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If you have any comments or concerns and have already checked out the Frequently Asked Questions below, feel free to complete the following form.


Below lists some of the most common questions we receive, along with our answer. If you have questions specific to your LolKing account, check out our login support page.

  • What is LolKing Score (LKS)?
    LolKing Score--LKS for short--is our own approximation of elo with some added variables. Since the elo system was removed completely in season 3, we decided to make a cumulative score that will provide users with a helpful way to track their progression through the divisions. Ultimately, this score is very accurate, as it uses Riot's in-depth system of tiers, divisions, and League Points to intelligently pinpoint your progression through League of Legends.
  • Why can I no longer see my win:loss on champions in ranked?
    Right now we only have this data for three regions: EUW, EUNE, and NA. Other regions unfortunately do not have this data available.

    Additionally, the method we use to obtain the statistics sometimes does not return data for profiles in those three regions due to a bug. Unfortunately this is on Riot's end. They are aware of it and are working on it. If you do not have data for over a week, please contact us so we can add you to our list of summoner profiles that are experiencing this issue!
  • What is the difference between featured and approved guides?
    Featured and approved guides are guides that LolKing staff members feel are truly excellent. This comes from both above average formatting and information. Whether it’s a cutting edge build that reinvents how a champion is played or a really gorgeous layout, if a guide goes an extra mile, it will eventually end up featured or approved.

    Featured guides are for players who are platinum or above in ranked. Approved guides are for players who are gold or lower in ranked. There are no differences other than that between the two and both are very rare honors bestowed on our best guides!
  • How do I get my guide featured or approved?
    To get your guide featured or approved, you may reach out to for us to review it. Otherwise, it may be featured or approved when it’s reported enough by the community or a guide moderator stumbles upon it. You may always edit your guide and resubmit it to be featured or approved if it is denied the first time.
  • Can you remove me from your database?
    Unfortunately we can't do that at this time. Our data comes directly from Riot's servers and we do not have a way to edit it before it hits our summoner search. For what it's worth, the most common reason people request this is that someone is harrassing them--if someone's doing that, report them and try not to let them get to you. This information is widely available in-game.
  • Can I have my stream added to LoLKing?
    Absolutely! Just login to your LK account, click your username at the top and select 'My Account'. Click 'My Twitch Stream' and you'll be presented with the option of linking your Twitch account to LK. Once your accounts are linked your stream will show in a new tab on your summoner's profile. If you're Platinum or above and have at least 20+ viewers your stream may even be added to!
  • Why doesn't my stream show up on the streams page?
    To keep the streams page from being overwhelmed we are only showing streams that have at some point had 20+ viewers. Your stream will still show on your LolKing profile.
  • Why isn't champion X in your charts?
    The charts are based off the most popular champions so sometimes your favorite champion may not be there. If you notice any errors in our charts such as listing a champion in a role they do not normally play (e.g. AD Twisted Fate) or so on, feel free to email us and we'll check it out.

    Additionally, we are always looking for new chart ideas. Feel free to send us an email and let us know your idea for a chart--maybe we'll use it!
  • I can't find my profile!
    First, search for your name in the LoL client. How it appears in there is how you must search for it on our site. Spaces and capitalization of non-standard English alphabet letters matter and this is the most common reason you will not be able to find your summoner on our site.

    If you still can't find it, please email us with your region and name so we can check for ourselves.
  • My profile is outdated!
    First, make sure you clicked on your profile, not just viewing your rank/level in the search results. We don't update your profile until you view it.

    If it's still outdated, it's possible our service is experiencing a high useage spike and you should wait a while before checking again. We also are affected by Riot's downtime, so if they are patching or having server issues, we may also have trouble updating summoner profiles.
  • How often do you update my stats?
    About every 30 minutes. Even more if you play Teemo and even less if you play Warwick because Urf doesn't like him very much.
  • I'd like to use your data to compile my own stats. Do you have an API?
    We are working on other features right now and do not have the resources to create an API.
  • I'd like to use your charts and/or request a chart. Can I?
    If you email us requesting certain data that's feasible, we might be able to help depending on our available time. It's worth noting that if you are a blog or a community site for LoL, we'd love to try to help out as much as possible so get in touch about how we could work together.

    If you use our graphs for a news story or post, we would appreciate a link back to LoLKing. The more people who use LoLKing the better our data gets, so it will help both of us out!
  • The modelviewer won't load for me!
    The most common issue with the modelviewer will always be your Flash version being outdated. Make sure that you update to the latest version before using the modelviewer.

    If it still isn't working, get in touch and be sure to share technical information with us such as your computer's specs, browser, and so on as well as a description of the error you're receiving to help us troubleshoot.
  • How do you get your stats?
    We get them from Riot. There isn't an API for it; it's complicated.
  • You have duplicate accounts on EU West and EU Nordic & East!
    This happened because of the server split. We can't tell which accounts are duplicates and which ones are just two people with the same name.
  • When are you going to add more regions?
    We realize the demand to have other servers added and are working on it. We will be adding more regions as the site develops.

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