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7 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.pngSimply needed on every champion in the game. No exceptions. useful for positioning Zac's Ult zacR.png in team fights. 

11.pngNeeded for all junglers. Bonus EXP from jungle items 1041.png1039.png to level early, Objective control. 


I will be using terms in this guide new players may not understand. If you are new to this game or unsure about what I meant, please, leave a comment. I will answer to the best of my ability.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

(Section is now Irrelevant because masteries no longer exist but I'll leave it up because it was a bitch to type) 

We'll start in the ferocity tree (Offensive tree) first and explain the masteries one at a time. I will also explain why each mastery I pick is better than the other ones in the same tree or if it's situational.

  • Sorcery for increased ability damage on Zac's abilities. Zac doesn't need Attack Speed from fury for clear or damage. He is an ability based champion.

  • Expose weakness for extra ganking power with your teammates. Feast provides poor sustain since its nerfs and Zac already has godlike sustain. Double edged sword is not something you want on a tank. You want to take as little damage as possible even if increases your own.

  • Natural Talent is more useful than Vampirism but not by much. The increase to AD and AP by level 18 is decent enough from Natural Talent and Zac doesn't need life-steal or the ever fleeting spell vamp from Vampirism.

  •  Oppressor is the go to on most tanks that have a good amount of Crowd control and Zac is no exception. Even though Bounty Hunter becomes better than Oppressor after 3 unique champion kills you should always try to give your gank kills to the laner. Zac has loads of CC and can take advantage of Oppressor on all of Zac's abilities other than his W. 

Now we'll move into the Resolve tree (defensive tree)

  • unyielding is the way to go on most tanks. 5% bonus armor and magic resist is decent and Zac doesn't benefit from Recovery all that much. His sustain is very good and the resistances Zac builds will benefit him even more with unyielding.

  • Explorer is simply better than tough skin. 15 Flat movement speed in rivers and in bushes is great for staying on targets and getting to ganks faster. 2 less damage from monsters and champions won't come into effect very often unless the champion has strong Damage over time effects like Swain50.pngswaintorment.pngor Malzahar90.pngalzaharcallofthevoid.pngalzaharnethergrasp.png
  • Runic armor is very powerful right now. 8% increased healing is especially effective on Zac because of his passivezacpassive.pngblobs he drops. The 45 health from Veteran Scars isn't comparable since it isn't percent health anymore like it used to be. 
    Insight is useful on any jungler because it reduces your cooldowns on summoner spells by 15%. This works well with smite to ensure your charges come up faster and will have it when you really need that crucial smite. Perseverance isn't useful on Zac because his sustain and sustained fighting is covered from his passive zacpassive.png blobs and Runic Armor.

  • Between Swiftness and Legendary Guardian the answer is: situational. Swiftness is better against an enemy with a good amount of heavy CC and Legendary Guardian is always good for team fights. Zac is a team fighting champion and almost always is the initiator. With Legendary Guardian, Zac will gain great Resists while using his ult zacR.png on the enemy.

  • Lastly we have the keystone. Strength of the Ages is the best keystone to take on any tank jungler. It gives you a maximum of 300 health just for clearing your jungle, and sustained healing after the 300 health maximum has been reached. Stoneborn is viable because it gives you 5% max health and heals allies, but I still think its better on a tanky support instead. Grasp of the undying is better suited for top laners who have consistent trades and can benefit from the sustain. Where as Zac has his passive zacpassive.png for sustain.

Abilities Back to Top


   zacpassive.pngZac's Passivezacpassive.png

Zac's passive cell division has two parts to it. It not only saves you from immediate death by splitting your body into 4 reforming blobs, but can revive you if the enemies don't destroy your blobs that come back to reform you. A cool trick to also bait your enemy to a death is to pop your passive and have a teammate teleport to one of your reforming blobs. It will keep you alive longer and will make the enemy think twice about sticking around to fight. The second part to the passive are Zac's non-reforming blobs that he drops whenever he uses an ability. These blobs can be reabsorbed for a max health health so Zac will always recover more health than he uses for his abilities and will reduce the cool-down on his W.

First part: (Goo chunks)

Chunks of goo duration: 6 seconds ( Chunks fly towards visible enemy champions at varying distances. Random if no enemy champs are visible.)

Chunk heal amount: 4% max health

Chunk pick up radius: 50 

Second part: (Reformation)

Cool-down: 5 minutes

Time it takes for blobs to reform upon taking fatal damage: 8/7/6/5/4 seconds

Zac returns with 10-50% of his max health depending on how much damage his blobs took during reformation

Each blob receives 50% of Zac's armor and magic resist and 12% of his max health. 

  zacQ.pngZac's Q abilityzacq.png 

Zac's Q ability is now a smaller skill-shot that can deal damage and cc two targets! Zac attaches his arm to one enemy champion, then gains increased auto-attack range on his next auto-attack. This next auto-attack will pull the enemy you hit with it and the enemy you hit your Q with together. They will collide and meet at the center of the two enemy's distance from each other.

Max chunks created: 2 (one per strike) Min: 1

Cost: 4% current health

Cool-down: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds

Damage: 50/70/90/110/130 (+0.3 AP) (This Damage is applied to the target you hit with your auto-attack and then again to both targets when they collide) (Target) (collision damage is AoE) (Spell effects like 3116.png are considered AoE for this ability.)

Range of skill-shot: 800
Slow: 60% for 0.5 seconds on both strikes and collision

Range modifier: +100 range on next auto (if your first skill-shot lands)

zacW.pngZac's W abilityzacw.png

Zac's W ability is an AoE burst of damage that deals flat scaling magic damage plus max percent health damage, so it's very useful for clearing the tanky jungle camps and high health champions. The flat damage and max percent health scale well and that's why you must max it second for higher damage. Make sure to take this ability first when clearing your first camp as the Cool-down on it is very low and the damage is higher than your other spells this early on. Always pick up your blobs from your passive to reduce the cool-down on this ability to spam it faster when clearing and sustained fighting. (His W range is 350 which is a little less than a sun-fire cape at 400 range.) His new part of his W allows him to move through jungle monsters. 

Max chunks created: 1 

Cost: 4% of current health

Cool-down: 5 seconds (reduced by 1 second for each piece of goo you reabsorb.)

Damage: 40/55/70/85/100 magic damage + 4/5/6/7/8 (+0.02 AP)% of the enemy's max health as magic damage (AoE)

Range: 350 

zacE.pngZac's E abilityzace.png 

Zac's E ability is one of the largest basic spell gap closers in the game. It must be maxed first for the larger range, damage, and cool-down reduction with each level you put into it. The ability has a set charge time in order to wind it up to the full range so make sure you have that sweeper so the enemy doesn't see you coming. With the new E, Zac now gets an extra goo chunk for each enemy he hits!

Max chunks created: 5(1 per enemy hit) Min: 1 

Cost: 4% current health

Cool-down: 24/21/18/15/12 seconds

First cast charge rate: 0.9/1/1.1/1.2/1.3 seconds for max distance (Can charge up to a total of 4.5 seconds at each level.)

Second cast damage: 80/120/160/200/240 (+0.7 AP) (AoE) + knock up for 0.5 seconds (AoE)
Range: 1200/1350/1500/1650/1800

Landing radius: 150

zacr.pngZac's Ultimate abilityzacr.png 

Zac's new Ult (R) is completely different! Instead of multiple bounces, you have one extremely useful one! Now when you cast your ult you will cover the ground with your body, becoming immune to CC and create an AoE slow. After 1 second you can bounce up carrying an enemy's caught in your pool to a target location. A good new combo is to use you E ability to fly in on a target, then Ult them out to your team to kill them.

Max chunks created: 5 (1 per champ hit) Min: 1 (If only one champ hit or first cast isn't charged to at least 1 second)  

Cost: No cost!

Cool-down: 130/115/100 seconds

First cast: 1-2.5 second charge + 30/40/50% slow (If not charged to at least one second in the first cast, the targets on top of you are knocked back for one second during the second cast. Slow is still applied)

Knock back radius: 275

Second cast damage 150/250/350 (+0.7 AP) (AoE) + 30% slow for .25 seconds upon landing (Plus the distance and time of the location you chose to carry them, which will vary based on your location during your second cast.)

Pick up radius: 300

Transporting range: 750/850/1000

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start on a non-auto attack reliant jungle clear. Don't upgrade the refillable potion. Zac doesn't need the sustain from Hunter's potion.
    Take these potions when you finish your build depending on what you want. (I usually take Elixir of Iron because of the tankiness and it makes Zac's character model even bigger!
    Don't get this item. Zacs sustain is good enough and you don't use mana.

Core Items

    Cinder-hulk is core, no matter what for TANK Zac. The boots are situational. Swiftness boots if the enemy is out running you or you don't need the effects of the others. Ninja Tabi for High AD comps or a fed ADC. Mercury treads for teams that have heavy CC and magic damage.
    This works well. With Zacs burst this can kill the back line in a second. I highly recommend taking this now along with The protobelt.
    Get this between your 1st-3rd back to base. You're going to need this to get rid of wards and fly in from places the enemy didn't think possible.
    Avoid these items! ZAC DOESN'T USE MANA! I don't need to elaborate on these, you will never build them
    Need to do more testing but theseitems could certainly have use on Zac. Gargoyle Stoneplate for the team fights Zac does so well in! Adaptive Helm for big MR gains and the Banshee's Veil for added damage instead of health

Situational Items

    You will pick items according to what is needed againest the enemy team. EVERY game is situation and the builds will almost always be different. (I will expand on item choices later)
    Damage items to consider (REALLY CONSIDER) if you're team is lacking that extra 'umph' in damage or you're really ahead of the enemy
    A very strong item on Zac. It does insane damage and along with the Runic echos jungle item, your burst will be very effective
    Consider a more damage heavy build now too. The changes to Zacs damage since his major nerfs in season 3 have brought his damage back up to extreme levels yet again from small tweaks over the years
    Consider these items very little besides the abyssal scepter which has more merit than the others. The reason they are lack luster is that they offer no health which fuels Zacs sustain and tankiness. Consider them if you're super fed or feel like you could use one of them! They can't do as much harm as buying a mana item!
    Example of Full tank build
    Example of Tanky Ap build


3742.pngDead Man's Plate

Good for the extra movement speed and slow on it's passive. Nice armor and health item. You wont be getting sun-fire cape for your armor/health item since you have cinder-hulk, so this is a great replacement.

3065.pngSpirit Visage  

A core item to get every game, even if the enemy team is mostly AD! It's passive makes healing 25% stronger on you! that makes your blobs heal more for sustain in combat. The Cool-down reduction lend helps you spam more, and it's tanky stats are strong too.

3143.pngRanduins Omen

A great item for Zac when he dives into the enemy. The active on this item in combo with your E and ult on the enemy will CC them for a while. The tanky stats on it are also very effective against a crit building ADC.


For those pesky Auto-attack champs that steamroll through you, pick this up and they'll think twice. Effective against champs like: 23.png48.png51.png18.png11.png5.png19.png and most ADCs.

3102.pngBanshee's veil

Good against an enemy comp that likes to stop you mid flight with your E ability. The spell-shield is great in team-fights and this item is great against AP champions.

3083.pngWarmog's armor

A great item for Zac! Gives you a great health pool and amazing out of combat sustain once a fight finishes or a skirmish is over. Be careful when building this item into an enemy team that has a lot of percent health damages such as: 67.png64.png57.png32.png79.png223.png245.png are some examples. Still an item worth getting none the less.

3152.pngHextech Protobelt-01

This item is very strong. If you need damage or just that little bit of sticking power, get this item after one or two tank items. The active damage is strong and the little dash it gives you helps you get to that back-line.

3116.pngRylai's Crystal Scepter

A strong damage item on Zac. Most of your abilities already have CC on them, but this will boost your damage and make your low cool-down WzacW.png slow. A great combo item while you reapply slows on the enemy while ulting them.

3151.pngLiandry's Torment

This is a good item too, but more situational then the other items. It's strong against other tanks and the magic pen is great because of Zac's high base damages from his abilities. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Amumu
  • Ashe
  • Braum
  • Elise
  • Gangplank
  • Janna
  • Jhin
  • Karma
  • Lee Sin
  • Lulu
  • Rek'Sai
  • Thresh
  • Vayne
  • Volibear
  • Zac




Amumu can out tank and out damage you. He has two very hard CC Abilities bandagetoss.pngcurseofthesadmummy.png. He can stop your ult zacR.png with his so. You can duel him though if he doesn't get any damage items. 




Ashe is really good right now. Don't think that just because I put easy as the difficulty that it can't go up. Go in on this immobile ADC with your zacE.png and zacR.png. It'll burst her enough to run away and kite only you. Go in especially if she has already used her ult asheR.png.  




Watch out for this guy. He has a lot of peel with his braumQ.pngbraumR.pngbraumpassive.png. His passive will stun you hard and his ult and W will keep you far from their back-line. He falls off a bit late game if you have the right comp. Just keep him in mind before you let go of your zacE.png.




She's a slippery spider. She can dodge your abilities with her EeliseE.pngrepel. She out damages you in the single target department. Her EeliseE.pngcocoon can stop your zacR.pngult in it's tracks. Jump onto her if you have a teammate around to help and you'll be fine. 




He'll eat removescurvy.png and it's K. Either have your top laner bait out his removescurvy.png or wing it. Camp him earlier to shut him down. A fed gangplank is a scary gangplank. 




Janna is a disengage god and can stop any initiation if her ultreapthewhirlwind.pngwhen timed well will stop you. Her Qhowlinggale.png and sowthewind.png will stop you and slow your ult down and she'll keep her adc damaging you and alive with her Eeyeofthestorm.png.  




You counter this ADC very hard. Jhin does poorly against any team that can get to him instantly. He requires a lot of peel. Try Flanking him while he stands motionless from his ult jhinR.png and burst him down.




Karma functions much of the same as Janna without the instant disengage; karma has way more damage. Karma will use her  ulted Rkarmachakra.pngEkarmasoulshield.png combo to get away from you while she has you rooted with her Wkarmaheavenlywave.png and slowed with her Qkarmaspiritbond.png


Lee Sin


This match up can be medium to hard based on how good the lee sin play is. A good lee will just blindmonkrkick.pngyou away from his team and then kill you, or he'll kill your back line before you even zacE.png. Watch out for him and always try to counter gank him. You can catch him off guard if you wait for him to start his own gank.




Lulu is very effective against Zac's initiation. She brings strong utility to her teammates to get awayluluq.pngluluw.png from you and her ultlulur.pngwill stop you in your tracks. Try to wait until her ult is burned on somebody eariler or if you know it's down. Remember Lulu's ult has a very low cool-down.  




Rek'Sai can be a bit tricky. She can interrupt your E zacE.png with a well timed reksaiW.png. She can out duel you if she is ahead at any stage. She is squishy without tanky items so if you get damage you can kill her. 




It depends on how good the thresh player is. He can threshE.png your zacE.png if he times it well and completely stop it. His threshW.png can save anyone from your CC. threshR.png will slow your roll too. Best way to deal with it is to look for an opening when he isn't near a crucial target.



vaynesilveredbolts.pngThis is the bane to you, and any other health building tank in the game. Zac doesn't benefit from building frozen heart 3110.png Which is very effective against Vanye. This is probably one of the only Champions to avoid playing against. Her e vaynecondemn.png will also keep you at a distance or dying againest a wall. Best way to deal with her is to just fight and get your other front liner(s) to help deal with her. 




Be very careful when fighting the Voli. He out tanks you usually and will out duel you by yourself. His volibearw.pngvolibearr.png will give him constant damage through his AA and then he'll finish you off with volibearw.png's execute damage.




Has never happened to me, but if it does... DONT LOSE! 

Why Zac is a good pick Back to Top

The beautiful thing about Zac is that he is a very safe pick into almost any comp, and is also a great top laner. He is a strong tank and initiator. He can peel well too. He has rewarding game-play with some fun things to do like the Drive by (Is what I call it). With a maxed out E zacE.png on Zac, you can jump from one side of dragon or baron pit while the enemy team is attempting to take the monster and smite it away from them while flying over head, then landing safely on the other-side of the pit. Example of the drive by here: (Not my video btw) credit to TiTikTak  

How to Team-fight with Zac Back to Top

I will be breaking it down to it's simplest terms and different situations on how to team-fight not only in general, but when you should or should not start a fight. 
The basic team-fight: 

Around the 25-30 minute mark in any average game, teams may start grouping for more objective control and thus, team-fights break out. If both team's are a bit even around this time or you trust your team that much, you can start a fight. Knowing when to initiate a fight with Zac is key, and make sure your team knows you're going in. A really great thing about Zac is that you don't have to always type in chat when you want to go in either. The charge time on Zac's E ability is an indication that you want to fly in on them, but there is also a down side to that. If the enemy sees that, they'll back off. 


The best way to get into the enemy can also be when they initiate on you! If the enemy front line is on your team, this may free up their damage back-line (If they're support isn't peeling).

ABOUT PEELING: ALWAYS consider peeling your team as well. If your ADC is doing well, peel them. Zac can peel very well and re-initiate when ever his E ability comes off Cool-down. Zac is very good at damaging tanky front lines because is WzacW.pngdeals max percent health damage. The more health they stack, the more damage you do.

Team fighting when behind:

When you find yourself behind in a game, change your play-style. I've played across the whole spectrum of this game. I've played with the bronze to the diamond ones and a few challengers (Which were tough games). Nothing has hit me more than changing play-style according to how the game is going. If you are behind or your team is behind:


You must have confidence in your teammates (or tell them) to not force anything unless:
  1. An enemy champion is caught out of position
  2. The enemy as a whole are low on hp and their important ultimate's are down
  3. You need to steal an objective
  4. You have a split pushing champion on your team and you need to buy them time to push towers/inhibs down.
  5. A key enemy champion shows themselves in a lane far away from their grouped team (Not always the best choice, but you may be able to secure an objective with this advantage.)
  6. You are confident that you have the strength and positioning to take out the enemy (Knowing their weakness and exploiting it.) Example: They have a fed Nasus75.png (Don't see many of those anymore). You need to deal with him eventually and almost no champion is easier to kite than a Nasus. Peel destroys him, so adjust your play-style to peeling to deal with Nasus, then reengage the enemy if possible after he has been killed.

About myself (Play style, roles, etc...) Back to Top

The names Hunter and I main Support and Jungle. I've been playing since Season 3 so I have plenty of experience with the game by now. I generally like to play tanky initiator, hence the Zac guide. I prefer that with supports too like 12.png111.png412.png. Other junglers I like and play are: 79.png32.png19.png57.png. This is my first guide and I may make more depending on the response of this one or if I feel like it. xfuckingd.   

Cites Back to Top (Zac E range picture) 

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