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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Standard Mid TF Summoners 4.png12.png
Flash and Teleport should be used 80% of your games. Because Twised Fate lacks the punish or counter pick to many champs, its difficult to kill a midlaner 1 v 1 if you are the same skill level. TF relies on ganks from his jungler as well as ganking to get himself or his team ahead. Because he has a global ult, he can utilize both ult and tp during the laning phase and late game phase to make picks, to backdoor, or even to defend. Flash/Teleport should be your standard summoners.

Situational Summoners against Counters 4.png7.png        or        4.png3.png         
Twisted fate happens to have a lot of counter picks. Pretty much all assassins can counter pick TF. Unless you are able to play really safe in lane, you are going to have a tough time against an assassins of the same skill level as you. Champs like 238.png, 7.png, 55.png, 105.png, 157.png, 131.png, etc, can all punish TF in laning phase. Especially because you are proned to being ganked, at higher elos they will look to camp you because of TF's lack of escapes. For these reasons you will opt to bring heal, exhaust or barrier.

Heal or Exhaust: Both work well, it depends on the comp though. I would opt to go for exhaust if the enemy team has multiple bursting champions, that way in teamfights you are able to minimize their damage. I would also recommend exhaust if your support is carrying ignite instead of Exhaust and you're facing an assassin. The only time I would recommend 7.pngover 3.pngis if you know the laner you are going to go up against will not bring ignite. This comes with understanding the game, for example if you're facing Kassadin, he will almost always bring teleport which will mitigate his kill potential on you. If you're confident enough, you can match him with TP or being heal.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Core Mastery Page
This is your core mastery page. The cunning should never be touched, that is there permanently. The only thing you can switch around is make it 12/18/0 instead of 0/18/12.

The reason behind the 12 in resolve is to provide Twisted Fate with the underrated cooldown of summoner spells. We will later look into itemization for TF, but almost always you will get cooldown boots which will also give cooldown on his summoners. With cooldown boots and the "Insight" mastery, you will reduce the 4.png and 12.png cooldown to 210 seconds from 300 seconds. That is very underrated. That will give you can open window of opprotunity to make plays over your opponent if you both used the same summoners at the same time.

I always used 12/18/0 until I discovered you can reduce the cooldown summoners to a high amount. You can use these summoners for extra damage essentially, but I would highly recommend 0/18/12.

Abilities Back to Top

Skills: No real explanation for the skill order and starting. You should always start W and max Q. There is no if's and's or but's. There is no situation you will have to max E or W over Q. Unless of course you are running AD TF or Jungling TF, but for regular AP TF this is your skill order.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Start. Start this 90% of the time.
    This is a situational start if you want to utilize movement speed against your opponent for harassing or dodging. I would start this against champs like Brand where you have to dodge W. Be careful however, you lack mana sustain with this start.

Core Items

    This is your core build. With this build, you should have 42.5% Cooldown at lategame, 45% with blue buff. This build provides huge single target damage with Lichbane, defensive capabilities with Rod of Ages and Hourglass, and heavy aoe damage from Q with Death Cap and Void Staff.
    This is the glasscannon build, no defensive items. If you are really ahead and the team comp you are facing cannot punish you for your lack of defense, then punish them with this build. The movement speed will be ridiculous.

Situational Items

Order of the build:
Always get 3027.png first. Try to get 3158.png early as well, you can be before rod or after. If all is going well, you should get 3027.png near the 11minute mark. The reason we go this item is to provide the tankiness that we lack, but also a thing that people do not factor in much when playing TF is his mana. His destiny.png cost  150 mana, and early game that is a lot. So a lot of players, when they ult early game they lack the mana to follow up on anything else. This provides that mana, and scales throughout the game with the addition of AP and HP. As for the rest of the build, you can build depending on how the rest of the game is going. If you're ahead by a lot, just do it and get a 3089.png, if everythings even, get a 3100.png. If they have a Zed, then definitely get 3157.png early. If they are not stacking magic resist, get 3135.png last. The ordering of the build varies depending on how the game is going.

Situational (Important):
There are 3 items in the situational tab, Abysall, Morello and Rylai's. Now, you would get 3001.png early if they have heavy burst AP midlaner, or if they have an overall AP heavy team. But be careful now because abysal now provides CD, so try not to have an excess amount of CD because you're capped at 45%. If you are going to go over 45% by 10% with this item, then switch out 3158.png for 3009.png.

I would recommend 3165.png if the other team has 16.png or 50.png or 8.png . There are more for the list but these guys benefit the most off of healing. However, because the new 3165.png provides mana, you do not really need rod of ages. So I would recommend if you go for Morello, get 3116.png as the replacement for 3027.png. This will help not only with peeling, but provides you with the same tankiness factor. You dont see Rylai's often on TF, but it is pretty good on him. But don't go both Rylai's and Rod because you will lack a lot of damage. You'll be tanky as hell, but lack damage. Be careful about the Morello cooldown however, you will know if you need to build this item during champ select. So if you know you'll need to buy this item, switch out Cooldown runes for Magic resist or Ability power. 

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Zed




This is one of your hardest matchups. A same level Zed can completely destroy a same level Twisted Fate. That does not mean you should not pick Twisted Fate into zed though. Zed punishes TF early on, but when it comes to team fighting, Twisted Fate has the edge, so remember that. If Zed goes in, he gets gold carded and can get bursted if he does not have 3140.png. So my advice about this match up is to try and play as safe as possible. Build 3157.png early to minimize your chance of dying. If you see the Zed is not as good as he is and is not punishing you early game, then harass him or push the lane. Pushing the lane will open up windows for you to ult.

Matchups extended Back to Top

Twisted Fate is a champ that unforunately is countered by a variety of champs. Basically every assassin counterpicks twisted fate, but their are a few that really give him a hard time. 238.png, 157.png, 91.png are the very hard counters. What is the trend though? The trend is that they're all ad. Twisted fates matchup towards AP assassins is easier than AD. The reason for that is because of the powerspikes of the champ as well as the items. 1057.png is a very good early item towards champs like 105.png or 7.png or 55.png or 38.png. Unlike 3191.png which you should get against ad assassins, it does not feel as powerful as negatron. So be careful, although you can build against assassins, even with seekers, you are more vulnerable to dying against ad's still than getting negatron against ap assassins.

A tip when facing some of these champs
If you are facing 238.png or 105.png or 157.png, always remember this important tip. It is called holding your gold card. Essentially you want to hold your gold card until after they use certain skills. If Zed is about to use zedR.png on you, do not gold card him before he does or he will dodge it. Hold the card until after he ults you then gold card him. Same goes for fizz, when fizz uses fizzjump.png , hold the gold card until after he uses it so he cant dodge it. And same for yasuo, do not throw the gold card in panic cause he can wall it, wait a bit until he does then throw it when its not blocking your card. This same tips goes for champs like 24.png, 80.png, 8.png. They can all dodge your gold card, but bait them to do it first and then gold card them when they cant dodge it.

Twisted Fate also struggles hard against ADC's midlane. This matchup does not favor TF at all, I dont care how well you play, you do not win any trade against an adc. You can outplay an assassin with TF, but you can't trade with an adc. Their long range auto attacks provide too much damage to trade. Champs like 133.png, 42.png, 81.png are what you would usually see midlane. Try not to trade with them.

Who does Twisted Fate counter?
The true answer to this is no one. Twisted Fate is not a hard counter to anyone. He is all about playing with skill and trying to outplay the opponent.

How To Play Back to Top

Picking the right card:
Before you start anything, practice picking the correct card. I can't believe how often I see TF's pick a blue card when ganking. Practice picking the right card for the right situation and it will become instincts.

Wave Clearing:
If you wanna clear a whole wave of minions that are walking straight, red card the 2nd melee minion and q the line. With enough ap it should clear the whole line.

Laning Phase (Early Game):
The opponent you are going up against will dictate how you play. If you are facing a hard counter, play safe, build properly, try and cs and try to utilize your ult. That will help yourself or your team if you are behind.

If you are facing a relatively safe opponent, you can go for harassing and pressure the lane hard. Harassing will open up opportunities to get a kill if hes low. Pressuring the lane hard will allow you to ult top or bot for free while the enemy midlaner is focused on farming under turret. Always be aware of the enemy jungler though, if he has an early game spike, try not to push because you will be proned to an easy gank. If the jungler cannot gank till much later on, pressure that mid lane.

Midgame (Teamfight):
During midgame, you should have 2 to 3 items including boots. This is not enough to 100 to zero someone but its enough to team fight. During midgame, twisted fate excels with his team. In a team fight, your job is to play like a support, but with damage. Peel for yourself and peel for your backline, and dish out as much damage as you can. Because the frontline will be targeting you, that will be your main target. If the enemy carries are low, you can always try focus them by ulting behind them to finish them off, always be aware of the enemy teams status in a team fight.

Lategame (3 parts):

Making Picks:
When we talk about lategame, we are talking about full build or almost full build Twisted Fate. At this point you have become a global ult assassin on carries. If a carry does not have 3102.png and is travelling alone, ult them and assassinate them. It should be a free kill. ALWAYS remember whenever you ult to assassinate, make sure your cardmasterstack.png is up, that will ensure a full burst kill. And for the love of god, pick the right card.

Backdooring: Twisted Fates ability to backdoor is very high because of his pickacard.png and 3100.png. Using these 2, you can take down turrets very fast, especially late game. Use this to your advantage. You can backdoor turrets, inhibs, and the nexus if you use it right. Always make sure to have either 12.png or destiny.png up when you attempt this. This is a situational factor, so do not do this everytime, use your best judgement of when to backdoor and when not to.

Team Fighting:
Late game teamfights should pan out the same as midgame fights. Your focus should be to stay alive and keep the adc alive. Situations will pan out however when you have to focus their carries instead of their frontline, so make sure you utilize your destiny.png in teamfights. Twisted Fates ult is not just for ganking, its very useful in teamfights for cleaning up carries. Again, use your best judgement, but if you're the only one peeling for your adc, do not ditch him. Kill the frontline, then ult the backline if its safe.

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