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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash 

Flash, the holy grail of summoner spells. Without a doubt you will bring this mighty spell into every single one of your matches. Avoid death, flash in with your ult, finish kills, whats not to love.

Recommended Use:
  1. During laning phase your goal should be to use flash ONLY when you must. Your flash has a 5 minute cooldown, and during the early stages of the game (before 15 minutes) wasting it can be the difference between a lane lost, and a lane won. A key to mastering Twitch, and the Marksman role will be learning your limits when flash is off cool down. Stretch your limits, but do not hold onto flash, and then use it once it becomes too late. You may use it aggressively to secure a kill. As I always tell my students. " A flash un-used is a life un-taken."
  2. Expanding on when to use flash aggressively. There will be many opportunities throughout your grind to flash to last hit that enemy laner. If vision is secure, and you are not throwing yourself under tower then this is a Good Agressive Flash. Another great opportunity is when you are coming out of stealth, and see many enemies lined up for your ultimate (setting up these opportunities will be expanded on deeper in this guide), this is also a great opportunity. "If you flash only to save your life, many opportunities will be missed."
  3. Flashing and Warding while in Steal (Q) does not reveal twitch. This can be used to your advantage. Remember though, enemies may guess correctly you flash on the path you were travelling. So what I would recommend is leading your enemy in the opposite direction before entering stealth, once stealthed you can flash the opposite way, confusing the enemy.

7.png Heal

Heal is currently the strongest secondary summoner spell for the Marksman role. If this changes at any point, this guide will be updated to reflect the new change.
Some may recommend taking Cleanse is certain scenarios, but I would strongly disagree. Not only is the heal massively beneficial to you and your support, it provides a speed buff and survival-ability that no other summoner spell can match.

Recommended Use:
  1. If you have the opportunity to save your support, use heal! Not only will you not lose gold to the enemy, the Support will be indebted to you for the rest of the game. Win win!
  2. The heal bait - A fun little way to bait the enemy into a sticky situation. The heal bait requires patience. How to do it is to hold onto your heal until the very last moment. Most players wont use heal so late, so the enemy may think your reaction times are too slow. This works especially well when they go to tower dive you, they underestimate the health you have once you use heal, many enemies will feed to tower.
  3. Heal can also be used for the speed boost. If a champion that requires a single ability to land is approaching (a Vi Q being an example) you can POP your heal to make it harder for the enemy to land their skill shot.

New Runes Back to Top

The Current Standard - Challenger Proven

Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=64Fleet Footwork

Fleet footwork is the current standard for Twitch. Not only is the move speed massively powerful on Twitch, with Overheal.png?width=32 Overheal currently being at a Overpowered state, the synergy between the two runes can make you nearly unstoppable during your powerspike. No longer do you need a Janna E spambot, now you can build your shields yourself. Run this and roll over your opponents. 

Overheal.png?width=64 Overheal - The New MVP

As stated earlier, Overheal is incredibly synergistic with Fleet Footwork and Relic Shield. During mid game team fights you will be un-killable. 

Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=64 Legend: Alacrity 

Twitch and his ult scale better with Attack Speed then nearly every Marksman. For that reason take Legend: Alacrity. You will permanently increase your attack speed when killing enemies, allowing you to invest the gold you earn into Attack Damage.

Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64 Coup De Grace

A great rune to round up your Precision tree. Allows your to burst down low target enemies, which is great for Twitch. Overall just improves your ability to assassinate groups of enemies.

Inspiration Tree

I recommend the Inspiration tree for your Secondary set of runes. The attack speed it provides synergies greatly with Legend: Alacrity. These synergies allow you to focus more gold into Attack Damage, saving you large amounts of gold and increase your damage output.

Perfect%20Timing.png?width=64 Perfect Timing

I am a big fan of Perfect Timing. While on paper it may not seem like a big deal, you are given a stop watch for free. A well used stop watch can completely save your life in a do or die situation. League of Legends is made up of big plays that change the outcome of the game. A well timed stop watch can completely win you a game. It also reduces the CD on GA. So many perks.

Magical%20Footwear.png?width=64 Magical Footwear

This build so far has been around minimizing your gold spent, so you can funnel all of it into Attack Damage. Naturally we would take Magical Footwear. Who doesn't like having a pair of boots enter your inventory without having to spend gold? You also save 50g during your next upgrade. Many small advantages, that over time lead to a power-spike that happens much earlier then your enemy.

Abilities Back to Top


twitchpassive.png Deadly Venom (Passive)

A solid passive overall. Works on a 6 stack system, which are applied through Auto Attacks and can be proc'd with Contaminate (E). The more stacks, the greater damage dealt, and can provide a surprising amount of burst.

twitchhideinshadows.png Ambush (Q)

In my opinion one of the strongest single abilities in the game (also the most fun). In the later ranks the duration of the stealth is almost unfair. Skirt away from ganks, suprise an unsuspecting enemy, this ability does it all. It also increases attack speed upon leaving stealth.

How to Use Effectively
  1. Upon leaving stealth you are granted an attack speed buff. This can be helpful not only for fighting, but for clearing minion waves much quicker. The duration of stealth does not impact the amount of attack speed gained.
  2. If you see the enemy jungler on his way to gank, quickly enter stealth and retreat. 
  3. Walk in unpredictable patterns. Enemies will largely assume you to walk in a straight line, be unpredictable in your movements so they have no chance of finding you.
  4. A neat trick I use is leading your opponents in the opposite direction you intend to walk. For example, if you plan on retreating to tower, begin walking up towards river before entering stealth. This will make the enemy assume you will continue up river, and they will chase nothing as you walk away safely to tower. Scenario's to use this trick will happen multiple times a game. Always lead the enemies in the opposite direction, rarely will they ever follow your correct path once in Stealth.
  5. Look for the enemy Marksman alone in bot lane. Hop into stealth and easily surprise him. Twitch's strength lies in his ability to get fed off of out of position enemies. Play aggressive with your stealth, always looking for opportunities to 1v1 the enemy.
  6. Kills reset Stealth's Cooldown. It is very easy to get a kill and run away while stealthed.

twitchvenomcask.png Venom Cask (W)

A great ability for keeping enemies within your attack range, as well as it applies stacks of Deadly Venom (Passive). Prioritize getting a few points into Contaminate (E) before putting a point into this spell. The damage provided within your E is much greater.

How to use Effectively:
  1. When you see an ally coming to gank, or you would like to engage, throw your Venom Cask. This will apply a slow, as well as stacks of Deadly Venom. This allow's you to get more stacks applied quicker, allowing for a strong and safe engage.
  2. This can be thrown on clumped waves of minions, allowing for much quicker wave clear.
  3. Use sparingly, the mana cost in relatively high, especially during the early game.
  4. Twitch's W can also provide vision, so throw it into brushes to avoid face checking.

twitchexpunge.png Contaminate (E)

Level One will be put into Contaminate. This will also be the first ability you max. This is your main damage ability, and can provide you with a surprising amount of burst. 

How to Use Effectively
  1. Expunge works on a 6 stack system. Stacks of Deadly Venom applied through Auto Attacks, and the more stacks you have the more damage will be done when the ability is used. 
  2. You will know you have fully stacked your Contaminate when a Green Skull appears above your enemy. 
  3. During the early laning phase you will not be able to apply all 6 stacks. Pre 5 minutes you should focus on trying to apply 2-3 stacks before using your E. This will allow you to avoid longer trades, but consistently come out on top.
  4. After laning phase you should always try to get your full stacks before using Contaminate. 
  5. Know your burst! A fully stacked Contaminate can do more damage then the enemy expects. This can be very very useful for bursting an enemy down before they have time to react with a summoner spell.
  6. Your W will apply stacks of Deadly Venom. This can work great for quick combos. 

twitchfullautomatic.png Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat (R)

In my personal opinion one the most enjoyable abilities to use it the entire game. Upon using the ability, it grants Twitch the longest auto attack range in the game. 

How to Use Effectively:
  1. With your ultimate you can expect to 1v1 nearly any champion in the game, if you get the jump on them.
  2. Start by Stealthing (Q) near the enemy you'd like to assassinate, activate your ult shoot away.
  3. Use the massive attack range to your advantage. There is no point in being next to your enemy, which would be a waste of the bonus Attack Range.
  4. Try to attack grouped up enemies. This ability will shred through large groups, like Twitch shreds through a fine cheese.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    While this might seem unconventional to the un-educated, this is the new bread and butter for Twitch and AD'S.

Core Items

    Core Items
    Late Game Core (explanation below)

Situational Items

    Situational Items (explanation below)

Further Explanation on Item Builds

Early Game

3302.png Relic Shield

While this might seem unconventional to the un-educated, this is the new bread and butter for Twitch and Marksman's. This item is one of the major reasons for the Runes Fleet Footwork and Overheal. This start will provide amazing sustain and survivability in lane. Giving up early AD may seem risky, but trust me, you will become a monster with this new meta start.

Mid Game (Core)

3031.png Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge will be your first item you set your eyes on. This will provide you with a steady incline in power spike to transition into mid game. The raw AD and Critical Chance will massively increase your damage output, and during the early portions of mid game you can expect to few shot squishy enemies. Such a great item on Twitch.

Things to Note
  1. If you are able to, try to back with 1300 Gold. This will give you a massive lane advantage, as no other first back will be able to match this. It is worth staying a few extra waves to get this amount of gold.
  2. Purchase order should be B.F Sword - Pickaxe - Crit Cloak.
  3. Build this before Runaans Hurricane. In competitive they rush Runaans only for the wave clear. This is not a priority in Solo Que.

3085.png Runaan's Hurricane

Not only a fun item to build, it provides Twitch with a great amount of attack speed and wave clear, which he lacks. Even with all of this it becomes a core item due to its synergy with Twitch's ultimate. Once you have Infinity Edge and Runaan's Hurricane, you can teamfight and seriously expect to kill the majority of the enemy team. This is such a strong point for Twitch.

3006.png Berserker's Greaves

The boot of choice for our Twitch. Provides attack speed.

Late Game (Core)

3087.png Stattik Shiv

A must purchase for my Twitch's third item. After building Runaan's and Stattik Shiv you have fully fulfilled your needs for attack speed. You will also have a massive amount of Critical Chance allowing you to shred through your enemies. If you weren't already coming close to 1v5ing before purchasing Stattik Shiv, I would give it another shot after buying this item. This is where Twitch peaks in relation to the enemy champions.

3026.png Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel can be a great fourth purchase if you feel the need for a defensive item. It has been changed this season, and now provides Attack Damage, so it really is a great item. If you aren't struggling with dying, then this item can be avoided until later.

3139.png Mercurial Scimitar 

Another option for a defensive item. Choose either this or Guardian Angel, not both. What this provides over Guardian Angel is lifesteal, Quicksilver Sash (The ability to Cleanse Crowd Control) and a movement speed buff. If you feel confident in your ability to Cleanse the enemies Crowd Control quickly, then this is a great choice over Guardian Angel.

3036.png Lord Dominik's Regards

Lord Dominik's Regards is a great item if you are lacking armor penetration. Which is very likely as this build incorporates very little. Great item if the enemy team is stacking armor. Learn to watch what the enemies are building, and adjust your build accordingly. I would only purchase this when you need the Armor Penetration.

Situational Items (Late Game)

3153.png Blade of the Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King can be built in some certain scenarios. It does increased damage based on how much health the enemy has. So naturally, if the enemies have been stacking health then this item is a great way to counter that. It will also provide you with some added life steal, which this build lacks depending on which defensive item you've chosen to build. Definitely a great item on Twitch.

3072.png The Blood Thirster

Bloodthirster is another great choice if you would like to add some Life Steal to your build. It also contains a large amount of Attack Damage to increase your Ultimates output. Not only that but it provides another shield for you once you reach full health, which goes great with the Runes we have selected in this build.

3156.png Maw of Maulmortius

Maw of Maulmortius is a great way to protect yourself from a strong enemy mid laner. It provides you Magic Resist as well as a Magic Shield (We love shields in this build.) Against AP heavy enemy teams, this can be an awesome second defensive item, while also providing Attack Damage.

3508.png Essence Reaver

Essence Reaver can also be built instead of Bloodthirster. A solid item, but personally I much prefer Blade of the Ruined King or Bloodthrister. Try it out if you'd like.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Xayah




Difficulty: Medium

Ashe can pose a threat, mainly with her Ultimate. If you can avoid getting hit, you will have no problems killing her. During laning phase you are also stronger.

  • Avoid her W during lane phase. Sit behind minions so they can't hit you.
  • Avoid her Ultimate. Keep an eye on her posturing, you can usually guess when she will send it.
  • If she does send it at you, a possibility is to flash aggressively over top of it towards Ashe. The enemy will not expect this.
  • Abuse her lack of mobility, you should be picking off Ashe consistently. 




Difficulty: Hard

Caitlyn, as with most Marksman's, is Twitch's hardest match up. But you do not need to struggle every time. Here are some tips.

  • Try to avoid taking pointless Auto Attack damage, sit back and wait for minions to fall low for last hitting.
  • Watch out for her Traps (W)! They will reveal you from Stealth (Q)
  • Do not worry about giving up CS and farming under tower. You will have your chances to get strong.
  • You can 1v1 her if you survive laning phase. Wait for this time to make your aggressive plays.




Difficulty: Medium

Draven can be a pain if he starts to snowball. Avoid dying during the early levels, as this is where he has the strongest power spike over Twitch.

  1. Be careful your first few levels, Draven's Q can do a surprising amount of damage.
  2. Draven is snowball heavy, one to two kills and he will take over the game.
  3. Try to shut him down early, keeping his passive low will allow you to avoid his snowball.
  4. Remember his Ultimate returns to him, watch out for it.




Difficulty: Easy

This is one of Twitch's easiest lanes. Ezreal cannot keep up with Twitch's damage out put at any point of the game. He is also incredibly easy to pick off in lane.

  • Play aggressive. You will out trade him in every trade during lane phase.
  • Sit behind your minions, Ezreals main damage is a skill shot in his Q.




Difficulty: Easy

Jhin can give you some issues early game, mainly with his Fourth Auto Attack, but further onto the game you will have no issues assassinating him. 

  1. Avoid his fourth auto attack, as it is a guaranteed critical strike.
  2. His W is easily dodged, walk directly left or right the second you see his animation sending.
  3. Abuse his total lack of mobility. You should be assassinating Jhin all game.




Difficulty: Medium

Jinx is pretty equal to Twitch in her damage output. You have a slight advantage with your ultimate.

  • Avoid her Zap (W) by standing behind your minions.
  • Do not go for extended trades while she is in Mini Gun, she attacks faster the more Auto's she uses.
  • You can 1v1 her if you get the jump with your Stealth (Q)




Difficulty: Medium

A well played Kalista can pose a real threat to Twitch. If you can survive past lane phase, you will be able to deal with her with your Ultimate and Stealth

  1. Watch out for her Rend (E), if she last hits a minion with it, even if she has applied some to you, she will have the mana and cooldown refunded.
  2. Be weary of her Ultimate, you can have a support on top of you real quick.
  3. Do not trade 1 for 1 auto attacks with her, if she gets many Rend (E) stacks on you, it will do a large amount of damage.




Difficulty: Medium

Kog'Maw can be a tough opponent. He has a massive Auto range with his W, and is fairly tanky throughout laning phase.

  • Don't let Kog'Maw get free Auto Attack's off when his W is active. Retreat or go all in.
  • Remember his passive! It can kill you if you are not paying attention.
  • Kog'Maw also has no mobility. A prime prospect for our assassination.




Difficulty: Hard

Lucian can be a very tough lane for Twitch. He has a large amount of health, and can out trade Twitch very easily. Your goal for this lane will be to farm out until Mid - Late game, and hope you can outscale (which you will).

  1. Avoid early trading, his combo is quick and will dish out more damage then yours.
  2. You may be able to win a level 6 fight. Use your Ultimate range to your advantage!
  3. Blade of the Ruined King is very strong versus Lucian, he has naturally high HP, and the movement speed slow will absolutely cripple him.


Miss Fortune


Difficulty: Hard

Miss Fortune can be an extremely difficult lane opponent in the early-mid game. If you can survive past this phase, then you should have no problems dealing with her.

  • Watch out for low health minions in front of you, if she last hits with her Q it will be sent out at you and crit.
  • Avoid her E, it will cripple your move speed and allow Miss Fortune to get into Auto Range.
  • If you are able to get ahead, use your stealth to assassinate. She lacks mobility and is easy pickings. 




Difficulty: Easy

Another very easy match up for Twitch. She lacks the burst, and can not keep up with Twitch and his Ultimate. Her spell shield is also useless, as no abilities are too important to Twitch's damage

  • Look to pick off Sivir whenever she is alone. Prey on her lack of mobility.
  • Hold your E until she uses her Spell Shield, or pop it quick so can't react in time. Very few Sivir's will be able to react in time.
  • Use your range to your advantage.




Difficulty: Easy

Tristana is quite similar, her damage is mainly in her Auto Attacks. She also has a strong amount of mobility which can be difficult. You will out trade her, focus on stacking your E and you will out damage hers.

  1. Don't allow Tristana to get free stacks of her E on you.
  2. Watch out for her E on towers near you. The explosion area is very large and will do a solid amount of damage.
  3. Know that she has a lot of escape mechanics. You will need to position yourself wisely.




Difficulty: Medium

Varus can be difficult, but it is also a very winnable lane. 

  1. Avoid his Q's without protection of minions. This ability will shred you if you are the first target it hits.
  2. Careful for his ultimate. It will lock you down and you will likely die.
  3. If you find yourself tangled in his Ultimate, purchase a QSS as it will allow you to free yourself from his Crowd Control.




Difficulty: Easy

Vayne is one of the easier lanes for Twitch. You will be able to bully her early game, which is great when both champions scale well into the late game.

  1. Avoid her third auto attack for Silver Bolts, much of her damage comes from this third auto attack.
  2. Don't be afraid of trading early, you will win trades.
  3. If you get a lead, abuse her lack of ability and attack range. Stealth and and blow her up with your Ultimate.




Difficulty: Medium

Xayah can provide a challenge occasionally. She has a great deal of damage with her feathers. You will need to watch out for them behind you, as they will root and burst you.

  1. Careful for her feathers, if she activates many with her E you will be rooted.
  2. Do not underestimate the burst she has with her E.
  3. Do not rush to use your Ultimate. If she uses hers she will become untargetable, which completely negates your Ultimate.

Early Game Tips Back to Top

Early Game Tips

There are many nuances of perfecting your early game. From trading, to positioning, to last hitting, I could write for days. Your best resource to to watch VOD's of your favorite professional player, and study their gameplay.

With that said I will give you some easily applicable tips that you can bring into your next solo que match.

  • You will want to start of laning phase by standing gaurd of your jungle. The majority of the time you will want to stand in the tri brush (the one closest to your lane), or right outside of blue buff, depending on the side of the map you are on.
  • Leash your jungler with his buff (this will help him greatly), and leave when it approaches 1/3 HP. You do not want to miss any minions!
  • Your goal for the first wave of minions will be to kill them as fast as possible. The first lane to hit level two will have a large advantage in the bot lane. (Think about it, if you are level 2 you have two abilities, and you have the bonus health and damage.) This is very important.
  • You will hit level 2 on upon killing the first 3 melee minions in the second wave. Do not attack the second wave caster minions until you are already level two!
  • If you hit level two before, try to push your advantage. If you have an aggressive support, you can attempt to kill the enemy laners. If not, walk up and start trading. Be careful chasing to far, minions do a large amount of damage early in the game, and if you attack the enemy while near, they will all target you.
  • Use your twitchvenomcask.png to control the enemy laners. 
  • Don't be afraid to hide in the bush and go into twitchhideinshadows.png. You can surprise the enemy and get some damage off!
  • Make sure you place your wards! A gank from the enemy can set you back very far, its always worth it to know when one is coming.

Mid Game Tips Back to Top

Middle Game Tips

At this point in the game 29.png's power really starts to shine. You should begin to look for picks in your own lane, the enemy Marksman being alone. Also begin to look middle, as you can catch the enemy mid laner un-prepared for a gank. 
Here are some tips you can bring into your next Solo Que match

  • At this point in the game you should be starting to get stronger, if you are, try to find the enemy Marksman separate from his teammates and attempt to assassinate him with twitchhideinshadows.png.
  • Do not forget to continue farming. Many newer players will only kill minions during laning phase. You want to keep your numbers up. This is very important. You will fall behind if you only look for kills and never kill those small little minions.
  • Don't be afraid to roam mid lane. Many times you can stealth right through the enemies wards, and surprise the enemy mid laner. Your mid laner will also be grateful and may even help him win lane.
  • If you and your team get a large lead, look your sights towards dragon. Dragon supplies your entire team with a strong passive buff, a few of these and you will have a significant boost in power over your teammates. Dragon spawns every 6 minutes.
  • If you haven't already, try to take your enemies bot lane tower. Towers provide you with a large amount of gold (especially if its the first tower to fall in the game).
  • Once you have taken your tower you may want to look mid lane and try to get theirs. If you aren't able to then you can continue down bot lane. 
  • If you are pushing far up, make sure you remember to 3340.png. It can be very easy to tunnel on the enemy tower.
  • Remember to keep an eye out for what the enemy laners are building, so you can adjust your build accordingly. 
  1. If they are stacking Armor, Lord Dominik's Regards.
  2. If the enemy Attack Damage Carries are strong, Guardian Angel.
  3. If the enemy Mid laner is strong, Maw of Maulmortius or Mercurial Scimitar
  4. If the enemy is stacking health, Blade of the Ruined King
  5. If you are inting, Guardian Angel

Late Game Tips Back to Top

Late Game Tips

This is where the fun begins. You have no achieved your core items, as well as the Situational items you have chosen to purchase.

You will want to continue to focus on picking off any stray enemies, but this time you should not fear from wandering into the enemy jungle (if you have sufficient wards). You can suprise many enemies in the place where they feel safe. "Strike them where they least expect it," in this case, their jungle.

Some Tips you can bring into your next Solo Que match
  • As stated above, do not fear in going aggressive for enemies who are alone. Attempt to get vision in the enemy jungle, so you know when and where lonely enemies are.
  • If you don't need to use your ultimate to pick off an enemy, then don't. It has a fairly long cooldown, and many times you wont even need it.
  • Try to enter teamfights with twitchhideinshadows.png, hiding while your team engages. This make it extremely difficult to find out where you will strike from. It also keeps you from being engaged on.
  • Flank from behind during teamfights, I would actually recommend doing so consistently. Usually teams will leave their backline un protected, and you can twitchhideinshadows.png in, activate your twitchfullautomatic.png and tear them apart.
  • Remember to enjoy these few minutes you have in late game. They are the reason you have picked Twitch. A friendly (T) bm can make for some good fun.

Habits for Climbing Back to Top

 Habits for Climbing

As a big believer in the strength of our minds, I would like to share some of my tips on how you can, through your mentality, greatly improve your performance on Twitch, and any other champion you decide to play.

I will break this piece into separate sections of skills and habits you can develop to improve your gameplay, many of which will have a trickle down effect into your life. 

The beginning will start with easier, less effort methods, and progress into more difficult but massively helpful techniques.

I can not say enough of how, if you put these methods to use, it will effect your gameplay. If you give these ideas an honest shot, you will climb ranks. I guarantee it.

Lets begin,


Watching VOD's of Your Favorite Pro Player

Yes, this is the first habit you can build to improve your gameplay. All you have to do is watch more League of Legends, easy right. Every. SIngle. Pro player does this, look to the people better than you and study how they play. You do not need to take notes (even better if you do), just watch attentively to how they play, especially during laning phase.
This can be done during Que and Loading Screen, and will even help you focus before your match.

Taking Breaks

It can be very, very tempting to never get up from your computer. If you win or lose, you find yourself clicking play again without moving.

Getting up and walking, even to get a glass of water is so greatly beneficial. Not only is it healthy for your body, as sitting down for extended periods of time is bad for your heart, and joints. But it also allows you to clear your head, and when you sit down after your short walk you will feel refreshed and ready for your next match.

My break method is as follows. Each break lasts 5-10 minutes away from my Computer Office
  • After a loss, take a break.
  • After two consecutive wins, take a break.
  • After 3-4 games take a 30 minute break.

Drink Water

A habit that goes hand in hand with taking breaks, you breaks can be to go get water. Staying hydrated is extremely important to maintaining high levels of focus, you will feel more clear, and you play will be at the highest it can.

Watching your own Replays

Riot now has a replay section, so there really is no excuse not to watch your Replays. Watching your replays are a great way to see the mistakes you've made, as it can be hard during the game. Watch carefully and note (either mentally or physically) what mistake are reoccurring, and through the process of eliminating these mistakes, you will become a very strong League player.

Read More Guides

Yes, I am promoting other guides. You should read as many as you can, from as many sources as you can. This will expand your knowledge on champions, and bring different opinions to the subject.

Even reading guides for champions you don't play can be extremely beneficial, it will allow you to know what the enemy is thinking when they are playing the game.

Expand Your Champion Pool

You should try to become familiar with every single champion, not master each, but know the in's and out's. Knowing the strength's and weakness's of each champion will allow you to understand when you can, and when you can't win a fight. 

It also allows you to find a champion you may have never known you loved. 


Removing Distractions

Distractions are things that steal our focus, when they shouldn't be. This includes anything from a cluttered desk, to the phone buzzing on the table beside you.

I would highly recommend turning your phone off during game, responding to texts while on your way to lane may be convenient, but it will steal a large portion of your focus away from the game, and the constant back and forth between game and phone will leave you playing at minimal capacity.


This may seem silly upon first hearing it, but it is quickly become standard for League players who take care of their mentality. 
Meditation provides more benefits then I could ever list, and it is a great tool for League of Legends players, it allows you to clear your head, enhance your focus, and become more aware of your mistakes.

If there is one habit you choose out of this entire list, this is it.

I would recommend the Calm app on the App Store, it is a great way for beginners to start, as it is a guided meditation that will walk you through your practice.


Stretching your wrists may seem very silly, but it is crucial if you plan on playing for many hours a day. You can see it with many high elo and pro players, wrist injuries are very common. 

Who would have thought that playing video games could hurt you? The small clicks, while they seem insignificant, over years can lead to Tendinitis or Carpal Tunnel.

Take care of your wrists, because once they start hurting it is too late. A quick stretch also increases your mobility which can greatly increase your mouse movement speed.

Get Good Sleep

Sleep is imperative to increasing your mental capacity. In can be very tempting to stay up all night playing, but if you find yourself stuck in your rank, getting more sleep could push you over the that slump.
You will think clearer, find yourself less tilted and perform better.

If you are looking to take it a step further, the application 'Sleep Cycle' is great for tracking your sleep patterns, and it will wake you up within 30 minutes of your alarm, according to when is best according to your sleep cycle.

Mentality for Climbing Back to Top

Mentality for Climbing

Mentality and Habit forming go hand in hand. One compliments the other, and both will take your playing to a new level. 
This is shown by how much teams now invest into Psychologists for their teams. They know that player mentality and habits greatly improve their playing level and skill. Cool enough we can learn these ourselves. These are not necessarily easy to learn, but over time you will get better at them.

Avoiding Tilt

Tilt is when the player becomes driven by emotion, this emotion is usually negative. The issue with being driven by a negative emotion is you begin to activate the portions of your brain that are less logical, and more reactive. This greatly lowers the level in which you play, and will continue to snowball as you become more "tilted".

How to Avoid Tilt
  1. Take breaks, information on this is above.
  2. Be self-reflective and critical. Do not judge yourself for dying. Pro players on the biggest stage make terrible decisions, it will happen, it is literally part of the game. The worst thing you can do is die and become tilted, because we know that with tilt you will become less rational, and the majority of the time you will lose the game only because you were tilted.
  3. Should you feel yourself becoming tilted, close your eyes for the duration of your death screen, focusing on taking deep breaths. This will calm you down and re-focus you. (Bonus you don't have to see that grey screen)

Applauding Yourself for Playing Good

You should be proud of yourself when you make a great play, or find yourself performing better. Telling yourself "Good Job" can be a great way to find joy in the climb, rather then Tilt. After all games are meant to be fun!

Not Giving Up

It can be very easy to give up when either you, or your team falls behind. I myself even fall for this. If you can shift your mentality to coming back rather then giving up, I suspect you will win one more game per day then you would have.
Think about it, if you surrender you have a 0% chance of winning, even if you are losing 100-0 your odds are better. Sure there will be games where surrendering is a good decision, but never surrender early. Solo Que is the home of thrown matches.

Self Improvement

Find joy in improving, this is very important. If you can find a way to enjoy every process of getting better at the game, you will actually find yourself improving. It could be the goal of challenger, or getting consistent S's on your favorite champion, whatever allows you to enjoy improving.

If you enjoy improving your game play, then watching Pro Games, your Replays, and applying all of the Habits above will not be a chore, but something you love. We all want to be a higher rank, or a better player, thats why you are reading this guide. Pat yourself on your back, you're doing a great job already.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Extremely fun to play
  • One of the strongest Marksman's in the late game
  • A stealth mechanic, which is reset upon getting kills
  • High burst and pick potential
  • Can single handedly carry a game
  • Consistently strong, so you are not learning a champion who will be nerfed
  • Very few counters, and counters many 
  • Always has the potential to recover from a bad start


  • No dashes, so can be easily locked down
  • Can be bullied early by strong early game Marksman's 
  • Can struggle against enemies with easy Crowd Control
  • Can fall behind early, due to his expensive build path

Twitch's Tricks Back to Top

The Invisible Recall

You can recall while invisible on Twitch. I would recommend doing this every time you recall, as it will allow you to do so safely without being visible.!

To do so:

Start by activating your Q, there will be a few second gap before you enter stealth, simply click recall. As you recall you will hop into stealth, making you unseen and safe from enemies.

The Submarine

Enemies with a targeted teleport (such as Shen) can do so while you are invisible. You can bring two people to an un-suspecting enemy

To do so:

Simply go into stealth, and tell your teammate to teleport to you, the animation will be invisible, and once they finish the teleport they will be shown.

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