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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - 
Absolutely mandatory. Flash is the best spell in the game regardless of matchup. This spell lets you dodge important skills, reposition, escape, chase, go over walls, and outplay your enemies. Take 100% of the time.  

As for your 2nd spell, you can choose between a few spells, depending on the matchup and how you want to play the game:  

6.png -
Viktor loves movement speed(He's immobile, after all).
Very versatile spell, that allows you to outmaneuver your enemies. 
With ghost you can dodge a gank, chase, dodge important skill shots when you all in, roam and/or follow roams.  
Ghost scales nicely into late game, where you become a mobile nuker in teamfights, who is able to re-position himself.
Used to be the go to 2nd spell on Viktor, however it got nerfed recently and while you can still use it for late game, it is no longer good early game(can't escape ganks as easily).  

7.png - 
After the Ghost nerf, Heal has been the default replacement for it.  
Heal is generally a safe spell that gives you both movement speed and HP, which can help you in lane as well as in skirmishes teamfights when your teammates are nearby.  

3.png - 
A defensive spell that is necessary vs short range/melee burst(Zed, Talon, Yasuo, Katarina, Akali, etc).  
It is mandatory against champions who want to dive and burst you, this is the only way you can survive with how immobile and squishy you are.  
This spell also shuts down assassins late game, so don't be afraid to take it if you are afraid of dying.

1.png - 
A situational spell that you take when the enemy mid/jungle has CC that can kill you.  
Ask yourself - "If I get hit by that CC, will I die/have to back? Can I dodge this spell reliably?"  
If you can't dodge the spell reliably, and getting hit means death, take cleanse every time.  
Good against - Elise, Twisted Fate, Anivia, Sejuani.  
You can also opt for cleanse if the enemy has extreme cc that you will have to deal with late game(Ashe, Thresh), however do this ONLY if you can survive your laning phase with no summoner spell.   

21.png - 
Good against burst.  
You take that when you can't guarantee your Exhaust before the all in.  
Generally ok vs medium - long range burst such as Syndra and Lux who you can't exhaust reliably.  
Against melee assassins I prefer to run Exhaust every time.  

14.png - 
I don't like this at all.  
This is to pressure your lane opponent and potentially snowball.  
It's fine if you're smurfing/you are absolutely sure that you can win lane, but generally speaking this is not the case if you play Viktor.

12.png - 
Not very good.  
You don't really need this as you will not be split pushing mid/late game.  
Early game you don't really want to TP gank, but rather farm up, and in lane while you can use it to go back quickly, I don't think it's worth as you're giving up a defensive summoner for this.

New Runes Back to Top

You have 2 options - Aery or Fleet Footwork.

Offensive Route

Primary tree Sorcery.

Picking Sorcery first will give you a bonus of 14 AP starting at Lv1, which is very good.  
Take this rune page if you're against a Melee champion you can bully(Fizz, Talon, Zed), or if you're extremely confident in your laning ability.

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 - Summon Aery
The keystone we take is Aery.  I believe it's superior to the other 2, even after the nerf, because it activates on your AA's(unlike Arcane Comet),  it can't miss(unlike Arcane Comet), and it has virtually no cooldown.  
The scaling seems underwhelming at first, but the base damage is good for lane.

Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 - Manaflow band.  
Very very good rune that gives you a lot of free mana in lane.  
Crucial for Viktor as you want to stay in lane for a while, to get your MK1 Hexcore.
Against strong early AP damage, such as Katarina/Leblanc and/or Elise, Nidalee jungle, you can opt for Nullifying Orb Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32 to survive the burst.
I don't think that Ultimate Hat The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 is worth taking, ever.

Celerity.png?width=32 - Celerity.  
This rune is extremely good!
3% Movespeed is equal to 2 MS Quints from the old system, and it's a stat that Viktor likes A LOT.  
(The rest is just an icing on top of the cake).  
Transcendence Transcendence.png?width=32 is viable, but I don't like it, as it doesn't do anything until Lv10(12~15 minutes in), and you usually have 40% cdr if you go Lucidity Boots.  
Lastly Absolute Focus Absolute%20Focus.png?width=32, is very bad, as it requires you to be near full HP to have any effect.  
Unless you can GUARANTEE you can be 70%+ most of the time in lane AND in skirmishes, I wouldn't take it.

Scorch.png?width=32  - Scorch.  
Scorch, despite the slight nerf it received, is VERY good.  
This together with Aery deal massive poke damage early on, and can help you establish dominance in lane.  
Waterwalking Waterwalking.png?width=32 is useless in lane, and should only be considered for junglers.  
Gathering Storm Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 is not as good as Scorch, as it takes very long time to be effective, and even then it only takes effect super late game, by which the outcome is usually already decided.  
With that being said, Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 is still viable if you just want to farm in lane and scale.

Secondary tree Precision.

Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 - Presence of mind. This is a very good rune that allows you to keep mana sustain in lane. 
Everytime you level up use the manaless window you have to shove the wave or go for a trade.

Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 - Coup de Grace. You can take this or Cut Down, depending on how squishy the enemy team is.

Defensive Route

Primary tree Precision.

The reason we go for this tree is Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32.  
This keystone gives us a nice laning phase with the HP sustain it provides.  
This with Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 for mana, allows Viktor to survive lane against hard matchups that can shove him in and poke until he gets enough gold for his Hexcore.  

Take this tree against anything that you cannot abuse in lane.  
This means ranged matchups that can abuse you, or even farm lanes like Ryze, Malzahar, Orianna, etc.

Secondary tree Sorcery.

So here we actually have quite a few options.

Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32  + Transcendence.png?width=32 - The scaling combination. Taking this means that you will afk farm in lane, and give up early game power for late game scaling.  

Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32 - Take this if you're against heavy ap burst damage that you're afraid of(Syndra + Elise).  

Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 - My personal preference. Manaflow band + Fleet + Presence of mind means you can stay in lane forever without a blue buff.  

Celerity.png?width=32 + Scorch.png?width=32  - If you don't like any of the above, you can pick these. Scorch gives you some more laning power which isn't bad, however not necessary since going Fleet means you're playing defensively anyway.  
Celerity gives some nice stats for Viktor, which you can take over Transcendence.png?width=32 if you like.

Notable Mentions

Some people run Domination 2nd tree(Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 + Taste%20of%20Blood.png?width=32), which gives sustain in lane as well as good vision control.
Others take Inspiration 2nd(Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32/Futures%20Market.png?width=32  + Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32) which is really good, I used to run it a lot before.
I personally prefer the pages I explained above but I encourage you to experiment and see what works best for you.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

Level 1 we start Q pretty much always, as it lets you trade.  
Your Lv1-3 are very strong and you should take advantage of it by trading while blocking incoming damage with Q shield.
Next we Level our E, and opt to max it first because Q shield doesn't increase with level, and it doesn't provide us the waveclear we need.  
Also, since we upgrade E first with Hexcore, we want it higher level for the extra Aftershock damage.
We max our Q 2nd because W works well as a 1 point wonder, while Q gets more damage.
Note how you don't have to skill W at level 3. It's not very useful early on unless you get ganked/all inned all of the sudden, so you can delay skilling it to level 4/5.  
Beyond that it becomes too risky.

Skill Usage and Tips

viktorpowertransfer.png Q - Siphon Power
This is your main trading tool in lane, as it is rather cheap(45 mana), reliable(point and click), and has a high range(600).  
The main thing to know about this skill is that it gives you a shield on cast, which you should use smartly to block an incoming spell.  
So if the enemy Twisted Fate throws a W at you, which you cannot dodge, simply Q him to shield the damage.
Also, if the enemy tries to wait for you to waste the shield, you can outsmart him by walking up and AAing him to bait out a skill, and only then using your Q for the shield.

viktorgravitonfield.png W - Gravity Field
This is your only CC, so use it carefully.  
It has a very long cooldown at level 1(17s), and it's not as cheap as Q(65 mana) so don't waste it unless you have a very good reason to.  
In lane, it's not very useful as it takes 4 seconds to arm up, but you can use it to avoid ganks.
The key is to cast it in the direction you are running, instead of on top of your enemies.  
If you do this, they will not be able to chase you, as opposed to them just walking past it if you cast it on top of them.
In teamfights and skirmishes, it is best used if you can guarantee your enemies will be in place, with other skills such as Amumu ultimate, or when you find them in a choke point in the jungle.  
if the enemies have diving champions such as Zed, be patient until they dive and then stun them to turn the fight.

viktordeathray.png E - Death Ray
Viktors bread and butter skill. 
This is your main waveclear a very strong AoE damage spell.  
In lane, it's extremely costly(70-110 mana), especially since we are maxing it first.
Also, it only starts doing tons of damage once we augment it and get the Aftershock damage, so until that point be careful when using it.  
The general idea is that you have to be as efficient as you can with every skill cast, meaning, to gain as much as possible with as little mana as we can.  
This means that we do not use it to farm, or every time we trade.  
You can use it to get some creeps you would've otherwise missed, you can use it when you have your Manaflow band rune active, you can use it when the jungler ganks for you and you want to dish out as much damage as you can, and most importantly, use it when you know you can hit it!  
Nothing feels worse than missing your E, losing lane pressure for 18 seconds, AND running out of mana.
If your Elise ganks for you, wait for her to land the stun before casting E.  
if you know the enemy is low and has summoners, wait for him to flash before casting the E(if you can afford it).
Lastly to aim your E in a way that hits both minions and the enemy for efficiency(If you want to push).

Once you augment it, you can absolutely destroy minion waves.  
make sure to align it in a way that hits all creeps(disabling smartcast might help  you):

viktorchaosstorm.png R - Chaos storm
Your ultimate. This ability deals instant burst damage, and then more damage every 2 seconds.
This ability will follow the enemy you cast it on, and can be redirected by using R with movement commands.
Since we want to get the most out of our abilities, it's best used in choke points in the jungle and in situations where you know the enemy will be stuck in one place, such as when they take baron, they have to be in the pit or give it up, or if you have an AoE cc(Amumu) let him lock the enemies down and then drop tons of damage on them.
*Note that this ability interrupts channels. This allows for interesting plays such as cancelling enemy TP, Fiddle ult, Shen ult, Twisted Fate ult, Katarina ult, etc.

viktorpassive.png Glorious Evolution

This is Viktors passive. Allows us to purchase the Hexcore item and upgrade our skills for extra effects.
You should always, always, upgrade the E first, for extra damage and waveclear, followed by Q, for the movement speed, and lastly W.
E->Q->W every game.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Cookie cutter starting items. Rarely should you deviate from it.

Core Items

    These are the 2 items you want to have EVERY GAME.

Situational Items

    Default to Lucidity boots, but consider Tabi against Zed + Lee + Riven comp, or Mercs vs Syndra + Elise comp(Examples)
    Offensive options. Read description.
    Defensive options.


Our standard starting item is 1056.png pretty much always.  
It gives us HP, AP, and mana regen, all of which is necessary for Viktor to get through lane.  
1082.png Could be considered if you run Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 and think you can get some early stacks(Maybe with 14.png and a premade Elise jungle), but generally speaking it is inferior to 1056.png
Against skill shot reliant champions such as Lux, Ziggs, and Xerath, you can run 1001.png and potions instead.  
Together with Celerity.png?width=32, it can help you dodge a lot of skill shots in lane, which means you save a lot of HP.

For your first back you always want to get  3196.png MK-1 Hexcore for 1250g.  
Sitting in lane for that long can be tough(This is where Futures%20Market.png?width=32 comes in handy), but it is necessary for Viktor.  
Luckily for us, Viktor can now buy 3070.png first back!
With the AP items rework, 3003.png is now a very good item on Viktor, that gives cdr and mana for your Q shield!
Anyways, whether you got tear or not, make sure your next purchase is  3196.png MK-1 Hexcore for 1250g.  
Once you finished that, you're looking to get 3197.png MK-2 and perhaps tier 2 boots.  
Normally you would go 3158.png,  as Viktor really loves CDR and summoner spells, however you can go 3020.png if you're ahead in gold and the enemies are squishy. Flat penetration against squishies when you are ahead often means one shotting them.  
Sometimes you need the survivability, in which case you can go 3111.png against heavy AP threats such as Leblanc/Syndra + Elise, or 3047.png against heavy AD threats such as Zed, Talon + Lee Sin.  
Don't forget that the longer you stay alive the more damage you can dish out, so defensive boots do not mean less damage!

So at this point your build should look like this:

Right now as you are probably approaching mid game, you have to look at how the game is going and which champions are being played to determine your next items.

Next, you want to complete 3003.png. After that you have a few options:

3100.png - The default item you are gonna get most of the time. Synergizes very well with your Q, and gives you a lot of bursh damage against squishy champions. Against extremely beefy teams, and/or when the game is more oriented around long fights with poking and kiting the enemy front line instead of bursting people.

3198.png - Get this after the above. While you can get it earlier, it's not that great because its power scales with level, and so an early purchase is not very cost efficient and will leave you on the weak side.

3135.png - This will typically be your 4th item. Remember the penetration % calculate TOTAL MR, which includes MR per level champions naturally gain.  
Even if the enemies have little MR such as mercs/qss this item is worth getting!
You can consider getting it 2nd item if you're in a situation where the enemies are stacking mr extremely early.
You can consider delaying it a little if all 5 enemies are extremely squishy and disrespect you by not buying MR.

3157.png - Survivability item, situationally good.  
If you're ahead, prepare to be the prime target for Zed, Fizz, Rengar, and Riven.  
Against heavy burst threats, this item is extremely useful.  
You can also sit on 3191.png for a while if you need a little bit of armor.

3102.png - Similar to the above, a situational survivability item.  
This is used against heavy AP threats, and in situations where you want to block an important spell the enemy has to use to reach you(Elise, Lee Sin, Blitzcrank).

3089.png - Gives you raw ap which translates to tons of damage. With the recent changes to this item, it's actually extremely scary on Viktor!
Note that while the numbers certainly look big and cool, penetration is extremely important and results in more damage if the enemies have any mr.

3151.png - Situational item. Get against extremely beefy front line(Top Maokai + Jungle Sejuani or Mid Galio + Support Leona for example).

3116.png - Not core, but definitely viable.  
This item used to be extremely good on Viktor but it has been nerfed and it's no longer necessary.  
You can still get it against melee comps that you can kite, or if your team already has enough damage and only lacks CC/utility to win.  
Can work well in combination with 3151.png.

Sample full build against a beefy team - Maokai Top, Sejuani Jungle, Galio Mid Vayne ADC Leona Support:
3198.png3135.png3003.png3111.png  3151.png3116.png + 4.png1.png

Sample full build against a squishy team - Jayce Top Reksai Jungle Orianna Mid Kogmaw ADC Lulu Support
3198.png3020.png3100.png3135.png3157.png3089.png + 4.png7.png

Sample full build against heavy ad threats - Yasuo Top Lee Sin Jungle Talon Mid Vayne ADC Janna Support
3198.png3135.png3100.png3157.png3047.png3003.png + 4.png3.png

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Cassiopeia
  • Corki
  • Fizz
  • Orianna
  • Syndra
  • Talon
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed




Take 4.png1.png

In this matchup your goal is to farm safely for your items without dying.  
Anything beyond that is luxury.  
Your mindset should not be to win your lane, but to make sure she doesn't snowball and be more useful than her in teamfights later on.
First thing to remember is that both of Ahris important skills, Q(most damage) and E(CC) are skillshots that you can dodge.

Before Lv6:

Stand behind your minions so that she cannot charm you, and don't let her Q you for free.  
She will try to hit you with Q while shoving the wave at the same time, so you have to be smart about your positioning in lane.
Playing safe and focusing on getting all the CS should be your main goal.
You can maybe look to trade Lv1-3, but don't sweat it, it's not too important.  
It's more important to stay as healthy as possible so you can never be all inned.

After Lv6:

Ahri has kill pressure on you.
Her ult allows her to reposition and surprise engage you with her charm, which can chunk you severely or kill you if the enemy jungler is nearby.
You should respect her engage potential and play back.
Usually unless she's ahead you won't insta die from her combo, but that doesn't mean you should let force you out of lane for free!

Unfortunately, you don't have any kill pressure on her.
She can easily disengage and dodge all of your stuff with her R, so you shouldn't bother.
Once you get your MK1 upgrade though, you can out-push her in lane and then ward/roam/sit under your tower while she is stuck clearing the wave.

Lastly, it is important to let your team know when she roams, since she is mobile and can snowball.  
Be mindful of her charm throughout the game, and think twice when facechecking a brush.




Before Lv 6:

Be very careful of her all in. She can do it since Lv1, especially if she started 2033.png.
If she goes on you, you can retaliate with Q but make sure to back right after, and not go for extended trades, as her E out damages your AA's.
She might try to zone you Lv1-2 and it's ok, give up the creeps if necessary and farm under tower.
At lv 3-4 you can look to trade more aggressively and turn the tides in your favor, especially if she used up her 2033.png charges(so it's like she has no items).
Nevertheless you should always try to dodge her Q and dont over commit if you get hit by it.

After Lv 6:

If you haven't died so far you should be fine by poking her with max range E and destroying the wave with your MK-1 upgrade.
You should be very careful of her ult though, if she lands a stun you WILL die.
When all inning, try to juke her ult by moving forwards and backwards rapidly.




Take 4.png7.png or 3.png

Corki is an annoying champion that can poke you heavily and even all in you if he gets ahead.

Before Lv6:

Avoid straight up trading AA's with him(He wins) and focus on the wave to make sure he doesn't hard shove you under tower.
If Corki took E level 1, play back until he uses it up.
If he took Q, you can easily dodge/block the damage with your Q and get a good trade off.
Aside from that try to farm safely while avoiding his harass as much as you can.
Make sure to fight back if he blows cooldowns on you or the wave, don't take harass for free!

After Lv6:

Due to his W mobility, you don't have much of a kill pressure on him, so don't bother.
He, however, can harass you heavily and chunk your tower once he gets access to his ult, so focus on the wave and just farm.
Be careful of his R splash damage, don't hug your minions.
Try to see when he has "The big one" and play back a little until he uses it up.

The most important thing to pay attention to is his package, he will try to roam and get some free kills in side lanes.  
You should make sure your team knows, and hard shove the wave with your E if he does so, to pressure the mid tower



Take 4.png21.png or 3.png

Consider taking: Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32

Fizz is an assassin who is very vulnerable pre-6, but as soon as he gets his ultimate, he becomes a monster.

Before Lv 6:

At this point, the lane is all yours. Your goal is to make his life hell.  
Harass him so hard every time he dares to get in your range, so he wants to ALT+F4.
Make sure you stay at max range and don't let him get into melee range to trade back.
To do so effectively, don't push the minions and let him push into you(very important, from the first wave!)
When you harass go back to drop minion aggro and make sure the wave is pushing towards you for as long as you can.
There's absolutely NOTHING fizz can do.

Sooner or later the wave will slow push into him, which is when you will probably get ganked.
Once you notice this is happening simply hard shove the wave to make it bounce back to you, and recall or ward.
At this point it's absolutely necessary to survive, or else Fizz will snowball and kill you every time you get back to lane.
If the enemy jungler comes, just use your Flash and don't take any risks.

After Lv 6:

Lv6 is when fizz actually becomes a huge threat.
Even if you got a slight lead on him, he can and he will kill you if you are below 70% HP or if you get ganked.
Play it safe and don't overextend.
If you got your MK1 already, shove him in with your E so that he cannot roam and snowball.
Not dying is now your #1 priority, not harassing like it was before.
Getting an early 3157.png is extremely useful(Can dodge his ult)



Take 4.png7.png

Before Lv 6:

At lv1 look to trade with your Q.
If Orianna started Q, just stand behind your minions and you will outtrade her heavily with your shield.
If she started E, you should trade with your Q ON COOLDOWN.
Your Q has 1 second cd less than her E, and costs less mana, so if you consistently use it, you should have the upper hand in this lane.
You can continue trading Lv2-3 just make sure you don't run out of mana before she does(or else you instantly lose pressure) and if she pushes you in, make sure to contest the wave and not let it crash under tower.

Once she gets her Lost Chapter things get a little trickier, because she will now have more mana to use than you do, so be very careful to not run OOM!

After Lv 6:

Once Orianna unlocks her ult, she has a surprising burst damage that you should respect.
Moreover, her ult provides a great setup for a gank, so if you feel like you can die, just flash her ult.

Do note however, that she doesn't have any escapes, so you can actually chunk her extremely hard if you drop your full combo on her after Lv6 with your MK-1 Hexcore.
Don't be shy to threaten an all in if she uses her spells on the wave.

Your main goal at this point, however, is to perma shove the wave and get your items.
Both you and Orianna need items to be effective, so this pretty much becomes a farm lane.




Take 4.png21.png.  

The reason we take Barrier over Exhaust is because against Syndra you won't always be able to exhaust before she bursts you due to her stun and range, and Barrier can reliably be used to the fullest.
Consider Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32 in your runes.

Before Lv 6:

Syndra will try to hit you and the backline minions with Q, make sure you dodge it to the best of your ability.
The early levels revolve around dodging and playing around cooldowns smartly.
Once she used her abilities, it is your time to play up and zone her, and vice-versa.
So don't waste your skills on the wave and punish her if she does.
Make sure your E hits both her and the minions if possible.

After Lv 6:

This is when things are getting a little scary.
Get an early 3111.png.
At this point the enemy jungler can look to gank you as Syndra has a good setup and a lot of damage.
She can also solo kill you if you stay in lane at below 70% HP so be very aware of that.
Similar to before you want to try and dodge her skills but keep in mind that getting hit by 1 stun can be lethal.
Once Syndra gets ahead you will have a hard time so don't take any unnecessary risks if you can help it.




Take 4.png3.png

Talon is a very scary assassin, responsible for 25% of first bloods in the games he's in!
He can kill you as early as Lv2!

Before Lv 6:

Similar to other assassin matchups, we let him push the first wave(and onwards) into us, so that we safely farm without dying.
Lv1 you can trade with your Q if his W is down, but be VERY careful of his lv 2 power spike, if he manages to get his passive on you, you WILL die.
Usually you'd wanna try and get some damage onto him Lv1 to so that he can't easily all in Lv2, but if you didn't manage to, that's ok, just play safe under your tower.
Trading with your Q after Lv1 is actually very risky if he has everything up, so just play to farm and look out for his W harass.
You can either step back if you can see it coming, or block it with your Q shield(hard).

After Lv 6:

Talons E makes him an excellent roamer. He WILL try to do it.
Similar to other assassins, the LAST thing you want to do is to face check a talon.
Aside from that you should know that he will try to look for opportunities to kill you.  
Don't give him those chances and consider even getting an early 3191.png and/or 3047.png




Take 4.png7.png

You can also opt for 6.png or 1.png if you want.  

Xerath outranges you and can poke you heavily while shoving you in.  
The outcome of the lane is decided by how well you can dodge his Q.  
Going Celerity with an early boots purchase can be useful in this matchup, some people even start Boots + 4 potions, others get Tier1/2 boots on the first back.
Getting hit by Xerath Q + Arcane Comet + Scorch when you don't have any MR hurts a lot!!

Before Lv 6:

You can look to trade Lv1-3. You have no reason to be afraid as long as you keep moving to dodge his stuff.  
You can use your Q shield to block some of his damage, while standing behind minions during the trade to avoid his E stun.
Make sure you make him choose between harassing you or clearing the wave with his Q, don't give him 2 birds with 1 stone.
When you trade, make sure your E hits both him and the creeps so you don't get shoved in under tower.

After Lv 6:

Xerath is very fragile and can easily be all inned if your jungler comes for a gank or if you're slightly ahead yourself.
He is immobile so blocking his escape route with W will surely get his flash or his life.
You, however, should be mindful of his R snipe and not overstay in lane when you are low on HP.




Take 4.png3.png.

I like Exhaust in this matchup because you don't really have a way to disengage if he goes hard on you.
Yasuo is a melee, snowbally champion that can stomp the game if you feed him, but can also be useless if he gets ganked and loses lane hard.
He is very mobile and while you can punish him for being melee by harassing, make sure you don't get all inned as he can gap close very easily through minions.

Before Lv 6:
Most Yasuo players I've seen start Q in this matchup, in which case you should play a little back when he has the tornado and avoid getting hit for free, aside from that you should be fine with trading as long as you kite him and dont go in melee range.
You can Q harass him early on, but wait for him to dash first before you E or else he will easily dodge it.
The important thing to know is how to play around his Windwall.
While he can block the first part of your Q, he cannot block the 2nd part, and your E goes through ONLY if it starts past his wall.
Either cast Q before he casts his W, or just Q a minion for the shield and drop the rest of your stuff on him.

After Lv 6:
If you managed to stay even up until this point you're in a good spot.
Be careful of jungle ganks as this is the #1 thing that can turn that lane in Yasuos favor.
If he tries to ult you, place W on top of yourself and disengage. Use Exhaust if necessary.
Nothing much to be said, just don't let him snowball.




Take 3.png4.png

Zed is one of the more difficult matchups for Viktor - he has high kill pressure on you, and Exhaust is crucial to survive.

Before Lv6:

Our goal is to stay as healthy as possible and avoid getting all inned.  
Focusing on getting CS and not dying is the most important thing we are looking for.
Try to dodge his Q poke and stand behind minions for reduced damage, while also looking for potential trades at levels 1-3 when he wastes his skills or comes close for creeps(he's melee after all).
Make sure to respect his W shadow as he can swap positions with and kill you if you forget about it, but also remember that when he uses it, you have lane control for 22 seconds, which is huge! use it to your advantage by harassing him when he goes for last hits, while playing safe when his W is up.

Make sure to respect his damage when all of his skills are up after Lv3, he has kill pressure on you even before 6 with Ignite + Electrocute, and 1 death in this lane will cause him to snowball heavily.

Lastly keep in mind that pushing the lane is dangerous, as any gank at all will result in your Flash or death. 
Starting from level 1, let him push a little into you, and be mindful when using your E and ward.

After Lv 6:

At this point Zed will either try to ult you or roam.
Do not give him the chance to do so.  
Don't get hit by his Q poke and if you do, use your potions or back.
When he ults you don't hesitate and just Flash to dodge his Q's.
If he tries to roam, warn your team and be VERY careful when following. 
Facechecking him is a 100% death.

*Consider getting an early 3191.png or 3047.png.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Tons of damage. Late game carry!
  • Very good in teamfights, a lot of AoE damage.
  • Exceptionally strong burst against squishies(Hi Doublelift)
  • Rewards patience and champion mastery.
  • Insane waveclear with E + MK-1 Hexcore.
  • Firing lazors and shit.


  • Requires careful mana and wave management early on. 
  • No early game pressure until MK-1 Hexcore. Can sometimes be tricky to get that on the first back.
  • Very squishy and immobile, vulnerable to ganks and all ins.
  • Reliant on items and levels to be relevant in the game. Not much he can do if the everyone loses 10 mins in.
  • Due to how snowbally the game currently is, might not be the best pick in the current meta.

How to: Laning phase Back to Top

In this section I'll go over the general idea of how to play the lane as Viktor.
Please check the matchup section for more specific information!


The first thing you have to do when you enter the game is to ask yourself - "What is my goal?"
With Viktor, your goal in lane is to get as much cs as you can and purchase MK1-Hexcore in your first back.
You are usually NOT looking to get kills and stomp your lane unless you are smurfing or are against an autofilled player.
You are a late game carry that is reliant on items and levels, and as such the most reliable way to win is get to your powerspike as quickly as you can by farming and staying alive, and then making plays.  
TL;DR - Play safe and farm, anything extra is luxury and only make aggressive plays if you 100% know what you're doing.


Your trades are pretty strong Lv1-3 so don't be shy if the opportunity arises!
Against melee matchups, you have the range advantage, so harass them with a skill/AA everytime they try to go for cs. Your trade potential with Q early on is extremely strong and you should definitely abuse melee matchups while they are vulnerable(Fizz, Zed, etc)
Doing so repeatedly will force them to back or give up cs, win win situation for you.
The only thing you have to make sure is that they don't all in you.
When you trade, think of what is the most important skill your enemy has, and look for opportunities to fight when he misses it or uses it on the wave.
Against ranged matchups go for trades if you know you can win them, either because the enemy is low on mana, just missed his skills, or you can block some of his damage with your Q. Otherwise don't get harassed too much and give up cs if necessary. It's fine as long as you stay in exp range and don't lose 50% HP for 2 creeps.

Mana Management

It is important to not spam all of your spells everytime you trade and make sure you have enough mana to stay in lane.
After all our goal is to get the Hexcore, which means we have to stay for quite a while.
Trading is an icing on top of the cake.
If you have a Dorans Ring, make sure to last hit properly for the mana refund.
When trading with your E, make sure it hits both creeps and your enemy for efficient pushing.
When you see the creeps are approaching your tower, soften them by AA'ing so that you won't be pressured to waste a lot of mana to get the clutch cs under tower.
If you see you are running below 50% mana but still don't have enough gold to back, take it easier with your trades and just use AA's + Q.
Your Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 rune is great, make sure to use E when it's up as it is the most costly ability you have.

Wave Management

Viktor is an extremely immobile and squishy mage.  
This means that overextending in lane will lead to a gank that can throw your lane.
To avoid that, we want to keep the minions as close to the tower as possible, yet out of tower range(freeze).
The way you do it is by pushing the wave slightly lighter than your enemy does, with the perfect balance being 3 minions in favor of your enemy.
When your minions die you can tank them a little to make sure they don't get in tower range.

This strategy is extremely efficient against melee assassins such as Fizz and Yasuo, who at this point will never be able to trade with you without getting hit by the tower AND overextending(risking getting ganked), while you can safely farm with no worries while harassing them from range.

Against ranged matchups it's a little more difficult, as they can often waveclear fast enough to just bounce the wave back.  
In such cases it's usually fine to keep the wave in the middle or match their waveclear if you can.

If you ever find yourself in a scenario where you are being frozen on, and you have to go past the middle of the lane to CS, you're in a very tough position and you WILL get ganked.
Make sure to shove the wave as fast as possible with your E so that it bounces back, or call your jungler to help break the freeze.

How to: Teamfight Back to Top

The key to successful teamfighting as Viktor is positioning

Positioning means - where you stand in a teamfight relative to your team, and the enemy team.  
Since you are so vulnerable(Glass cannon + no mobility), you have to not get hit by anything in a teamfight while dishing as much damage as you can.

Remember - The longer you stay alive, the more damage you are able to do.

To accomplish that, you have to always be in range of 1 enemy only.
If both teams are dancing and playing ARAM mid poking each other, just stand far away and cast your spells from max range, walk back until your cd's are back, rinse and repeat.

Your target is the enemy FRONT line and not the back line, contrary to popular belief.
If you move forward to kill the enemy carries, you will get blown up immediately, so instead, we go front to back.
The only time we will flash forward/engage to try and delete the enemy carries, is when our life is not very valuable(if we're behind), but the enemy Twitch is 10/0 one shotting your whole team.  
In that case, trading your life for his might be worth if your team can clean up.  
You need to assess the situation case by case.

Usually, however, you want to think of what your threats are, whether it's a Malphite/Sejuani ult, or a Rengar/Zed that are waiting to kill you.
Understand that your enemies are looking for windows to hit you, and stand back, do not give them the chance to do so.
Let your front line engage for you while you patiently wait for the important enemy cooldowns to be wasted on other people, all while poking the closest target to you(Malphite, if we look at the example above) from max range.
Only when the front line cooldowns are all used can you move forward to destroy the rest of the enemy team.

The best use of your W is either to get as many people as possible as a follow up initiation on your Amumu/Kennen/etc ult, or save it to save yourself/carry if you know the enemy is going to dive you with a Zed/Rengar/Irelia.
Your E and R are both AoE so try to make sure they hit as many people as possible.

Advanced Tips and Tricks Back to Top

In this section I'll cover a few Viktor specific tips that can get your gameplay to the next level.

  1. Your AA bonus damage from Q does NOT work on towers.
  2. When trading with your E, cast it directly on top of the enemy for instant damage.
  3. If you have a 3100.png and you are hitting a tower, make sure to utilize your Sheen procs by weaving in spells in between AA's.
  4. Your Q animation can be cancelled by either doing a very fast AA as soon as you see the animation, followed by a movement command to cancel the AA(Q+AA+Move), or alternatively using a movement command to cancel the Q animation(Q+Move+AA+Move) as explained here:
  5. Your E can be cast while moving, use it to kite back while running away.
  6. Your all in combo is Flash->R->E(Instant damage)->Q->AA.
  7. Even without your ult, E->Q->AA/Q->AA->E combo will dish out a lot of burst damage extremely quickly.

[Bonus] Improving and Climbing SoloQ Back to Top

"OMG this bot lane"
"They are feeding AGAIN"
"Please report my team"
"How can I win when I ALWAYS win lane with 10/1 KDA and my bot is 0/10?"
"Rito the MMR system is broken I deserve better"

Do these sound familiar? If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place.

First thing you should know is, you cannot win every single game.
Unless you're far outplaying your enemies(like master playing in gold), there is not much to do when everything collapses by 10 minutes. You should not focus on these games and tilt, but instead focus on the games where you fail yourself and fix those mistakes.
Oh, and believe me, you(and I) make mistakes EVERY SINGLE GAME.
If you play consistently well, despite losing those games(and EVERYBODY has those), you will eventually climb.

Now let's get to the point.

Focus on your own game

When playing SoloQ, the best advice I can give you is to just ignore your team mates mistakes completely.
It is necessary to avoid tilting and to keep calm when things are going badly.
This means that when your jungler misplays and you missed the kill, instead of blaming him, think of what you could've done better to secure it and just move on. 
Yes, sometimes it IS someone's fault, but that wont help you climb.
Even when you win or ace the enemy team, sometimes things can be done better, for example, deaths could be avoided if you saved your skills for a certain person, or positioned yourself differently, etc.

Don't use chat unless NECESSARY

Seriously, don't.
Now I'm not saying don't communicate, just don't overdo it. Here are the guidelines I personally follow:

1) Mute all chat by default. 
It doesn't serve ANY purpose but tilting the enemy team, or worse, your own team.
Think about it - the only things people say in all chat are:

"Easy noob"
"Lol can't 1v1 me? cry more for ganks"
"Please report mid he's boosted"
"**** You lucker"

You don't need to read any of that. It only makes you lose concentration.

2) Don't EVER be negative in chat.
Remember your goal? You want to WIN THE GAME.
In order to win, you have to make sure your team mates don't tilt and stay calm so they can perform better.
You might be thinking to yourself, "yeah but I never flame, like, I never curse"
Thing is being negative is not only cursing. It's about the general atmosphere of the game.
This includes:
"GG" - After your team died 2-3 times in 5 minutes.
"Ty for giving my laner double buff"
"I'm done"
Spamming surrender votes

This also includes calling out people for their mistakes. People play the way they know. 
They won't immediately change because a random SoloQ guy said they did something wrong.
Don't type ANYTHING and move on.

3) Mute if someone is toxic.
You must never focus on chat.
Your main goal is to win the game, and thus you have to focus on the game. 
If someone is negative, or just spamming, I mute him right away.

Pings are your friends

When you want something to be done, pinging once is not enough.
Ping the objective at least 3-4 times.
Ping every time you can, don't be shy.
Use it when you need help, when you're coming for a gank/from base, when your enemy is missing, when you see the enemy jungler.
Spam pings to communicate.

About me Back to Top

Hello, my name is Arik and I'm a multi season diamond level player.  

I peaked Diamond 3 in season 6, and currently hold 2 Diamond 3~4 accounts, playing Mid, Top and Jungle.
Viktor has been my go-to pick for mid lane, alongside Orianna since Season 5, and I find him very enjoyable.
If you liked my guide, make sure to check my other guides(In progress).
If you want me to make a guide on another champion, feel free to request.

Feel free to give constructive criticism and/or discuss about Viktor in the comments.
*More matchups will be added upon requests.

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