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Fear the Reaper

Ends January 26, 1:22 PM PST


Prize 1 (4 people)
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Contest Rules

They say don't fear the reaper, but maybe you should--if you'd like to win this week's contest at least. This week we're asking you to achieve a feat of luck or skill, depending how you see it, and not die during a game of League of Legends on any map (Summoner’s Rift, The Crystal Scar, The Shadow Isle, Howling Abyss, Team Builder).

This week's challenge is easy: play 1 game out of your last 10 games and don't die in it. As usual, when we run this contest, fraud and AFK detection is at its highest. You won't be winning if you AFKed, it will be a disqualification.

When the contest concludes on January 26, 1:22 PM PST, we will pick the winners at random. If you are chosen, we will contact you using the email address on your LolKing account. Good luck!

Fine Print

  • Physical prizes (excluding RP cards and skins) can only be shipped to NA and EU at this time. Please give up to 8 weeks for item to be shipped.
  • Unfortunately neither co-op vs. AI games (bot games) nor custom games count this week.
  • Prizes must be redeemed in 10 weeks or it will be forfeited.
  • This week we're moderating for AFKs extremely hard. Going 0/0/0 will be an automatic disqualification and all winners will have to have valid scores with solid kill participation--don't hurt the experience of others for your entry!