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In can be hard to gank champions who have dashes, because as soon as they notice you, they'll use their dash to stay out of range of your infiniteduress.png. Once you learn the range of Warwick's flash-> Ult, you will have an easy time ulting and killing such a target before they get the chance to run away.

Warwick does not have a "true" 100-0 combo, and so if he is going to solo an enemy, he will need to get some auto attacks off on them. If they flash away after infiniteduress.png ends, then Warwick can burn his flash to keep them within auto attack range and ensure the kill.

Lastly, Warwick can escape from most situations by flashing away in combination with the movespeed from bloodscent.png.

So, Warwick has more synergy with flash than most champions have. 
Always go flash on Bloodrazor builds.

Every jungler in the game runs smite, and Warwick should too.

Go ghost on Cinderhulk builds. 
When you are really tanky, this ability is great in teamfights since it allows you to reach and stick to the enemy so that you can keep auto attacking them. With the cinderhulk builds, you are actually tanky enough to survive such an act of heroic bravery, too.
You lose some ability to gank mid lane with this ability, and also are going to have a harder time making picks throughout the game against enemies who have some sort of dash ability.

However, this ability really is good for teamfights, and with such a lower CD, you may find you are actually able to get off more successful ganks early game than if you ran flash. 

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Fervor of Battle

This mastery is the best thing to happen to Warwick in a long time. Taking this on Warwick is a MUST.
infiniteduress.png grants all 8 stacks of Fervor, as well as proccing on each of its 5 hits.

At level 18, Fervor adds a minimum of 280 damage to his ult. It will then add 112 damage to each auto attack after that. This is absolutely huge for a mastery.

If possible, try to get 8 stacks by autoing a tank/frontliner, before ulting a squishy. If you do this, Fervor will add an additional 280 damage to infiniteduress.png.


I put my remaining 12 points in this tree rather than Cunning for this main reason:
GA has incredible synergy with some of the masteries in this tree!

GA is a core item in all of my builds, and this tree just makes it that much stronger: Increasing the value of resistances is great since GA gives you 120 of them. More importantly though, Runic Armor, which increases your self-healing and shields by 8%, increases how much HP GA revives you with as well.

Especially now that Sated Devourer is gone, Warwick shouldn't be building much damage, so gaining the extra 5% damage from the Cunning tree isn't so important.

Armor pen or Magic pen?

If you are building Bloodrazor, go armor pen. If you are building Cinderhulk, go magic pen. You can verify this after a game by checking physical damage done to champs and magic damage done to champs.

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Why max bloodscent.png before hunterscall.png?

I've been watching the data from's Warwick Statistics for over a year now, and it is almost always the case that my skill order has the highest win rate.
By maxing E first, Warwick can quickly get to fights that have started without him, as well as stick to his target, or run away from a fight if need be. Having high Attack Speed won't really matter if you can't stick to your target anyways! 

 Prior to 6, this skill let's Warwick stay healthy in the jungle! After you get Devourer though, you will want to stop using this ability on jungle camps much, since it costs a lot of mana, and doesn't really improve Warwick's jungle speed at all.
In fights, remember that it has a longer range than your auto attack, but has a cast-time. So, if you aren't in range of using an auto attack and don't plan on getting in range to use an auto attack, you can use this! But, if you are chasing someone down, using the cast time will allow them to get away from you. If someone is running, try to use this as an execute.

In regular fights, use it on cooldown. Hitting someone with high health or less magic resist will return more health to you. 

If you are ganking and given the opportunity, use your hungeringstrike.png before your ult. This way, your hungeringstrike.png will be partially off cooldown when your ult finishes, and you don't have to worry about them running away during your hungeringstrike.png's cast time.

Normally, you should use your hungeringstrike.png right after your ult. Your ult actually suppresses the enemy for .2 seconds longer than it suppresses you, so you can get your hungeringstrike.png off before they have time to do anything.

 If an enemy is dying and you won't make it in time to get an assist, use this ability on an ally and you'll get the assist!
Use it to clear the jungle faster.

It will allow your ADC to melt the person you use your infiniteduress.png on. BUT, if you do not have allies nearby, use hunterscall.png  after infiniteduress.png, so that the timer on the AS buff isn't ticking down while you have the enemy suppressed.

If you are too low health to keep fighting, you can stay fairly far away from your team and use hunterscall.png to safely grant them an AS buff and to grab an assist on whoever they kill. As an example, I do this here: VIDEO 

There isn't much to "skillfully" using this ability. It will let you survive a lot of situations if you decide to run away, since not many champions can keep up with you. 
If you are trying to sneak up on someone who is low health though, make sure you have this ability turned off, so that they don't just run away as soon as the icon pops up above their head.

This is the ability that Warwick is known for! That's right; the ability that puts Warwick into the middle of the enemy team and suppresses him.

This ability is an instant gap closer, and an instant CC, and provides a lot of damage. 
What do I mean by that? Well, know how qss cancels Warwick's ult? Well, it only cancels the Suppression. The ONLY way to block ANY of the damage from infiniteduress.png (and all of the on-hit effects that comes with it) is to kill Warwick. 
Oh, and by the way, the game doesn't consider you dead if 3026.png is in the process of reviving you.
On the other hand, killing Warwick does not seem to end the Suppression. So, sometimes it isn't a waste to use your infiniteduress.png when you're at 50 HP and about to die. 

Since infiniteduress.png is an immediate CC, it gives you a lot of ability to punish someone who steps out of position for even just a moment. It also makes the life of people like LeBlanc, Zed, Yi, very miserable. If LeBlanc uses distortion into your team, just press R and her she's dead. If Zed ults someone on your team, just press R on him and he's dead. If Master Yi uses Alpha Strike on someone, just press R and he's dead. 

Try not to use this ability on tanks in teamfights, since it is an important gap closer and provides a lot of damage, which should be used in killing a squishy. If you cannot safely get to the squishies at first, try to just auto attack the tank until they're dead, and your team is ready to turn on the squishy that you ult.

If possible, ult squishies that DONT have a 3140.png
Vs people who have a 3140.png, your ult still does 100% of its damage though. So, just pretend that your infiniteduress.png is a gapcloser with a fair amount of burst that also heals you some amount. 

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Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

    Vs 80% + Physical Damage
    Vs 60-80% physical damage
    Vs 40-60% Physical Damage
    Vs 20-40% Physical Damage
    0-20% Physical Damage

Outdated: Please read 6.22 section. Sorry for the incompletion!!

So, I'd like to say that these builds are all generated by a program I made specifically for Warwick. To make that program I made a lot of assumptions that I find reasonable for Warwick. Overall, the thing that I am least confident about is how much Burst, DPS, and Tankiness should be valued. My program will optimize the builds based on how valuable I believe it is to have Burst, DPS, or Tankiness. 
That means that if you want to deviate from my builds, you should do that because you believe I have mis-valued Burst, DPS, or Tankiness. I strongly don't recommend switching one item for an extremely similar item though (ie, Randuin's Omen for Warmog's) since these are both exclusively tank items and my program will have already determined which is better at being a tank item.

If you are going for damage on Warwick then Bloodrazor is the obvious choice! It adds 20% of the target's max health to your ultimate, and will improve your DPS greatly as well. Just be careful of getting blown up before you have your tank items.

Red Smite because it adds additional damage to Warwick's ult and gives him better dueling capabilities! Or, I guess, because he doesn't need blue smite since his infiniteduress.png and bloodscent.png have that covered.
Use this as soon as you ult your target if you want to maximize your damage on them. BUT, if the enemy has qss, and you are going to ult them, there's a trick. Ult them, and then wait for them to qss. After they use qss, smite them. Because QSS doesn't affect your ults damage, your ult will actually proc the Challenging Smite. But if you use your smite before they use QSS, their QSS will just clear it.

One of the two boots that I recommend: Get this one if the enemy has more than 50% Physical Damage!
For its price, 30 armor is amazing. And the passive is extremely significant vs champions who utilize a lot of auto attacks. Because this is such an efficient Armor item, it shows up in most of my builds.

They provide less resistance than Ninja Tabi. What they lack in tankiness though, they make up for in utility!
Since you are a front line champion, you are probably going to get cced and kited pretty bad. These will help with that.
Get them if the enemy has less than 40% Physical Damage.

Build order should always be 
3715.png -> 1001.png -> 1419.png -> 3047.png/3111.png
UNLESS the build has Wits first. (as of 6.11) In this case, get skirmishers then boots then Wits.

Now, onto the actual builds!
Build according to how much physical damage you expect to take in a fight, before accounting for resistances. 
How do you do this? Well, it's an estimate. If you want to get better at making this estimate, check death recap, check Damage Done at the end of each game, and check out the physical:magic damage ratio of champions, such as is listed here:

This item is actually really good! It heals 250 health across 24 seconds, or something like that. And it only costs 150g and you can sell it back for a portion of that gold when your inventory is getting full. A ruby crystal costs 400g and only gives 150 health! So, if you use this to heal up your health before entering a fight, or activate it as soon as you take damage, it's going to end up being super cost effective for tankiness. 

Vs 80% + Physical Damage

3047.png -> 3143.png ->  3026.png  -> 3075.png -> 3065.png
This is the tankiest build route.

3143.png Randuins is the tankiest armor-specific item. Its passives are extremely strong against enemies that rely on auto attacks. Its large amount of base stats (Health, Armor) make it strong early game, and its AS slow and crit reduction make it even stronger lategame. 
Additionally, Omen's active helps with Warwick's issue of getting kited. Most notably, you can use this after someone activates 3140.png, and they won't be able to escape from you so easily. Between 3143.png and infiniteduress.png, you can get to and stick to squishies even if they have 3140.png

 3026.png I am in love with this item. 
In this build, guardian angel is your only source of magic resistance. But also, its revive passive acts to multiply your total health, which makes it really strong on tanks. Also, since the only way to stop the damage from Warwick's ult is to kill him, and this makes him literally unkillable, it means that the damage from your ult is 100% guarenteed even if you get interrupted or "killed".
Also, the health you revive with gets increased by 20% if you have Spirit Visage. And increased by 8% by runic armor. Those two stack multiplicatively as well. 
Make sure you don't get caught out with GA, because its active will go to waste then. In a teamfight though, the revive can even act as a zoning tool! If an enemy stands near you for the 5 seconds waiting for you to revive, that's a 5 seconds they aren't killing your team. 

Just dying with your GA in the right location can win you a teamfight! You become a great tank for 5 seconds!

It's cheap, and exclusively counters physical damage. Against auto attackers this item will be doing A Lot of damage. Between GA and your kit's self-healing, you'll have over 130% of your total health for enemies to shred themselves upon.
Owning this item makes it a slightly better idea to focus down people who can hurt you significantly without auto attacking you. 

A full tank MR item! There are a variety of armor items that give 500 health and 50 armor. This is basically the same concept. 
Oh, and it improves your healing by 25%. Between your Q and your passive this will be a considerable amount. But more interesting than that is that it works with GA's passive. You'll actually revive with 25% extra health! Between SV and the Runic Armor mastery, your GA will revive you with just over 40% of your maximum health.

Vs 70-80% Physical Damage

3047.png ->  3026.png -> 3143.png ->  3065.png -> 3742.png 
Since Thornmail only counters physical damage, you don't really want it vs teams that have significant magic damage. Enter, Omen's younger brother: 
It's a more offensive/utility oriented version of Randuin's. With the extra movement speed you'll be able to engage fights more easily. Aside from that, it's basically a ball of stats.

Vs 60-70% Physical Damage
3047.png ->  3026.png ->  3065.png ->3143.png ->  3742.png 
Same build but rearranged.

Vs 40-60% Physical Damage

3047.png-> 3091.png->1419.png -> 3026.png -> 3065.png -> 3143.png 

Due to Warwick's ult and his vast amount of magic damage, Warwick is the best user of this item out of anyone!
It is very good for burst, and very good for DPS. Its tankiness is even considerable. This is by far the best damage item for Warwick. 

This item adds some incentive to use your hungeringstrike.png on the target that you just used your infiniteduress.png on, since it softens up the target's MR so that hungeringstrike.png does more damage and heals more.
Your passive will be healing you a lot if you can stick to a target, since you have so much Attack Speed.

Vs 20-40% Physical Damage

3111.png -> 3091.png -> 1419.png -> 3026.png -> 3065.png -> 3143.png
Same build but with Merc Treads.

Vs 0-20% Physical Damage

I think this build/enemy team comp is probably the best possible thing for you. This build should be super strong. Kill whoever is doing physical damage, and then you should be practically unkillable.
3111.png -> 3091.png -> 1419.png -> 3026.png -> 3065.png -> 3102.png

Banshee's Veil gives A LOT of MR, which makes it effective vs heavy magic damage teams like these. Additionally, its spellshield will make you hard to cc when you go to ult someone. If possible, try to keep your shield up until you've used your ult on someone.
Aside from that, this item is a ball of stats.

Build insights/Math-based trends

The builds were made by a program that optimizes them, so they follow some mathematical trends. 

Resistances and Health interact with each other multiplicatively. Because of this, builds must balance health and resistance in some manner.
To calculate your "effective" resistance vs a certain damage comp, you can multiply the % of physical and magical damage you're taking by your armor and magic resist.

For example, if you have 150 armor and 100 magic resist, and are against 60% physical damage and 40% magic damage, then..
Your effective "resistance to damage" is ((0.6 * 150) + (0.4 * 100)) = 130 resistance.

Based off of this logic, even though Guardian Angel gives 120 total resistance points, it can never give more than 60 "resistance to damage". Vs 80% physical damage, Thornmail gives 80 "resistance to damage". So, Thornmail is situationally the best resistance item in the game. 

This has more to do with how I set up my program, but I believe that your DPS should be valued based on how tanky you are, while your burst should be largely independent of the two. On someone like Warwick, having DPS but no Tankiness is virtually useless. However, having Burst on its own is very useful. Having Tankiness but no DPS or Burst is also -somewhat- useful because you will distract the enemy while you are being killed. 
Since Bloodrazer and Fervor give a lot of DPS, the builds all provide a lot of Tankiness to compliment that DPS, instead of opting for more DPS, or a stand-alone Burst build. 

Since 3065.png causes 3026.png to revive you with over 7% extra maximum health, and 3026.png is in all of my builds due to how much I value the passive, 3065.png is functioning primarily as a Health item rather than a Magic Resistence item. Since 3026.png provides flat resistances, it pairs fantastically with a health item. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Evelynn
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Kayle
  • Kindred
  • Master Yi
  • Nidalee
  • Nunu
  • Rengar
  • Shaco
  • Shyvana




Evelynn is another one of the champions that loves to kill you in your jungle. And you can't see her.

Consider buying a pink ward at level 1. Definitely go the Alternative/Safe route.
Also, when you're doing the first camp, especially on red side, save your smite to EXECUTE the camp. A lot of Eves will try to smite your very first camp from you.

Put a trinket in the brush of whatever buff you are walking by. When Eve comes to try to kill you while you're taking your buff, but finds you aren't there , she might try to steal your buff instead.  

She takes a fair amount of damage from this, and you can actually kill her (especially if your team comes to help.)

If you don't know where Evelynn is, never take a fight in which your numbers do not exceed that of the enemy. There's a fair chance Evelynn is nearby and you just can't see her... fighting when you think you have as many people in the area as your enemy will turn out awfully.

If Eve is building squishy then definitely consider ulting her in fights. But a lot of the time she builds tanky and makes ulting her not really worth it. 

In teamfights, if you don't see Eve, keep track of your backline. She might come to flank your backline, and it is usually successful. Be ready to run back and support them if you need to. 




Fiddlesticks probably won't provide much pressure before you reach 6. 
But after that, NEVER forget that you are against a Fiddlesticks. He isn't too great at making aggressive plays, but he is probably one of the best champions in the game for countering aggression.

You need to keep track of Fiddlesticks for two reasons.

1. He has multiple ways to almost immediately cancel your ult.
2. A good crowstorm.png will basically let him 1 v 5.

Fortunately, if you ult him and your team is nearby, he will die and can't cancel your ult!
But you don't really have to worry about him when you can actually see him.

You cannot afford to get hit by his crowstorm.png. Don't engage a fight if you don't know where Fiddlesticks is. Try to ward all around the area that your team is staying in. 
If a fight starts and Fiddle hasn't used his crowstorm.png, keep your eyes on him. There's a fair chance he'll try to walk a little bit out of the way and then start channeling his ult.
Use your ult to interrupt it. Flash and ult him if you need to.

Fiddlesticks is very much a hit or miss champion, and you need to make sure that he misses. 




Kayle jungle doesn't get picked too much anymore, but she has a really good win rate. I included her in this section because of how you have to actively play around her as Warwick.

Her ganks aren't very strong, and she won't pressure your team before you reach 6. BUT, her counter-ganks are really strong. Her kayleR.png will save the person you're targeting, and then she'll slow you with kayleQ.png and speed your target away with kayleW.png
Basically, you probably will lose the fight if she counterganks you.

Because of this, you should try to make plays on the opposite side of the map as her. 

Lategame, you need to play around her kayleR.png. Also, she has a LOT of DPS, so if you don't kill her fast, you'll probably lose the fight.
If at all possible, try to use your infiniteduress.png on her when she'll be dead BEFORE the suppression ends. This way, you deny her the opportunity to use her kayleR.png.

Otherwise, pay attention to when someone is out of range of her. If even this opportunity doesn't present itself, consider just attacking someone who is accessible and then ulting someone else as soon as Kayle uses kayleR.png on the person you were attacking.

Kayle tends to build high Attack Speed, so if she is running from you, she may have a much harder time successfully kiting you than an ADC would. 




Kindred has a very strong early game and will usually kill several of your teammates before you reach 6, and will also try to kill you in your jungle. 
You should definitely use the Safe/Alternative jungle route. Do NOT fight Kindred. Even if Kindred fights you in melee range, they'll still win.

Kindred's ult, kindredR.png, counters yours. Unlike most matchups where you lose early game, Kindred remains difficult to play against. If Kindred counterganks you, kindredR.png can totally turn the tide of the fight by saving the person you use infiniteduress.png on. Because of this, you want to try to stay on the opposite side of the map as Kindred, to make SURE you don't get counterganked.

When you are taking a fight that Kindred is in, there are some tricks you can do to play around kindredR.png.

The most obvious thing you can do is to use infiniteduress.png on Kindred when she will die BEFORE infiniteduress.png ends. This way, she never has the opportunity to use kindredR.png.
Since she is usually sorta squishy and usually sorta close range, this opportunity usually presents itself at some point.

BUT, if Kindred buys 3140.png the strategy no longer works. We'll have to resort to other trickier tactics.

Find a way to kill an slightly before a nearby ally would die. This way, Kindred has to choose between saving your ally or letting Kindred's ally die. Watch for when an ally has low health, and then use your infiniteduress.png on an enemy near your low health ally.

Or, use your infiniteduress.png when YOU are low health. 
Make sure that while you are looking for an opportunity to use your infiniteduress.png, you are acctually auto attacking an enemy though. Kindred presents the most tricky/complicated decision making for how to use infiniteduress.png, but it's important to stay focused and keep using your auto attacks!


Master Yi


I consider this to be Warwick's easiest matchup.

Yi is a squishy melee champion who does no up-front damage, and who doesn't provide early game pressure.

Your team probably won't be behind when you make it to 6. After 6 you are going to help your team so much more than Yi will help his. And, Yi doesn't even have a good lategame vs Warwick. 

Your infiniteduress.png shuts him down so completely. His kit is all about DPS, and he has virtually no burst. So, if you manage to use infiniteduress.png on him as soon as he is about to attack someone, his teamfight damage contribution will be 0%. 
If Yi is going to be in a teamfight, you should almost always save your infiniteduress.png for him. And don't use your ult on him until he decides to go in. He'll be in a much worse position when he tries to attack someone than if you go out of your way to ult him.

If Yi decides to splitpush, then go kill him. You can 1v1 him really easily too. Even without your ult you will be able to kill him if you aren't behind in gold. 




Nidalee players tend to love invading, and will also probably kill your laners a couple time before you reach level 6.  
Nidalee is VERY hard pre-6, but is one of the easier champions to win against when your team is behind.

You should definitely use the Safe/Alternative jungle route vs Nidalee. She may take your buffs, but it's better than dying to her and then losing your buffs anyways.

Fortunately, Nidalee is a squishy champion who doesn't build qss and is often in melee range. After 6 she simply isn't as good as fighting as Warwick is. If you can, try to countergank her after 6. Unless you are really behind, she is easy to 2 v 2.

Throughout the game, watch for when Nidalee lands a spear on a target who is fairly low health. Nidalees LOVE to pounce at targets who they can kill with their spell rotation.

But, because it is predictable, you can infiniteduress.png Nidalee after she pounces in and before she can use any of her other abilities. It's almost always a free kill because Nidalee is so squishy and has just placed herself in an awful position.




Nunu loves to counter jungle, and it's not like you are going to outsmite him. So, just give him whatever jungle creeps he decides to take from you unless your team actually comes to try to kill him. 
Fortunately, he can't kill you really. 

Consider going the Safe/Alternative route. It will probably get you to 6 faster if Nunu decides to invade.

It's generally not a good idea to use infiniteduress.png on Nunu. He isn't the threat- his team is. But if he is channeling a really good absolutezero.png you might need to ult him anyways to interrupt it.

Since Nunu's bloodboil.png is such a good buff for an ADC, you should have an even higher priority on killing the ADC than you normally do. Also, try to stick with an ally while diving the enemy's backline. Nunu can only use iceblast.pngon one person; he can't peel two people at once. 

Also, be cautious about choosing to go in when you're vs Nunu. Your bloodscent.png won't save you if things take a turn for the worse.




He doesn't provide much pressure early game, and you counter him later into the game.
You don't need your ult to 1v1 him unless he is ahead. 

You can usually 2v2 him, unless you needed your ally to hit the person you use your infiniteduress.png on, and then while you have them suppressed Rengar shows up out of no where and kills your ally. That usually doesn't happen though.

Lategame, when you see the Exclamation Point appear above your allies' heads, get prepared to ult Rengar. Rengar does a lot of damage in the first moment possible (he is capable of doing 2000 damage in less than 0.1 seconds). So, you need to manage to suppress him before he even manages to hit your ally.

Unfortunately, Rengar is really poorly designed, and human reaction time makes it really hard to press R on him after he becomes visible but before your ally is dead.
The solution is to hover your cursor over/in circles around the person you expect Rengar is going to target, and just hit your R button as fast as you can. This way, you'll have ulted him before his target gets hit, and before you even consciously saw him.

If in lategame someone on your team is all alone, they're in huge danger of getting deleted by Rengar. So, follow them in order to keep them safe.




Shaco is another one of the junglers who may try to kill you in your jungle, and will kill your allies several times before you reach level 6.
Go the Safe/Alternative route vs him.

While jungling, watch for the red poof of smoke that appears when he uses his deceive.png. When you see it, run away before he becomes visible. 
In teamfights, if you can't find Shaco, keep an eye on your backline. He might try to assassinate them, and you may need to rush to their aid. 

Fortunately, Warwick is pretty good against Shaco outside of early game. You can definitely 1 v 1 him with your ult. If you use 11.png on him, you can identify him from his clone because his clone won't be taking Damage over Time. 
If he uses his deceive.png to run away at low health, your bloodscent.png will reveal his location. 

As long as you can stop the bleeding and make it to mid/lategame, this matchup is fine. 




Even though Shyvana doesn't apply a lot of pressure, she isn't an easy matchup. Unless you are ahead (or if she is building squishy and you ult her), she probably can 1 v 1 you. So, keep that in mind.

Once you reach 6, you can hopefully start snowballing the game out of her control. 
...but unfortunately, she loves to steal all of your jungle and make it take an eon to reach level 6. There isn't much you can do about this. But, she can't really kill you in your jungle unless you try to fight her. So you can try to steal a camp with smite at least.

Keep track of her build. If she is building squishy you should definitely consider ulting her in a teamfight. If she is building tanky, it's much more situational. 

Her counterganks are stronger than her ganks, so unless you are pretty far ahead of her, try to make plays on the opposite side of the map from her. 

Alternative builds: Full Tank Back to Top

So, during 6.9, Bloodrazor was in a terrible state and these builds were undoubtedly the way to go. 

I had much more success with these builds than was anticipated. 
I expect that the builds listed in the regular section are stronger than these, but I wouldn't be surprised if these are actually stronger either. So I'll keep these here. Use them if you want to.
Personally, I plan on collecting a lot of personal Win/Loss data with these and the regular builds, to get a better idea of how they compare.
These builds represent a higher value for tankiness, but are still mathematically justified. 
Be sure to run ghost if you are going this build. 

80%+ Physical Damage:
3047.png -> 1413.png -> 3143.png -> 3026.png -> 3742.png -> 3065.png

50%-80% Physical Damage:
3047.png -> 1413.png -> 3026.png -> 3143.png -> 3065.png -> 3742.png

30-50% Physical Damage:
3111.png -> 1413.png -> 3026.png -> 3065.png -> 3143.png -> 3102.png

20-30% Physical Damage:
3715.png -> 3111.png -> 3091.png -> 3026.png -> 3065.png -> 1413.png -> 3143.png

0-20% Physical Damage:
3715.png -> 3111.png -> 3091.png ->  3065.png -> 3026.png  ->1413.png -> 3001.png

Interestingly it delays Cinderhulk for a really long time. 

Alternative Build: Full Burst Back to Top

With this build your ult and Q will do an absurd amount of damage. You're pretty squishy, but this isn't the squishiest build either. The strength of the build is definitely in your ult though, so play accordingly. You need to make sure to ult people with low MR, since the idea is to reduce their MR to 0 so that your Q and Gunblade active do true damage.

This build has the best burst divided by cost value of any build there is for Warwick. (aside from Sorc shoes - threw those in because you need boots)

3091.png -> 3020.png -> 1419.png -> 3146.png -> 3001.png

Make sure to use Gunblade's active after your ult, since they'll have 25 less MR. 

Don't get the Abyssal if your targets have less than like 55 MR, because then you'll already have them at 0 MR and your Sorc Shoes will stop doing anything. 

Final item should be GA. If you aren't getting Abyssal, then get GA and then Deadmans or SV, depending on how the enemy team is. 

EDIT: 17-7 with this build so far. It's being a lot better than I thought it would be.   

Alternative Build: Sightstone/Tank Back to Top

I am having success with this build so far, and I think the theory for it is there. 

2045.png costs 1600 gold and gives 500 health. Normally with 1600 gold you could buy 600 health. So it isn't super gold inefficient, considering how strong its warding active is. Additionally, it frees up your trinket for blue/red trinket, and reduces their CD by 20%.

I believe that Ruby Sightstone would only be good on a tank build though. If you are going Bloodrazor and Wits, then I think you really do need all the gold you can get, to turn you into a carry that can survive long enough to do serious damage. Also, the completion of Wits End is a very serious power spike. Tank builds don't have any dramatic power spikes though, so delaying your build by 1600 gold doesn't hurt as much.

Since 2045.png only costs 1600 gold and takes an item slot, you will need to purchase more expensive items as well, otherwise you will hit 6 items too quickly. Unfortunately, a lot of items with actives 3190.png 3401.png 3222.png are really cheap. So we can't make full use of that 20% Active CD reduction. 

Also, my laptop that had the Warwick calculating program broke. So these builds are what I /think/ should be done. Hopefully I'm not so far off. GA is omitted because it's a cheap item and will cause you to hit full build at 35 minutes.

Vs 80%+ Physical Damage:
3047.png -> 1413.png -> 2045.png -> 3143.png -> 3742.png -> 3065.png 

Vs 60-80% Physical Damage:
3047.png -> 1413.png -> 2045.png ->3143.png  -> 3065.png -> 3742.png

Vs 40-60% Physical Damage:
  3047.png   1413.png -> 2045.png  ->  3065.png  ->  3143.png  -> 3742.png

Vs 0-40% Physical Damage:
  3111.png ->  1413.png -> 2045.png -> 3065.png ->  3143.png  ->   3742.png

Back to Top

Originally this guide just had the one build section, but then I tried some alternatives and found that those were also good.

I have played over ~70 games each with the main build listed here, the full tank one, and the Gunblade/Burst one. I haven't played with the sightstone one much yet though. 

I was hoping that by alternating which build I use and recording winrate data, it would become clear which of these builds was the strongest. However, they seem to be keeping very similar winrates to one another. (many other builds I tried failed this test. These 3 are the ones that survived.)

So at this point I think it's worth discussing when these builds are strongest and when they are weakest. 

From my experience, it looks something like this:

Burst/Gunblade build:

Strongest when:
One or two enemies are very squishy  
Your team has a lot of champions who can act independently from the rest of the team (your team needs to either have either engage/chase or peel)

Weak against:
Revive/invincibility abilities

Conclusion: This build is strongest when your own team has little magic damage, so that the enemy ADC won't build 3156.png. Your team comp also needs to have some champions that can engage or make picks aside from you, since you are going to be way too squishy to engage a fight when the enemy is prepared. This build works best if the enemy has a glass cannon mid or top or jungler as well, since it gives you a target aside from the ADC. This build is designed to easily 100-0 champions who have zero tank items.

Full tank/Cinderhulk build:

Strongest when:
Your team has a strong backline
Enemy team has revive/invincibility abilities
Enemy team has shields/heals
Enemy team has good peel. 

Weakest when:
Your team already has little damage
Enemy team has lots of backline DPS champions

Conclusion: This build is strongest when your teammates have all the damage you could ever need, and they just want a tank. This build is strong when the enemy has a low DPS comp, since you will absorb burst combos. This build is stronger than its alternatives when the enemy has lots of shields and healing, since your goal isn't to kill anyone on your own really, but just to waste their time. 

Bruiser/Bloodrazor build:

Strongest when:
Enemy team has a distinct front and backline
Your team has one or more front line/dive champions aside from you.
Their threats are on their frontline, so you don't have to go for their backline at all.

Weakest when:
Enemy team has good peel/ability to kite you.

Conclusion: This build is strongest when the enemy team divides themselves in teamfights. This build works pretty well when you're with 1-3 enemies, but does really bad when 4 or 5 of them are together. If you are planning on focusing their backline, this build also won't work well if they have a really good ability to kite you.

About the Author, and Why Warwick? Back to Top

Hello, I am Sinickle, currently one of two players in NA with more than 1.0M Warwick mastery points! At the end of the Season 5, and the start of Season 6, I was a master tier Warwick one trick pony who peaked at ~350 LP Master Tier. This guide shows what I found to be successful in Master Tier Elo. So, while it may have a strangely large focus on building tankier in lower Elos, I believe that my guide presents an extremely strong way to play Warwick. 

Many people are drawn to Warwick by the amount of damage his ult does. But, the thing is, his ult doesn't actually do enough damage to 100-0 someone reliably. This is even more true now that Sated devourer is gone, and you can't run Wits End to increase Devourer's damage.

There are, in my opinion, three good reasons to play Warwick over every other champion in the game.

1. Warwick allows you to account for all variables. Your plan doesn't rely on your ability to outplay your opponent. And a good plan on Warwick doesn't allow for the possibility that your opponent will outplay you. Your ultimate is INSTANT. Your abilities are not skillshots. The only reason your plan will fail is if your plan had a fundamental flaw.
2. You are a very good duelist. Almost no champion in the game can duel you mid to lategame, if you have your ult up.
3.  The first several minutes of each game are pretty relaxing. Imagine that someone gets in a horrific accident, and they are screaming for help. Would you rather be right next to them, and make eye contact as they scream, or would you rather be off in the woods and just tell yourself, "Eh, not really my problem?"
Pre-6 Warwick you basically can just farm. Every now and then you should hold a lane, and even less occasionally you should actually gank a lane. This means that at the start of each game you get to calm down from whatever atrocities have happened in your previous game!

Jungle Route Back to Top

Bottom Lane Gets a Camp

Well, this awful thing is back in the meta. When bot lane gets a camp, they have a huge advantage in lane, and it doesn't hurt you too much to start on the opposite side of the map.

Blue Side:  You start at gromp and have top lane leash the gromp for you. Then do blue buff, and a full clear of your jungle. Recall to buy skirmishers and boots, and then don't recall again until you reach level 6 and gank/recall.

Red Side: Start at Krugs, and then do wraiths, then wolves, then blue. If you wait a couple seconds, gromp should respawn and you do that too. Recall and buy Skirmishers, then do a full clear starting at Krugs. Run back to Krugs for level 6. Once again, have your top laner leash the Krugs for you at the start of the route. 
Video of this jungle route! (ignore the audio)

How does X interact with Warwick's ult? Back to Top

After talking to a lot of people who read my guide, I realize that a lot of people have no idea how Warwick's ult works with other things. That makes sense, since it isn't at all logical. If anyone has a video demonstrating how one of the interactions I don't understand works, that would be appreciated!


Cancelling Warwick's Ult: The SUPPRESSION can be canceled with hard cc such as silences, fears, stuns, knock-ups, suppressions. It can also be cancelled by QuickSilverSash, but not by cleanse. Killing Warwick in any manner will cancel the suppression.
The ONLY way to cancel any of the damage from Warwick's ult (the base damage, AD scaling, his passive, or his on-hit items) is to kill Warwick in a way that makes his screen go gray. (if he has zilean ult or GA passive, his damage cannot be stopped.)

Life Steal: [UNSURE ABOUT THIS] Life steal from items, masteries, runes, or the life steal his ult grants itself, probably only interacts with Warwick's ult's base damage and AD scaling. You can get more effect from your life steal only by building magic pen or AD.

Keystone Masteries:

Not sure on Grasp of the Undying, Deathfire touch.

Thunderlord's Decree: Each hit from Warwick's ult can grant a stack or proc Thunderlord's if you have enough stacks. So, assuming it isn't on cooldown, Warwick's ult will always proc Thunderlord's Decree.

Fervor of Battle: Each of the 5 strikes grants 2 stacks and procs damage. Assuming you ult at 0 stacks, Warwick's ult will proc the following number of stacks on each attack: (0, 2, 4, 6, 8)


Each of the 5 strikes grants a stack of the MR interaction passive. Each of the 5 strikes gains 40 magic damage

Each of the 5 strikes gains damage based off of the health the enemy has at that moment. ALSO, lifesteal applies to BorK passive. Since Warwick ult grants you 30% life steal for its duration, you actually heal for (30+10=40)% of the damage that BorK passive deals. 

You can activate the active prior to using your ult but not during your ult. If you activate it prior to ulting, the first strike will proc the active. Each of the 4 or 5 strikes gains AoE damage from the passive.

Your ult will proc the damage from skirmisher's sabre. Your ult will do a total of 15% of the enemy's max health, from bloodrazor.
Your ult does not grant any stacks to Rageblade. Phantom hit does not work with your ult. You will proc the 15 damage 5 times though.

Each of the 5 strikes gains the on-hit magic damage.

[ALL SHEEN ITEMS] Your first strike will proc damage from sheen's passive.

[UNSURE] Most liley each of the 5 strikes is capable of proccing the passive

Each of the 5 strikes grants stacks and can proc the damage.

Each of the 5 strikes procs the mana damage/drain

General Gameplay Back to Top

I covered a lot of tips on how to play Warwick in my other sections, so I will try to avoid discussion on items or use of abilities here.

When to do dragon/rift herald?

Do dragon when it is safe to. Personally, I don't like sneaking dragon. If you rely on the enemy team not knowing you are doing dragon, they might just coincidentally find you still.
It is better to do dragon when you would just destroy the enemy team if they tried to fight you. To me, this usually means that my team has a numbers advantage. 
For example, if someone in the enemy mid/bot lane recalls or dies, and my mid/bot lane are healthy, then when a teamfight breaks out at dragon, my team will have more people and will therefore win.
Keep track of who has teleport. Those people tend to show up for dragon fights.
Also, you don't really take damage from dragon once you have 1419.png, because you heal so much. If you have your ult up, you can kill a single person if they try to fight you and didn't come with their allies. 
Additionally, you should try to gank based on what objective is up. If rift herald is up, try to gank mid or top and then take rift herald. If dragon is up and rift herald isn't, try to gank bot/mid and then take dragon.

Don't give up; winning from behind

A while ago I saw a post by someone who posted a lot of statistics on the "power curve" of various champions. Among their findings was that if both teams have a relatively equal amount of gold at level 6, Warwick has the highest probability of winning out of any champion in the game.
If your team wasn't losing by the time you reached 6, the game would be too easy.
More often than not, your team will be behind when you reach 6. That's okay. Even games where you're down 6 kills by level 6 are fairly winnable. You just have to adjust your play style.

Don't fight fair. Play HIGHLY opportunistically. You will almost certainly lose every 2 v 2, 3 v 3, 4 v 4, 5 v 5 for a long time. You priority is to not die, and to kill minions and jungle creeps. They are free gold that will allow you to close the gold gap.
Only punish large mistakes. Even in challenger Elo people make really large mistakes that you can punish when your team is 0-100.
If an enemy squishy is more than 1.5 seconds from the rest of his team, and your team is less than a second away from them, then you can safely ult them or flash ult them and kill them, with zero retaliation. You should always keep track of who is out of range of being aided by their team, when looking for an opportunity to ult.
Ult Yi/LeBlanc/Zed when they use their gap closer to place themselves into the middle of their team. This is always a free kill.

Farm your jungle to catch up on gold when you can. If your team is being sieged but has good waveclear, you can usually keep farming, but stay nearby in case the enemy decides to do a stupid towerdive.
If your team has bad waveclear, you have to be up there helping kill the minions and actively preventing the enemy team from diving/killing your turret. 

Winning from ahead

This is, unsurprisingly, easier than winning from behind.
The main difference between when you're behind in gold and when you're ahead in gold is that you will win fair fights. If the enemy is behind in gold, they will probably, or at least should, play more carefully and make less mistakes. The losing team's goal is to catch up to you in gold and to capitalize on your mistakes.
Playing passive allows the enemy to catch up in gold, and taking fair fights may result in you making massive mistakes.

Exactly what you can get away with is something that you learn from experience. But, when you are looking to start a fight, you should still be trying to only take fights where you have a clear advantage aside from the fact that your team is stronger. For example, maybe you can start off a fight by ulting a squishy. You might not be able to kill them right away, but it is still a strong way to start a fight, which, when combined with your gold lead, should ensure that you win the fight.
If your team is pushed up, consider stealing all of the enemy's jungle. This will expand your gold lead. Just don't get outnumbered in their jungle.

If the enemy team has bad wave clear, put more priority on taking turrets. If the enemy has good wave clear, put more priority on growing your gold lead. Eventually you'll just be able to take baron or 5th dragon and win the game.


I can't remember the last time I bought a ward. Keep yellow trinket and use it well. Pay attention to your minimap and actively make predictions about where the enemy team is. Try to avoid making plays that can backfire if the enemy team knows where you are. 


Warwick is one of I think two champions in the game that has no AoE damage. However, with my build, he still has a strong teamfight. 
First, let's go over some teamfighting styles that you should use based off of what your team and the enemy team is like.
If your team has a strong backline and a weak frontline, you will want to stick with your backline. If your team has a strong frontline and a weak backline, you will want to be with your frontline. 
If the enemy team has a squishy high damage frontline, you want to kill them first, regardless of what your team has.

For example, if you have Fiora on your team, and the enemy has Zac and Leona for their frontline, then your backline is probably not going to get murdered. But, you and Fiora can probably 2 v 3 their backline really easily. In that case, you want to support Fiora's action. If she is staying out of their backline, she is probably waiting for you to make the move.
When do you make the move? Well, when the enemy gets in range of you. Instead of chasing them to ult them, you should just hit the enemy's Zac/Leona. If none of their squishies are in range of your ult, then they must just be staying far away from you because you scare them. If they are doing this, they aren't helping their team win the fight. So, don't go out of your way to hit a target that isn't hurting anyone. 
If you have a strong backline (Cass, Jinx), then your priority is to keep them alive. Don't ult tanks though. Zac won't kill your team. His allies will kill your team. In that situation, you should use your basic attacks on Zac, and wait for an enemy squishy to get in range of attacking your Cass/Jinx. When this happens, you ult them. This also ensures that your Cass/Jinx can follow up on your ult and kill that enemy. 

Alright, I think those examples show the two large/underlying operations of how to use Warwick in a teamfight.
Sometimes teamfights don't follow a nice plan and are chaos. That's also fine!
Warwick is extremely good at dueling. However, he is not so good when he is being outnumbered by people who can kite him.
In a teamfight, you should try to encounter multiple 1 v 1 situations. Warwick simply does not lose a 1 v 1 fight if he isn't being kited. If you find that you are being kited and are momentarily outnumbered in a fight, you should run back to the rest of your team. If the enemy chases you and has already blown important cooldowns on you, your team will be able to kill them. If the enemy doesn't chase you, then you survived and the enemy gained nothing.
If you can't kill the enemy ADC, then try to keep them running away from you. If they are running away from you, they aren't attacking you. Probably at least one other enemy will pursue you and their ADC. This will result in you wasting the enemy's time, and effectively nullifying their ADC's damage output. Also, if a Caster uses their abilities on you, then that means they can't use them on the rest of your team for a while. But it's not like you can put the ADC's basic attack on cooldown. That is why it is important that you chase the ADC rather than the caster.

Use attack-move

Unfortunately, even Warwick has "mechanics".
I encourage everyone to bind attack-move to their preferred key (I use A) and to use this as their primary method of basic-attacking an enemy. 
By doing this, you can alternate rapidly between using Right Click to chase your enemy, and attack-move to attack them. One of Warwick's weaknesses is getting kited, and this trick will make him much harder to kite. 

Killing minions?

I prefer to let my team kill the minions. Every minion you kill is a minion you denied from your teammates. Stick to the jungle, unless for some reason your team is just ignoring a huge minion wave that is going to run into your tower and go to waste. 

What lane to gank

Gank the lane where your gank will actually work!
Bot lane is usually hard to gank because it is warded. But if you can do it, go for it.
It can be hard to gank for a tank in top lane because you might not have enough damage to actually kill the target. 

On the other hand, if you think that your gank WILL work for multiple lanes, you should gank for the person who you think benefits more from a gank.
Champions like Lulu are going to scale well regardless of how much gold they have.
Champions like Akali and Vladimir LOVE being ahead and HATE being behind.

If the enemy team if very heavily physical damage, or very heavily magic damage, gank for your tank-top lane. If you have a well equipped tank on your team vs a team that only has one damage type, then you two will probably be able to 2 v 5 them mid to lategame.

How good are Dragons and Rift Herald?

RIOT has stated that dragons all have very similar winrates/impact on the game, which is definitely not what I/anyone expected. However, if that's true, then you shouldn't really need to consider which dragon is up when deciding if you are going to do it or not. 
RIOT also stated that Rift Herald does not have as high of a winrate as drag, and has less of an impact. This means that You should focus on getting dragon instead of Rift Herald.

Ultra lategame: Eternal Baron strategy

If you have this build: 
1419.png 3047.png 3091.png 3143.png 3026.png 3065.png
you will actually heal off of soloing baron. This can actually be a very versatile strategy for ending the game. 
If you want to force a teamfight because your team's teamfight is stronger, you can just keep you team outside of the pit while you solo baron. The enemy team will be forced to confront you or give up baron. Since your team won't be taking any damage, this is better than a regular forced baron. 
Alternatively, if you have someone splitting bottom, you can solo baron and keep your other three teammates outside of the baron pit. Just make sure you don't end up in a 4 v 5. Either the enemy sends everyone to you and your bot laner takes turrets, or they send 4 to you and you win a teamfight, or they stop your splitpusher and you get baron.

Just make sure that you actually win teamfights. Forcing a teamfight that you won't win isn't a good idea!

Any questions?

Just leave your questions here, or if you play in NA, feel free to add Sinickle! 
I will try to update my guide when relevant patches occur. 

Build Updates Explained Back to Top

This section is to explain why my builds may change from patch to patch.

Patch 6.3

The old 85%+ physical damage build, 
3047.png -> 3075.png -> 3053.png -> 3026.png -> 3748.png
and the old 75%-85% physical damage build,
3047.png -> 3401.png -> 3075.png -> 3748.png -> 3026.png
Have been replaced by a new build for 75%+ physical damage,
3047.png -> 3143.png -> 3026.png -> 3748.png -> 3053.png

These changes occurred because,
1. Randuins got its price lowered and its health increased, and, perhaps more importantly..
2. I somehow hadn't noticed that Randuin's provided an AS Slow until I went back to see how the buffs affected it.

Randuins makes a lot of sense from 75-85%. The old build involved building a health item and then an armor item. It was a sort of awkward solution to the issue that there wasn't a good item that gave both armor and health.
After accounting for the buffs and for the AS Slow, Randuin's is a really good item. 
Its health is useful for surviving the magic damage you'll be taking since you don't build any magic resist early. In that respect it is conceptually the same to Face of the Mountain. However, Randuin's also gives the armor which you need to exploit that the enemy's physical: magic damage is over 3:1.
The rest of the build is all multiplicative late-game items. This may be because Randuin's is a really strong tank item that provides a solid base which multipliers can make use of.

To me at least, it was surprising that Randuin's replaced Thornmail in the 85%+ physical damage build.
Once again though, the build was a bit awkward, and involved getting a devoted armor item and then a devoted health item. So it makes some sense that it might be better to get an item that gives both armor and health. But, I think this also shows how much Randuin's mitigates physical damage, that it can be better than Thornmail vs an almost entirely physical damage composition.

With 0, 100, 200, 300 armor you take 100, 50%, 33%, 25% as much damage. If you divide your health by your damage taking ie, (health / 33%) you find that these values correspond to you having 100%, 200%, 300%, 400% as tanky as your health pool suggests. This illustrates that every time you increase your Effective Resistance by 100, your Effective Health Pool increases by 100% of your listed Health.
But how does Randuin's AS Slow play into that? 
Let's pretend that you have 1000 health and are taking 100 physical damage per second, which can be reduced by armor and AS slows.
With no armor you'll survive for 10 seconds. With 100 armor you'll survive for 20 seconds. With 200 armor you'll survive for 30 seconds.
With the 15% AS Slow, we'll make the assumption that you only take 90% as much damage -- so now you are only receiving 90 damage per second.
With no armor you'll survive for 11.11 seconds. With 100 armor you'll survive for 22.22 seconds. With 200 armor you'll survive for 33.33 seconds.

At least for me, that scenario helped me understand how Randuin's AS Slow compares to regular armor.
In my build, you buy Randuin's when you have approximately 150 armor. At this value, the AS slow is worth around 27 armor. Once you buy Guardian Angel, the AS Slow would be worth over 33 armor.
After accounting for the Critical Strike Reduction from Randuin's, it seems like Randuin's will reduce the physical damage you take to a similar extent of Thornmail. 

I think that how the AS Slow becomes stronger when you have more armor also might explain why Randuin's is the best 6th item vs 60-75% physical damage, since your base stats are already really high by then. 

Patch 6.4

3053.png had its health reduced from 500 to 400.

The 75%+ physical damage build has changed from 
3047.png -> 3143.png -> 3026.png -> 3748.png -> 3053.png
3047.png -> 3143.png -> 3026.png -> 3748.png -> 3068.png

This change actually makes sense! Vs so much physical damage, it makes sense to be building an armor item, right? Sterak's was probably overpowered. Now that it's balanced, we have to actually build an item that makes sense.
Sunfire is basically a weaker version of Randuin's. Much like Sterak's, Sunfire provides a small amount of damage for you. Conceptually, Sunfire and Sterak's are very similar, so this build should still feel the same.

The 50-60% physical damage build has changed from 
3047.png -> 3190.png -> 3026.png -> 3748.png -> 3053.png
3047.png -> 3190.png -> 3026.png -> 3748.png -> 3091.png

Against split-damage, it is hard to effectively itemize tank. While you can still build health items just fine, you can't really build resistant items as well. And because you can't build good resistance items, even your health items won't be making you as tanky as they normally would. 
Sterak's was effective because it gave health rather than resistances, and GA actually does give a nice amount of resistances. Sterak's also gives some damage.

After the nerfs though, Sterak's isn't strong enough to be built; instead it's better to go for just damage. Apparently, wits is a better choice than BotRK. 

Patch 6.5

3 changes at once lead to these build changes; undoubtedly the most impactful change was the GA buffs of 6.5

1. GA cost has been lowered from 2900 to 2700; GA will never revive you with less than 700 health.
2. My program now has Spirit Visage cause GA to revive you with 20% extra health.
3. Increased how much Sunfire Cape impacts DPS, because I realized it makes no sense to say that you are auto attacking someone but not hitting them with Sunfire Cape. Woops!

The 65-75% physical damage build has been changed from
3190.png -> 3026.png -> 3748.png -> 3143.png
3026.png -> 3068.png -> 3091.png -> 3153.png

Alright, so, the first step makes sense. 
Guardian Angel is all-around stronger due to its price reduction. But specifically early-game, it will now revive you with extra health since it now has a minimum revival value of 700 health. This isn't a damage ratio where Locket excels, and so it got replaced with GA.

This then presents a new issue: What item do we purchase 2nd if we already have GA, and the enemy team doesn't do enough magic damage that Wits can be considered a tank item???
Well, it can't be Locket because the CDR doesn't let you run MR/Level Glyphs since the purchase is late.
It can't be Titanic because you have no health pool.
It can't be BotRK because the enemies have no health and you'd be too squishy.
So then, I think that makes you choose between things like Sunfire or Omen. Towards the 75% physical damage, Omen was actually stronger than Sunfire. But for the majority of the range, Sunfire was stronger, so I went with it. I try to generalize the builds to be divided into sections with a physical damage range no smaller than 10%. I don't believe it's realistic to be able to estimate anything more precisely than that. 
Since you don't have a damage item other than Devourer, Sunfire will add an appreciable amount of damage.

This item has so much synergy with Warwick's kit and devourer. Since you aren't running MR Glyphs or Locket, this build now had a lack of Magic Resistance. As long as the Magic Resist from Wits doesn't go to waste, it is a really strong item for Warwick.

Has lots of synergy with Wits and Devourer. I'm guessing that my program will always tell you to buy BotRK as your last item if you've already built Wits End.

The 50-60 and 60-75% physical damage builds have been collapsed into one.
3190.png -> 3026.png -> 3748.png -> 3143.png
3190.png -> 3026.png -> 3748.png -> 3091.png
Have merged into
3190.png -> 3026.png -> 3748.png -> 3143.png

This is because I do not list builds with a damage range of less than 10%. Omen just happened to be the better item for a larger portion of the 50-65% damage range. 

GA became an earlier purchase in the 25-50% physical damage range
3065.png -> 3091.png -> 3026.png -> 3153.png
has become
3065.png -> 3026.png -> 3091.png -> 3153.png

This is due to GA getting its cost lowered, and my program now having SV increase the HP you revive with from GA. 

Patch 6.6

Titanic Hydra's AD has been lowered from 50 to 35.

BorK replaced Titanic Hydra in the 75%+ Physical Damage Range
3143.png -> 3026.png -> 3748.png -> 3068.png
has become
3143.png -> 3026.png ->  3153.png-> 3068.png

After going two tank items, you seem to desperately need a damage item. BorK is now better than Titanic. Sunfire is still purchased though, since armor is valued so much and MR is valued so little.

On-Hit Trio found its way into 50-65% Physical Damage Range

3190.png -> 3026.png -> 3748.png -> 3143.png
has become
3190.png -> 3026.png -> 3153.png -> 3091.png

BorK ended up being better than Titanic. Since you already have MR from glyphs, Locket, and GA, the value from Wits isn't valued enough to get it before BorK. 
The BorK/Wits/Sated combo has a lot of synergy. Once you purchase BorK, Wits becomes a mandatory purchase if you value the MR at all. 

Interestingly, the Wits/BorK combo is now in all builds except the heavy physical damage build. I haven't changed how much I value damage/burst/tankiness since I made this guide, and I haven't changed how these items are interpreted since I added this section. 
They are showing up as a result of
1. Steraks nerf
2. Titanic nerf. 

Patch 6.9

Devourer is gone. Now we've got a poor replacement, Bloodrazor. 
If you noticed before, I always went Devourer -> Tank item. I would never get a 2nd damage item first. This was partly because you want a tank item to go with a DPS item, but it was also because I assumed that your 2nd non-devourer/boots item would be when you had Sated Devourer.
In other words, Sated Devourer is why I would buy damage items sometimes.
Sated Devourer made on-hit items so much stronger. Bloodrazor doesn't do that. And beyond just that, Bloodrazor is weak in general.

My program now wants me to build full tank basically always. The old Sated Devourer heavily promoted On-Hit items, and Cinderhulk moderately promotes Tank-Items. I believe that this change is why the build is basically full tank now.

I am going to try testing the builds vs Magic damage listed in the guide vs a full tank build vs Magic damage. Hopefully if I play enough games it will become clear if Wits belongs in a cinderhulk build or not.
Then after that testing is done I want to see how a Cinder -> Wits -> Abyssal build does. 

Patch 6.10

Bloodrazer has been buffed significantly 
AS increased by 1.25x
On-hit increased by 1.33x

This is enough that I feel comfortable recommending it over Cinderhulk. 
Relative to the old Devourer builds, these new builds feature less damage items. The loss of Phantom Hit means that there is no hyper-synergy with on-hit items.
Instead, builds now seem to focus on building Tanky to compliment the high DPS you already have from Fervor and Bloodrazor.
Wits is still in some of the builds, since that item is just really strong for Warwick, is a partial tank item, and the AS and on-hit do still synergize with Bloodrazor.
Wits has less synergy with Bloodrazor than the old Devourer though, since the MR reduction doesn't do anything for Bloodrazor. 

Patch 6.11

Wits buff proved significant. 

First, and more easily, in the Cinderhulk builds: Wits shows up vs less than 30% physical damage. Build changed from 
3111.png -> 1413.png -> 3026.png -> 3065.png -> 3143.png -> 3102.png
3111.png -> 3091.png -> 3026.png -> 3065.png -> 1413.png -> 3143.png
3111.png -> 3091.png -> 3065.png ->  3026.png -> 1413.png -> 3001.png

Wits is a very strong early game item. And now that it is so cost efficient, it actually displaces the jungle item as your first purchase. This might have to do with Cinderhulk just not being a stat efficient item though -- you can get tankiness from better places elsewhere, essentially. 
Magic pen synergizes with itself, which is why Abyssal shows up at the end I guess. Also, Cinderhulk and Abyssal and Wits adds some magic damage to work with that as well. 

All of the Bloodrazor builds that had Wits got changed so that the purchase order is Wits -> Bloodrazor instead of Bloodrazor -> Wits. That especially makes sense because Wits has more early game stats, and Bloodrazor has more lategame stats. The rest of those builds didn't change though.

Patch 6.13

My computer broke so I don't feel confident changing the builds, but I expect that 3222.png is now a good item.
Its stats are:
35 MR
10% CDR
(150+10% max health active) + CC cure
15% bonus healing.
2400 gold.

Remember that the healing bonus works on its own active, so it is actually (150+10%) x 1.15

If you have 2k health and heal for 500 in a fight, then this item will end up granting (150+ 200)x1.15 + 75 = 475 health)
It costs 400g less than Spirit Visage.

If we are to compare them, we'll compare ruby crystal + Mikaels vs Spirit Visage. After accounting for Spirit Visage having 10% more self-healing bonus we're at:

Miakel's gives 75 more health and 20 less MR, but gives a CC removal active that you can self-cast while cced.
Seems really strong.

However, their best use is in combination, since in League of Legends healing modifiers work multiplicatively. 

With Runic Armor (mastery), Spirit Visage you have 1.08 x 1.25 =  1.35 healing multiplier.
With Runic Armor, Spirit Visage, Mikaels, you have 1.35 x 1.15 = 1.55 healing multiplier.

ADDITIONALLY, this means that the heal from Mikaels is actually around 230 + 15% max health. 

EDIT: Actually after trying it I don't think I would build this. The cooldown is too long, and you can't use it while cced- I thought you could.

Guide Updates Back to Top

February 4 2016

- Added a new jungle route. It might be better than my standard route, but only works for red side. 

February 5 2016

- Added Nunu to the list of champions you should run the Safe/Alternative Route against.
- Added 10 new matchups that I felt actually affect how you need to play the game.
- Matchups for the following champions have been added:
9.png 28.png  10.png  11.png  76.png  203.png  102.png  35.png  107.png  20.png

February 12 2016

-Added a section for EXP Quints! I'll expand this section when I have figured out more about them. I might just put them into the regular sections in the guide once I have it all figured out. 

February 15 2016 (6.3)

-Updated for patch 6.3
-Randuin's Omen added to various builds
-EXP Quints are now outdated... so much wasted work!

February 16 2016

-Finished working on EXP Quints; don't run them. Section deleted.

February 23 2016

- Added a section to explain changes to my build.
- After getting exectued twice by doing my standard rout when I started on blue side, I've decided to change my standard route. It's now what I had listed as the power-farm to 6 route. 

February 25 2016 (6.4)

-Updated for patch 6.4
-Sterak's removed from builds due to nerf :(
-Build updates explains the change.

March 9 2016 (6.5)

-Updated for patch 6.5
-GA buffs changed the build section pretty dramatically. Added some additional text/descriptions to this section.
- "Build Updates" explain the changes.
- Not gaining as many stacks from doing Rift Herald is a small and inconsequential change.

March 14 2016

-Updated jungle route for what to do if bottom lane wants to get a camp at level 1. You should let them if they want to. 

March 23 2016 (6.6)

-Titanic Hydra AD reduced from 50 to 35
- Titanic Hydra no longer appears in my guide. 
-Changed some descriptions in the build section

April 6 2016 (6.7)

-No important update
-The guide has not changed

April 8 2016

-Added a temporary section discussing the planned changes for AP items in 6.9. As the numbers become finalized I'll give some definitive answers on weather the changes make them viable on Warwick or not. 

April 11 2016

-Added a video under Warwick's W description
- Added a section documenting how various things interact with Warwick's ult.
-Added a video in the ability section showing that qss doesn't stop ult's damage

April 13 2016

-Added a video of the ult-smite trick against QSS, under the ability section.
-Found out that you gain additional 30% life steal on BotRK's on-hit damage during ww ult. This plus massively improving how my program calculates what you heal for will probably change some things once I get it all completed in some days from now.

April 16 2016

-Changed the red-side jungle route if you give your bot lane a camp. Also added a video for it.

April 20 2016 [6.8]

-Nothing changed really. Guide is the same.
-Trying my best to figure out how things are going to change for 6.9 in the mean time.

April 24 2016

-Basically finished my expectations for 6.9! Updated that in the relevant section. 

May 3 2016

-I have my last final exam tomorrow. Expect the builds to be all updated sometime late Thursday or on Friday. The builds I have in my Expectations for 6.9 should be accurate, but I also want to include a more burst oriented alternative where bloodrazer is purchased. I'll update the rest of the sections as I become more familiar with jungling in 6.9.

May 6 2016 [6.9]

-Updated the builds! Also updated some other stuff for 6.9.
-RIP Devourer. Guess it's Cinderhulk era for Warwick.

May 8 2016

-Improved how my program worked. Also got it to generate builds that are /slightly/ more damage oriented. I was pretty dissatisfied with how the builds were before, but I like them now.

May 18 2016 [6.10]

-Bloodrazor was buffed and the build section has been replaced with Bloodrazor builds.
-Build section includes some discussion of the new builds.
-Alternative tank build section added which includes the Cinderhulk builds. I recommend following the Bloodrazor ones though.
-Ghost may replace flash. Added it into the Summoner Spells.

June 2 2016 [6.11]

-Trinity buffs don't make it good enough to get on Warwick.
-Ninja Tabi buffs don't change when you purchase them, but the buffs are appreciated anyways!
-Wits end buffs make it good in the "full tank" build, and also make it good enough to purchase before your jungle item, it seems.
-Updated the explanation section.
-Added my win/loss for the different builds from 6.10 to the "How to find out if..." section

June 7 2016

-Added a build that has the best burst divided by cost value at all stages in the game. 

June 15 2016 [6.12] 

-Fervor got nerfed
-So the guide remains unchanged mostly. I don't recommend going ghost and bloodrazor, or flash and cinderhulk now though. My personal winrate data has eliminated those two. Updating the "How to find.." section with my data again.

June 16 2016

-Added a review where I share my thoughts on every item in the game, for Warwick. 

June 19 2016

-Added two headings to the General Gameplay section, dealing with objectives. 

June 29 2016 [6.13]

-My laptop that had the program I used to make the guides broke. I sent the program to a friend in a sorta recent time, so I can get that back, but I don't want to download the software on the computer I'm using at the moment. For some time I won't really be updating the builds.
- Mikael's looks like it might be a good item this patch. The Healing Power on the new support items works on Warwick. I'll discuss it in the Build Updates Explained.

July 13 2016 [6.14]

-Nothing relevant happened this patch. Guide remains unchanged.
-I've been trying some build alternatives, but none of them has been as successful as the 3 builds in this guide though.

August 9 2016 [6.15]

-Patch didn't change anything important.
- Added two new sections.
-Sightstone build has been added
-Section discussing when to go each of the alternative builds has been added.

Novermber 13 2016 [6.22]

-I haven't been able to play much recently, since life got busy. Still too busy to update all of this guide.
-I did however update my program and do some theory crafting. See the new added section.

How to find out if one build is better than the other Back to Top

You can do this through the power of statistics! 

First, you're going to need to collect data on the two builds you want to compare. You want to have AT LEAST 5 wins and 5 losses on each build before trying to calculate which one is stronger. 

Once you have enough data, you can go to this website and input your data: Statistics Calculator

In the first box you should put in your number of wins with your first build. In the second box you should put in your total number of games with your first build. 

In the third box you should put in your number of wins with your second build. In the fourth box you should put in your total number of games with your second build. 
It doesn't really matter what you have ticked for the confidence interval or the tails.

It will give you a P value. (1-P) is equal to the chance that the one build is better than the other. So if you have P = .01, then there's a 99% chance that the one build is actually better than the other. 

If your P value doesn't give you a very good idea of which build is stronger, you should play more games to collect more data.  

Make sure that when you collect the data you are doing it fairly though. You should try alternating the builds rather than doing like 100 games with one build and then 100 games with another build. This way your games will all be in the same Elo. 

I am at the moment testing Ghost vs Flash and Cinderhulk vs Bloodrazor.

For 6.10 my results are:

Bloodrazor and Flash: 6-4

Bloodrazor and Ghost: 5-5

Cinderhulk and Flash: 6-5

Cinderhulk and Ghost: 7-2

These results don't reveal anything, so I guess I need to keep testing.

For 6.11 my results are: 

Bloodrazor and Flash: 7-6

Bloodrazor and Ghost: 4-7 <---- eliminated this build and stopped testing.

Cinderhulk and Flash: 4-7 <---- eliminated this build and stopped testing.

Cinderhulk and Ghost: 6-7

The super burst build with Gunblade: 17-7

Total results for the builds I'm still testing, as of 6.12:

Bloodrazor and Flash: 13-10

Cinderhulk and Ghost: 13-9

Gunblade burst build: 17-7

I think I might try testing Stormraider's in the future. Not now though.

Results in 6.15:

Okay, so my laptop broke and I had to reset the count to zero. As far as I can tell, the Bloodrazor/Tank/Gunblade builds all seem pretty equally strong. At this point it seems silly to say that one is better than the other.

New count:

Bloodrazor: 20-11

Cinderhulk: 20-11

Gunblade: 19-13

Sightstone: 2-0

Review of every item. Back to Top

Warwick is definitely a champion where different people seem to all build him differently. A lot of those items I don't really agree with. Here I'll discuss all of the items and give them a rating.

5 stars = One of Warwick's strongest items. He should frequently buy this.
4 stars = An item that Warwick should situationally build. Shows up in my guide at least once.
3 stars = An item that gives a lot of the stats that Warwick wants. Probably could be a justifiable purchase, but I don't quite think it's worth it.
2 stars = Some stats Warwick wants.. falls far short of the mark though.
1 star = awful item you shouldn't even consider.

3706.png 3 stars
Its strength is in giving you a stronger chase, and in making you more difficult to kite. It probably also gives a stronger pre-6 gank. So often though I find that the DoT from Skirmisher's ends up killing my target -- that extra damage is really considerable. By going Chilling Smite you lose a lot of dueling and burst potential. However, since their strength are in different situations, it isn't as if Skirmishing smite just outclasses chilling smite.

3711.png 2 stars
This item is really meant for junglers who don't auto attack or chase someone in melee range. Warwick makes good use of the other two smites though. You could potentially get Tracker's Knife in order to ward up all your lanes to keep them safe, but I think you'd be better off getting the combat strength of the other two smites.

3715.png 5 stars
You should get this smite every game! It gives a ton of dueling potential which let's you win fights even without your ult. It also makes you substantially tankier in a winrate, or contributes a lot to your burst. It's basically a smite that is made for people who use their auto attacks.

1400.png [Warrior] 2 stars
It is the worst of the 4 enchantments for Warwick. Functionally it is similar to Bloodrazor (it gives his ult and his auto attacks more damage) but it just does less than bloodrazor. The CDR doesn't make up for that. 

1401.png [Cinderhulk] 4 stars
You of course get Cinderhulk for its tankiness. Depending on how tanky you want Warwick to be, this could be the go-to enchantment. Its contribution to burst is less than any of the other enchantments, and its contribution to DPS is only better than Runic Echoes. Especially with Fervor and Wits end, this build doesn't feel particularly lacking for damage, but is really tanky.

1402.png [Runic Echoes] 3 stars
It adds the same amount of burst as Warrior enchantment, but doesn't give the DPS or the CDR. However, the 7% MS is really valuable, and is definitely the most appealing aspect of Runic Echoes. You give up too much damage or tankiness to justify getting that MS though.

1416.png [Bloodrazor] 5 stars
Warwick's preferred jungle enchantment. It gives a lot of damage to both your burst and your DPS [especially in combination with Fervor.] It also makes for much faster objective killing, and increases your combat sustain some amount from your passive. Even though it is % health damage, it will still hurt squishies a fair amount.

2045.png 4 stars  
I'm thinking that RUBY sightstone is actualyl pretty good. While regular sightstone only gives 150 health for the price of 300 health, ruby sightstone gives 500 health for the price of 600 health. It is only slightly cost inefficient, and I think that the warding active is one fo the best actives in the game. I'd only get it in a cinderhulk build.
Ruby sightstone also decreases the CD on your red/blue trinket. 

2301.png 1 star
2200 gold for 200 health and 70 burst damage, 10% CDR, and sightstone and gold generation. Its stats are awful, and the non-sightstone gold generation items are much more appealing. 

2302.png1 star
The worst possible gold generation item for Warwick. Gives regen instead of combat stats or utility.

2303.png 1 star
The best of the Eye items for Warwick, but it is really outclassed by Face of the Mountain still. 

3001.png 4 stars
The AP is basically worthless, and since its a lategame item on Warwick you won't be making use of the CDR either. However, the magic reduction is great for Warwick's ult and passive and Q, and also works really well with Wits End, or Gunblade. Magic reduction helps a lot with your burst, and the added heal from your Q (both from AP and magic reduction) will give you back more health, to compliment the MR from this item. It also helps out your AP teammates a lot. Don't get it though if your team already has one.

3003.png 1 star
Warwick has an awful time stacking tear. It isn't like AP really does anything for you either. And there's better options for tank stats than the shield.

3004.png 2 stars
Muramana is really good on Warwick since it adds like 30% of his mana to his ult as damage, and 8% of his mana per additional auto attack. However, Warwick has an awful time charging tear, and Manamune doesn't do much for Warwick. Chances are you'll lose before you get the strong Muramana [and it isn't like it's broken OP on Warwick either.]

3006.png 2 stars
No contribution to burst, very little to tankiness (through your passive). They're an Okay DPS item, but Ninja Tabi and Merc Treads are GREAT tank items. 

3009.png 2 stars
After getting nerfed a lot, they're in a worse place than they were back when they were considered a troll item. They help you stick to your target but that's it basically. No combat stats.

3020.png 4 stars
Contribute to burst a lot, DPS some, and Tankiness some. They cause your ult and your Q to heal more and do a lot more damage. In a burst maximizing build, these are the only choice! They also work great with Wits End, Abyssal Scepter, and Gunblade.

3022.png 3 stars
A fairly tanky item, adds a little bit to burst and some to DPS. The real strength is in the utility though - it makes it very difficult to escape from Warwick between the slow and his E. Frozen Mallet isn't great at anything aside from its utility though, so you'll be lacking for combat stats.

3025.png 2 stars
The armor, CDR, and sheen procs are all useful. The slow isn't as good as it may sound though, since if you're chasing someone you don't really want to have to stop to Q in order to slow them. The armor also isn't very much, and the damage isn't enough to really make it a damage item either. It's severely lacking in stats, even after switching out your CDR runes. If you want a slow, get Randuin's! 

3026.png 5 stars
Warwick loves resistances! This item is cheap and allows Warwick to play much more aggressively due to the revive passive. It revives you with so much health that you can often live or even kill after reviving. It also allows you to ult right before being killed (for the first time), in order to do damage without really ccing yourself.

3027.png 2 stars
It gives a fair amount of health from raw stats, extra Q healing, and catalyst passive. It gives a little bit of extra damage. It's basically just a health item though - and if you just want health you should go Face of the Mountain.. or just get a Health and Resistance item like Omen/Deadmans/SV.

3031.png 1 star
Super expensive item. Gives a bit of damage to ult from the AD, and boosts DPS some, but you have much better choices for damage. 

3033.png 1 star
Your role is definitely not to be killing tanks. Piercing bonus armor isn't going to do much. 

3036.png 1 star
Your role is definitely not to be killing tanks. Piercing bonus armor isn't going to do much. 

3046.png 3 stars 
Well, it gives a lot of attack speed and crit chance which helps some with your DPS, but it also makes you tankier cuz of its passive, and the main thing is the massive amount of MS that it gives. So, lots of utility, fair amount of tankiness, fair amount of DPS. 

3047.png 5 stars
They are the go-to tank item vs AD teams! And they're especially good against auto attackers. Warwick's high self-healing gives him synergy with armor and damage blocking, so they are better than, for example, Health Boots would be. 

3050.png 1 star
Awful stats. You don't need Crit or bonus AP either. If anyone should get it, it should be your support.

3053.png 2 stars
Gives no damage to your ult, a little bit of damage to your DPS, and a fair amount of health. However, the health is really situational and will often not be as much as, say, Face of the Mountain.

3056.png 2 stars
It gives all the right stats, and an active that is situationally useful. However, it is really undertuned. If you want health and armor, get Omen or Deadmans. 

3060.png 1 star
Awful stats. If you want the MR aura, go Locket. I've never liked this item.

3065.png 5 stars
Definitely a core Warwick tank build item. It has a lot of MR, but its strength is in its massive healthpool. Between its base health and how much it buffs your regen, it will be making you really tanky. It also has great synergy with Guardian Angel.

3068.png 3 stars
The right kind of stats, and good stats, but it's outclassed by Omen and Deadmans. You shouldn't ever get all 3 of them either.

3069.png 1 star
Useless stats. The active is really good, but that's way too much gold to spend on just an active -- if anyone should get it, it should be your support.

3071.png 3 stars
Its issue is the lack of combat stats. Its strength is its utility. It will give you a lot of sticking power and will make your team do more damage to your target. However, it doesn't make you particularly tanky and doesn't give you a lot of damage.

3072.png 1 star
Super expensive. Doesn't give a lot of damage. If you want tank stats, buy a tank item. 

3074.png 2 stars
Well, it adds a 1.0 AD ratio to your burst, and adds 3.0 AD ratio to anyone standing near your ult. The life steal works a little bit with your ult and the AD boosts your ult a bit. It's super expensive though. If there's some super secret 100-0 AD Warwick build out there though, this is definitely in it.

3075.png 4 stars
Only good vs VERY physical damage oriented teams. Does a lot of damage vs auto attackers. This thing is the epitome of a niche item. The couple times in your life where you actually should buy it, it's really strong.

3078.png 3 stars
Almost every stat it gives is helpful. Unfortunately, it's super expensive, and sorta gets outclassed by Wits End. You also have to keep in min that this is super expensive. 

3083.png 2 stars
It's not that health and CDR are bad -- they're good. But this item really isn't a good place to get them. Face of the Mountain is like the same item but better. And Warwick doesn't particularly need Warmog's passive I don't think. 

3085.png 1 star
Its passive literally doesn't work on Warwick. 40% AS is cool, and crit chance isn't terrible, and MS is good, but.. it's outclassed by Phantom Dancer, for example.

3087.png 2 stars
AS is good, and your ult procs it once and then gives 60 stacks. However, there are better places to get burst and AS or DPS.

3089.png 1 star
AP isn't good on Warwick. This thing gives nothing but AP.

3091.png 5 stars
The greatest damage item for Warwick! One of the best burst items, one of the best DPS items, and a pretty good tank item. If you're building damage on Warwick, then you absolutely should rush Wits End. 

3092.png 1 star
95 damage to your burst isn't very good. 10% CDR isn't so much. Its strength is in its spooky active and its gold generation. You're better off going Face of the Mountain if you want a gold generation item though.

3094.png 1 star
Slightly worse version of Statick Shiv.

3100.png 1 star
The MS is nice, but you shouldn't really be building enough AP to make good use of the sheen proc. Little DPS, not god burst, awful tankiness. There's better MS items too.

3102.png 4 stars
Most of the time you are just going to want Wits, GA, and Spirit Visage for all of your MR needs. However, if you're vs a very heavy MR team, this is still a strong item. 

3111.png 5 stars
Tenacity is nice on Warwick, and it gives tank stats. Good vs magic damage!

3115.png 2 stars
Unfortunately doesn't work. Gives Warwick a .75 AP ratio to his burst, but the base damage isn't so good. Gives 20% CDR, but you won't need CDR lategame. So either you buy this early and do no damage, or buy it late and dont need CDR. It's also basically inferior to Wits as a damage item.

3116.png 2 stars
400 health isn't a particularly large amount. Gives a bit of extra damage to Q and a bit of extra healing -- its strength is in the slow on Q. But honestly, why not go Frozen Mallet?

3117.png 3 stars
They used to be Warwick's core boots. They make you hilariously fast -- really easy to get ult opportunities. They're also the cheapest boots. Unfortunately, they are the slowest boots when they're not active, so you'll get kited and won't be so good at anything besides your ult. 

3124.png 2 stars
Doesn't do so much for your ult. Isn't the best DPS item. Does little for tankiness. Very expensive. Your ult not stacking it makes this item very underwhelming. 

3135.png 2 stars
AP isn't good on Warwick, but magic pen is alright. However, if you're going for a magic pen build, you want Sorc/Wits/Abyssal.. even Haunting Guise would be better than this.

 3139.png 1 star
Small amount of tank stats, small amount of damage. The active is great, but not worth the cost.

3142.png2 stars
CDR is helpful, and armor pen can work well with bloodrazor and fervor, or other potential physical on-hit damage. The active gives as much AS as Wits and also gives much appreciated movement speed for 6 seconds. However, I'd compare this item to BorK, which gives you a lot more damage, and also a bit of tankiness through the life steal, while also letting you steal someone's movement speed. Still, this item may be useful in a secret AD Warwick build due to the armor pen.

3143.png 5 stars
A fantastically tanky item vs auto attackers -- even more-so if they build crit. Randuin's is, in addition to being really tanky, a utility item that prevents the enemy from running away due to its active. 

3146.png 4 stars
This item -only- works with a magic pen build. Fortunately, Wits is currently a core item, so you've already got half of a magic pen build anyways. Gunblade gives you ~430 magic damage, most of which is at the end of your combo after you've reduced their MR. Due to the ability to reduce a targets MR to 0 with Wits and Sorc, this number ends up being much larger than what you'd get from Titanic or BorK due to higher armor values. Gunblade also has a nice slow and increases your self-healing a lot. Unfortunately you tend to get bursted too quickly with these builds for self-healing to matter a lot. 

3147.png 2 stars
Maybe 3 stars. This item's strength is unarguably its burst. However, it also contributes to DPS a fair amount and gives appreciates movement speed. I'm going to actually look into this item soon. My wits -> sorc -> bloodrazor -> gunblade -> abyssal build doesn't work if the enemy team is stacking lots of MR. If that is happening, it might be good to exit the magic pen build and build physical damage burst items. This one might be a good choice. It has no place in a conventional bruiser build though.

3151.png 2 stars
Magic pen is really good on Warwick, and it gives a bit of health. Not sure if Warwick's ult procs it or if just his Q does. That shouldn't matter much though, since you'd only buy this in a burst build, in which case they aren't going to live for a DoT to matter. It has more than 1 star only because of the magic pen.

3152.png 3 stars
10% cdr and 300 health is nice. The strength comes from its active though, which gives a lot of burst damage and makes you hard to run away from (or could be used to get in ult range). It's also pretty cheap. To be honest this might be a 4 star item.

3153.png 3 stars
One of the best lategame items for burst and DPS. It also gives a little bit of tankiness from the lifesteal. Unfortunately, it's an expensive item and isn't as strong as it used to be. The GA SV Omen combo also is super strong lategame, so they tend to overshadow this lategame damage item. 

3156.png 2 stars
It's a pretty good MR item vs heavy magic damage. It isn't as good as Wits or SV or GA or BV though. And after that you've got your 6 items. Its damage contribution isn't amazing either. 

3157.png 1 star
AP isn't good on Warwick. Doesn't give very much armor. It's not like you're going to use Zhonyas to wait for your cooldowns to come back either.

3158.png 3 stars
The CDR on your flash can be pretty nice. As for the regular CDR, you're better off getting it from runes. Ninja Tabi and Merc Treads are pretty strong at the moment, so it's not worth swapping them for these. 

3165.png 1 star
You don't need AP, you don't need mana. 20% CDR is nice but you should get it anywhere but this item. 

3174.png 1 star
Very little MR. You don't need AP. You can't use its passive on yourself or an ally either. 

3190.png 3 stars
To be honest this one is 4 stars sorta. Ideally though you should bully your support into building it so that you don't have to though. It's a super strong item that every team should have regardless of who is on your team or the enemy team. However, it should be the support that gets it. 

3222.png 3 stars
To be honest I hadn't looked at this item until now. I'm going to have to add it to my program.. I could see this showing up in a build. 35 MR, 150+10% max health active and removes CC. And it's cheap. It looks like a good utility item that can give up to 550 health to yourself lategame. The mana regen is useless though.

3285.png 2 stars
It gives a little bit of damage, and a lot of movement speed. Too expensive to justify though.

3401.png 3 stars
It's really cheap, gives a bit of CDR, and gives A LOT of health after accounting for its 10% health shield. It also gives gold generation and you can shield your ally, or use it to give a slow! Unfortunately its shield is lategame, while you want gold generation earlygame.

3504.png1 star
You can't shield or heal your ally. The MS is nice but you don't need the AP or the mana regen. The on-hit doesn't work on yourself.

3508.png 1 star
You need CDR early, and this gives you CDR late. You don't really want crit or AD very much, and this item is expensive.

3512.png 3 stars
Resistences are good on Warwick. However, this item's strength ends up being its utility rather than its tank stats. I don't particularly like ZZ'Rot though.

3742.png 4 stars
A less tanky version of Randuin's. It makes it easier to catch people or engage, but makes it harder to stick to them. Still pretty good as a 2nd armor item vs heavy AD teams.

3748.png 3 stars
Not very much tankiness for the cost, and not much DPS. Great burst though. Its burst isn't out of line with other burst items though.Ever since the nerfs it hasn't been so strong. You might as well just get BorK, which gives slightly better burst, much better DPS, and still gives some tankiness through its lifesteal.

3800.png 3 stars
Probably has the greatest utility of any item in the game. Doesn't offer so much in the way of stats. Its active still almost makes it viable though.

3812.png 1 star
You don't really do enough physical damage for its passive to be very strong. AD doesn't do so much for you either. 

3110_32.png  2 stars
As a tank item, it is outclassed by Randuin's and other similar items. While it gives 20% CDR, running Frozen Heart and tank runes isn't as good as running CDR runes and Randuin's. Warwick doesn't have mana issues, so the mana doesn't really help either. 

6.23 info here! Back to Top

Alright, so I fixed up my program and did some theory crafting on the items. These results seem reasonable to me. Unfortunately I haven't been able to play in a couple months, so I have no idea what the new jungle is like. Right now this is all I can talk about.

Keystone Mastery:

Definitely go Courage of Colossus in the resolve tree. This is without a doubt the best keystone for Warwick this patch. Fervor was gutted on Warwick, while CoC still provides a great tank steroid whenever Warwick is using his ult. This will allow him to play more aggressively and survive. However, due to the loss of Fervor, Warwick CANNOT get by with building no damage items. Damage items should appear more frequently in Warwick's build, to compensate for the loss of Fervor's incredible amount of damage.

Which mastery to put 12 into?:

Based on my program, you should get Cunning if you are only building one damage item. Ferocity if you are getting two. According to my builds, you should then only get Cunning if the enemy has more than 70% Physical damage.

New, updated builds:

Too busy to type it out nicely atm. The values on the left (.8, .7, etc) are the physical damage of the enemy team (80%, 70%). To the right of them are the items you should build. They are in the correct order, except for Wits and Bloodrazor. In general, I recommend building Wits before bloodrazor.

Bork buffs seem really important! We're back to the old build from a long time ago, when BorK was 8%! Now we have CoC to supplement our tankiness though.  
Remember that BoRK gives a lot of health back when you ult someone, since your ult provides 30% life steal for BoRK's on-hit damage, and BoRK provides 10% life steal to your ult. 
So, BoRK might provide some incentive to ult people who are at higher health, so you can steal more health from them.

What about the tank/Burst builds?:

Definitely don't build full tank anymore. Warwick's base damage is pitiful without Fervor.
The new burst build might work, but I haven't checked it out so much. The new Burst build would be something like Wits, Sorc, Bloodrazor, BoRK, and then either Gunblade or GA. 

PBE Warwick discussion! Back to Top

Alright! So, as of 1/12/2017, here are my thoughts on how to play/build the new Warwick:

Also, while I believe top lane Warwick will be much stronger after the rework, I don't really know how to play top lane and won't comment much on it.

Summoner Spells

The two potential spells (aside from mandatory 11.png) are still 4.png and 6.png

Here's what I view to be the relevant changes to this debate.   
hungeringstrike.png -- becoming a gap closer. Traditionally, champions with no true gap closers will run ghost. Now that Warwick is gaining a gap closer, he has less trouble sticking to the enemy, and so he has less reason to run ghost. 
hunterscall.png -- taking the place of bloodscent. It is giving a situational massive movement speed boost, that is deactivated upon entering combat. This means that you will basically already have ghost, as you try to enter a fight. However, you will have a harder time sticking to a target once combat has begun, if they are kiting you. You will have to rely on your Q.
infiniteduress.png -- Now that it is a super long range skillshot, there's not really any reason to use it with flash. It also becomes faster, longer range, and more reliable with ghost. Also, this ability can basically replace flash as an escape tool, or chasing over a wall.


Conclusion: Ult provides a strong reason to choose ghost over flash. W sorta breaks even, and Q provides reason to run flash over ghost. I think that overall, there is now more reason to run ghost than flash, mostly do to the changes to his ult. 


The two appealing keystones appear to be Fervor of Battle and Courage of Colossus. 
Courage of Colossus will be in a nerfed state compared to how it is now (Like, RIOT is actually reducing its numbers). Warwick will be able to activate it with his E. However, Warwick is gaining more healing capability on his ultimate. This will mean that you want to have your health drain while you are ulting, so that all that healing isn't go to waste! If you ult at full health, and then CoC kicks in, you will lose out on a lot of the healing that you could have had.

Fervor of Battle on the other hand has a pretty clear buff for Warwick, in that his Q is gaining a large AD scaling, and his W is providing an extra amount of Attack Speed. This large AS steroid, in combination with the bonus damage from fervor, may allow for Warwick to treat Fervor as a crutch for his damage and to build mostly tank items. Additionally, the AD will cause his Q to actually heal him for more. 

It would appear that Fervor is going to be the mandatory keystone on Warwick. 

As to where to put your remaining 12 masteries, I'd say you should go with the tank skilltree, to get points into bonus healing/regen. This is extra good on Warwick, now that more healing has been added to his kit. 

Trade-offs on how you use his abilities

It looks like Warwick's kit was designed with some clear trade-offs in mind. Your abilities can serve different purposes of sorts based on when you use them.

warwickpassive.png- Warwick's passive is no longer going to stack. It does damage to the enemy, and will heal you if you are below 50%, and heal you even more if you're below 25% of your maximum health remaining. 

This encourages you to keep fighting when you are low health. It will be especially effective when you are fighting only 1 or 2 people. One you are below 25% health, it will be really hard for the enemy to kill you through DPS alone - they will probably have to burst you to take you down. 

However, this has some additional importance in Warwick's kit - Since his E reduces the damage he receives, Warwick can try to save his E for when he is below 50% or 25% health. This will ensure that he is healing himself for a longer period of time, which will make him stay alive for longer than if he used his E when he was at full health.  
Of course though, his E also has a CC, and often times it is important to use CC early in a fight. Using his E to increase survivability is probably most suited for 1v1 or 1v2 duels. 

hungeringstrike.png- Gaining an AD ratio, and a gap closer. This ability will damage and heal Warwick, but it also is a crucial gap closer. Vs certain enemies, you will want to save it to chase after the enemy as they use their CC/escape moves. If the enemy doesn't have those, or isn't trying to run though, you will want to use this ability as it comes off cooldown, in order to get healing and damage.

hunterscall.png - Granting lots of Attack Speed vs low HP enemies, and lots of movement speed if you are out of combat. The attack speed buff means that you are going to become really strong against enemies that are at low health. Combined with how you also become stronger as YOU become low health, it seems that you are going to become stronger as the fight goes on. So you will have to play Warwick sorta brave -- you'll be able to win fights that it appears you're losing at the beginning.   
You might wanna Q to enemies that are below 20% HP during teamfights, since you will tear them apart with your auto attacks, thanks to this ability.

Be careful of losing the movement speed by being hit though! If you are planning on Q'ing into the enemy backline at the start of a fight, be sure to get to them without being attacked first. This is a huge movement speed boost, so use it well to position yourself at the start of a fight!

bloodscent.png- Grants damage reduction for up to 2.5 seconds, and has a fear attached at the end. 
So, first, you are choosing between activating your fear early, or getting the full benefit of the damage reduction. A sort of clear "best case use" of this might be to prep it before you ult someone. This way, you will gain the damage reduction while you are ulting someone -- hopefully meaning that their team is hitting you. Then, you will land your fear after they are freed from your ult.
However, you also need to be sure that you aren't wasting the healing that your ult grants. If you ult while you are at high health, and you activate the damage reduction from this ability, you may be wasting the healing from your ult.

infiniteduress.png - Heals a lot, and is now a skillshot. Since it is a skill shot, it is probably not always going to be your initiation technique anymore. If an enemy is cced though, then feel free to use it like that! Probably more often though, you will want to initiate with your W MS, into your Q jump, into your E fear. Once the enemy is feared, you should be able to land your ult fairly reliably. Or, depending on how how reliable this combo is, it might be better to do run with W -> prep E as you jump with Q -> Point blank ult -> Fear target after ult ends.
The benefit of this is that you could be auto attacking them while they are feared, which would allow you to use your W's attack Speed bonus on them pretty well, since they will be low HP after your Q and ult.

But really, try not to miss your ult!  

Itemization Discussion

Warwick has a lot of free stats and certain item synergies, which will dictate how he should build.

  • Your ult heals for all damage you do during its duration. Your Q heals you for much of the damage dealt. Your passive heals you. 
                This means two things. First, you can basically build damage as a substitute for health. Second, since you                 have a lot of free health, resistances (MR, Armor) will be extra effective. 
  • Your W gives A LOT of free AS. It /will/ cap your AS vs someone under 20%, and will still be a huge amount vs someone under 50%.
                You don't have so much reason to build AS. It will be wasted vs targets below 20%, and may not be as                       good as flat AD or on-hit effects if the enemy is below 50% health. 
  • You went from 5 on-hits to 4-on hits in your combo. You also gained AD scaling on your Q. Your Q also procs Sheen. 
               AD, and potentially Sheen is an attractive alternative to on-hit damage for Warwick. 
  • Your Q is just sort of amazing.. and CDR helps it a lot.   
               Your Q grants lots of damage, healing, and allows you to stick to your target. CDR will be really                                important. It increases your damage, healing, and allows you to get off more auto attacks since you'll stay                in range of your target. 

Potential Item Builds?

Note: I haven't updated my program yet, so this is mostly theory and very little math.

       Let's start with discussing what jungle item Warwick should build. 

1414.png - Easily the worst choice. It grants 66 magic damage from its passive, and adds 60 damage to your Q. Warrior's grants like 100 magic damage to your ult, and like 72 magic damage to your Q. But Warriors also helps your autos.

1413.png - Probably the 2nd worst choice. This gives lots of HP, but Warwick doesn't really need HP so much. He can heal from his damage, and uses resistances better than he uses health.  The aura really isn't much damage compared to what Warriors or Bloodrazor would grant. Bloodrazors especially will be granting lots of health through the healing from his ultimate and his passive. While I do think that tanky Warwick is very strong, I don't think that the jungle item is the right place to be getting your tank stats.

1412.png - This is definitely a much more attractive option for Warwick than it used to be. Here are the break-even points, for where its 60 AD bonus gives as much damage as Bloodrazor would give.
Auto Attack - Enemy has 1500 health
Q - enemy has 1800 health
R - enemy has 833 health. 

So, it would appear that Bloodrazor is immediately better for Warwick's ultimate, while Warriors will be better for Warwick's Q for a long time. Auto attacks may be fairly even early game, since the enemy will have less than 1500 health, but Bloodrazor will grant attack speed.  
Bloodrazor will return more health from his ultimate, but will return none from his Q. However, bloodrazor will return more from his passive. 

Without math and a well defined situation, I'm having trouble saying if Bloodrazor or Warriors is better. I think this much should be true though:  

Bloodrazor is definitely better lategame. If Warwick has to rush Tiamat before he completes his jungle item, then Bloodrazor is definitely the way to go.   

A lot of Warriors power comes from its CDR which goes towards Q, and the healing bonus it gives to Q. If Warwick is to max W before Q, then bloodrazor is definitely better. 

Aside from that, I'm not so sure if Bloodrazor or Warriors is better. 10% CDR goes a long way on Warwick I think.

3047.png- Warwick loves resistances now. These will be strong.

3111.png - CC reduction isn't as important as it used to be, due to the gap closer on Warwick's Q. Still good vs magic damage though.  

3020.png - Damage buff towards Warwick's Q and ult. Also returns a lot of extra health from both abilities. Has synergy with Warrior's Enchantment, and Wit's End. 

3158.png - Warwick loves CDR for his Q. If you can't get it elsewhere, you may need to get it here. 

3057.png - Procs on Warwick's ult (and heals him!) Procs on Warwick's Q. Provides CDR. This seems like a core item now. We'll have to consider if it's worth buying a Sheen and just never upgrading it.  

3077.png - There is a lot of reason to discuss this item. It greatly improves Warwick's jungle clear speed (it reduces the camps HP so that W can kick in), and Warwick also gained better use of AD. It also have a very situationally strong interaction with his ult though. During your ult, you will activate Tiamat 3 times. You will also heal for all of the splash damage that Tiamat does. This means that if you ult someone who is surrounded by minions, wolves, wraiths, or perhaps several allies, Tiamat is going to be restoring you A LOT of health. 

3025.png - Grants 20% CDR, gives armor (which Warwick gains a lot of tankiness from), and gives AoE damage on his ult (potential for a lot of healing). However, don't forget that it will also proc from your Q, which means that the enemy will be slowed while you jump to them. Since you don't have any movement speed from your Bloodscent during combat, this will make you VERY sticky, in conjunction with your low Cooldown Q. 
I predict that this will be -THE- core item for Warwick. 

3748.png - The health is sorta lackluster. However, AD is pretty good on Warwick, and you can prep this active before ulting someone, to potentially receive a MASSIVE bonus of health, if you land a lot of the AoE. How strong this item is will largely depend on how often you actually can get some absurd 1000 extra health return on your ult. 

3091.png - Still going to be pretty good, probably. You no longer stack it as easily, but it will still be returning a lot of healing for your ult, and will do some for your Q, depending on how well you can keep attacking the target that you've shredded. It is definitely not the core item that it once was, though. Attack Speed isn't as important anymore.

3153.png - Not so important now. Attack Speed is less important, and I don't think life steal works with Warwick's ultimate anymore. Your kit already gives you a lot of healing anyways, so the life steal isn't as appreciated either.

3078.png - I'm hearing a lot of people claim this item will be good. I'm not buying it though. Too expensive, and Iceborne is just too good on Warwick.

3742.png - I've seen a lot of people claim this is core as well. I dont think Warwick needs the MS for his ult, since it is risky to use a max range ult. I also think that Warwick has enough out of combat MS from his W. The health isn't partiularly needed either. I've seen people argue that the slow works really well with your Q - however, this is already covered by Iceborne Gauntlet. 

3065.png - CDR is really good, and the extra healing will work well with Warwick. MR is also really good. Health isn't so great, but I think this item is already great without the health. I think this will probably be the core MR item instead of Wit's End. 

3146.png - This item has been getting mentioned a lot too. I'm not a fan. I think this item's best use is in a burst build, where it can be made to have synergy with Sorc Shoes and Wit's End. However, I think Warwick can't be built as full burst anymore. The loss of certainty in his ult means that he needs to be prepared to be useful even if he misses his ult. This item adds 128 damage to Warwick's Q, but that isn't really more than Sheen adds! 

3143.png - Active overlaps with Iceborne some. Health isn't so great. However, this item still acts as a huge Armor item.

3075.png - You now heal for the damage that people do to you while you're ulting someone! As a resistance item, this will probably be pretty good on Warwick now. 

3071.png - I've heard people mentioning this one as well. I really don't think you should get it. You build its stacks really slow, you don't have so much physical damage, and you don't needs its health. There are better ways to get your CDR.

3026.png - Lots of resistances, and it revives you at sorta low health, which is your strong point! This is probably still a good item on Warwick. You might be able to revive and then immediately ult someone, since you're immune to cc during your ult's dash. 

3156.png - Why haven't people been mentioning this thing though? It gives you AD, MR, CDR, and a magic damage shield when you reach 30% health - this will make you super hard to burst down once you get to that phase where your passive sustains you through everything that isn't burst damage. I would really consider getting this item - at least vs heavy magic damage  teams.

3001.png- Not the greatest, but it might fit in somewhere. Gives MR, CDR, and increases your healing from your ult, and especially your Q. Might fit into some build against heavy magic damage teams.

Some potential builds: (assuming you run around 10% CDR runes)

Against heavy Physical Damage:
3715.png -> 3047.png-> 3025.png -> 1419.png -> 3075.png -> 3143.png -> 3026.png 

More damage:
3715.png -> 3047.png-> 3025.png -> 1419.png -> 3748.png -> 3075.png -> 3143.png 

Some more mixed builds:
1419.png -> 3047.png -> 3025.png -> 3065.png -> 3026.png  -> Situational

More damage: 
1412.png -> 3047.png -> 3025.png -> 3091.png -> 3748.png -> 3026.png

1419.png -> 3047.png -> 3025.png -> 3156.png -> 3748.png -> 3026.png

Against heavy Magic Damage:
1412.png-> 3111.png ->  3065.png -> 3156.png -> 3026.png -> Situational

More damage:
1412.png -> 3111.png -> 3156.png -> 3091.png -> 3001.png -> 3026.png


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