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4.png is a mandatory summoner spell, really. There's no other way around it when you're playing 45.png.

12.png is a great pickup on 45.png. Unlike some midlaners, you're too busy stacking your AP to go back to your lane on feet! Other than that, Teleport ganks with 45.png are nothing short of a total obliteration. Personally, I run this in about 90% of my 45.png games, and you should try it too.

3.png stops burst and is especially effective against melee champions. It is great whenever you find yourself laning against 105.png or even 91.png/238.png.

21.png is a spell I don't like or use much, but even I can't deny it's efficiency when dealing with 7.png.

7.png is a great choice when you're stuck against 99.png or 101.png. Short quick burst of movement speed comes in handy to dodge their lasers.
1.png is a very rare summoner spell to see nowadays, but it's especially good when you're laning against 127.png or 34.png, as well as very heavy CC teams.

14.png is bad for 45.png right now. That is because Veigar ultimate is now an execute spell - to maximize it's potential, you want it to be the finishing blow, and 14.png contradicts that. Add how good defensive summoner spells/TP actually are on 45.png, and you're left with no reason whatsoever to pick it. 

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Masteries Back to Top

This is a very classic mastery setup for 45.png. I carefully considered every single choice and tested multiple ones. In the end that's what I came up with.

I'm going to briefly talk through every single choice here.

Fury/Sorcery - You benefit from 2% spell damage far more than from 4% attack speed, you know. 

DES/Feast/Expose Weakness - DES is bad because you're often in harm's way and 2% damage with such a tradeoff is a bit weak. Expose Weakness explicitly says "Damaging". So if they get hit by veigareventhorizon.png, the damage boost ain't gonna work. And when they get hit by your spells, there's no need for your teammates to add more damage. Therefore, Feast is the only feasible choice. hehe.

Vampirism/Natural Talent - Both of these are only mediocre. However, firstly, 45.png already gets a ton of AP by himself, which means that the extra AP/level from Natural Talent isn't quite as valuable. On the other hand, you cause a massive overkill with your spells on minions and with your ultimate - on champions often. Which gives extra value to Spell Vamp. These two points considered, Vampirism is certainly a better option.

Bounty Hunter/Oppressor45.png brings a massive stun to the table, and you'll often burst down people who get stunned in it, giving Oppressor significant value. On the other hand, Bounty Hunter is seen as better by me in lower levels of play - because there's more people dying, and you'll have an easier time getting the % damage increase from it. But, yes, overall - I favor Oppressor here(Just as the pros do).

Wanderer/Savagery - This is perhaps the only place where my opinion differs with the pros. Okay, so first of all, 45.png's abilities don't benefit from Savagery at all(Q/W AOE, E no damage, R only champions). Secondly, you don't want to last-hit minions with your autoattacks - you'd rather last-hit them with Q for stacks or with W for faster clear. Thirdly, 45.png loves his movement speed. Only by having a significant amount of it would you be able to set up great veigareventhorizon.png and get in and out of range for veigarprimordialburst.png safely. Although personally I do prefer Savagery on a good deal of midlaners, 45.png is different and it should be taken into consideration. Because of that, Wanderer is my preferred choice.

Runic Affinity/Secret Stash/Assassin - Runic Affinity isn't a big deal at all for midlaners, you don't get that many buffs over the course of a game, so it's off the table. Secret Stash is a great mastery - but I feel like even the 2009.png don't make up the extra 100-0 potential. Assassin is a good, solid 2% burst damage increase - which will certainly help in the laning phase and even later a lot.

Merciless/Meditation - This one is most certainly a hard choice. If you love to play naughty and go for more damage builds, Meditation is a better pick as it allows you to skip 3165.png harmlessly(Build: 3152.png3089.png3135.png3020.png3100.png3157.png for example). This kind of build is something I'm utilizing to a great success. Either way, in my opinion Veigar benefits a lot from the extra mana regeneration as it'll allow you to farm up a bit more AP in the early game and that beats a very conditional damage increase which is mostly bad on Veigar because your Ultimate executes them. If you're in love with your 3165.png, however, then you don't need Meditation for the mana regen and can go Merciless. 

Bandit/Dangerous Game - You're not a support(unless you are a support 45.png... in which case Bandit is better) You also can't make good use of Bandit proc as 41.png or 420.png. Dangerous Game is the way to go here, really.

Precision/Intelligence - It would be a mistake to think that 5% extra CDR will allow you to farm up more AP. Early game, you're limited by mana, and later on, you'll be limited by the amount of creeps, because even at 40% CDR you can last-hit all of them just fine. On the other hand, Precision's makes your burst hit harder and gives you even more 100-0 potential, as well as making your laning stronger(which prevents you getting bullied off the creeps). So the choice is pretty clear for me here.

Thunderlord's Decree/Stormraider's Surge/Windspeaker's Blessing - Windspeaker is out the window. It's a support mastery, and you don't have any heals. Whereas Thunderlord's directly improves your 100-0 potential, which is amazing. Stormraider's just doesn't do the trick currently, and although it might be an enticing option indeed, if you've managed to chunk your foes by 30%, you probably don't need to run from them as they're probably going to die from the rest of your damage.

Why not Deathfire: Although the AP scaling potential is enticing with Veigar boundless AP, the biggest problem with it is that it's essentialy a poking mastery. Veigar doesn't really have much poke; enemies just don't get hit by his Q or W until it's time to die(and even if they do, damage is halved as those are AOE). Which makes it inferior to Thunderlord's in basically all circumstances ;(

Abilities Back to Top


A fairly straight-forward veigarprimordialburst.png>veigarbalefulstrike.png>veigareventhorizon.png>veigardarkmatter.png skill order. 

Nuances: Level E at level 11 and R at level 12 if you levelled up as a result of killing someone with your R. You'll almost certainly hit level 12 before you can use your ultimate again.

It might be worth to level W at level 3 if there's some action going on. Level 3 Q assumes peaceful laning, poking and farming scenario, and is generally much better unless there's some crazy stuff going on which urgently requires your presence.

Maxing veigardarkmatter.png second isn't a good idea(winrates for skillorders at confirm that, if you don't believe me). Actually, it took me a lot of consideration to max veigareventhorizon.png second - it certainly wasn't an "obvious" decision, but I believe it's the right one.

There's 3 things wrong with that:

1) 50 damage per rank. It's really small considering how hard to hit this spell is. The cooldown also goes down only by 0.5 seconds, not allowing you to use it more often - as it is pretty much limited in usage by your veigareventhorizon.png, after all. By level 13 you're almost certain to have like 400 AP, and the difference between 500 and 700 damage is small compared to the difference between 1.5 second and a 2.5 second stun.

2) Last-hitting. If you max your W second, you won't be able to last-hit nicely with your W>Q combo, as W will just kill the minions outright.

3) The value of veigareventhorizon.png stun in teamfights - a 2.5 second AOE stun in a teamfight is ridiculously good. Teamfights begin roughly around the time you're maxing it out. As mentioned above, lower cooldown on it also means you'll be able to use veigareventhorizon.png>veigardarkmatter.png combo more frequently!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    It doesn't get any more classic than that. Can't go wrong with this one.
    This pairing is amazing. Corrupting Potion isn't half bad by itself in the laning phase - and once you pair it with Dark Seal, the synergy is through the roof. This is comparatively worse in high elo games for multiple reasons, but it's still a great combination. Sometimes I even snag all 3 of these early game items!

Core Items

    This item is just amazing on Veigar. Main reason is to allow you to surprise people with your 100-0 bursts and the amount of damage this thing outputs. Extra AP scalings are evil on Veigar.
    Magic Penetration is a big stat on mages. Even more so on Veigar, who has a ton of AP - all of which will get nicely amplified by magic penetration on these boots.
    These two are absolutely quintessential to any AP Veigar's build. Both of these multiply your damage potential. You should get Deathcap first if the enemies are not heavy on MR. Void Staff first if they are.
    This might seem misplaced to you, but I assure you that nothing is a better fit as a 6th item on Veigar(or even as a boots replacement). Extra AP scalings are evil itself when paired with Veigar, as mentioned with the protobelt. In 95% of the games, you just don't get to the point where you're going to build it, though.
    You should get your Vision Wards every single game, otherwise you're doing it wrong! And of course, same goes for Elixir, unless they surrender - it's important to drink one before game-deciding fights.

Situational Items

    Morello? Morello. Something a lot of Veigar players absolutely love to rush. So did I! Before the Hextech madness, anyways, which now feels too enticing for me to pass up on. This is still an amazing item, though.
    An absolutely stellar defensive choice against AD champions.
    A great choice if you have to defend against magic damage.
    Sometimes, their assassins just leave you at a loss for words. These aren't really great veigar items or anything, but if a single defensive item somehow doesn't cut it, a second one might.
    These items are no-no on Veigar. You can't apply either of them well with your abilities, meaning their passive effects are largely wasted on you.
    I've tested them all and I can't recommend you to build them. Still, theoretically speaking, these items are all perfectly fine to build on Veigar. If you want to experiment with your build, you should try out these.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Fizz
  • Zed




This match-up is a world of pain for you. I would not recommend to play it, really. 3.png and 3001.png help a lot versus this guy, but keep in mind that he can totally ignore your veigareventhorizon.png with his fizzjump.png and even dodge your ultimate.




This match-up is hard to grasp at first and he does indeed have an upper hand. However, you have good counterplay to his ultimate. It's totally possible to use veigareventhorizon.png right where he is going to land with his zedR.png or right on top of his zedW.png and then burst him down. 3157.png kind-of totally counters him, too.

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