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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Summoner Spells

6.png Ghost

After testing out ghost, i can conclude by saying it is god damn amazing on jungle yorick. The ganks you can get off that you couldn't with flash are much more rewarding, i strongly recommend trying this over flash if you feel comfortable with it.

4.png Flash

You'll want to take Flash so you can keep up with champions that have gapclosers, as well as to escape pesky jungle invades that you cannot out-duel in the early game such as Nidalee/Elise and a good Lee-Sin.

11.png Smite

Every jungler needs smite, it lets you buy the jungle items that are part of Yoricks core items. You'll want to use it to secure buffs, camps and objectives as well as help you deal extra damage.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


6111.png 5 Points
Will give you extra attack speed to clear the jungle.
6121.png 1 Point
Your mist walkers activate this mastery, so you can safely activate the extra damage without having the use of your auto attack.
6134.png 5 Points
This mastery will give you extra AD and AP, which will boost your mist walkers damage and give your E a small extra damage bonus through the AP.
6142.png 1 Point
The only mastery in the trio that increases your damage to monsters during your jungle clearing.


6312.png 5 Points
Five extra damage to minions and monsters will speed your clear, and you need the extra damage. The swiftness mastery is very good too, so it's mostly personal preference.
6323.png 1 Point
The yorick playstyle I perform has a lot of one on one time, and i generally don't play very group orientated. However the other masteries in this section are almost as good as this, so feel free to take the buff duration over this if you prefer it.
6331.png 5 Points
Bonus damage to champions below 40% health is always good, and you should never run into mana trouble enough to take the points in meditation.
6341.png 1 Point
This damage will help your jungle clear by a lot, as well as boost your damage in the early ganks when you come out from a bush. It's extremely effective on high hp targets like the single camps, definitely make use of it during your clears.
6352.png 5 Points
You can take either this or the precision mastery. personal preference is this mastery, because the flat cooldown reduction and over-capping it allows you to have your ultimate up faster and the nerf to lethality makes precision less appealing. If you want more damage, go precision but i recommend against it.
6361.png 1 Point
The strongest keystone for Yorick in my view. The movement speed it provides lets you kite, catch up and escape. It is easily activatable throughout the game, and it lets you keep up with the champion you're trying to kill very easily. The slow reduction is a big bonus, and it has a low cooldown so you can keep activating it. 

Abilities Back to Top

yorickpassive.png Shepherd of Souls
Your passive is your whole kit, it allows you to summon four mist walkers that will accompany you throughout the game. 

yorickq.png Last Rites
This spell has a huge AD ratio, and a very small cooldown. Make sure to use it to last hit the creeps or camps in order to summon four ghouls every time. This coupled with the sheen effect from trinity will lead to insane burst damage on a short cooldown which will often proc the Stormraiders keystone. Definitely max this spell first.

yorickw.png Dark Procession
One of the most underestimated abilities in the game, in my view one of the most broken game. With max level and Cooldown Reduction, the downtime for this ability is 3.2 seconds which is not a long time at all. The damage it takes scales with every two levels starting at 1/3/5. If you want to max this ability second to get it's health higher, you can. 

yoricke.png Mourning Mist
Another extremely strong ability, this is the most important spell in his kit outside his ultimate. Your damage will rely on your mist walkers and maiden and this is one of the only ways to redirect your pets to do what you want. You will be using this spell to redirect aggro, de-aggro and slow others as well as speed yourself up. I prefer to max this spell second because the cooldown goes down a lot, and it is extremely important in maximizing your damage.

yorickr.png Maiden of the Mist
This is a huge portion of your damage. Her damage will redirect the mist walkers aggro, and she will often come to your aid if you engage in fighting a champion. She has very specific factors that direct her attention, such as when she will run down a lane and when she will run to your assistance and i will go into detail of this later on. Whenever you hit something she is already hitting, it activates % health damage which is extremely good for you. Level this spell whenever you can, it is extremely important and if the maiden is summoned already when you level it again, it will gain the benefits of the next ranked's health and % health damage.

A big part of what makes the maiden strong is that she can have 4 of her own mist walkers near her (this clashes with 4 being you), and that she turns any opposing minions/monsters into mist walkers when they die near the maiden.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Starting Items

1041.png Hunters Machete
Your starting items are machete and a refillable potion. The extra damage from machete outweighs the affect that the talisman provides, and your mist walkers benefit from the 10% lifesteal against jungle monsters. In this situation, any damage that is lifestealed from your mist walkers is healed to Yorick and not the ghouls themselves. 
2031.png Refillable Potion
There is no reason to take potions over a refillable, Yorick should not be struggling to sustain in the jungle anymore than a refillable can assist with and it is much more cost efficient in the meantime.

Core Items

1412.png Skirmisher's Sabre: Warrior Enchantment
I like to refer to the core items as Yorick's holy trinity, starting off with the Skirmisher's sabre. The build i provide does not have a lot of tankiness, which is where the effect from Skirmisher's comes into play. It will reduce your damage taken by a significant amount, as well as give you a burning effect to anyone you attack after they have been smited. You can keep this effect prolonged through constant damage, so it is definitely the go-to jungle item. It also provides 10% cooldown reduction which is extremely good and necessary on Yorick.

Warrior enchantment is the best enchantment, with this your power will spike and your ghouls will have a stupid amount of damage, enough to deal heavy damage to anyone from their damage alone. You want to rush this item as soon as you can, starting with getting the Skirmishers Sabre and the Caulifield Hammer second.

3078.png Trinity Force
Your strongest item, this is your most important buy. The component order of buying is completely up to you, but i prefer to go for the Sheen first, with the stinger second and the phage as your last buy before you combine them. This is primarily because i find the cooldown reduction to be the most important stat to get as soon as possible, and the movement speed provided by phage can be made up for by getting stormraiders surge.

Since Yorick has extremely high base damage, the sheen effect of 200% base AD whenever you cast a spell is super strong on him. This item provides almost all the stats that Yorick needs, definitely don't miss buying it.

A lot of people suggest Black Cleaver instead, i will cover why to buy Trinity over Black Cleaver later on.

3812.png Death's Dance
An amazing pickup for Yorick, with the new buffs he now benefits from this more than ever. The 15% lifesteal from physical damage allows your mist walkers to heal you whenever they attack, as well as being activated by the sheen effect in trinity force. The 30% damage reduction also lets you take less damage while being able to recover the damage postponed by the healing effect provided. 

It also provides the remaining cooldown reduction that you are missing to give you a total of 45% cooldown reduction.

3047.png3111.png3117.png Boots
Choose your boots based on the opposing team or your playstyle. 
If they have heavy CC and magic damage, build merc treads.
If they have heavy physical damage dealers, invest in ninja tabi.
If you want to farm faster and roam the map, buy mobility boots.

Situational Items

3026.png Guardian Angel
After the changes, this is an extremely appealing item for Yorick. It gives extra attack damage, as well as a small amount of armor and a revive passive effect. Your ultimate and mist walkers will remain alive for the period of time that you revive, which may be the difference between a winning fight and a losing fight. It also lets you play a bit more aggressive knowing you have a second life.

3053.png Steraks Gage
I see a lot of people building this, and for good reason. Yorick has huge base Attack damage so he benefits very good from this. However with the changes to the shield, it now benefits from bonus health instead of base health. Since my Yorick build doesn't incorporate a lot of bonus health, it is not my recommended buy. Perhaps maybe going Cinderhulk into Steraks will be good, but I strongly prefer the warrior enchantment.

This item itself is not very gold efficient, so it is never a good idea to buy it early.

3065.png Spirit Visage
An amazing item on Yorick, increases any healing affect by 30% and provides cooldown reduction and health/magic resistance. If there are magic damage dealers on the other team, this is a solid buy for you. The cooldown reduction is wasted by this time, but it is still an extremely good item despite this.

3110.png Frozen Heart
I sometimes will buy this immediately after Trinity Force in order to deal with heavy Attack damage champions that benefit from attack speed. It also provides you the cooldown reduction that you need to cap yourself at 45%.

3156.png Maw of Malmortius
An extremely necessary item if they have heavy amounts of Magic Damage dealers. It provides cooldown reduction, attack damage and magic resistance. But the main reason to buy it is the lifeline passive that it activates when you reach 30% of your max health via a magic damage dealing blow. This will provide you with a big shield against magic damage, as well as bonus damage and spell vamp/life steal.

3742.png Dead Man's Plate
This item gives health, armor and a nice movement speed passive. If you're against heavy AD and you need to catch people faster, this item is a nice choice for your remaining item slots. 

3143.png Randuin's Omen
If you're versing heavy critical strike chamions like Yasuo, Caitlyn or anything similar, you can buy this to help. It gives health, armor and a slowing effect as well as a reduction to any incoming critical strike damage.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Graves
  • Lee Sin
  • Nidalee




This is by far, the hardest match up for you to deal with. He can kill multiple mist walkers with one auto attack, as well as get extremely tanky while escaping your trapping ability. When it gets to mid-late game, he can also one on one you extremely easily and more reliably. 

This is a match up where you want to help your allies get ahead, as well as focus objectives like towers/dragons because you can do this better than he can. If you control the game, it will prevent him from being able to halt yours.


Lee Sin


Surprisngly, not the hardest match up. Lee sin in this match up should focus more on abusing his early game power on your allies, getting off extremely good ganks and setting your team mates behind while his team is ahead. 

If he tries to invade you, it will be his mistake because your mist walkers act as body blockers for his q leaving him very vulnerable.




Nidalee can outgank you, can escape your trap and can outdamage you in small skirmishes. This is a match up where if the ndialee is good, you will struggle a lot. Focus on securing your buffs and camps, and hit level six as soon as you can while trying to minimize her impact on your lanes. 

Always try to keep as many mist walkers around you as you can for protection, they can be used to block her spears as well as deal heavy damage to her if she invades you.

Introduction Back to Top

Hey there, i'm Vulpyx and i main Yorick on the Oceania server.

I reguarly stream Yorick games on my Twitch stream, which you can find here. I love new followers and try to help out as much as i can, feel free to pass by and ask whatever you wish! I pride myself on being very informative and thorough with my explanations, i'm sure i can help you in some way.

I currently have four Yorick only accounts, and have quite the experience on him. My highest account is Ninetales, currently at 200 lp challenger and it is mostly Yorick jungle with a win rate of roughly 67% over 200 games.

I also have an only support yorick account at diamond 5 Ditto, and also have an all-purposes Yorick under the account Vulpyx which is diamond 3.

Yorick is a very underrated character, extremely strong in the right hands and has a lot of powerspikes thatcan be easily abused to get yourself ahead and stay ahead. You have the benefit of playing an underused champion which is not currently used in the current meta, giving you the element of surprise as your strength.

He does however have a few requirements to make him efficient, and it largely revolves around the maintenence of his walkers and maidens. A lot of people will tell you that they are uncontrollable, and this is completely and utterly wrong. They cannot be controlled the same way tibbers or daisy can, but they can be managed through a few in game techniques and tricks that i've discovered. Your entire playstyle should revolve around your walkers and maiden, once you hit level 6 it should be immediately spawned and accompany you whenever it is off cooldown.

Jungle Techniques Back to Top

Preventing Mist Walkers Aggro

A big thing that people will struggle with when playing Yorick jungle is they will never have ghouls with them because they will take all the damage during your first clear and be dead by the time you finish the camp. There is a secret to making sure your walkers don't take aggro, and that is don't use your [E] yoricke.png when your walkers are not close to the target. If they are far enough away so they will jump to the target, they will automatically receive aggro from the minion once they land at the target. During your first clear, you should not have your monsters take aggro because they die too quickly and it reduces your clear significantly. 

To compenstate this, the hunters machete will keep you nice and healthy since it applies on the mist walkers attacks.

Redirecting Aggro

If you summon the maiden in a lane, it will often just walk down the lane and suicide. Also once your maiden auto attacks a minion in a lane, it will continue down that lane and suicide. This is extremely unfortunate, but it can be somewhat managed.

If you get into a fight with a champion reasonable close to the maiden, it will come to your aid and de-aggro from the lane.
If you engage into combat with the Krugs or Gromp, the maiden will come to you once she has finished auto attacking any lane minions. If you E the camp, she will continue down the lane once it has worn off so just simply engage in combat and E once it starts attacking it by your side.

Things to Learn Back to Top

Tower Aggro Order

The towers will always target:
1. Siege Minion.
2. the Mist Walkers.
3. the Maiden.
4. Minions.
5. Champions.

For this exact reason, you should not put your maiden in the position to take a tower if there is no seige minion, because keeping your maiden alive is the most optimal thing you can do as a Yorick jungle player. There are exceptions, such as:

1. The maiden dying but you get the tower.
2. The maiden will be low health after the tower drops, but you can de-aggro it from the lane through the use of the Krugs or Gromp jungle camp.

Since the tower will target the mist walkers, you should be aiming to keep killing the minions that come to the aid of the tower since your maiden will automatically convert any minion to a mist walker which will keep providing additional targets for the tower to aim before it finally targets your maiden. It may seem like this will sacrifice damage, but i can assure you it is more beneficial.

Taking Dragons

You can solo dragons from a very low level as yorick as long as you are accompanied by mist walkers. The only struggle is that some of the dragons have aoe attacks, notably infernal and stone dragon. If these are the dragons to be taken, make sure you position yorick behind the dragon so the spread doesn't hit the walkers.

Jungle Route and Tips Back to Top

Blue Team (bottom team)


1. Here you'll want to grab Q at level one and start at the red buff. Make sure you utilize the fact that your Q is an auto-attack reset, which will up your damage and clear speed. If you get below half health, don't fret. Your Q heals double the health if you use it when you're below half, so don't go potting up immediately after getting somewhat low.

2. After red, level your E and go to the wolf camp. Make sure you last hit every minion with your Q, so immediately after taking the camp you can spawn three ghouls to aid you to take the blue buff. Make sure you hit the monsters with your E early when you don't have mist walkers, or you can get a fresh set of walkers off the camp you're killing.

3. Spawn your walkers, and run to take blue buff. Don't use your E on the blue buff until your walkers are already auto attacking it, this will prevent them from taking minion aggro. If it get's contested, make sure you land your smite but generally the jungler's won't invade until after you have completed blue buff.

3.5. Generally now is when you want to question your next move. Do they have a 3 minute-ganking champion? If so, head top and make sure he doesn't die to it. If he's pushed to his tower and doesn't need your help, go do your gromp. There is a chance the opponent jungler will see your top pushed and invade since top is ungankable, and you more often than not can kill them if they try to do so. Just make sure you stay behind your walkers if they have a skill shot to land (nidalee/leesin) and you land your spells, as well as resetting your auto attack to maximize your damage.

4. After you get the gromp, recall back to base and buy the skirmisher's sabre and a pink ward, and head to your krugs and take the camp. You can sacrifice your mist walkers here because you can get a fresh set off the krug camp.

5. Take raptors after krugs, feeling free to sacrifice your walkers again since you can get a fresh set off the camp.

6. From here on out, you want to look for opportunities to gank and powerfarm.

7. Skipping a step, you've hit level 6 finally. Pop your ultimate immediately and let it help you clear the jungle, it will follow you forever as long as it doesn't aggro a minion in a lane so watch your pathing (make sure you donmm't accidentally run through a lane). With your ultimate, you can solo dragon very easily but make sure you position yourself behind the dragon if it is ember or stone, since the aoe spread damage will kill your ghouls which will slow down your clear.

No Leash

1. Start raptors, making sure you last hit at least four of them with your q. You will have to use a smite to stay healthy, but generally don't use it until you're rather low to maximise the healing effect. 
2. With four walkers, take red buff. You shouldn't have any issues.
3. Go to wolves or blue buff next.
4. Take either the blue or the gromp
5. Take the Gromp or wolves.
6. Follow from step 4 in the Leash section (you may be able to buy boots as well at this point).

Red Team


1. Start at the blue buff, make sure you last hit it with your Q.
2. Head to wolves, but make sure you don't run out of range of the grave from the blue buff to despawn it - you  need it. Kill each wolf using q, and then slightly walk back to the blue in order to get it's grave in range to spawn four walkers.
3. Go take red buff, making sure you keep aggro on yourself and not the walkers.
4. Look to countergank/invade/gank, if you can't do any of those, then go farm krugs.
5. Take raptors and recall after, buying skirmisher's sabre and a pink ward before heading to gromp.

Decision Making Back to Top


To be added.


With just the jungle item enchantment and trinity force, you can start forcing a split push. At this stage, you can take any non-duelist champion in a one on one fight as well as taking on a large amount of 1v2 situations and coming out ontop. 

The trinity force will allow you to take towers super quickly, and with proper management of the maiden and walkers you can keep your power at its peak.


If they have a strong dueling champion, you cannot split push against them. Champions like Jax/Fiora/Yasuo are the biggest problems for you to deal with and in situations such as this you are forced to group as a team. You are not useless in team fights, but you need to make sure you spawn your ultimate as soon as the fight begins as well as make sure you hit all your spells. Your damage relies on the maiden and ghouls, so your [E] is a huge factor that needs to be hit every time.

If they don't have a splitpushing champion, such as they have a Darius/Rumble/Sion etc, then feel free to split push all you want. These champions cannot deal with Yorick's split push and the opponents will be forced to send two or more champions to deal with you, while hopefully your team can make use of the opportunity to push the game into the next stage.

Soloing Baron

With Trinity Force and the jungle item, Yorick can solo baron as soon as it spawns. Foor this, you need to h ave four mist walkers up, and run to the baron. Use your spells and have the ghouls take aggro, once the second ghoul dies, take the aggro off the ghouls and spawn your ultimate. It should be spawned somewhat close to the baron because you will need it to take aggro for you once you come too low to death. It should be rather tight, but you can do it.

With a larger lead, such as a few more component items into deaths dance or a stone dragon, it is immensly easier to do it.

If you hit level 16, you can solo the baron stupidly fast and easily even from behind.

Conclusion Back to Top

So yeah, that's everything Yorick. 

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