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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png  : Gives you the gap closer you need for a team-fight, because vlad lacks of mobility. Also, a great spell 

 to follow up your team's initiation with Flash + Ultimate.

Note: you can use during your vladimirsanguinepool.png Or while charging your vladimire.png.

14.png : Increases DPS and strengthens trades while in lane. It also helps a ton if they have sustain champs like 

36.png or 50.png on their team. Great for All-in attempts.

6.png : I rarely take ghost on Vlad mid because Ignite adds more dueling potential. Although, if you believe 

that you don't need the extra dueling potential take ghost for sure. It gives Vlad the mobility in teamfights that 

will essentially give him more Damage overall.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


Stormraider's Surge is probably the best for Vladimir after the update. Mobility is the name of the game for Vladimir to deal optimal damage. It is easy to proc because you usually get it to proc buy a 3rd vladimirtransfusion.png and vladimirtidesofblood.png. Also champions that have many slows really beat up Vlad in fights but with Stormraider's you get reduced slows. Deathfire Touch in the ferocity section is good for Vladimir if you want more sustained damage and helps Vladimir keep up his consistent DPS. Thunderlords decree is good for Vlad if you want some more early game pressure but is otherwise not as useful overall compared Stormaider's Surge.

The 18 points you spend can have some varying options. I prefer the 18 in cunning for a few reasons
Tier 1: Savagery is very good for last hitting on Vlad. 
Tier 2: Assassin is great for early game and solo lane pressure.
Tier 3: Merciless buffs your ult damage for executing.
Tier 4: Dangerous Game is my favorite mastery that lets me take riskier plays and be able to rebound if successful.
Tier 5: Intelligence is very important on Vlad to allow you to use your vladimirq.png and vladimirsanguinepool.png more often in fights.

12 in Ferocity I believe is good on Vladimir for a few reasons:
Tier 1: Sorcery just strickly adds damage on all Vlads skills
Tier 2: Feast helps keep you healthy early on so you can scale
Tier 3: Natural Talent makes cs easier with the AD as well as helps you scale hard to late
Tier 4: I take Double edge sword for the upfront damage buff. Any of these work well on Vlad

Abilities Back to Top

Note that leveling W on level 2 is very important to avoid an early gank. Don't ever get E on level 2, it's just stupid, you need the pool as it's your only way to escape. Also E wastes lots of health early on, you don't wanna use it.

At level 3, leveling Q or E will depend on the game
If your enemy is pushing the lane too hard then get E to try farm up and don't let the minions reach your turret.
If the enemy is just last hitting/freezing the lane then get Q to have a better poke/heal.

Crimson Patch (passive):

  • Gives an extra HP as long as you're building AP items, scales well into late game making you less squishy. Buying HP items gives you a poor quantity of AP, and Vlad is useless with tank items, so don't focus buying HP.

Transfusion (Q):

  • Max Q first, this is your main poke/sustain ability, maxing it decreases it's cooldown to 4 seconds. When this skill is maxed (level 9 summoner) you have to abuse spamming Q's on enemy and minions, this is when Vladimir becomes one of the most annoying champions to lane against.

Sanguine Pool (W):

  • Max it last, this is your escape/dodge ability, do NEVER use it to damage. The only situation you may use it instead of escaping/dodging it's for slowing enemies, for exemple: your jungler is ganking and the enemy is getting away, then after your combo you should W on top of him. Also you should use your pool on a teamfight after E+Q, so you can wait the cooldown while being unvulnerable.
    Sanguine pool can dodge several skills and outplay them, like twisted fate's card, cait's ultimate and kayle's slow. Some you can't cancel, like fiddle's drain and maokai's snare.

Tides of Blood (E):

  • Max it after Q, it's your main farm ability. Careful using it early levels, it costs too much HP while you still have no good sustain.
    It has 4 stacks, which increases your damage. Before a teamfight, keep spamming E when your team is preparing to engage, this will keep your damage high when going in. Just don't stay too low before engaging, Q some minions to compensate the lost HP from E spam.

Hemoplague (R):

  • As any ultimate, level it up as soons as it's available. Understand that, Hemoplague isn't so efficient 1v1, so don't expect doing high damage when ulting one target.
    Your main objective is to ult on 3+ people in a teamfight. Hemplague increases the damage taken FROM ALL SOURCES by 12%, it means that your team's damage(and yours) will increase on each target.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items


Core Items

    1- always rush
    if the enemy has burst ad like talon zed etc go for hourglass second item but if they have ap burst go for banshees second item
    if you're snowballing like crazy pick up one of these items as a second item
    example build vs ad you can swap the ludens with Rylais
    this build is an example if you're vs ad/ap team with heavy poke
    You go this build only if you're vs ad/ap teams but with not so much poke

Situational Items

    Good Item if you need the slow more than damage
    Get this item if you plan on snowballing a lead.
    If you get way ahead early or if they have 2 or more Dedicated tanks on enemy composition.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
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  • Annie
  • Gangplank
  • LeBlanc
  • Malzahar
  • Swain
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Zed



In the early game (level 1 and on) you will have trouble trading effectively due to Health cost on E vladimirtidesofblood.png and a high cooldown on your Q vladimirtransfusion.png. Focus on your CSing with these abilities and if she has ahriseduce.png up stay in minions. Just note that ahriorbofdeception.png will be her main damage skill in lane, as long as you are aware of it you can be ready to dodge some if it's damage.



This is a tough matchup for Vladimir overall. Anivia and Vladimir have similar ranges but Anivia's skills flashfrost.png and frostbite.png will do A LOT of damage if you get hit by both as compared to Vlad's vladimirtransfusion.png and vladimirtidesofblood.png combo. Also, Anivia's passive aniviapassive.png allows her to survive almost any all-in attempt and be able to retaliate with nearly full Health so avoid going for kills on her. If you can get jungler help in lane you can have them help you pop her aniviapassive.png so kill attempts are possible. This is mostly a farm lane especially without help from your team.



This is a match-up that Vlad can do well level 1-6. Your going to want to get a Magic Resist item as soon as possible to survive her burst. At level 6 Annie will start to go for all-in attempts with her infernalguardian.png so be aware. If you can survive the all-ins you will win the lane because Annie has no more sustained damage after her infernalguardian.png burst. If you think you can predict her infernalguardian.png than don't be afraid to use vladimirsanguinepool.png early.




A decent matchup. Gangplank has lower lane pressure than you in the earlier parts of the game before he gets his 3078.png. Use this time to push some harass and try to build a lead quickly due to only his parley.png being able to harass you. After he gets a few items it will be hard to get reliable damage trades in. Abuse your new vladimirtransfusion.png, It has a lot of early pressure that can dictate this lane alone if he doesn't respect it.

Note: Killing his barrels raisemorale.png is a must to avoid most of his damage. Try to throw and auto just before it ticks down to 1 hp.



This matchup used to be troublesome but with the recent nerfs in 7.4 I have seen very little 7.png. They nerfed LeBlanc's early damage so you should be able to pressure her in the mid-game now. I'd still eb acarful laning while she is in range of leblance.png. The lock down is strong enough to cause major problems in the 1v1 or if she is getting jungler assistance. 



This is one of Vladimir's toughest matchups if played right, luckily there are not many who play Malzahar enough to know this. He will out push you in lane with his alzaharmaleficvisions.png for most of the game. Pre level 6 you have the best chance to get a lead in lane. If you want to be the aggressor make sure you try to avoid his alzaharcallofthevoid.png, the silence is very strong versus Vlad in fights. When Malzahar hits level 6 and gets alzaharnethergrasp.png the lane is pretty much at his command, he will always out damage you with his alzaharmaleficvisions.pngalzaharnullzone.pngalzaharnethergrasp.png combo if it's up. You will want to play as passive as possible until his alzaharnethergrasp.png is on cooldown, when it is you can try to look for kills especially if you dodge the alzaharcallofthevoid.png



His Damage over time DoT abilities swainbeam.png and swaintorment.pngwill hit you through pool making it hard to survive any engage. His swainmetamorphism.png at level 6 gives him equal sustain and pushing power so you can't out push him for most of the game except after level 9 where your Q vladimirtransfusion.png is maxed. Try to farm under tower in the early parts and look for jungler assistance to try and see if you can get a lead to press.



His Early game is not very good against you pre level 6. If you can get some good harass off during this time and reduce his cs as much as possible you should be OK. He is mana dependent so make him farm with histalonrake.png as much as possible keeping his bar low. You can bully this lane overall but after hes level 6 he will have strong burst with talonshadowassault.png. Talon is snowball dependent so unless he gets kills he won't scale well enough to affect the game. That means he is going to either try and kill you in lane or roam a bunch after pushing you in. You can't really let him all-in because vladimirsanguinepool.png won't stop any significant amount of damage so you will need to play defensive and force him to push you in and roam. When he roams make sure to push you lane HARD and let your team know where he might be going so his roams are not as effective and he'll just fall farther behind. 


Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate's early game isn't that strong against you since he only has pickacard.png for any reliable damage in lane which he will mostly use on the minions. At level 2 he gets wildcards.png which will allow him to trade much better but since they are decently predictable to dodge he will likely try to use it to out push you in lane. You can often freely harass him most of the game with your Q vladimirtransfusion.png so don't be shy to. When he gets level 6 he will have access to destiny.png which he will want to use to roam. When he tries to roam try to ping the lane he walks towards and push with vladimirtidesofblood.png as hard as you can to try and get some damage on his tower. 



Zed has only 1 skill that is ranged and it's his zedQ.png. You will need to try to dodge it as much as possible. After you get some points in your Q vladimirtransfusion.png Zed will have a hard time laning with you. Most Zed players do a few things to try and win lane, Kill the opponent or poke them down sine Zed doesn't use mana. Luckily he can't poke you down after your Q vladimirtransfusion.png gets on a lower cooldown so his only choice is to try and kill you. Pre level 6 he only has zedW.png to get on top of you for all-ins so be weary of it. After level 6 he has zedR.png and a big power spike. Luckily for Vladimir he has built in tools to stop it. If you are in your vladimirsanguinepool.png before Zed reappears from his ulting you the Death Mark will NOT apply meaning you completely dodged his zedR.png damage. However he is still on top of you so you will have to try and avoid is basic skills damage if you had lower Health to start.

How Weak Vladimir's Early Game Is: Back to Top

Most people think vlad has a bad early game, and it's true but if you train a lot with him then you'll know how to deal with it and make it better. Some reasons he's known about his early game it's his skills cooldowns too long and low defenses. Trust me, your main objective should be farming until level 7/8, this is when he becomes stronger (I'll talk about it on Mid Game section). Some matchups you can early zone your enemy, specially if your enemy has no sustain.
Good players will make advantage of your weakness and try to zone you, or push the lane into your turret.
Poke your enemy only if you feel that won't take to much harrass from him, because your heal still too low.
Starting with dorans and pot makes your early game much better, able to win most of the trades.

  • Squishy, poor defensive stats.
  • Low sustain, because you have long cooldowns to spam skills.
  • You'll probably be forced to farm under turret, and miss some cs.
  • Needs a decent farm until lvl9/10 to scale well into mid game.

How Strong Vlad's Mid/Late Game Is: Back to Top

Around lvl9/10 is when becomes a god on lane phase. You can force your enemy recall because they can't keep trading with you without a sustain like yours. Put a lot of pressure on top lane and take down a turret, then helping your team will be the priority.
Your damage and HP scales well into late game, being able to deal lots of damage in a teamfight while increasing your team's damage as well because of your ultimate.

  • Scales really well into mid/late game.
  • Can easily clear huge minion waves, so it will help your team defend a tower or push some lane and go for objectives.
  • Big sustain.
  • Able to poke enemy team and heal back their poke. Just be careful and don't let the enemy team engage on you.
  • Focus your ultimate on 3 or more champions as it increases your team's damage.
  • Able to distract/zone enemy carries in a fight with your Pool+E

About Me: Back to Top

Hai There. My name is Divinity I've been playing League of Legends Since 5 Years. I'm Currently sitting at Diamond 5 with Vlad as one of my biggest reasons why i got there. I hope this guide will have made you better in any way.

My Youtube channel is { KR Divinity }.

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