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Summoner Spells Back to Top

These are the only options really.  You can swap flash out for ignite or exhaust, but I would not recommend it.

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Masteries Back to Top

This is my preferences when I go for most of junglers really. Strength of the Ages keystone is so strong on junglers. The extra 300 hp is too good to pass up. Think of it this way 300 is the same as 2 ruby crystals which is 800 gold. Getting a free 800 gold item just for farming is insane free stats. Generally junglers want to be tanky except for Nidalee and Kindred. You can go Thunderlord's Decree if you want but I strongly recommend Strength of the Ages.

Abilities Back to Top


I would always max q just because it does insane damage. Max w second because e is really only used for aa(auto-attack) resets.  I start w because the armor shred and attack speed steroid is really strong against the camps. I still max E last even with the buffs. Yes, the buffs are good, but her other abilities are just flat out better still. You can max her E second if you want. I would actually recommend maxing it second if you think you're going to farm more than gank. The thing about her w is that it is such a strong damaging ability against champions, and I am more of the ganking type so that's why I max W second.

Your main combo is going to be q + aa +e for the best burst with your basic abilities. 
While charging your q you have to flash first then release it in order to use it. if you q and flash mid dash animation the q will cancel.

Vi's goal is to burst the carries or initiate for the team. Work on landing your q while it's fully charged because that is where the bulk of your damage stems from.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is what you start always for early clear and sustain. i go refillable because it's really all you need for the first clear and you want to have more sustain later, so this helps with that as well. You don't need anymore sustain than this so I wouldn't recommend getting health potions.

Core Items

    The reason I go Tracker's is pretty simple. I like wards and I believe that wards win games. That's just my thinking. It's really based on your play style. Blue smite is really good too, but with the removal of green wards I think trackers is the way to go.
    I go this right after the jg probably 75% of my games for the early game burst. If you're going Iceborn you can delay getting and just hold onto the sheen while building a Raduins or Banshees because it better for the mid to late game with tank stats and slows.
    Triforce vs. Iceborn: I usually go Triforce because it does more damage. After I do that I go tanky. If I go the Iceborn route then I usually don't buy it straight up. I'll get the sheen and then get another tank item before I finish it. I go iceborn when I want to get tankier. I usually get Black Cleaver if I'm going to Iceborn route because it's better again tanks and Triforce is better for bursting squishys.

Situational Items

    Choose one of these as your second or third item. I used to rush Deadman's but with the recent nerfs and buff to Randuins I think Randuins is a better buy. The slow is really strong and it gives the same stats as deadmans. In reality both are good but with the massive amount of multi-adc comps Randuins is a better buy IMO. You can get both and I recommend this only if you go Triforce. If you get the iceborn then you don't need a third armor item unless have only have 1 ap.
    A really good armor and health item with a bit of damage. The reason I don't this as much as deadman's and randuin's is because it doesn't have the utility that those items have(i.e. the slows).
    I rarely get this item. There are too many percent health abilities imo for this item to be good.
    I rarely get this item for the same reasons as Warmog's. Also, Vi doesn't benefit from flat ad as much as she benefits from armor pen.
    I usually get this item second or third if im needing mr. If they have a fed ap or 3 or more aps then I get this before randuins or deadmans
    Get one of these if they have 3 or more aps. The reason I don't get locket as much as Spirit Visage because the support usually gets locket
    I get this item if the 2-3 aa based champs. I won't get it early. I usually get it as my 4th or 5th item. Unless 2 or more of their aa champs are fed then I get it 3rd or 4th item.
    I only get this item if i'm going the tank route. Even then i don't get it that much. one reason is because if i'm going the tank route ill have cinderhulk and there are too many really good resistant and health items out there for this to be good. Still when i go the tank route i don't get much cdr so if you want cdr this is a great item to buy.
    i get hexdrinker as my second item if they have 3 or more aps, or if they have 2 aps and one is fed. I don't finish the maw until my 4th or 5th item. Also with the item changes I've been getting this item more and earlier in my build because armor pen is really strong on Vi.
    This item is really funny and fun. I wouldn't recommend buying this even though it has really good stats for Vi. The active is just not amazing on her. I get it sometimes when I want more dueling potential, but you're Vi so you're not going to be trying to duel really. you want to teamfight.
    I haven't gotten this item much on Vi for the same reason I don't buy Warmogs. I just don't like flat health with no other resist stats because there are just too many percent health abilities.
    I've built this only on smurfs but I still don't think I would get it. It can be fun for full damage Vi but it's not a great item on Vi.

Any items I have not listed imo are not effecient on Vi

Matchups Back to Top

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Combos and Ganking/Jungle Routes Back to Top


Combos are pretty simple. Charge q->release->AA->E is your main combo. Does insane damage and is the fastest way to proc your W passive which is the main goal when getting this combo off. From there you can ult the target if need be. Try to get a fully charged q on a target if possible because it does double the damage compared to just tapping q. Now if you're going for a pick and they're out of range of your q and you have another person with you that has good to moderate damage then you might want to try this combo. R->tap q->E the reason for tapping q is because you instantly knock them up after you ult them, which will help you keep them in one place for your team to finish them off.

Also keep in mind that Vi's E is an AA reset so when clearing camps or in a fight with a champion you want to AA then E for maximum dps and W stacks. That's why in the q->release->AA->E combo you AA before E. Q + AA + E = W proc = Armor shred, damage, and attack speed steroid. 

Jungle Routes

My first clear is pretty much the same every time, I start bot side and clear the bot side jungle, back then head to the top side jungle. The reason I do this is because my goal is farm until 6 and then gank. I do this because gank with ult is almost a kill everytime. It try to gank bot at 6 for two reasons. First, being that a jungler usually hits 6 around the time his bot side buff is respawning(assuming the jungler started bot side jungle), which means you'll be in the area. Also the potential for kills is much higher with 2 targets and ADCs and some supports are generally pretty squishy. 

You can look for ganks pre 6. At the start of the game I evaluate the lane match ups. If I think I can get a kill because the enemy laner doesn't have good escapes or they're a pusher making the gank easier. The best window of opportunity to get a successful gank is to gank with red buff. The slow is really strong early along side the extra damage. Combined with Vi's q you can make some good ganks. I recommend ganking top first for a few reasons. First, mid lane is hard to gank due to the shortness of the lane, but also mid laners generally won't be pushing too hard at level besides a few exceptions. You're going to be at your top side buff assuming you started bot side, so you'll be in the area. Lastly, top is a snowball lane and getting that lane snowballing is usually a good thing. 

Determining whether if it is worth it to gank top is pretty simple. Look at the lane while you're clearing your top side buff. Think of where the minions will be at by the time you get there for a gank. If it's still in the mid of the lane or pushed towards your tower then it is probably worth the trip up there. Blowing a flash or getting a kill early is good. Don't be afraid to regank if you blow a flash.

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