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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Standard spells. What else do you need other than a spell that can give you an escape and another one which gives you sustain.

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Why go this path?

Ferocity: The ferocity points give you a boost on health and increased damage. One other thing I want to talk about is which keystone to take. I put for the example Fervor of Battle since it stacks well and gives you AD since you are going to buy like 2 or 3 attack speed items. The other keystone you could buy is Warlord's Bloodlust which gives you life steal but I think it's an alright pick in my opinion. 

Cunning: This is just the standard choice of masteries which I chose for ADCs. The only thing I want to say is that you could take for a Keystone Thunderlord's but I suggest the ferocity ones because this mastery will only do some help during laning phase but not in team fights or anything else so just go for Ferocity. (But hey, It's all up to you. I'm just here to give you my opinion and decisions on Vayne)

Edit/Summary: After looking at this path for some time and Vayne being unchanged mastery wise, I recommend going warlords for going against a hard match up or you are using the Shiv and IE build path and need that health problem covered. If you are looking for just contributing to your team for your strength in team fights then go fervor since the team fights would take some time to end.

2nd note: After looking back and have enough information to say which is good and bad, fervor currently is the better option for Vayne with her going back to building BoTRK. Although there are people that still do shiv IE, it's  only fine to build that and get warlords if there are squishy targets.

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Night Hunter(Passive)

This is going to help a lot when catching people and when you're fed. This is going to give you a boost of movement speed (+30) when walking towards enemy champions. Remember, this is only going to give you the boost when going in, not for running away so keep that in mind. 



This is the main ability that will help you engage, disengage, or proc your vaynesilveredbolts.png. This will make Vayne roll in the direction your cursor is facing (if you spellbinded your Q key, but if not then just press Q and just click the direction. This will give you a boost of attack damage for your auto within 7 seconds. One tip I want to tell you is that you should just go and use it when you think it's safe since this is your only escape skill. (mobility wise) 


Silver Bolts (W)

This is the skill which will give you the power to destroy enemies quick. This passive makes your autos stack up to 3 when you auto the same target. They will go back to 1 stack if you change your target or the target runs away. Make sure you max this first because, this will make tank support's health deplete faster.


Condemn (E)

This is your main kill secure or back off as Vayne. This skill can push back a target and deal damage. Make sure you can hit your targets at the wall so there is a bonus damage to the wall hit and the enemy gets stunned for 1.5 seconds. This can also be used to push people back so you can escape and not get killed (most likely). One more thing to say is that this skill should be maxed last since even though it can stun, it's not much of a big help due to the long cool downs (however, they are good for cutting down enemies who are separated or pushing and to get ahead of them in a duel.


Final Hour (R)

This skill is so good! This is what makes her unstoppable at killing people. This will give you increased AD, (30/50/70 AD for 8/10/12 seconds) invisibility for 1 second, and your passive gains bonus movement speed which is increased to 90. Just to let you know, this ult can make your enemies not see you but they can see you if they have or have set a 2043.png or a 3364.png.(make sure you have allies or you have an oracles to destroy pinks so you have your ult to engage/disengage) 

What skills to max first?

The one I listed from above is the one where you would pick fervor and build the Blade of the Ruined King path. You would go this path if there are 3 tanks on the enemy team and need to shred their health bars. The alternative path is maxing Q>W>E which is the common thing the koreans did to help Vayne become more flexible and tumble more. This path is also used for the IE and Shiv build path so it maximizes her damage when poking with the shiv active as well as her damage once she buys IE.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Your basic start.
    I guess you could buy this, but do it when you're vsing a farm match up due to this not having much dueling potential or if you're barely getting any cs with come champions like Cait being able to deny you cs.
    If you're building BoTRK faster and want a bit more dmg while sacrificing the hp and life steal for now
    it's ok I guess but unless it's zyra +jhin or luc + leo then it's prob a better option for the hp and farm dmg.

Core Items

    This should be your main rush
    These Items should be a rush on your first back. The only thing I want you to know is that you should buy Bilgewater Cutlass if 1650 gold+ but if not, then just go and buy vampiric scepter to get lifesteal.
    For preference on what boots to take, get the berserker greaves if you're going for the full attack speed route. However, if you think that swiftness is good to chase and roam then go ahead. But I suggest buying the greaves due to them being used a lot more.
    This is my main build that specializes in both attack speed, crit, damage, and shredding tanks fast.
    This build is naturally for more on crit but still have the ability to gain health (life steal) and farm faster with the help of statikk shiv
    this is also a new item which could be good. The only thing I recommend is that you buy Blade of the Ruined King first due to it having lifesteal and early sustain
    This build is the ghost blade build which is supposed to give you a lot of dmg compared to BotRK and helps give you armor pen, dmg, lifesteal, and MR (you can switch the maw or merc with GA for armor)
    This is the trinity force build which is going to give you some sustain and damage but will have a bit more of a focus on mobility but use this if you are winning lane and you think it would be the time you should start roaming.
    This is the rageblade build which gives true dmg and the rageblade should cover the atk spd and you would be spending your gold on atk dmg items and this would be the "avenger/run & gun" build since you are going to be able to run and kill enemies fast and have lifesteal from botrk and merc.
    The shiv and IE build gives you a lot of damage, good ATK SPD, and lifesteal. You can do a mix and match for the last to items but the first 4 items are a must but to have good efficiency the last 2 items should be a lifesteal item and a defensive item

Situational Items

    Good for going against AD assassins who are fed.
    These items are ok to use if the enemies are fed and one of these items can help you from not dying.
    These items have similar stats but give different effects. Shiv- more of a neutral atk speed item and is efficient on farming. Phantom- This items is mid game powerhouse and gives you more on dueling. Rapid- good for people who would deal a lot of damage or crit such as jhin 4th bullet, draven and axes, same for vayne and silver bolts.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Jhin
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  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Quinn
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Urgot




Ashe is pretty hard on Vayne due to her having a lot of poke on W and Q for siege. Just try and farm from afar and wait for 3140.png. She's good overall so I suggest playing with a defensive supp so she won't easily destroy you in early game




 Almost hard counter to Vayne so make sure you watch out for her Q and E so you can farm safely. You can beat her in dueling late game, but during the time in laning phase is going on, she is going beat you up hard if you don't think fast. I suggest stepping on her traps when she is not there and try to do your best to not step on them when you're in ult mode since she can then auto you till the visibility wears off. You can play this match and win by making sure you just farm well and back when low but just try and shut her down (kill the cop) and take towers since she will have advantage for towers since she has a long range and can siege.Note- Buy 1083.png if she's a bit more of a nuisance.




This is a hard counter against Vayne. He has a lot of poke and will just destroy you once he starts getting kills on you. If you do get countered with this pick, I suggest asking your support to pick up a healing or defensive type of support. (16.png or 201.png.)




Just like Corki, He is going to poke you a lot with his dravendoubleshot.png and dravenspinning.png. The reason why this is a bit easier than Corki is that you can actually negate him from getting his axes with your vaynecondemn.png. But just make sure you play it safe until you have life steal and or damage since he will start getting high crit chance.




This is an easy matchup for you. The only thing I suggest is standing behind the minions so that way you can be much safer. Make sure you are aware of his ezrealarcaneshift.png. Just know that once he hits 6, you look at your health bar since he can ult you if he knows where you are. Try and get your items faster than him so you can put him in his place.




He has a lot of burst so watch out! His gravesclustershot.png(Q) is an easy CS grab for him and his gravessmokegrenade.png will be hard for you to focus on him since you are an Auto Attacking type of champ. The only way for you to give you dominance as well is by using your vaynetumble.png and vaynecondemn.png wisely. You will only see him 95% in the jungle now but if you do see that 5%, just play as said from before. I know he will be a pain but I suggest getting a healer support more preferably 267.png and build the ghost blade build and max Q instead of W to increase your early game.




He is going to crit you a lot try and make sure you can dodge his jhinW.png with your vaynetumble.png. Try and be cautious once he is 6 and gets his ult. Buy 2043.png when going against him so you can see his jhinE.png. I also suggest to stay far away from minions to not get hit by his Q and to not get hit. The last thing to watch out for is to watch out for his jhinR.png since he is going to kill you. The thing that can prevent his jhinR.png is by CC so just use your vaynecondemn.png or have a support with CC to go in and CC him and it will go on cooldown.




This is all about skill. Coming from a person who mains both Vayne and Kalista (me), this is all about how good you can bait the other person and kill them. from her recent changes, Kalista needs to stay with her support in order to get more attack speed, as well as her kalistaR.png being a decreased range. Right now, I think you can take her down due to her lowered base attack speed. She isn't being played that much due to the other ADC champs who buy 3031.png are popular. But, people like Sneaky and I think Doublelift play her somewhat regardless of the nerfs due to her easy yet punishing burst. 




He is gonna out farm you. He is going to outscale you once late game but, you can prevent it. Just make sure you have your support and maybe jungler camp bot and destroy him so once you have 3 full items, he would have recently bought his 3124.png. The one thing you need to be aware of his ult and hitting you while you activated your ult or you are screwed.




This is going to be in the easy/medium matchup. However, you can beat him when you and your support are in lane and Luc is there. Just make sure you vaynecondemn.png him when he activates lucianR.png since it will cancel it.


Miss Fortune


She has a built in crit, so don't try and go all in on this. Try and use your vaynecondemn.png against her missfortunebullettime.png so she has only 3 skills left.




Crazy high mobility with quinnR.png. Try and keep your distance and not get hit with quinnQ.png or in the range of quinnE.png. All I can say are these 3 things. Farm up, play safe, and go in when the time is right.




This is easy as well. Her spellshield.png will only block your vaynecondemn.png but that's it. Try and use your vaynetumble.png diagonally so that way her spiralblade.png doesn't hit you twice. Try and keep up with farm as well since she has good harass with her ricochet.png.




The queen of siege is not just good at taking down towers, she is also good at bursting squishies. Try and have a healing supp or someone who can negate her ult so she doesn't become a threat. (201.png16.png)




I think that Twitch is your main counter. Due to him not being banned much and him being such an underpowered/underpicked champ makes him so much more reliable. He will get an easy first blood as long as you don't get too many stacks from his poison when he uses twitchE.png. And try to buy 2043.png once he gets twitchQ.png since he will start to gain attack speed and movement speed from it.




There is barely any Urgot players (specifically in bot lane). There are 2 things I suggest you do is play safe against his poison skills, and to buy a 3140.png once he reaches 6.

Choices for supports Back to Top

I will be listing champs who I think are good with Vayne and have a good kit which has can work well with her playstyle. If you're wondering why I didn't put "X" champion is because I'm putting the supports which I consider to be known as a good support through my experience. (Sorry Shaco support mains (-_\\)

12.pngAlistar: He is a good champ who has an engage and bring the fight to you as well as him having a healing ability in his kit. The only problem which I feel is only a minor problem is him having somewhat a lack of disengage. Overall score: 7/10

432.pngBard: Has CC, heals for days, and very mobile. Even though he would be roaming to get chimes for himself I think that just him leaving Vayne shrines to survive some pokes while getting the chimes are fine and he has good team fight catching with the Q and ult.Overall score: 8.5/10

53.pngBlitz: Really popular to low ELO players and seems to be fun for many people who love to play this dude. Honestly, is hard to master since there are many blitz players who can't seem to land a hook or engage in your command or on theirs. But to talk more about his kit than on the players, he is amazing for people who don't expect the pull and how good he can mess the enemy team up with his CC as well as his W where he will be able to wuss out of some small fight that screws up. Overall score 7.5/10

63.pngBrand: He has a lot of poke and damage which can be good when fighting in team fights. However, his explosiveness maybe a bit too risky for you if you were to engage since he has no shield or heal for you to proceed which might not be the best choice. You might have to pick the blade of the ruined king build in order to sustain through lane if you are still being poked. Overall score 4/10

201.png Braum: Your dragon slaying best friend and meat shield. This dude's passive can stun an enemy as long as he just autos once or uses his Q. After that, you are able to hit the enemy 3 times which procs both the stun of the passive of Braum and the silver bolts. He also has the jump to squad up and the shield to block and attacks coming at you especially his ult is good at initiating and to give you some more running time. Overall score 9.5/10

40.png Janna: If I had to choose someone as my waifu other than Vayne, it would be Janna. She is an amazing champ with her passive allowing you a little more movement speed to boost your evasiveness as well as her tornados. She has everything you need a shield, a pint of an AD boost, CC, heals, and cute skins. Overall score 10/10

43.pngKarma: She has shields, poke, movement speed boosts, and a snare. She isn't really a popular pick like more of someone like Lucian but I would say she is still good. Overall score 6/10

89.pngLeona: She's known to be a CC master but not the optimal choice to pick since she has only relic shield as a sustain for you so I suggest getting warlords or a vamp scepter if you are going to be with her in-game. Overall score 6/10

117.pngLulu: Janna 2.0 but I still feel like the original is better. She has poke, silences, uses pix to poke further, and a steroid of health with her ult. There isn't much to say about her since I barely have any lulu players on my team. Overall score 9/10

25.pngMorgana: She's really good at being annoying with her binding and CC block. She works well with Vayne due to her binding and Vayne's damage to be easy as to lock down the enemy carry during lane phase. Overall score 8/10

267.pngNami: I like Nami and her being pretty fun to play with. She has a health splash ability, CC, damage booster, and a tsuNAMI (ik I'm terrible with puns ('_\\)). Overall score 9/10

111.png Nautilus: This guy is like blitz but with more CC and slows. I don't really have much to say about him since he is a really good support as to occupy the enemy carry and for initiating. Overall score 6/10

37.pngSona: Ever seen that kid at school who people ask for paper or notes from yesterday and sits at the back as well as doing amazing in class? That's pretty much Sona. She makes sure you have everything and being all around great. Her kit provides, damage,shields and heals, movement speed boost, and CC. Overall score: 9/10

16.pngSoraka: Soraka is the champ that fits all of Vayne's needs which are survivability. She has her Q to give herself health and her W to give you health. Her E is good at silencing enemies like Lucian who might engage on you but are denied due to the silence and snare. The ult is pretty much a W for every ally on your team. Overall score 8.5/10

223.pngTahm Kench: Kench is the type of dude who will be able to get you out of sticky situations and maybe bring you back but in your team's favour. His Q is good at slowing and stunning, W is good at engaging and disengage attacks, and his E will help him stay alive for some time, and his ult has already been said. Overall score 7.5/10

44.pngTaric: This dude is like Sona but just has one thing that most supports don't have which is invincibility. His kit provides heals, shields, stuns, and invincibility. Overall score 9/10

412.pngThresh: A popular support to many and is a champion who helps a lot in team fights. His kit seems to revolve around being the one to engage or disengage a fight. Overall score 9.5/10

26.png Zilean: Can't kill this dude and he will be able to make you unkillable once 6. He will give you a level up which can be an advantage and poke from the bombs as well slows/speed boosts and the ult. Overall score 8/10

143.pngZyra: I don't find her the best choice due to her just being similar to brand where poking is most of the game which will be a bit of a pain for you since farming and dueling in levels a little higher. Overall score 4/10

497.png Rakan: New from the duo of him and Xayah, Rakan is more broken when he's with Xayah due to the extra effects when they're together. In the case of you playing Vayne and he/she picks rakan, I'd say it's pretty good. He has knockups, charm ult that I think scales with movement speed, can use combinations with his kit, and has a heal and dash to allies like 201.png. Overall score 7/10

Skins to pick for Vayne Back to Top

During the time you're playing Vayne, you might consider buying a skin if you seem to think that will make your experience much better. 

Aristocrat Vayne- This skin is pretty cheap 520RP but looks nice which I would buy if I didn't have a lot of money but still wanted a skin because hey, a skin's a skin.

Vindicator Vayne-This skin is pretty good and looks pretty nice for the splash art. This skin isn't available in the store but if you get this skin from the hextech crafting, then congratulations!

SKT Vayne- Ahh, the skin where Vayne looks nice wearing street clothes. This skin is really good visually from her appearance. There are no particle change effects but this skin is good if you support SKT or just like her clothes in this skin.

Dragonslayer Vayne- I would consider this a gosu classic since this used to be his main skin if I'm correct and is really nice with the dragon theme. There are chroma packs for this skin so you can choose a different colour if blue doesn't seem to be your type.

Heartseeker Vayne- This skin was my first Vayne skin and I thought it was my favourite one with her outfit having pink and red strips for leggings and a heart symbol on the chest.

Arclight Vayne- This skin has a change with how the silver bolts and ult, as well as her recall looks like. 

Soulstealer Vayne- this skin has changes just like arclight Vayne but will take a lot of time with gemstones and money to craft the hextech boxes.

Pros and Cons for Vayne Back to Top


-Strong late game

-Good CC and burst

-Fun to play


-High tier ADC regardless of meta changes


-Mechanically hard to master

-Getting caught in CC may cause you to take a couple of shots which can get you killed

-Hard poking will cause her to miss out

-Not the best during her lane phase 

Why should I (the reader) play Vayne? Back to Top

Why play 67.png?

Vayne is an ADC who doesn't go back and I mean in in the sense of her being someone you won't really regret but just be sure to play at backline. She has her kit with revolves around her moving around a lot chasing people, and to shred tanks. She is considered to be a hyper carry like others in the same role as her such as: 222.png and 96.png. Although she sucks in lane & early phase due to the weak farming she has, team fighting is her forte. Like most ADC champs, Vayne will need a start up/engage until she initiates. She will take some time to play due to being mechanically hard, but trust me she gets fun to play once you get the hang of it.

Who are you if I may ask? Back to Top

429.pngWho's Flarepire?67.png

Hey guys, I'm Flare and I'm an ADC and jungle main currently in Platinum IV. I have been playing the game since the somewhat close end of Season 4 and started ranked around the beginning of Season 5. I've ended season 5 as bronze I and season 6 as gold II. However, I feel like soon I'll be able to achieve my goal and reach diamond sometime soon. I picked up ADC while finding a role to main. I started out with more of the higher mechanical champs first like Vayne,Kalista, and I guess Caitlyn. I kept playing Vayne since she was the first champ that made me want to get better with her and I did. So far, I have been doing well in AD and I'm bringing up my win rate with all my main champs.

my Plat IV elo.PNG

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