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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

This is mostly a tool for pissing off your enemies while they desperately try to catch you. 4.png towards them, laugh, get caught, then escape easily anyway.

Even better for fukking up enemies, but with a lot lower cooldown (210s). Taking the "Insight" mastery with 3158.png(haha) further decreases its cooldown.

You'll want to be on a (any) lane to piss off your enemies all the time. Show dominance by presence!
Also a must-have for splitpushing. You will need to join your team in case a fight breaks out.
Channeling time increased from 3.5 to 4.5 seconds in Patch 6.13.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Since Patch 6.4, 18/0/12 with the revamped Warlord's Bloodlust is my way to go for Tanksuo 157.png in most matchups.

Ferocity Tree

  • Fury for increased attack speed
  • Double Edged Sword for slightly more damage. Feast's cooldown (even though quite high) got increased with Patch 5.23.
  • If you don't have a team with loads of CC, you're better off picking Bounty Hunter over Oppressor.
  • On 157.png, any kind of penetration isn't really needed. In this case we don't have any choice, so pick Battering Blows (armor penetration) over Piercing Thoughts (magic penetration).

(taken from League Wiki)
The amount of life-steal gained caps-out at 80% missing health, but does not scale linearly.
  • 10% missing health: ~1%
  • 50% missing health: ~9%
  • 80% missing health: 20%

Resolve Tree

  • Unyielding is strong to increase defense, since you buy several tank items. Recovery for slightly more sustain.
  • Explorer for more movement speed. Tough Skin is rather useless...
  • Veteran's Scars for more HP. Got nerfed in Patch 5.23, now grants a flat amount instead of a percentage. Runic Armor to increase the healing of Warlord's Bloodlust.
  • Insight grants lowered summoner spell cooldowns. Why not! Take Perseverance for longer stays on lane. The sustain (especially below 25% health) is actually pretty neat. You should be careful in that case though ;)

Alternative: Grasp of the Undying

If you trade shortly, but often (for example against very aggressive opponents like 92.png, 114.png, 2.png), Grasp of the Undying might prove more effective. The damage and heal got lowered in Patch 6.8 from 3% to 2.5%.


Alternative: Fervor of Battle

Fervor of Battle is nice to increase your overall damage, but you forfeit the additional sustain. Only effective with tanky builds with some attack speed imo.

Abilities Back to Top


First Skill

As first skill against melee opponents, take Q and poke with your tornado, which can also trigger the "Grasp of the Undying" keystone mastery in case you use it.

Skill Path

No matter the build or role, nearly always you should max E first. Not only allows it for faster and more dashes, but also no one buys MRes against 157.png and most top laners take scaling MRes or CDR.
Max Q first, if you want to play reeeally defensively (not recommended) and lasthit from a distance.


Start with Q, skill E to level 3, then max out Q. Still decent mobility with better poke.

Update: Every basic ability received some bug fixes in Patch 6.14. Finally!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Start against AD (standard)
    Start against AP
    fuck this shit i go for first blood

Core Items

    my preferred full build against mixed damage if the enemy doesn't have more than one tank/bruiser. (pick either grasp of the undying or warlord's bloodlust for sustain)
    a viable replacement for pd, i prefer it on glass-cannon builds tough
    you can buy this instead of sterak's, its passives are really strong; attack speed removed with patch 6.7. important note: see item explanations!
    they have blitz/thresh/taric/naut etc? no need to worry anymore! replacement for spirit visage w/o additional health regen augmentation
    extremely good against crit-heavy champions like jhin or yasuo (haha)
    if you want to opt for even more mobility / pushing / turret killing power. does not grant crit but 40% attack speed since 6.11. good as 3rd item
    the "counter tanks with high attack speed and on-hit damage build" (pick fervor of battle!) is better against teams with at least 3 tanks. statikk's for magic damage (against armor stackers), botrk for %-health damage, high attack speed for lots of fervor attacks and hydra procs. the rest consists of tank items to endure longer fights.
    my "hp build" w/o any resistances. the damage output is surprisingly high (take warlord's bloodlust or fervor if you have life steal in runes). replace mallet with triforce if you don't want the slow. also very good for mid lane.
    fits well in almost every build and situation. important note: see item explanations!
    the "almost full tank build"; play with grasp of the undying and ghost instead of flash. Replace swiftness boots with mobility boots if you prefer those for better roaming

Situational Items

    other viable armor items
    wit's for more attack speed. needs to stack 5 times by auto attacking/q'ing in order to be effective. very situational
    ga if you absolutely want to prevent your own death. portal if you aim to become the ultimate splitpusher :D
    if you absolutely want more ls
    if you want to ridicule your enemies, this is for you. not necessarily a troll pick on yasuo, since it heals for all damage dealt, but there are better options out there. Also has a nice (instant since 6.9) active and increases your e's damage
    an assassin item on a tank? why? for the glory of satan ofc
    need engage? worry no more, this will help. Only speeds up yourself since patch 6.9
    Expensive but strong option against cc or debuffs you absolutely have to remove (like darius bleed stacks or nasus slow). doesn't remove zed ult since 6.9
    fukk this sh1t i go for damage
    The famous hourglass a.k.a the "Trollyas". the cdr is a little useless, but the active is nice to counter high burst.

Start and first back

Against most matchups, you'll want to start with 1029.png, but if you face an AP champ like 68.png, a 1033.png or 1054.png is better, building into 3065.png / 3102.png.
Try to aim for a 1011.png or at least a 1031.png, 1001.png are always to nice to have, especially early on.

Example Core Builds

My core mostly looks like this (esp. since Patch 6.4's buff to Warlord's Bloodlust):

The "HP Hunter":
For some days already, I'm experimenting with my "HP build" (in this build order; mix in boots where you like it) and I have been quite successful:
(3006.png got buffed and imo they are viable again. 3009.png got nerfed in 6.11.)
You get insane waveclear even w/o 3087.png and the 3748.png deals over 100 damage to nearby targets in late game. The 3022.png is especially useful against our favourite pony 120.png, but also against other high move speed champs.
Don't forget to frequently use the 3748.png's active (which also works on turrets)! Also, if you don't like the 3022.png, replace it with 3078.png.

The "counter tanks with high attack speed and on-hit damage build":
When I go against 3 or even more tanks, I like to replace 3031.png with 3153.png and pick Fervor of Battle.
Of couse this only gives me 60% crit chance, but FoB combined with high attack speed allows me to stay (decently) relevant in team fights and duels. Example:


The "almost full tank build":
Sometimes, I'm in the mood to be extremely annoying, e.g. when my team comp is way better. I don't go out to kill, I go out to annoy the sh1t out of the enemy team. This build works like charm when you want to keep several opponents busy while your team. This is also really ridiculous when doing a 12.png gank with homeguard and 6.png. (You are so fukking fast!)
Take a look:
3117.png / 3009.png3742.png3046.png3065.png

Core Items

Best boots, buy them after completing your 1st item. Fukk rito for removing boot enchantments...

Health, armor and a nice movement speed passive are (almost) a must-have on Tank 157.png.
70 AD, 20% crit and 25% stronger crits. Good item in terms of damage. +5 AD with Patch 6.12.

The PD is really strong in 1v1 situations. Attack speed, crit, ghosting + movement speed increasing passive. The passive decreases damage dealt to you by your last attacked target for 10 seconds by 12% (!).

Increases your base AD, mich means stronger auto hits and Q attacks (and potentially Sheen procs). Also grants a bunch of HP and a shield which now trigger when falling below 30% health (since patch 6.9).
The lifeline passive is shared with 3156.png since patch 6.9, so only one of the shields will actually trigger. Don't buy both! Only both shields can trigger if one is on cooldown.

Lots of health, armor and and attack speed/movement speed slow passive + active make this one of, if not the best armor item.

More health, magic resist and a 35s cooldown spell shield. Extremely useful to counter any kind of hard engage.

Kind of like 3102.png, but the passive increases all kinds of HP regen by a huge 20% (e.g. life steal). Very strong. 

Situational Defensive Items

Surprisingly, hardly anyone every buys this, but in prolonged fights, this can deal quite some (magic) damage. Especially useful when the enemy team buys loads of armor. Makes you wall dashes way harder though due to automatic monster aggro.

Best if combined with at least one other armor item. Very nice against heavy auto attackers like 23.png, 266.png, 11.png, 157.png (haha) and most marksmen.

Not overly strong, but slightly underrated item. As tank, you can freely dive enemies, and this baby is godlike for these situations, it even grants more movement speed when near turrets (also fallen ones). Very useful active ;)

Do you even know this item? Very strong on penetrative splitpushers like 27.png. Grants both magic resist and armor and the same passive as 3056.png, so don't buy both. The active lets you place a "nest" (with 5 HP like a pink ward), which spawns voidlings attacking nearby enemy structures.

A must-have when facing the dark pony 120.png. The slow substantially lowers his damage output.

Good mix of offense and defense, the magic damage absorbing shield can save your life when getting hit by some high burst. 3124.png's old passive is now this one's new additional passive. MRes reduced to 40 and attack speed removed with Patch 6.7.
The lifeline passive is now shared with 3053.png since patch 6.9, so only one of the shields will actually trigger. Don't buy both! Only both shields can trigger if one is on cooldown.

One of the most expensive items in League. High AD, magic resist and an active that removes all debuffs. Very useful to counter hard CC. Doesn't remove 238.png's ult and doesn't grant life steal anymore since patch 6.9.

Attack speed, magic resist, 40 on-hit damage and steals magic resist from the target hit. (And grants it to you for 5 seconds. This even works on minions, who don't have any magic resist.) Works well with Fervor of Battle.

Situational offensive Items

Grants 40% and no crit chance since 6.11. Still a good allround item, but only if you already have some crit.

Viable alternative to 3046.png. The additional waveclear is nice and since the passive proc deals magic damage (which can crit as well), it's a nice option against armor stacking tanks. Got nerfed hard in patch 5.23 but buffed in 6.3.

Plain AD, lots of life steal and a growing shield.

Not an overly effective item in most cases. Only use it combined with Fervor of Battle, then it's strong (and it's my favourite LS item). Very strong against tanks of all kinds and in a duel, it can give the winning edge. Also good as first item in poke-heavy lanes.

Like the BT, but no shield. Grants cleave damage. Not overly good, but its passive procs on your Q as well.

Good alternative for Tanksuo, especially combined with lots of HP and high attack speed. See HP build.

Not that bad actually. You heal from your ult (which deals physical damage). CDR reduces cooldown from W and R, which is nice, but not necessary. Better alternatives exist, see above.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Akali
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
  • Fiora
  • Garen
  • Illaoi
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Kennen
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Nasus
  • Renekton
  • Rengar
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Shyvana
  • Vayne




Difficulty: 6/10 - 10/10

Since you have low sustain, this guy makes the laning phase hell for you. Whatever poke you do, he just sustains it back. Use minions and bushes to your advantage to cause prolonged fights and multiple trades w/o getting hit by too many auto attacks.

When he suddenly aatroxQ.png onto you, you are about to get ganked. Try to dodge it using your high move speed and yasuoE.png. Disengage when he uses aatroxR.png until it runs out.

You can yasuoW.png his aatroxE.png.




Difficulty: 4/10 - 7/10

Tank 84.png being the meta pick right now, this can prove to be a tough matchup, since she scales similarly well as you do. She can still assassinate squishies provided she doesn't get peeled off.
Everyone in your team, included yourself, should carry a 2043.png at all times. Use it wisely especially in team fights.




Difficulty: 4/10 - 6/10

A mediocre matchup where it's up to you not to get hit by rupture.png. Dance around minions on order to avoid it.

His vorpalspikes.png will constantly pop your shield, be prepared to fight w/o it.
feast.png deals true damage, so MRes is only partially useful. Get some HP and sustain to match his'.




Difficulty: 6/10 - 8/10

Is considered a hard counter to 157.png, but it's easier as a Hyper-Velocity Tank.
Careful when trading, let his bleeding stacks run out before going in again. When trading with yasuoE.png, walk back towards your turret instead of yasuoE.pnging back, because the dash can be interrupted by his dariusaxegrabcone.png. If this happens and you can't yasuoE.png on a nearby minion, you're in a lot of trouble.

With 3140.png / 3139.png, you can remove all bleeding stack. E.g. use it right before he ults to substantially lower his damage output.


Dr. Mundo


Difficulty: 15/10

The madman's damage is insane right now, be especially careful pre-6. He will build full tank w/ lots of HP which his new masochism.png scales with very well. He will chase you to infinity and beyond. Pick 3065.png or 3102.png as first item or will have zero chances of surviving.




Difficulty: 7/10 - 8/10

He is extremely strong right now. Evade his stun at all cost or the cost will be your life.




Difficulty: 2/10 - 5/10

My favourite top lane matchup with Tanksuo. This is completely skill-dependant. Fiora has higher powerspikes, but you have more. Play around hers and she will hardly be able to kill you.

  • Pick Grasp of the Undying
  • Start with 1055.png
  • Build 3742.png first, then 3046.png

Engage whenever you want, dance around her and make her miss fiorariposte.png. Otherwise block it with yasuoW.png. When she ults you, kite her / run away until it runs out.




Difficulty: 4/10 - 7/10

New 86.png is extremely strong, fast and durable. When going in for trades, try to avoid garenbladestorm.png with your yasuoE.png. His garenjustice.png is an execute, be careful that your health doesn't drop below ~30%.
If you are the villain, it deals true damage. (<.<)




Difficulty: 6/10 - 8/10

She is still quite strong atm. She has long-range poke, tons of damage (pun intended), enormous sustain (if she hits illaoiQ.png) and great areal damage in team fights.

Be quick when trading, don't get hit by her illaoiE.png, or the curse placed upon you will spawn attacking tentacles near you. Her illaoiQ.png has a short delay which makes it easy to dodge, but the target indicator is way smaller than the actual impact area.

Got nerfed several times over the 6.x patches and got her overall damage lowered, but is still strong and very annoying.




Difficulty: 4/10 - 7/10

True damage is always annoying, but you can win all-ins when there are enemy minions nearby. Work with your yasuoE.png. When she ults, block the blades with yasuoW.png and dance around it. Do the same when she activates ireliahitenstyle.png.

New 39.png (Patch 6.7) has only minor changes/buffs.




Difficulty: 4/10 - 8/10

If you manage to avoid his stun (use your yasuoE.png), then you win the trades pre-6.
Post-6, you need some MRes to withstand his high magic damage.
Fall back when he ults, he will be too tanky to take him down. He might suddenly jaxleapstrike.png on you, which can indicate a gank.

When he is (nearly) fully build, don't fight him at all, his damage is way too high.




Difficulty: 3/10 - 5/10

Can be hard to kill him, he stuns you when you have 3 passive stacks on you and just flees with kennenlightningrush.png. Careful with his kennenshurikenstorm.png which deals a ton of damage.

Use yasuoW.png to block kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png or yasuoE.png to dodge.




Difficulty: 6/10 - 8/10

Get some early MRes and you'll be fine but you won't even come close to killing the rock. Maxing yasuoE.png first for magic damage is especially important in this matchup since he gets really armor-heavy.
Take Grasp or Warlords to sustain yourself, fitting to your playstyle.




Difficulty: 8/10 - 10/10

One of your hardest matchups. Every time you use yasuoQ.png or yasuoE.png he gets a passive stack, which grants him infinite sustain, so try to minimalise your yasuoQ.png/yasuoE.png use and only farm with autohits. His all-in is strong due to high base stats and he can set up ganks really well. Freeze the lane near your turret, but don't get pushed in with a big wave.




Difficulty: 10/10

I would advise starting with 1055.png and going for 3087.png as first item in order to have a chance to keep him from farming. 3153.png second if you want to be able to kill him.
wither.png shuts you down completely. If you want to play aggressive, try at level 1, best w/ 14.png.




Difficulty: 6/10 - 10/10

He has built-in armor reduction, that's why you can start with some damage against him, since he will shred armor anyway. 1011.png Would be good though. In this matchup, it is especially important to only trade when your shield is up and/or his renektonpreexecute.png stun is on cooldown.




Difficulty: 4/10 - 6/10

The only difficulty is his rengarW.png sustain. You can outtrade him at any stage of the game. Just be careful when you're low, he might ult and jump on you. With your yasuoW.png you can block his rengarE.png to prevent getting slowed/rooted.




Difficulty: 3/10 - 5/10

As Tanksuo, this matchup is rather easy, as long as you survive her all-ins at levels 2,3 and 6. Be especially wary if she has 14.png.
You could take 3.png over 12.png, if you want that extra bit of security and dueling potential.
Try to dash around her to avoid her Q3 knockup. Your yasuoW.png blocks her rivenfengshuiengine.png's active.




Difficulty: 6/10 - 9/10

Really hard to kill this little guy, even when playing assassin. He has way more damage, so start with 1054.png or 1028.png or 1033.png.
Evade his rumblegrenade.png in order to not get slowed. Try to immediately leave rumblecarpetbomb.png and only fight him when he just used his rumbleshield.png or when he is about to stop overheating.

Since most 68.png players go for 3136.png first, don't necessarily get MRes yet but rather fetch some HP, like a 1011.png. Otherwise a 3211.png is also fine. Then opt for damage.

Example: 1011.png3046.png3153.png




Difficulty: 5/10 - 7/10

If you're not good at dodging her shyvanafireball.png, start with some magic resist/health.
Otherwise, start with 1029.png. Don't ever fight her when you have shyvanafireball.png's debuff on you or the half-dragon will deal percent magic damage; this hurts like hell.

You can juke her shyvanatransformcast.png quite easily if your reaction is fast enough; be careful post-6.




Difficulty: 10/10

Who the fuck plays AD carries on top lane?
Anyway, you're doomed if you don't build damage. Leave the tank path and destroy her a$$.

Why play Tanksuo? Back to Top


Srsly, playing Tanksuo and dashing (call it dancing) around enemies endlessly is so much fun.
You are the personification of annoyance, almost like17.png, but way cooler and way more disruptive. Careful, you share the same hidden passive.
When you have your 3009.png and 3742.png, you are almost uncatchable. You have your base damage items so you are still able to kill, especially squishies.

You can of course play normal/assassin 157.png on top  like you're playing mid, but normally your opponents will be tanky with high base stats and you will have difficulties staying alive.
Furthermore, if your team doesn't have a tank, you can serve as an initiator: you are fast and you have an areal knockup which grants your team some time to follow up.


  • Only squishy in early game
  • Extremely fun to play
  • Tanky, you don't die that easily
  • Good damage output (for a tank)
  • Extreme velocity (haha)
  • Very high mobility
  • Built-in armor penetration
  • Can block any enemy projectile (no turret shots though)


  • Not the highest damage

Playstyle Back to Top

Early game

Even when playing Tanksuo, try to poke a lot with Q and auto hits, trade with tornado and dash in and out to avoid taking damage. When reaching level 6, don't hesitate to use your ult freely, don't necessarily use it as an execution tool.
Your early trade potential is quite high, if you're not facing an overly tanky champion, like 14.png.

Mid game

Join your teammates to secure objectives and turn team fights around. Farming is always important, but don't neglect your duties as a team member. This can be taking top turret after your lane opponent started roaming or when ganking another lane or you gank another lane yourself if a possibility arises (don't forget teleport).

If tanky enough, you can act like 27.png and distract some opponents while your allies push turrets or take baron/dragon.

Late game

This is where Tanksuo shines. If no one else, you can be the one engaging - and 157.png can do that pretty damn well. Charge up your tornado and use the knockup to grant your team the time to follow up.

Be fast, be tanky, be annoying - be the Tanksuo.

Show them your Hyper-Velocity.

Skins Back to Top


This one's okay, but...


...these three are best. Trust me, I'm an engineer.

Changelog Back to Top

July 29th 2016

  • Updated for Patches 6.10 - 6.15

May 11th 2016

  • Updated for patch 6.9
  • Expanded section "Items"
  • Updated some matchup details
  • Made slight adjustments to "Summoner Spells" section
  • Little updates to "Masterie" section

April 25th 2016

  • Improved some descriptions
  • Added Blade of the Ruined King in item descriptions

April 22nd 2016

  • Fixed some grammatical mistakes

April 20th 2016

  • Updated for Patch 6.8

April 11th 2016

  • added some more skin tips :D

April 5th 2016

  • added sections "Why play Tanksuo?" and "Playstyle"
  • updated for Patch 6.6

March 1st 2016

  • Updated for Patch 6.4

December 13th 2015

  • Added explanations for every section
  • updated for Patch 5.24

December 3rd 2015

  • Guide created

About the author Back to Top

Hey there, this is Chrymbor from EU West.
I really enjoy playing unusual picks (haha).

If you have any questions or remarks to make about my guide, please leave a comment below. :)

Also check out my other guides.

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