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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

(Any combination of these will work fine)

21.png - A temporary shield. It's stronger but does not grant permanent health. Clever and timed use of Barrier will make it outshine Heal.

14.png - A strong summoner spell that will help with duels against people like Swain, Aatrox, and Dr. Mundo. It helps snowball early as well since it establishes your dominance.

6.png - Although Tryndamere doesn't need to chase as he has very low cooldowns at rank 5 and 40% CDR, this can help chase and escape.

4.png - Not needed but is pretty good, as it is arguably the best summoner spell, but not as strong on this build. I've begun to run it more frequently and it's proven to be pretty useful.

7.png - Weaker than Barrier, but still strong as it grants permanent health, rather than Barrier's temporary shield. Use this if you can't time Barrier to enemy burst.

12.png - Good against laners you wish to farm up until the late game. Not needed imo, but can be pretty good for roaming too.

11.png - Only if you're jungling.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


Fury vs. Sorcery: I prefer Fury, as it allows you to hit faster, which gives more Fury, which can lead to more crits.

Double Edged Sword vs. Feast vs. Expose Weakness: I use Feast, but both are fine. Double Edged Sword gives you better trade-off, since you're melee, but Feast gives you more sustain. Expose Weakness helps for teamfighting, so Feast > Expose Weakness > and Double Edged Sword at a close third.

Vampirism vs. Natural Talent: I use Natural Talent, since AP Tryndamere synergises better with both AD and AP. Vampirism grants negligible and weak sustain, but can be good on some champions who do not benefit from bonus AD/AP.

Bounty Hunter vs. Oppressor: Oppressor is more consistent. You'd need to kill 3 different champions to beat it with Bounty Hunter.

If you're getting a Ferocity keystone:

Battering Blows vs. Piercing Thoughts: You do more physical damage than magic, so get Battering Blows.


I don't use the Cunning tree. If you are going to, here:

Wanderer vs. Savagery: I would use Savagery if you're gonna be passive so you can farm, and Wanderer if you're gonna roam.

Runic Affinity vs. Secret Stash vs. Assassin: Assassin if you're gonna 1v1 often, Secret Stash for sustain.

Merciless vs. Meditation: Meditation is useless on Tryndamere. Merciless it is.

Bandit vs. Dangerous Game: Dangerous Game is useful in all roles, while Bandit excels for supports.

If you're getting a Cunning Keystone:

Precision vs. Intelligence: Precision is for both magic and physical damage, so you can get this. Intelligence is for quicker abilities. I'd get Precision.


Recovery vs. Unyielding: TBH the Recovery skill is the worst ever, since it is near non-existent. Unyielding grants a good boost of armor and magic resistance.

Explorer vs. Tough Skin: I usually take TS, but if you roam a lot, go for Explorer. By all means, they're both fine.

Runic Armor vs. Veteran Scars: The health bonus is near non-existent, so Runic Armor is much better. Runic synergises well with your Spirit Visage too.

Insight vs. Perseverance: Insight doesn't benefit the summoners I bring (Barrier and Ignite) so I go for Perseverance for sustaining.

Swiftness vs. Legendary Guardian: I take LG for the health efficiency, but if you need to chase, bring Swiftness.


Ferocity Keystones

Warlord's Bloodlust: Good for sustaining

Fervor of Battle: Good for dueling. Works on both Tryndamere's.

Deathfire Touch: It's okay, but isn't too good on Tryndamere, as he has only one damaging ability. You can apply it to an enemy team, but that extra damage won't change much.

Conclusion: If you're gonna spec into Ferocity for a Keystone, get Fervor of Battle.

Cunning Keystones

Stormraider's Surge: Only good on super assassins such as Rengar and Talon, and even they get Thunderlord's Decree to maximize burst rather than benefit from it.

Thunderlord's Decree: Ahh, Thunderlord's Decree. The most used Keystone as of lately, and for good reason. It gives unbelievable burst. Get this if you're gonna spec into Cunning.

Windspeaker's Blessing: You could get this to further increase your heals, but it's not needed imo. It's still pretty good, but the armor + mr boost doesn't work.

Conclusion: If you're gonna spec into Cunning for a Keystone, get Thunderlord's Decree or Windspeaker's Blessing, but if I were to spec Cunning, I'd get Thunderlord's Decree.

Resolve Keystones

Grasp of the Undying: Use this to increase the health gap, while dealing bonus damage and healing yourself, it'll separate your health and theirs.

Strength of the Ages: Would get this or Bond of Stone for jungling, otherwise, pass.

Bond of Stone: I used to get this, and I might in the upcoming patches, as Bond of Stone has seen a ton of changes.

Conclusion: It really depends on where you go. I'd get Grasp of the Undying or Bond of Stone when mid or top, and Strength of the Ages when jungling.

Abilities Back to Top


R > Q > E > W

Passive: Battle Fury 

Summary: Grants Fury for each hit, and bonuses for crits and kills. More fury, more crits.

Use: Great in any Tryndamere build, as it helps you in duels and increases the healing on Bloodlust.

Q: Bloodlust - Max first, at level 9.

Summary: Heals you, benefits from AP, and also scales with your fury, consuming it upon use. Also grants bonus AD that increases the lower HP you have.

Use: The extra AD helps to CS and clutch kills during early duels. Don't heal while hitting a tower unless you need to, to maximize your damage. Late game heals at 100 Fury are insane with Spirit Visage.

W: Mocking Shout - Max fourth, at level 18

Summary: Lowers the AD of all enemy champions near you. If they have their backs turned, they're slowed.

Use: Helps add to the mobility of Tryndamere, and helps dueling or just to hit the enemy by lowering their AD, to deny CS.

E: Spinning Slash - Max second, at level 13

Summary: Spin forward, dealing physical damage that scales from bonus AD and AP. Crits lower the CD by 1 second.

Use: Will be half your damage. Use this to engage fights, chase, or just as some extra burst during duels.

R: Undying Rage - Max third, at level 16. (technically you aim at first, but can only be done third at earliest)

Summary: For 5 seconds you don't die, and grants you a burst of Fury.

Use: Quite obvious, use when you're about to die. The bonus fury helps you heal after the ultimate.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

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Core Items

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Situational Items

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Starting Items:


This is my favourite start, it's part Doran's Shield because of the health, and part Amplifying Tome because of the damage.
It's the most balanced choice, and I get this against most match-ups.


A defensive start for those ranged opponents, this + Block will reduce their damage heavily and impact a 1v1 duel. I recommend this against people such as Renekton or Yasuo. You negate 8 damage from a single basic attack. (Which counts with Renekton's W) I would also run this against mid laners who would enjoy the chance to poke you, such as Lissandra, Ahri, and Annie.


An offensive start, grants no sustain by itself, but boosts your early game heal, and builds directly into Fiendish Codex, which builds into Nashor's Tooth, your core item. I don't use this often, as it grants no innate sustain except by increasing your AP to heal with Bloodlust.



Tryndamere will be auto attacking a lot, so your magic damage will not only help a ton, it will throw off the opponent's build, whether to get armor, or magic resistance. 


Boosts your heal by 20%, decent source of MR, and grants 10% CDR.


The New Devourer Buff makes it pretty good. Synergises now with Nashor's Tooth and your Fury bar.


Counters people like Vayne and Kog'Maw, to punish them for hitting you.



A Spinning Slash, Trinity Force proc, and Critical Strike combo will deal tons of damage to any carry. Also good for backdooring a nexus if the time calls. I'd rather get a Lich Bane than this since it no longer grants AP.


Helps chase, but I opt for Sunfire Cape if you want more tankiness, as you already have a great slow on your Mocking Shout. I usually get this against fed crit ADC's or fed Yasuo's. 


Is very popular alongside IBG, but since you don't benefit from mana, the combo isn't as strong. Sunfire is still a great choice.


Used alongside Sunfire, which is a good item, but IBG isn't as gold efficient, since you're wasting 500 mana, or 700 gold worth of efficiency. You can pick this up for more peeling but know that the mana is wasted, and is only 2000/2700 efficient, roughly 75% efficient without the spellblade.


This item keeps getting changed, but I still use it as the active is very helpful. It's a 2.5 second waiting room. Can be used to clutch ult after, or for some golden disrespect plays.


Will immensely power up your Bloodlust, Spinning Slash, and Nashor's Tooth. The AP boost is great, and is in general just a great item. Solid choice.


It's okay. Mini Master Yi Highlander. Brings free crits, AD and Armor Pen to boost your Spinning Slash, and brings CDR which will cap you to 40%, (45% if you bring Intelligence in the Cunning Tree) since Sorcery's CDR boost was removed.


A good item for replacing Guinsoo's, and was recently buffed. It gives more MR since mage's are bullshit right now, so consider it.


This is a troll build, if you consider AP Tryndamere not troll in the first place. I've only used this in URF, but give it a shot, and maybe tell me how it went.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Aurelion Sol
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  • Urgot
  • Veigar
  • Vel'Koz
  • Viktor
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs
  • Zyra




A pain in the ass. Dodging her Charm is critical to winning fights, as she can Q and W you for good damage. She has good mobility, so you should bring a tank to peel her off while you go HAM to the enemies.




Not often seen as a burster, but if she goes tanky, she can be a pain. If a burster, try to gank her as she has no escape other than Flash, so you can prolong her pre-6 weakness. She has been recently been doing well, with tons of damage tanky or AP. Make sure to buy a pink early game.




You win early unless you stupidly dive in, get baited by the egg, and die to the tower. She has a great late game, with a good turtling power. If she roams, follow suit. She will deal a ton of damage, often more than you expect, so make sure you gank her early game to shut her down.




Is never mana hungry with her Q, and can burst you. Don't let her roam or she will destroy your ADC.


Aurelion Sol


Aurelion is incredibly easy to beat as Tryndamere. He can't do much to poke you, and while you're bopping him he can't use his orbs.




Can poke you with his sand soldiers, escape with an E + Q combo. (which is even easier with the new changes), and if you get to him he can just deny you with his ult. He is a terror late game, so try to gank him early, as it takes a lot of mana for him to escape early, and he likely won't have the resources to do so.




Powerful currently, and his passive can fuck up your ult. He can outburst your Q at times, but he has no mobility. If you don't have Q or barrier after your ult, you'll die.




She is usually a cakewalk, but if she brings smite and poisons you, her early game is pretty terrifying. Most Cassiopeia's will not attempt this, but if the oddone does, try to play passive and wait it out. I don't have much experience with the gromp smite cheese, but more on that later.




As tank, is a pillow fight with him. As AP mid, his Feast can kill you if you don't know how much damage he does, but champs without mobility are pretty easy for you. Dodge Rupture and you should be fine.




Strong at most stages of the game. Play safe and you'll have your opportunities at around level 4 if she dives your minion wave. Otherwise, wait for her to use W, and then fight her, as her W is incredible, and creates a good sized health gap.




He's still pretty strong, even as a tank, and he's pretty slippery with his E, R, and passive. You can fight him well if you don't get hit by the return Q and the stun/shield W, so try to evade those. If they're down, spin in, attack, run away and heal.




More seen in the jungle, so I can't help here. She doesn't seem to have a good early, and since the nerf isn't seen in the jungle too much either.




He has a bad time farming early. Try to fake an engage so he pops his E, and then kill him as your Spinning Slash is on a lower cooldown.




Fizz is an annoying little rascal, but he shouldn't be able to kill you, as by the time he gets power spikes, you'll have more defensive items. He is still a nuisance and should be a top priority in fights.




He scales off MR with his passive, so it'll be easy until he gets armor and it becomes a wet noodle fight. Early game he's easy, but late game he's a pain in the ass.




NO.NO.NO. He's a pain to all melee champs, including Tryndamere, albeit less with AP.




He's a good champion with some flaws, but those flaws are removed with his other form. He has no escape besides E'ing you, using Gate, or Q'ing away.




She has poke with her Q, sustain with her W, and damaging negation with her E. She is strong, but if she is ganked without her R and E combo, you can kill her.




Extremely killable and gankable, and his ult is denied by your ult and Q.




His magic shield won't really help, but he has high mobility, so be very careful by calling MIA.




Her ult weakens your heal but can easily be shut down, just don't let her roam. Her Q got recently buffed, making her early game stronger, but is still an easy if you don't let her snowball.




She has good sustain and damage, so try to gank her pre-6 as she has no escapability other than a speed boost and a slow.




Will often start Doran's Balde so he can poke and to cs better, which means he'll have less AP but more AD. Keep that in mind. He is pretty squishy pre Zhonya's, so you can capitalize on that. Keep your distance until he most likely will use his Q to farm, and run in.




She has a strong early to mid game, and a good late game if she can get ahead. Pushing her can be good since she has to use W for AOE waveclear.




Can lock you down and chase you, but you should be fine with your ult and E. Do not underestimate her damage in the mid game to late game.




You can dodge all of her spells, but if she lands her combo, it'll be tough fighting back, but you can negate her burst with Barrier.




He has no mobility, and if he tries to R to stop one of you during a gank, the other can just wail on him. He is very annoying with his space aids and crab, so be wary of that. You can choose to run Mercurial Scimitar, if he tries to peel you off his carry.




Not seen as much, but is a very heavy poker with high assassination damage. Play aggressive whenever she's in Cougar form, and it'll be alright.




Is pretty much always relevant to the meta, and is a heavy lockdown champion. She has some degree of speed and decent survivability with her shield and slows.




Good poker with decent tankiness. Good sustain with a great late game, but a weak early game due to near no mobility. If you run ignite, you should win the duels. Fighting him in bird form is bad, and he has usually low CS pre 6. If you can shut him down, he can't do much, so try to get in a gank. If you are ganking, don't bunch up, as his W will lock both of you down while he flee's. If he does, Mocking Shout him and chase him if he isn't near the tower yet.




Good early and late game if fed. Dodge her syndraQ.png's and you'll be fine. She can syndraE.png to negate your engage.




High damage to squishies. If he gets fed, buy Thornmail before Spirit Visage but after Nashor's Tooth. With the recent nerfs, he has changed from Medium to Easy, but he can still be a threat.


Twisted Fate


Weak early game, but strong mid-late game and early game gank follow-up with a good gold-card. Again, like other mages, has no mobility besides his ult, so gank him with a jungler with hard CC post-6.




A big pain for AD and AP, as he can poke you out if he plays correctly, including a strong shield, armor reducer, and a damage reducer. If the enemy Urgot isn't experienced, he's a free meal.




Easy to kill early game if you can leave his cage. Late game his ultimate won't do as much damage as if you were a full AP champion, but is still powerful as you aren't full AD. Don't let him farm and he'll turn from Medium to Easy.




No mobility, but can stop your gank with E's and Q's. Don't gank if you're both low and you don't have ult, as if he has enough health, he can turn on you with his ult. If he does, and this applies to every time he does, spin behind him. Cast Mocking Shout before he runs, to apply the slow while he's ulting.




Viktor is a powerful mage, with a good escape since he can slow you massively with his W, and if you get caught in that, except a high burst combo on you.




Your E has the potential to dodge all of his spells, and you can deny him his ult kills by all of you abilities except W of course.




Good mobility in lane, but cannot deny any of your spells through windwall. Dodge his tornado's and deny him Infinity Edge and a Statikk Shiv. Tip: When he dashes through the wave to get to you, and you have to escape, spin into the jungle. He'll think twice about going in as he has no way to escape if you turn on him with your jungler even if the jungler isn't there, and Yasuo has no mobility outside of lane. Contrary to popular belief, Yasuo does take skill, so he can be pretty easy to punish if you play aggro early to deny him farm.




He's stronger against other mid laners since they removed the Mana Potion, but since you do not use mana as a resource, you'll be fine. Save your ult for his. Roam when he inevitably does.




Less played due to the mana nerfs, but can still farm well and has a fantastic late game, if he farms well, and he most likely will.




More played as a support, but with no mobility and her squishiness, she'll be fairly easy until late game where she knocks up your entire team.

AD vs AP Back to Top

1. Early Game - AP

Farming: AD

AD does win this one considering they start off with more AD and near same spin damage at this point in time. Their crits are also stronger.

Trading: AP

AP has a much better time trading. Just spin in, AA, and then heal up while walking away. If they do more damage than you did on the trade even after healing, just heal up later on as your starting item grants some sort of sustain to you. (Doran's Blade = life steal, Doran's Shield = HP Regen, Amplifying Tome = stronger Q)

Escaping Ganks: AP

AP can escape ganks better, since with this build, you're tankier, are stronger in terms of fighting, you can spin away, and you usually bring more defensive summoner spells, as AD Tryndamere usually brings teleport.

2. Mid Game - AP

Split Pushing: AD

AD is better at split pushing since you have more AD at this time, and near the same life steal. At this point, you can also duel most people as long as they aren't overly fed. AP can split push, but not to the same degree.

Team Fighting: AP

AP has a better team fight, since AD can be countered since you have to pop your ult so early during the fight since you're not tanky, and then teams can just hard CC you. Ignite and AD's high cooldown Spin make it difficult to fight kiters.

Picking: AP

Much better as you hit a power spike after Nashor's Tooth, while AD gains no such increase. AD is not that strong until the late game hits.

3. Late Game - AP

Split Pushing: AD

At this point, AD can destroy a full health tower within 15-20 seconds of pure hitting. AP can split push, but AD wins this by a mile.

Team Fighting: AP

Tryndamere wins most team fights by just dealing damage through Spinning Slash, weakening people through W, and then diving the enemy carry. But, there's a main factor that makes AP better. AP can survive those team fights since he is tankier, is just as scary so people don't want him near their squishy carries, and has better mobility when CC'd, but with AD, you don't have that mobility after entering the fight.

Picking: AP

AP hits an incredible power spike, becoming nearly unkillable, and nearly unpeelable, meaning you're able to stick incredibly well to enemies who try to run from your pack. AD can do this, but it's better if he waits and lets the tank/initiator initiate the picking.

What Role? Back to Top

There are 3 different options, with different tiers of viability/effectiveness.

1. Middle Lane

Farming is very easy, as you can push your wave fast, and then spin over to get Raptors, come back, and miss only 1-2 cs. AP Tryndamere can also roam to the same efficiency as Kassadin, as he has pretty much the same mobility. Harass from the enemy laner is negligible with a Doran's Shield and your constant healing with Q.

2. Top Lane

After you get tower, the enemy laner will probably try to get yours, so you'll end up split pushing, which suits AD Tryndamere rather than AP Tryndamere.
You can probably win most duels and escape, but you miss out on dragon fights and jungle fights that you would've got gold for if you had went mid lane.

3. Jungle

This isn't as effective with the Devourer nerfs, but if you can work around it, it's okay. Better suited for AD rather than AP, but you're welcome to try a hybrid version with Guinsoo's and Hextech Gunblade.

Early Game Back to Top


Farming is easy, arguably easier than AD, since you often start with a Doran's Shield, and your spin helps to last hit.

Harassing and Trading:

Harassing and trading is easy for Tryndamere, especially with AP. Your basic trade combo is Spin + AA + Q, and then walking away. You usually win the trade if you hit them with the E, and heal up with around 30+ Fury. Tryndamere is still Tryndamere, meaning tanky lane bullies such as Darius can beat you in trading.

Surviving Ganks:

This is easy as well as Tryndamere, since the enemy probably won't have their ultimate or too much hard CC, while you have Spin, and a defensive summoner spell. If you're lucky, the enemy will try to gank you under 50% health, and you have a large minion wave while you're high health, you can kill the enemy jungler, possibly gaining jungle buffs. This has happened to me many times, but the higher rank you are, the less likely this will happen. 

Mid Game Back to Top

Split Pushing - Mid Game:

You're very good at split pushing as Tryndamere in general, but I'd recommend doing it as AD rather than AP, so I'd teamfight if I were AP.

Team Fighting - Mid Game:

Most fights (as long as both teams are even or if your team is stronger) should be just you spinning in while shouting, so you can weaken the enemy team, giving your team an advantage. Dive the enemy carry to draw attention, as you have good damage and high survivability, while the rest of your team takes care of your enemy team's diver.

Picking - Mid Game:

Picking is better as AD, especially in the late game, but it's actually better mid game than late game, since enemies are weaker. 

Late Game Back to Top

Split Pushing - Late Game:

Split Pushing is better than in mid game, but I'd still prefer Team Fighting. During this time, you'll have better escaping with a rank 5 spin and with 40% CDR. You're also better at tower killing with Guinsoo's and/or Ghostblade. You can duel anyone who they send, and you can even combat 2 people, so if they do, tell your team, as they can win a 4v3 as long as they're not fed.

Team Fighting - Late Game:

Team Fighting is your best option, so I'd do this. You just spin in, absorb damage, dive the carry, get peeled, and then weaken everyone with Shout. As long as your team isn't getting 2 or 3v4'd, you should win. 

Picking - Late Game:

This is imo your weakest option. AP Tryndamere isn't strong as AD to pick off people as a group. You can still stick pretty well, but I'd Team Fight or Split Push.

How does Cost Efficiency Work? (Boring Math) Back to Top

[A mini guide on cost efficiency, which helps in the next section)

Each of the stats have a base item.

AD: Long Sword: Currently costed at 350 gold. Grants 10 AD. 1 AD = 35 gold.

AP: Amplifying Tome: Currently costed at 435 gold. Grants 20 AP. 1 AP = 21.75

Armor: Cloth Armor Currently costed at 300 gold. Grants 15 armor. 1 Armor = 20 gold.

MR: Null-Magic Mantle Currently costed at 450 gold. Grants 25 MR. 1 MR = 18 gold.

HP: Ruby Crystal: Currently costed at 400 gold. Grants 150 HP. 1 HP = 2.6 (repeated) gold.

MP: Sapphire Crystal: Currently costed at 350 gold. Grants 250 MP. 1 MP = 1.4 gold.

HP Regen: Rejuvenation Bead: Currently costed at 150 gold. Grants 50% HP5. 1% of HPR = 3 gold.

MP Regen: Faerie Charm: Currently costed at 125 gold. Grants 25% MP5. 1% of MPR = 5 gold.

Crit Chance: Brawler's Glove Currently costed at 400 gold. Grants 10% crit chance. 1 crit chance = 40 gold.

AS: Dagger: Currently costed at 300 gold. Grants 12% AS. 1% AS = 25 gold.

Flat MS: Movement Speed: Currently costed at 300 gold. Grants 25 MS. 1 MS = 12 gold.

Other stats that require mathematics are used with the weakest item they are used within.

LS: Vampiric Scepter: Currently costed at 900 gold. Grants 10% LS. 1% LS = 37.5 gold.

SV: Hextech Revolver: Currently costed at 1200 gold. Grants 12% SV. 1% SV = 27.5 gold.

Armor Pen: Serrated Dirk: Currently costed at 1100 gold. Grants 10 Armor Pen. 1 Armor Pen = 40 gold.

Magic Pen: Sorcerer's Shoes Currently costed at 1100 gold. Grants 15 Magic Pen. 1 Magic Pen = 37.333 gold.

On-Hit Damage: Recurve Bow: Currently costed at 1000 gold. 15 On-Hit Damage. 1 On-Hit Damage = 25 gold.

CDR: Forbidden Idol: Currently costed at 550 gold. Grants 10% CDR. 1% CDR = 30 gold.

%MS: Aether Wisp: Currently costed at 850 gold. Grants 5% MS. 1% = 39.5 gold.

Why? (My most used items and their boring math) Back to Top

Mercury Treads - 3111.png

Cost Efficiency:

MR = 25. Worth 450 gold. [25 (MR) * 18 (gold per MR)] 
MS = 45. Worth 540. [45 (MS) * 12 (gold per MS)] 
Total Gold Value: 1010

Efficiency: 1010/1100. Roughly 91% efficient without the Tenacity. With its Tenacity bonus, it should be at least 100% cost efficient.

Nashor's Tooth - 3115.png

Cost Efficiency:

AP = 80. Worth 1740 gold. [80 (AP) * 21.75 (gold per AP)] 
AS = 50%. Worth 1250 gold. [50 (AS) * 25 (gold per AS)]
CDR = 20%. Worth 600 gold. [20 (CDR) * 30 (gold per CDR)
OHD = (15 + [15% of 80, which is 12]) 27. Worth 675 gold. [27 (OHD) * 25 (gold per OHD)

Total Gold Value: 4265

Efficiency: 4265/3000. Around 142% cost efficient. This cost efficiency is further increased by 12.5% for every 100 AP acquired (not including AP from itself)

Spirit Visage - 3065.png

Cost Efficiency:

HP = 500. Worth 1333.3 gold. [500 (HP) * 2.66 (gold per HP)]
MR = 55. Worth 990 gold. [55 (MR) * 18 (gold per MR)]
HP5 = 275%. Worth 825 gold. [200% [+ 75% from passive] (HP5) * 3 (gold per HP5)]
CDR = 10%. Worth 266.6 gold. [10 (CDR) * 26.6 (gold per CDR)]

Total Gold Value: 3415

Efficiency: 3415/2800. Around 121% cost efficient, not including the passive except for the HP5.

Guinsoo's Rageblade - 3124.png

AD = 35. Worth 1225 gold. [35 (AD) * 35 (gold per AD)]
AP = 50. Worth 1087.5 gold. [50 (AP) * 21.75 (gold per AP)]
On-Hit DMG = 15. Worth 375 gold. [15 (OHD) * 15 (gold per OHD)]

Base stat value: 2687.5/3600: So right now, the base stats do not make up for the high cost.

Guinsoo's Rageblade per stack:

AD = 3. Each stack worth 105 gold. [3 (AD) * 35 (gold per AD)]
AS = 8%. Each stack worth 200 gold. [8 (AS) * 25 (gold per AS)
AP = 4. Each stack worth 87 gold. [4 (AP) * 21.75 (gold per AP)

Base stat + 1 stack value: 3079.5/3600: We still haven't reached the cap, but we're getting there.

Guinsoo's Rageblade at 3 stacks: (enough to break 100% efficiency+)

AD = 9. Worth 315 gold. [9 (AD) * 35 (gold per AD)]
AS = 24%. Worth 600 gold. [24 (AS) * 25 (gold per AS)]
AP = 12. Worth 261 gold. [12 (AP) * (gold per AP)]

Adding these 3 numbers together + the base stats of Guinsoo's Rageblade on its own (2687.5), we get 3863.5/3600, with a minimum of 107% efficiency when breaking 100%.

Guinsoo's Rageblade at 6 stacks (cap)

AD = 18. Worth 630 gold. [18 (AD) * 35 (gold per AD)]
AS = 48%. Worth 1200 gold. [48 (AS) * 25 (gold per AS)]
AP = 24. Worth 522 gold. [24 (AP) * 21.75 (gold per AP)]

Adding these three numbers together + the base stats of Guinsoo's Rageblade on its own (2687.5), we get 
5039.5/3600, a 140% efficiency, not including the Sated Devourer passive.

Thornmail - 3075.png

Armor = 100. Worth 2000 gold. [100 (Armor) * 20 (gold per armor)]

Total Gold Value: 2000 gold.

Efficiency: 2000/2350. Without it's passive, it's 85% efficient. It would need to deal equal to 350 gold magic damage through it's passive to be completely cost efficient.

Zhonya's Hourglass - 3157.png

AP = 70. Worth 1522.5 gold. [70 (AP) * 21.75 (gold per AP)]
Armor = 45. Worth 900 gold. [45 (Armor) * 20 (gold per Armor)]
CDR = 10%. Worth 266.6 gold. [10% (CDR) * 26.6 (gold per CDR%)]

Total Gold Value: 2689 gold.

Efficiency: 2689/2900. Without the active, it's sitting at around 92.7% gold efficiency. The active would have to account for 7.3% gold efficiency, or 311 gold, which is pretty easy for a 2.5 invincibility every 120 seconds.

Rabadon's Deathcap - 3089.png

AP = 162. Worth 3523 gold. [120 (+42 AP gained from passive by itself) * 21.75 (gold per AP) 
Total Gold Value: 3524 gold.

Efficiency: 3524/3800. It's 93% efficient on it's own. The efficiency is increased by 20% for every 100 AP from other sources. To become fully efficient, it needs 37 AP from other sources.

Patch Opinions. Patch 6.10-6.20 Back to Top


This is a place where I will be discussing any changes that affect the following: Tryndamere, Items that AP Tryndamere could build, all Summoner Spells, and Masteries.

Patch 6.10 - Buff.


undyingrage.png - Undying Rage: Buff for AD Tryndamere, Nerf for AP.

This item was changed from healing him for 3% of his maximum health if he was below it at the end of the ult, to a flat amount of 30/50/70. Normally, for AD, he sits at 2292 maximum health, or around 70 health, but for AP, with Spirit Visage and possibly other HP bonuses, he goes beyond that 70, at around 80 with just Spirit Visage.

Summoner Spells:

21.png - Barrier: Buff

This spell's cooldown was reduced from 210 seconds, to 180. This is a good buff which helps in those clutch barrier moments. I am currently running Flash, but I will most likely dabble in Barrier more often.

6.png - Ghost: Buff

Much like 21.png Barrier, the cooldown was reduced from 210 seconds to 180. The movement speed also received a buff, going from 27%, to 28% - 45%, increasing with levels. This might replace Flash in the near future, but I'll need to test it.

Patch 6.11 - Buff.


3101.png - Stinger: Nerf.

This item was nerfed by reducing the AS from 50% to 35%, but buffed a bit by lowering the cost to 1100 from 1200. This cost reduction doesn't do much, as the cost effectiveness is reduced from around 130% in Patch 6.10, to 104%, barely breaking cost effectiveness. This nerf will weaken his pre 3115.png Nashor's Tooth phase, but after that, it'll be smooth sailing, as 3115.png wasn't nerfed in the process. It is also now a component on 3078.png Trinity Force.

3078.png - Trinity Force: Buff.

The item was buffed by giving it a cheaper cost from 3800 to 3733, though not much, is still a buff. It was also given 20% CDR instead of 10%, gives 40% AS over the original 15%. Although, it lost it's Crit Chance function from 20% to 0%, due to the loss of 3086.png Zeal over 3101.png Stinger. This is a buff, even with the Crit Chance loss, as the AS and CDR will help Tryndamere reach 100 Fury with Spin's and auto's, meaning he'll get 35% faster. I'm considering replacing 3124.png Guinsoo's Rageblade with this.

3091.png - Wit's End: Buff.

Wit's End's build path recipe was changed, removing 1033.png Null-Magic Mantle in exchange for 1057.png Negatron Cloak. The cost was also reduced by 300 gold, from 2800 to 2500. I'm currently debating on this or 3078.png Trinity Force to replace 3124.png Guinsoo's Rageblade, but we'll see in the near future.

Patch 6.12 - Buff.


3142.png - Youmuu's Ghostblade - Nerf
This isn't too hard of a nerf, since it was only a 5 AD reduction and AP Tryndamere doesn't build this too often, but I thought I should make note of it.


6261.png&resize=64: - Grasp of the Undying - Nerf/Buff
This keystone is still by no means bad, it's just that the sustain got reduced and the damage got buffed. 2.5% your maximum health to 3% as damage, and 2.5% of your maximum health to 1.5% as healing. This is still a viable option, as it'll help you deal more damage, but those clutch Grasp of the Undying plays aren't as strong. I'm still going to be running this.

6162.png&resize=64: - Fervor of Battle - Nerf
This keystone's nerf isn't too bad, it just doesn't enable you to get 2 stacks on Spinning Slash, giving only 1 instead, which will lower your damage in the long term, however.

6134.png&resize=64: - Natural Talent - Buff
The buff simply gave your champion bonus AP and AD early, without changing the end game result of +10 AD and +15 AP.

Patch 6.13 - Small Nerf

Summoner Spells:

12.png - Teleport - Small Nerf

The only notable nerf was the increase of the duration. It changed from 3.5 seconds to 4.5. This is negligible, just make sure to get the timing right for enemies that come in.

Patch 6.14 - 6.19 - No notable changes. Adapt to the meta but everything should feel the same.

Patch 6.20 - Bug Fix


spinningslash.PNG - Spinning Slash - Bug Fix

A simple bug fix I'd like to mention. The bug would cause you to damage your allies if they were on top of an enemy. This is no longer in the game so don't worry!

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