like 17_64.png84_64.png127_64.png75_64.png
  • Buy after 3087_32.png
3143.png  - ADC OP
  • If you are really struggling vs Crit AD's this can be good. Only if you don't value any of the other items very much. Should have a low priority on Randuins, and only buy strictly vs Fed ADs like 119.png29.png222.png22.png,
  • the Slow Active is quite useful versus immobile ADCs.

3075_64.png3083_64.png3068_64.png - TANKY ITEMS

  • Never buy these
  • They are ineffective with your ult

3341_64.png - VS  17_64.png  when he's 6

  • Can kill shrooms/Check
  • Disable Shrooms
  • Can disable shrooms if he tries to place them on you during an all in, meaning you can walk over them and they won't do anything.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Yasuo
  • Yorick
  • Zac



  • Doran's Blade 
  • Very easy lane for Tryndamere, just play around your Fury correctly, and you should never lose a fight.
  • Very easy cheese if you can rush level 2, without pushing wave into their turret.



  • Doran's Shield start/ Very effective vs her Q spam.
  • Can zone you easily with her Q but you can all in her pretty easily once you get full rage at lvl 1/2.
  • Always look for trades, even if they go even, you sustain more, and you threaten kills more
  • Once you get full rage lvl 1 you can E on to her. 
  • She is good in small trades but bad in an All In pre-6. All in her.
  • her W (bubble) CD is 18 seconds.



  • Tricky to play against later on. Don't look to play team fights, he will peel you like crazy. If you find yourself in a 5v5, look to wait until he's used his abilities before you go in, or look to trade your tryndameree.png for his peel abilities, if you find it advantageous.



  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • Very easy to all in lvl 1/2. Try to respect his vorpalspikes.png early on as it does a lot of damage.
  • Very squishy pre 6.
  • Once you start killing him it's hard for him to catch back up.
  • He'll be too hard to kill later on, but you can wack him out of lane.
  • Bait Q before you dive.
  • His Q CD is 9 seconds.



  • Doran's Shield Start.
  • Not many people play him, but he counters you very hard.
  • If he doesn't harass you early, you can look for all in level 2.
  • Should be a very bad matchup until post 9, when you pick up some items
  • His E is a long cooldown, 24 seconds, so if he wastes or misses it, you should be safe for a while from it.


Dr. Mundo

  • Doran's Blade Start
  • Easy to fight him once you get 80-100 fury.
  • 100 fury lvl 1/2 all in.
  • Easy to dodge his cleavers.
  • Easy to damage/dive.
  • If he ults with low HP, most of the time you can ignite/burst him early game.



  • Doran's Shield Start
  • She should destroy you post 6, once you get an item or 2, you start to threaten all in, try and save your E to walk away from her Parry/Ult if you can, you should always lose early all ins unless her ult/w is down.
  • Watch out for Parry attack speed slow, You SHOULD be able to dodge the W, is easy to react to.
  • She wins short trades, but you can all in cheese her with 100 fury lvl 2.
  • Her Parry CD is 24/22/20/18/16, she maxes Parry LAST. Play around her long parry cooldown wisely by forcing fights while it's down.



  • Doran's Blade Start
  • Very easy cheese if you can rush level 2, without pushing wave into their turret.
  • Easy to gank.
  • This lane gets increasingly worse for Gangplank, assuming you keep the pressure up, he should not be able to poke you down. Always be looking for kills on Gangplank, he's super easy to slay at all stages of the game. Especially as you get items.
  • Look to ambush him/ Gank your own lane.
  • If you are not behind at level 6, it's a very easy lane, he's also very divable.



  • Doran's Start
  • Annoying lane, can be hard to kill, but you actually can lvl 1/2 all in him nicely.
  • He scales awful late game compared to you. 



  • Doran's Blade Start
  • Tryndamere wins post 6 if you can force early trades with Fury 
  • Very easy cheese if you can rush level 2, without pushing wave into their turret.
  • Matchup gets very difficult once he gets his first/second items. Try and avoid him if you cannot fight him at this point.
  • His jump cd is 22 seconds rank 1, and your tryndameree.png CD is 13 seconds, if you can force a gap closer for gap closer, you will have a large window for a kill once your tryndameree.png is off cooldown.



  • Doran's Blade Start/ Doran's Shield if you are uncomfortable in the matchup
  • Very annoying lane, would be good 3111.png after your first item.
  • You should win any extended trade/ all in versus gragas, he will try and play for short trades, use this to your advantage if he Bodyslams you, you can look for an all in if you have Fury.
  • If you are having a hard time, rush a 1033.png and just sit on it until 3111.png later on.
  • Would be a good lane for 1053.png into 3153.png, as the lifesteal is very useful in this lane.
  • Gragas set's up ganks very well against you, keep this in mind.
  • Lane gets a lot better post 6/9, as your sustain with Q/lifesteal, will be too much and any trade should be in your favour, as long as you avoid ganks.



  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • One of Tryndamere's best lanes, Only point where Irelia can maybe duel you is with 3078.png3143.png3047.png but she should be so behind that she won't get these items in time.
  • Always go 2 Doran's blades for extra HP.
  • Very easy to abuse early on.
  • Very easy cheese if you can rush level 2, without pushing wave into their turret.


Jarvan IV

  • Doran's Blade/Longsword start.
  • Annoying lane, he has great short trades.
  • Very easy cheese if you can rush level 2, without pushing wave into their turret.
  • Easy to dive/kill if you don't fall behind early on.
  • Jarvan duels terribly once you get 2 items, any all in post 9/11, you should demolish J4, assuming your not too far behind. Even if he has a 2 level lead, you can find all ins on him mid game.



  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • If he runs at you with E lvl 1, you just E away, if you have more than 80 fury, E to his tower, dodging his E, then you can all in him after it's done.
  • Late game you can't 1v1 him at all, but he's extremely easy to beat early/mid game.
  • Easy to all in/dive.



  • Longsword Start/Doran's Shield start.
  • Very easy to cheese lvl 1/2, I often run Flash in this lane just for the cheese lvl 2.
  • Very easy to dive with your jungler.
  • Annoying poke.
  • Watch his mana, if he's oom he's worthless.
  • Watch out for poke when you are trying to gain fury lvl 1, just stand back until you can last hit the minions if he runs at you. He has to last hit too though, so you can then start hitting minions more for fury.



  • Doran's Blade/Longsword
  • Annoying push lvl 1, if she tries to push fast, just let her push you under tower, once you can 100 fury she's really squishy, and you can kill her.
  • Really vulnerable when her E is down.
  • Her ult is 110 second cooldown lvl 1.



  • Doran's Shield Start
  • Cheesable in a lvl 1/2 all in with 100 fury.
  • Ask for ganks, bait his E before your jungler shows.
  • His E is a 10 Seconds CD lvl 1.



  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • Always keep 100 fury against him, he can abuse you if you use Q for health. 
  • Easy to all in dive.
  • Easy to cheese lvl 1/2 in an all in with 100 fury.
  • Try not to let him W/Q/aa you for free, it can hurt.


Lee Sin

  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • Top lane lee sin is kind of like you, but weaker in every way.
  • watch out for Q damage lvl 1, avoid trading him until you get max fury.
  • Very easy cheese if you can rush level 2, without pushing wave into their turret.
  • Divable once his ult is down.
  • His R is a 120 CD level 1



  • Doran's Shield Start.
  • Lulu counters trynd? It's okay, no one can play her.
  • Shes very squishy early game, try and dodge Q.
  • Go for an all in lvl 1/2 100 fury.



  • Doran's blade start.
  • Easy to deal with in lane, he can't damage you when you get sustain.
  • All in lvl 1/2 with 100 fury.
  • Never teamfight 5v5 vs Malphite as Trynd, he shuts you down, but that's why you split-push.
  • You beat him hard in lane, but he tends to roam a lot, be ready to pressure your lane a lot.



  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • Easy to waste his mana, and easy to all in.
  • Easy to split-push against, deal with, kill early game.
  • If he rushes RoA against Trynd, he's stupid and you should win lane.
  • Very weak to trynd all ins.
  • Avoid bushes with saplings if you can, or destroy his saplings by baiting them out before fights.



  • Tricky matchup, you can bully him early on, but he becomes unkillable once he gets items.
  • Dive once his whither is down if he's low
  • Whither CD lvl 1 15 seconds
  • Once you can't fight him, you generally just split-push around him
  • Ex: Split push bot, once he comes, don't get in whither range, just back off and try and split another lane or flank his team while hes occupied, nasus is a slow champion, with little wave clear, abuse that.



  • Longsword Start/Doran's Blade.
  • Hurts you a lot with his Q E poke.
  • Run attack speed marks to make his passive less effective.
  • Push early so he has to use Q to farm under tower, and cant poke you as much. You have to push a lot early.
  • You can easily dive him mid/late game assuming you're not really far behind.
  • You can't do short trades with him, if he uses his passive to trade, then you should go all in (with ult).
  • You have an ult and he doesn't
  • Be ready to shove hard whenever he's out of lane, you can't let him roam for free. Also ping a lot.



  • Doran's Shield Start.
  • Annoying champion, can blind you for 1.5 seconds and Vault to get away from you and slow you.
  • Her Q is a 11/10/9/8/7 Cooldown.
  • Her E is a 12/11/10/9/8 Cooldown.
  • Ask for ganks, shes weak to them.
  • Get ready to farm jungle a lot.



  • Doran's Blade Start
  • Actually one of the easier matchups, he's old news, you can beat him early and outscale him late.
  • Try not to let him do free damage to you.
  • All in when full fury lvl 1/2, he's really weak to all ins.
  • Divable mid/late game.



  • Doran's Blade/Longsword Start.
  • Actually an easy to lane champion, I have yet to see a good rengar.
  • Don't let him hop on you for free, hit him back.
  • Always take ghost versus him.
  • Cheese him lvl 1/2 with 100 fury. With ghost and ignite you should be able to lock him down and kill him, he may dance around a little though, but he's very easy to all in.



  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • If she tries to trade you with Q lvl 1 under your minions, trade her back, she will always lose the trade.
  • Once you get 100 fury lvl 1/2 shes extremely easy to all in.
  • Watch out for ult burst damage, don't let her kill you when you have ult.
  • Easy to dive once she uses W.
  • Most Rivens don't know what they're doing. This lane is easy because they do not use their abilities correctly in lane, and you can rely on that. If they know how to play the lane, it can get tricky post 3/4



  • Doran's Blade/Shield Start
  • Try and all in him early lvl 1/2 with 100 fury.
  • Don't stand in his ult.
  • Can build a early 3155.png



  • Doran's Shield Start.
  • He has really annoying poke, if he uses snare on you to poke, you can look all in.
  • Get your jungler to camp him, this champion should always be camped if he's playing into your turret.
  • You can all in him lvl 1/2 with 100 fury.
  • Flash can be good in this lane for securing the all in.



  • Doran's Shield Start.
  • Matchup gets a bit better once you get items, but can be hard if you can't force an early kill. his shenq.png does a ton of damage.
  • Look to return all ins, if he uses his shene.pngshenw.png on you, if you are healthy enough, you can return a all in and kill him.
  • shenr.png if he ults, just push your lane and look for turret, or proxy wave if you are safe to jungler and back.



  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • This is similar to the renekton matchup, except a lot weaker early, and easier to cheese.
  • She's old news, a weak champion.
  • Very easy cheese if you can rush level 2, without pushing wave into their turret.
  • Can be difficult once she starts getting tankier items 3143.png



  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • Don't chase him for too long, if he starts proxying make sure your jungler doesn't come top, they'll waste their time.
  • Easy to damage, really squishy early-mid game.
  • Don't let him fling you into tower.



  • Longsword/Doran's Shield Start.
  • Easy to all in, very squishy, good to cheese lvl 1/2 with 100 fury. Just try and utilize bushes while pushing so he doesn't get too many free autos on you.
  • His blind is an 8 second cooldown. If he pokes you with it, be ready to all in after, if you have fury.
  • Ask for ganks, he's weak to them early on.
  • Buy a red trinket to disable his shrooms when he tries to place them on you during all ins.



  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • Short trades are best in this match-up, unless hes lower/free you should never all in lvl 1/2 with 100 fury.
  • Don't all in much, aa-spin outs are good, he crushes long trades, unless you can threaten a kill.
  • After 6 when trading if he has ult, just save your E for when he ults you, rather than spinning on to him.



  • you have elite tryndamere guide and he doesn't
  • he will prob qq and buy 3028_32.png because he doesn't know what he's doing
  • probably a nob



  • Longsword Start.
  • Watch out for his Q damage, wait until he hits a minion.
  • Easy to all in lvl 1/2 with 100 fury.
  • Similar to Pantheon, just weaker.
  • Has a lot of kill threat on you Early.
  • Udyr sucks ass against you once you start to stack items.
  • Very easy to all in/Dive later on.



  • Doran's blade/Doran's Shield, Longsword start
  • Slightly annoying early game, push fast, cheese/all in him with 100 fury fast.
  • He takes a lot of damage, and is easy to dive.
  • His W is a 26s Cooldown at level 1, after he uses it you can easily dive/kill him.
  • Don't let him poke you a lot, if he's near you just run at him with 100 fury.
  • Don't let him empowered Q you unless you can threaten to kill him.
  • He's very susceptible to all ins, especially with your 14.png



  • Longsword Start is good because of very chaotic level 1. Triple pot is your best friend.
  • This champion will probably try and trade you a lot.
  • He has a lot of kill pressure on you levels 1/2 if you play incorrectly.
  • He's weak after he uses cooldowns, all in him easy with 100 fury.
  • Easy to dive, squishy.
  • Try not to ignite his W (clone). 
  • His W is an 18 second cooldown. All ins are easy if he doesn't have it.


Xin Zhao

  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • If anyone actually plays this champion top they have brain damage.
  • Very easy to all in at levels 1/2 with 100 fury.
  • He's really weak. Similar to pantheon/udyr, but without the strong early game.
  • Very easy to dive later on.



  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • One of your best lanes, like Irelia lane, literally just run him down.
  • He's similar to you, but with lower damage early, and higher late.
  • Easy to all in lvl 1/2 with 100 fury. Really easy.
  • You always win 1v1s at any point of the game if you are not behind. You are both glass cannons, except you have a 5 second invulnerable ult.
  • Try to not be juked when he dances around minions, usually you can just ghost after him while he dances about for a bit, then you can kill him.
  • He has nothing to wind wall.



  • Doran's Blade Start
  • Very easy to all in
  • He is really cheesy, avoid fighting him when he has stacked yorickq.png ghouls all over, or hold your tryndameree.png and bait his Ghouls yoricke.png, Once you know the matchup is very easy.
  • yorickr.png Can fight him under his ult, will be hard but, once you get the hang of it, it's easy. if you cannot fight him under ult, you can just look to bait it, and E away.



  • Doran's Blade Start.
  • Try and contest his blobs(passive) by stepping on them if they're close to you.
  • Very easy lane as you will sustain any damage dealt to you, while you pile damage on him.
  • Watch out for his ability to set up ganks.
  • Easy to all in lvl 1/2 with 100 fury.
  • Easy to punish under tower/ deal damage early.
  • Divable later on.

Tryndamere Tips Back to Top

Facecheck Brushes with your W

  • When you approach a brush, if there is someone in it, your W should light up.
  • You can use this to check brushes since it has an 850 Range.

AA-Spin out ( Very important )

  • You Must have your E on smart-cast/quick-cast for this.
  • Walk up to them enough that your E will damage them when you spin out.
  • AA them, as soon as it deals damage, spin out. Your spin should deal damage to them.
  • Usually is free harass.
  • Can use this when they go to last-hit minions under tower at the right time. IMPORTANT

Double DMG Spin

  • Your spin can actually deal 2x the damage to a single target if you spin on them long enough
  • It's a glitch, but very repeatable to do, in rare cases you can damage them 3 times.
  • Can guarantee a kill or flash if you do it right early game.


  1. Don't leash too long or you can lose lane exp, 3 Hits Spin away < max leash.
  2. Start AAing for fury
  3. Don't miss last hits, you get 10 fury for last hits.
  4. Don't push too hard, or it gets frozen at their tower, just make sure you hit lvl 2 FIRST.
  5. Once 6 minions die the next one will level you up
  6. Once a minions about to die, Spin towards the enemy top laner, you will hit level 2 mid spin, level up Q with your hotkey to level up Q so you get 5 extra AD. It's important that you level it up mid spin so when you spin into them you have that AD.
  7. Ghost/Ignite them if you can kill them/ burn their flash.


  • You are much more useful split-pushing than grouping. Unless they have a specific team comp with 0 CC, then maybe you can group. But for the most part, you will be 10x more useful split-pushing.
  • If you can't 1v1 your top laner, just go clear the wave, then jungle until the wave comes, but most of the time you can 1v1 them, since you're Tryndamere.
  • Buy 1-2 wards when splitting at inner turret.
  • Once it's about 10 minutes, ask your jungler to NOT come top. If you play correctly you should be ahead, even if you aren't, you still usually get kills diving regardless if he comes top. Having your jungler top just gives them free dragons/ pressure. Having him ignore top, makes it so you can drag their jungler top, giving your team dragons/pressure. And if you play correctly, you shouldn't lose anything by him coming top.
  • If your team asks you to come defend, 90% of the time they are being stupid, and you should continue split-pushing.
  • Checking for crits, you can cancel your auto attack with S key, checking if you are going to crit when last hitting. Very difficult to utilize well.


  • I find skins actually can affect your play on Tryndamere, when checking for crits skins help/ different auto animations are better. Highland Tryndamere is the best skin, and also looks really nice in game. The second best one is King Tryndamere.

Pros/Cons Back to Top


  • Very good for soloQ
  • Turn off brain and play
  • If your team is feeding you can just have your island top and not let their feed infect you
  • Can carry a lot harder than most other tops
  • Snowball heavy
  • Can 2v1 easily when ahead
  • Fun to play since it's very hard to lose lane
  • Barely any popular counterpicks
  • High mobility
  • Infinite Sustain
  • Enemy top laner qqs when you crit


  • Risk taker
  • Really weak to CC
  • nob teams = :(
  • Relys a lot on knowing damage output of Yourself and Enemys to force all ins correctly.
  • Reliant on crits early

About Me Back to Top

My Name is Ronald 'Big Ron' Bigg and I live in Vancouver. I started playing LoL in Season 2. Reaching 900 elo by the end. I then found Tryndamere, and quickly rose to Diamond 1 in about 9 months of soloQ. I have over 600 games with Tryndamere now, and still think he is a great Top laner. Every morning I wake up at 9:00 AM, rub a fresh can of ronald jam™ on my back, and solo queue for about 8 hours, playing Tryndamere whenever I get top.

Thank you for reading my guide :) Best of luck 23_64.png


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