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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png12.pngThese are my standard spells as flash is needed for escapes and saves, and tele is nice to add pressure to side lanes. Tele is only a good option is you do actually use it to go to side lanes. Also very important don't hesitate if you see a gank happening bot just go if you wait a few seconds to be sure they are probably already gonna be dead by the time you get there. But also don't be afraid to cancel the tp if it turns south before you get there. 

But if you don't like tele or aren't good at making plays with it, then 1.png3.png21.png, or 14.png are all good options depending on the matchup. Cleanse vs an Lissandra or a lot of hard cc. Exhaust or barrier vs assassins. I don't usually go ignite as you aren't normally in range and you aren't a kill champ with Zilean but if you like it go for it. 

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Masteries Back to Top

Zilean is a supportive mid laner. Expose weakness helps your enemies follow up with your bombs after they blow up, vampirism gives you nice sustain in lane, and opressior is good as you will mostly be getting assists and in team fights pretty much everyone has some form of cc on them pretty often. Savagery helps with last hitting which is pretty hard on Zil until you get enough ap for double bombs to take out a wave. Secret stash is added sustain. Between merciless and mediation I prefer meditation for the mana regen especially since you are building a lot of mana so it does more but I could certainly understand going merciless if thats what you prefer but as a supportive champ damage is secondary to using your spells as much as possible. Intelligence is the main one I recommend getting as Zilean scales incredibly well with cooldown reduction and getting him to that sweet 45% cdr is perfect on him. Tons of bombs, speed ups and your ult on a 33 second cooldown at max rank. Thunderlords is a nice bit of added damage. He doesn't synergize with it as well as some champs but if you throw some autos too you can get off the procs. 

Abilities Back to Top

zileanpassive.png So Zileans passive is a nice boost of XP for you and whoever else you pick to level up. Be careful not to give it to people who are about to level up on their own ideally you give it to someone who uses the whole amount of XP you've been storing. Also try to funnel the XP into your carries as much as possible. The exception to that being if the support or jungler is level 5 and you can give them 6 or 11 before a teamfight. 

timebomb.png Q is your main damage max it first. If you are scared of a gank grab your e at level 3 but otherwise it doesn't help much in lane the way a second point in q does. Your Q can be tricky to land but with some practice you get better at it. It works very well with your W make sure to get the double bombs off as much as you can. If you can't hit their champ as they move too much try double bombing a minion they are near as they will stil take the damage, if the first one kills the minion they'll instantly take both bombs damage. 

rewind.png W you max second as the cooldown goes way down when maxed. This lets you QWQ more often or even EWE more often to go places faster. 

timewarp.png E you max last despite the speedup getting better simply because you can't max everything first or second. If you wanted to max this second you could. This is your get out of tough situations spell, it helps you get to lane faster. Speed up allies, set up kills by slowing enemies. Very helpful. 

chronoshift.png R, now the reason you, me, or anyone else who ever picked Zilean, picked Zilean. You can bring someone back to life. This spell is simply amazing, one of the best abilities in the game in my opinion. It can be used to bait enemies into tower diving. But what it is best at is enabing your carries to make risky decisions and have it turn out ok. For example lets say you have a fed Riven. Now we all know Riven players are cocky when fed so she dives in 1v5, deals a bunch of damage but then gets focused. You proceed to save her and you win the teamfight easily. This works especially well at low elo as people tend to have tunnel vision and will focus on killing the fed targets regardless of the poor position it puts them in, or the Zilean Ult that happens to be on them. The best part of this spell is how low the cooldown ends up being late game. In extended team fights and chases you can use this spell twice. The trick is to use this spell as late as possible but still landing it. If you use it to early they may switch targets or just wait for it to time out, but use it perfectly and they won't even notice the visual of the mark going on your target. However, err on the side of caution saving someone is better than letting them die. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Basic start gives you health, mana regen, ap and some sustain what more could you want?

Core Items

    This is your core build. Start tear and then get the rest. You want 45%cdr as quickly as possible but morello isn't enough mana so you do need the tear. Once you get all of these you have everything you really need for damage, and enough mana and cooldowns to throw out everything often.
    You could replace tear with this I don't like it as much as it delays your 45% cdr spike but it is a solid item on him and I would say better than tear once you get to late game. Tear is just cheaper and quicker to get. You could go catalyst into the rest for the 45% but rod takes 10 min to stack so if you're going to get it it's better to get it early but worth playing around with all in all.

Situational Items

    This is really nice because it gives you the most AP of any item, and then when you ult someone they come back with as close to full health as possible. Void staff may give more damage but you are a supportive mid laner not a carry mid laner.
    So this item is really great especially in low elo. The reason is they don't expect it. If your team gets two of these sends them down the side lanes and pushes mid it's very hard to counter. It also gives your team MR which because it's low elo people generally forget to build so against a team with 2 mages its good to have. Make sure you promote the cannon minion or a ranged minion if you have to don't promote the melee ones as they die.
    Because who ever wants to die?? But seriously especially since they buffed this item its a really good last pick up. If the enemy team wants to focus you now they can't, and it lets you ult other people and not just yourself.
    I dislike building this on Zilean as you don't want to be in stasis you want to be spamming your spells as much as possible. But against a zed or a Talon it is a necessary evil. REMEMBER if you get this in addition to the other items in the build you'll have more than 45% cdr so swap your boots for the magic pen boots
    Upgrade this after you get your 45% cdr. That's the priority then upgrade this as it has a good active with seraphs and gives a lot of ap.
    Swap your boots for these if your other non boot items get you to 45% cdr.

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Tips and Tricks Back to Top

One of the reasons Zilean mid works so well as people don't know how to play against him. Your main job is to support your team. This means getting yourself kills is nice, but not always the best choice of where to put the gold. A fed ADC and a meh Zilean is a lot scarier than a fed Zilean and a meh ADC. You need someone fed to revive. So get your jungler to camp for the other lanes and roam (with TP if you have it) and get the other lanes snowballing. 

Zilean will tend to lose lane. DO NOT GIVE UP. That is true in general, but especially with Zilean. I have an 80% win rate with Zilean mid. 90% of those I lost or went even in lane. Without mana Zilean doesn't do well. So play safe and don't feed, farm up best you can, get your mana and CDR and then kick ass and throw bombs. 

With your double bombs, you don't actually have to hit the champ to get the stun. If you hit a minion next to the champ you get the stun on them too as it is AOE. This is even better if one bomb blowing up will kill the minion because then both will go off instantly and do all that damage to the champ. 

With your rewind.png make sure to hit it as early as you can to get it's cooldown started. If you are chaining your timewarp.png put the speedup on yourself and push your W immediately then wait until the speedup is about to wear off and reapply it. You can move really fast indefinitely with 45% CDR. This is great for getting around the Map or getting away from people who want to kill you.

Also you can speed up two people at the same time with your reset if two of you are trying to get away. 

Alt and then an ability will cast it on yourself (unless you've bound it to something else). This is very useful for your e and ult to quickly get them on yourself. 

If you are making a team comp with Zilean in it he works best with a carry top laner, and/or a late game ADC. He works ok with others as everyone likes a good revive, but if you get a Vayne, or Kog bringing them back into a fight has a much bigger punch than an early game adc. Same thing with a carry top laner vs a tank. Also anyone who benefits from mobility as your speedup is huge in teamfights. So someone like a jinx gets crazy fast after the kills start coming in and you speed them up. 

Power spike Back to Top

Your early game is pretty weak as you are mana hungry. So play safe. Harass with your bombs but unless you get an amazing jungle gank you won't get a kill. The main thing is don't feed your enemy, especially an assassin. Ideally once you get your ult you can get them to dive you and die to tower while you come back to life. 

You are in a good spot when you have that 45% cdr and your tear built into Seraphs. That will give you good damage and safety, and good spamming potential without any burdens of mana. Don't give up late as you are really good at helping people do extra well late. And bringing someone back to life is potentially gamebreaking late game. 

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