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All Guides Renekton Guides [S6] Top lane God Renekton ~ SoloRenektonOnly
1 day ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top



14.png4.png Flash is arguably the best summoner in the game because it offers an instant re-position which has countless applications. Using Flash in combination with Slice and Dice you have a possible 1200 range gap closer. Flash is so strong make sure not to waste it, only use Flash to secure kills or to escape certain death. Ignite adds to Renekton's total damaging increasing his kill potential in lane. The kill potential Ignite grants is a powerful tool and should be used to deny enemies last hits or experience. Make sure to only use Ignite to secure kills or reduce the effects of heals.

14.png6.png Ghost is much more of a gamble then flash, it does not guarantee an escape or kill like flash does when used correctly. Ghost however is amazing in team fights and when combined with Slice and Dice Renekton becomes very mobile. Getting to targets is not as immediate as flash but once you get to a target with ghost you will stick to that target. Ghost works great against champions with jumps as long as there is no wall to jump over. Ghost has a shorter cool down then flash, if you and your opponent both use their summoners, he has flash you have ghost, you gain a 1:30 window when you will have ghost and he won't have flash. Make sure to take advantage of these windows with ghost because you are giving up a lot not taking flash. I am excited for the new ghost changes coming in patch 6.10

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.95 attack damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage
  • 9x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +2.25 attack damage Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Can also run 12 armor pen if you want to.

Marks (Reds)
Attack Damage marks boost Renekton's already strong early game damage. Strongest levels 1-3
Armor Pen marks sacrifice some of Renekton's early game power in exchange for a stronger mid/late game. Strongest levels 4++

Seals (Yellows)
Armor seals are 100% needed against an AD opponent, these also help against ad junglers. 
Flat HP is what you are going to want to take against most AP champions, when combined with magic resist glyphs early game magic damage will hardly hurt you.

Glyph (Blues)
Flat Magic Resist glyphs are 100% needed against an AP or Hybrid damage opponent.
I love going 6 CDR (5%) and 3 Flat MR (4) or 3 Scaling MR (9) against AD opponents or weak AP opponents.

Very much the same as our Marks get AD for early game or Armor Pen for mid/late game.

Masteries Back to Top


Abilities Back to Top


Passive: Reign of Anger

Weak passive that doubles our fury gains from both auto attacks and abilities when under 50% health points. Great during team fights, allowing you to build fury faster increasing your damage and utility by empowering your spells more often.

Cull the Meek (Q)
Cull the Meek is Renekton's main tool for damage and sustain in lane making it mandatory to max first. The huge base damages of this spell allow Renekton to bully and sustain through most opponents. When empowered the heal amount and damage from Cull the Meek will be greatly increased. Cull the Meek also grants 5 fury per target hit (to a max of 25 fury) if under 50 total fury, so a great way to build your fury pool quickly is to Q 5 minions when at 45 fury you will shoot up to 70 fury instantly! Use this ability to push waves, harass, sustain, and last hit. During team fights use empowered Q's on multiple enemy champs allowing for up to 450 health heals. Abilities that apply grievous wounds like ignite reduce the amount healed by 50%, waiting for an ignite to wear off before using an empowered Q could make all the difference in a fight.

Ruthless Predator (W)
This is an odd ability because while stunning your opponent your become suppressed for .5 seconds. This ability has a huge ratio when empowered (225% AD) making it a great nuke in single target fights or when diving that squishy carry! Also the stun duration doubles when empowered from .75 seconds to 1.5 seconds so keep that in mind when deciding on how to use your fury. W also resets your auto attack so always auto attack and then use W right after. Max last because this skill doesn't scale well because the ratio stays at 225% at all levels only reducing the cooldown. At Level 2 when empowered Ruthless Predator will chunk any top lane for AT LEAST 1/4 hp, top laners like vlad get chunked for half of their health.

Slice and Dice (E)
Slice and Dice is a 400 range gap closer but if you can hit a champion or minion you can use it again, making Slice and Dice a possible 800 range gap closer. During trades in lane Slice and Dice will be used as your engage and escape tool allowing Renekton to get in do his damage and get out quickly. Slice and Dice when empowered shreds huge % of the enemy armor and is amazing when on an AD heavy team. Walls are no match for this ability offering Renekton some epic escapes. Here are all of the walls Renekton can Slice and Dice through. 

Dominus (R)
When Renekton reaches level 6 his ultimate grants him so much power in lane. Dominus offers a large boost in health which can be used to bait an enemy to staying in an unwinnable fight. Dominus also grants an AoE that deals insane dps, each point into your ult is like adding a Sunfire Cape when Renekton is ulting. Dominus increases Renekton's size, this causes Renekton's Cull the Meek and AoE to also have their ranges increased allowing for more AoE damage in team fights.

What Skill Do I Take First????
I have been starting W-E a lot lately. I do this when the jungle starts on top side so I can take xp and build up fury. I get to lane with 60 fury and push down the 3 melee and 1 range creep Level up e and E->AA->W->AA->E out. You put a ton of pressure on them and this play allows you to hit 3 for free against champs who could normally poke you hard (elise jayce nid). Now after this trade we should have around 40 fury our goal is to hit 100 by level 3 so we can go for an all-in. E->AA->W->AA->Q->AA->E to chase or run depending on if we can kill or not.

In games where I do wraiths or wolves with the mid lanner I will start Q so i can tank and sustain the camp. Then go E if you think you are gonna get ganked or you need a gap closer to trade or W if you feel safe against a melee opponent. You can still go to lane with 60 fury as long as you wait at 45 fury to use your second Q then finish off the camp with autos, if you don't stop at 45 rage your will have to use the fury on Q to clear the camp.

The 3rd possible situation is when I am taking no jungle camps before lane. When this happens If I am against a champ that has poke I take Q so I can push the wave but if its a melee champ or a champ with weak early poke ie. vlad I go W-E and try and slow push the wave so I hit level 2 first to trade. E is the best choice at level 2 in this situation because it is more likely the jungler will gank you before level 3 so you need an escape. You will hit level 3 slower because you didn't get the exp from wolves or wraiths.This creates situations where it is possible for the enemy jungler to take both buffs and gank you before you hit level 3. So to avoid all of these I always take E at level 2 when I do not get wolf or wraith exp before lane.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Starting Items.
    Vs Range Poke

Core Items

    Renekton's core items allows you to still build tank after while giving you tons of early game pressure.
    Full Build + Merc/Tabi

Situational Items

3074_32.png Really strong item on Renekton if used after W it breaks you from the self stun.
3083_32.png Great vs balanced team who is not stacking 3153_32.png 
3068_32.png Strong vs AD top who is stacking armor
3143_32.png Strong against 3153_32.png and attack speed buffs
3065_32.png Best MR item also gives 20% CDR which is huge!
3035_32.png Best item against enemy who is stacking armor or if snowballing
3022_32.png Lane didn't go well and you need to play the role of a peeler in team fights (phage good vs singed)
3156_32.png Works well with your passive. Don't upgrade 3155_32.png unless no other items or still need more MR after visage
3153_32.png Super strong active great against health stacking opponents. Attack speed helps build more fury
3071_32.png Synergizes  so well with Renekton's kit a must buy in every game. Renekton's W applies a stacks for each hit.

3047_32.png Great vs auto attackers early game strong item to rush vs champs like 76_icon_64.png
3111_32.png Great vs enemy team with a lot of CC + MR helps vs AP opponent
3158_32.png Great when winning lane vs low CC team

3111_32.png3068_32.png 3074_32.png3143_32.png3065_32.png3071_32.png
Heavy AP:
Heavy AD:
3047_32.png 3068_32.png3143_32.png3071_32.png3065_32.png3074_32.png

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Akali
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Elise
  • Garen
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  • Nidalee
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Shen
  • Shyvana
  • Singed
  • Teemo
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  • Zed




This matchup can go a few different ways, some aatrox's will try to spam fights with renekton which doesn't work well as long as Renekton can use his E to avoid the majority of Aatrox's Q's and E's. Aatrox can also try and sit back and farm with E because going up to the minion wave results in a lot of health being lost. When Aatrox doesn't have is blood pool filled you should be trying to trade because he is really weak without that extra attack speed. Try to save your ignite for after Aatrox's passive for a guaranteed kill.




This is normally a farm lane until after the first buy. It is very hard for Renekton to kill Akali pre-6 without a gank due to shroud. Akali is safe to just Q farm until 6. Levels 1-2 Akali can zone Renekton with the damage from her Q E combo so be careful. At level 3 trade constantly and try to force Akali to back before 6 and you win the lane. Rush hexdrinker and at 6 you can kill Akali with a pink ward and ult. Make sure to harass before going for the kill. Remember to always keep a pink ward on you so your jungler can gank for you (and most likely get a free kill).




Really easy lane just trade with him over and over. You can zone him early, the only way for him to do anything in lane is to get a gank so keep this in mind. As long as you are using E to dodge his rupture you will win the lane. If he goes pure armor just rush Last Whisper and punish him. Renekton Ult counters Cho's feast just make sure you pop it early because a silence followed by feast can really throw your lane.




Skill match up. I rush giants belt or ninja tabi in this match up. The keys are to bait out his Q's and trade before the cool down is back up. Go for a sunfire because he will build armor against you and with sunfire and your ult you will be able to beat him with your base damages.  Ult work well against Darius when he goes to Ult you. If you are having a lot of trouble in this lane you can grab an early dorans shield.


Dr. Mundo


Start 21/9 with a doran's blade and you can't lose this lane. Even if you die to a gank you can still come back and kill mundo. Mundo has a extremely weak level 1-5 so take advanatage of this and trade often with him. If he sits far back and farms with cleaver block a few of his CS or E-Q - E away to poke him out. If you push the wave you will be able to pressure him undertower with Q poke and when you hit 6 he will still be 5 allowing for  a super easy dive with ignite and ult. After level 6 if you did well in lane you should be building a tiamat and keeping the pressure up, mundo should be useless all game if you play the lane well.




Really tough match up. Your goal in this lane is to farm, start 5 pot 1 ward rejuve bead and just look to farm it out. Avoid her stun at all cost or you will get chunked for a ton of hp. At level 6 after with a hexdrinker she is no match for you just start to combo her and go all-in if she gets 70% and is over extended. With 5 pot 1 ward rejuve bead if elise starts flask and spams Q's on you she will run oom and you can force her out of lane. Her spider lings help you in this match up increasing the heal of your Q so remember to use empowered Q's when she is in spider form. Hard but winnable match up just farm hard til 6 and then look for a kill. Key thing in this matchup is to push the lane early elise has sooo much trouble last hitting under tower, so much so that she won't be able to harass you at all or she risks losing a huge amount of cs. 




Skill match up but Renekton has the advantage. This match up relies on who lanes the stun or silence first. Doing so will allow for a full trade so try and bait out Garens Q's then E away though a minion and dash back in when his Q runs out for a full trade. Trade often against Garen, you never want his passive to be up. If you do all of this you will force him from lane or kill him at 6. When you hit 6 pop ult and go to work!



Medium <---matchup guide!

You out damage her before she maxes her w at level 9. Use this to your advantage and dominate the lane pre level 9 by going in for your combo often and zoning him from the wave. Post 9 if you weren't able to snowball be careful of standing near low hp minions because you will give her a free dash and will lose the trade horribly. Beat her early and make her useless in mid game.




Renekton is a strong counter pick to jax because Renekton is not affected by Jax dodge spell, meaning all of renektons abilities go right though Jax's dodge. Use this to deny Jax the ability to trade back. Your goal in this lane is to harass Jax low enough that you can go all-in and kill him. Try using E into the side bushes to avoid a leap stun combo and don't stand and trade autos with Jax. Get in and Get out!



Medium<---In Depth Renekton Vs Jayce Matchup Guide

Depending on the skill level of the Jayce this becomes a farm lane. Jayce has the ability to deny you from trading with him by knocking you away after your first dash. If you try and dash back in for a combo you will lose the trade due to not having another dash to get out. Just farm this lane with 5 pot rejuve bead ward. Always try one trade as I have found that to many Jayce are not able to knock you away instantly. Against these Jayce's spam trades and enjoy your free lane win otherwise just farm and look to do something in team fights mid game




The Kennen matchup is similar to the Jayce and Elise match ups with some slight differences. Like against most ranged champs you do not want to let them push you to tower because it will lead to you taking too much poke damage while attempting to cs under tower.Renekton can crush Kennen when you catch him, but because of lightning rush that is often very difficult. Use the bushes in the lane to reduce the amount of poke you take and make sure to allow your marks to fall off before you go back into range. I like to put the wave adjacent to their lane bush, this allows me a easy way to dodge poke and deny auto attacks while also putting the lane in a position where Kennen feels pressured to last hit and not harass as much or risk losing cs. In order to trade successfully with Kennen you must be able to use 1 slice and dice and stun immediately. If you cannot do this then do not attempt the trade and wait for a better opportunity (Ken's lightning rush is on cd or you get close enough to E-W). Great Kennens can deny you this by staying far back and lightning rushing away before you can reach them leaving you open to harass while you retreat, this is why it is extremely important to know if you will lane the stun before you go in. Attempt to farm this lane out but always look for a chance to catch Ken. If you ever E-W ken and stun him while he is lightning rushing pop ult and go all-in because he no longer can escape you.


Lee Sin


Lee Sin does so well against Renekton because has shorter cooldowns and better sustain. If lee lands his Q's early game you lose the lane. You must stay inside your creeps and trade there while also trying to deny him from healing up off the creeps. This is hard to do and often leads to a very intense early lane. At level 6 he is still stronger then you with his q-r-q combo. Until you get some tanky items play safe. If the lee plays poorly and misses to many spells you should be able to punish him really hard. Early ninja tabi and dorans blades work well in this match up.




Really simple lane, he cant kill you with out a gank. Just constantly trade with him to keep his shield off. If you keep his shield off most of the lane you will destroy him. At 6 he still has no kill potential on you unless he ults you under his tower. Trade early and often and make sure to zone him from the wave level 2-4




He can not deal with your early pressure. Just zone him and punish him for every cs. Use E to kite when you are withered and there is no way to lose this lane. You out damage him at every point in this lane deny him q farm and win.




Farm the lane and try to trade often. Your goal is to make her run out of mana, you do this by trading and forcing her to spam heal. Use the bushes to stop her from auto attacking you. Don't get auto attacked to much and you will win this lane. Asking for a gank before Nid gets 6 is always a great idea to help your snowball. Ninja tabi is amazing early pick up vs Nid. Also try to push the lane early and back for an early buy around level 3, this prevents Nid from harassing you because he will be focused on last hits. Also by the time you get back to lane there will be a huge wave built up for you just outside your tower just waiting to be freezed.




Riven is cooldown based just like renekton but her early game isn't nearly as strong. Take advantage of this and crush her in lane. Doran's blades and giant belt are great pick ups because you just need to be able to survive her burst and you will win lane. Combo riven or poke with Q's just make sure to use your Slice and Dice to avoid some of the stuns. Renekton wins all-ins at lv 6 although if you don't dodge anything at all with your E's you might be in trouble. Go for sunfire and ninja tabi vs Riven and remember that Riven snowballs hard so if you die one time it is imperative that you don't die again.



Hard <--Renekton vs Rumble guide

This can be a very difficult matchup if not played correctly. It's key to pay attention to the Rumble's skill order if he doesn't take flamespitter at lv 2 look to make an all in play with your red pot. The whole lane relies on Rumble's flamespitter, when its on cd you look to trade, when its not leveled you look to trade, when he overheats without flamespitter you trade. Also if try and use E to get behind rumble then stun him so his flamespitter doesn't hit you! At level 6 you win an all-in as long as you do not stand on his ult for more than 1 second. Hexdrinker is an amazing buy vs rumble because the only way to fight Rumble is with an all-in so the shield + your ult makes you so strong against Rumble.




I hear people say this is a hard match up or that they lose with Renekton, THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN! Against Shen you just spam your abilities and zone him early. You force him into using q to last hit or to hit you and miss cs. Either way you win, if he uses q to last hit your can trade even better and if he Q's you just sustain it and laugh as he misses loads of cs. Stop his ult when ever you can even if you have to flash. If he takes TP you win lane even harder and the second he TP's or Ults to another lane take his tower.<---shen guide<--full game commentary




Renekton wins this match up until around level 9 it is on you to pressure Shyvana hard enough that her power spike is delayed. You do this by deneying CS or killing Shyvana. I like to rush a tiamat in this match up because it is all about burst trades and tiamat amplyfies Renekton's burst. Against Shyvana you want short trades where you uses all your spells and then leave because if you trade in a full Shyvana burn out you will lose the trade hard. The best trade against Shyvana is walking up to her and AA-W-AA-Q-AA-E away from her but make sure you go through her, she would have popped her burnout when you start the fight so it ends up working out that you can cast your Dice back in after waiting 3.9 seconds. Her burnout will be ticking for 1 more second before falling off and your Q will be back off cooldown so you can auto Q and back out. This is the best trade I have found and if you just rinse and repeat you will be able to force Shyvana from lane or get a kill if she overstays. So the full combo looks like AA-W-AA-Q-AA-E away wait 3.9 seconds E back in AA-Q disengage repeat.



Medium <---Singed guide

Just like the shen match up you spam your abilities as much as possible. Pre 6 you goal is to kill him and zone him hard. He does poor damage to you as long as you don't get flipped into his tower. You can even 2v1 when ganked because Singed does no damage to you. Once he gets RoA and ninja tabi its very hard to kill him because he will use ghost or ult to escape. If he proxies just call your jungle and mid and collect your free gold.




Renekton can burst Teemo but the problem is most Teemo's won't let you near him. They will wait for you to E toward them and pop move quick and run away. To counter this you must bait out move quick before you can trade or by getting close enough to E W  before he has the chance to use his speed from move quick. Try and push the lane early so Teemo has to focus on last hitting rather than poke you constantly. Pre 6 and even post 6 against Teemo's who don't take bush control sit in the bush and only come out for last hits. To fight Teemo you need to all-in him because the second you run away or get kited to hard he will win the trade and possibly kill you. Ult E W E Q with a few autos is more than enough to kill teemo if you orb walk and use E to keep with teemo during his move quick but you must avoid shrooms so remember where they are!




Renekton does really well against Vladimir in lane but Vlad can outscale Renekton really hard if he is not kept down during lane phase. With this in mind I love to play this lane aggressive and go W->E and slow push so I hit 2 first and try to all in. After that the lane all comes down to a 5 seconds window. You are able to dive in do your whole combo and force out his pool. Now your E is shorter cooldown than vlads pool so you have this window where you can engage and kill so the second E comes up all-in vlad. This is how the lane works and the window gets bigger as you add cdr and points into E. Only hard thing in this lane is sustaining with vlad but if you force fights like this you wont have to worry about that after level 2. It is important at level 1 to get your wave pushing and not take too much harass from vlad use the bush and the fact that his Q has a 10 second cooldown at level 1 to avoid poke while CSing. I love going Hexdrinker Brutalizer Merc's in this matchup for a really strong mid game.


Xin Zhao


Use E to avoid Xin's knock up and you cant lose the lane. Combo him when you can but do not stand and fight him you will lose if he can stand there and auto you. But once you get your ult you are unstoppable! Pay attention if he tries to hit a creep 2 times then charge and knock you up you must E before he does it our you will get chunked hard. Be smart about your trades and this should be a simple lane.




This is a skill matchup but Zed is in the drivers seat and decides if it will be a farm lane or a very aggressive lane. If zed only uses his W to counter Renekton's E then you won't be able to trade. When this happens look to get every last hit because he will miss a few if he is only farming with Q. If zed ever uses his shadow to farm make sure to zone him from the wave until it comes back off cooldown (14 seconds). If Zed is ever near you with no w you should trade because you will win it. At level 6 the all in fight is very close and depends on how much damage zed gets from his ult. It is key to avoid as much damage as you can when Zed ults you. The more damage you avoid from the ult the easier it will be to clean him up afterward. The zeds that play more aggressively are easy to deal with just look to out sustain them and trade constantly with your abilities, just make sure not to trade to many auto attacks or you will lose the trade (get in and get out). NEVER TRADE WITH ZED WHEN UNDER 50% HP

What Skill To Level First? Back to Top

I prefer to take Q in every match up because I often push the first 2 waves into tower but taking W is strong against a few melee champions. Against Aatrox, and Tryndamere I would suggest W starts as it prevents their aggression on you and also deals a ton of damage when you auto W auto.

At level 2 you want to take E 90% of the time. E gives you a gap closer and escape when combined with W grants Renekton amazing early trade power. The timing works out so that you will typically be getting ganked when you hit level 2 if the enemy jungler did both his buffs and went top. So you need to have E to escape or you will die most of the time. The only time I would suggest going WQ or QW is when both junglers go top after their respective buffs and you want a stronger skirmish against a top and jungler with little mobility.

How to trade with Renekton Back to Top

Because Renekton is an AD caster your trades rely on his abilities and how you use them. The basic trade is EQWE in this trade you dash in Q W and dash out to safety. This trade works well but to use Renekton to his fullest you must weave auto attacks into your trade. A full trade with auto's looks like E auto-attack Q auto-attack than W right away because it resets your attack then one more auto before you use your second E to leave. This trade takes under 4 seconds and chunks your opponent while not allowing him to trade back any damage. 

When going in for a trade the more rage your have the better, always try to have at least 50 rage so that you output more damage. If you are at 100 rage you trades and do almost 50% of most enemies hp before level 6.

Now how do you determine what ability to use that 50 rage on? Well it depends on the situation, almost always you are going to want to use your rage on empowered Q's because the heal and AoE damage is so great. Empowered W are great if you need to lock down someone longer or are trying to burst down a single target. Empowered E is something you don't use often, only use empowered E's when you have a heavy AD team comp and you can land it on at least 3 enemies. 

When in lane don't just waste your fury to push the wave, just having a full fury bar will be enough to zone your opponent most of the time. This is your key resource don't throw waste it unless you really need the sustain from Q.

Early Game Back to Top

Renekton's strengths lie in his early game power so it is key that you use this power to your advantage. There are multiple ways to do this which include zoning, denying, all-in, and/or forcing the enemy out of lane. In this phase of the game you will want to be careful to not get into too much trouble before you have all 3 of your abilities. After this against most champions you should be looking to trade damage as Renekton's base damages are very high leading to him winning most early game trades. Renekton is at his strongest at level 3 when he unlocks all of his abilities make sure to take advantage of this against champions who only have 2 abilities at level 3. It is SOOOO IMPORTANT that you do not waste fury, just having a full fury bar will zone most enemies from the creep wave. Make sure to keep a ward out and always try and track the enemy jungler so you know when you can try and make a play on your lane opponent. Do not use E unless you know where the enemy jungler is because if you get ganked when its down you are most likely dead. Playing the early game aggressively but intelligently will allow Renekton to transition very well into the mid game. 


Mid Game Back to Top

When mid game hits you should look at your team and the enemy and determine if you can win a team fight. If you feel your team can win look to force objectives like dragon or tier 1 towers. Renekton's shines in mid game team fights because carries don't have the damage to kill him though his ultimate yet and are still extremely squishy. Your goal in a mid game team fight is to either dive and kill an enemy carry or to peel for your own. Target the most fed carry but don't waste time chasing your high base damages are enough to take out even tanky champs with some help from your team. Mid game is where you begin to choose your item paths, add out the enemies AD and AP champs and determine what stats have priority and build those first.


Late Game Back to Top

Late Game you need to decide if your team is capable of winning a 5v5 team fight. If the answer is no then you should be trying to split push. Make sure to buy wards so you are covered and begin pushing the lane farthest away from the action. Tell your team to stall the game out and just clear waves, your goal is to force multiple people to come and stop you relieving pressure on your team allowing them to possibly make a play. If however you feel you can win team fights then your goal should be to force team fights in FAVORABLE POSITIONS! This is extremely important, just because you are ahead doesn't mean you should dive a tower. Try and force fights over objectives like baron or dragon by clearing out the enemy vision and placing your own. If they give up barons and dragons and just stall with wave clear try gaining vision control of their jungler and rotate to different towers as 5. They are either going to be too slow to respond or you can possibly catch them in transition. At this point in the game you should be tanky enough to eat tower shots for your team so don't be afraid to backdoor if the enemy is out of position.

Team Fighting Back to Top

Renekton is a monster in team fights, he deals so much AoE damage and still has the ability to burst down a squishy target. During mid game team fights if the game is somewhat close Renekton will dominate, the free health and damage your ult grants gives you a leg up on your enemies because most haven't finished many items yet. During mid game team fights I like to look for squishies because your carries typically don't have enough items at this point to make them worth protecting. Don't be afraid to engage if you know your team will follow, pop ult and use E (possibly with flash) and stun a target your team can kill. Late Game Renekton's ability to dive carries gets harder as the enemy team gets more items because your free stats from Dominus no longer mean as much. You might not be able to kill carries but if you are tanky enough you can zone them from the fight or force them to focus you decreasing their damage output in a team fight. If however both teams frontlines are weak or the enemy has many divers your best option might be to peel for your carries. Renekton's peels in terms of CC are not that great but Renekton offers a meat shield while dealing decent AoE damage and applying armor shred either through empowered Slice and Dices or through The Black Cleaver to help carries burn down the enemies quickly. I like to sit with my carries and peel while tanking the enemy carry, but if the they ever misstep don't be afraid to jump on them. Renekton's Late Game empowered damage is still no joke any carry that gets too close to you should be stunned and focus down by you and your team. Tank as much damage as your can then get out of the fight, Renekton is decent at cleaning up fights with his gap closer and stun so make sure to stick around if you think you can make a play.

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Well you managed to destroy your lane and you picked up a few kills what should you do now? Apply pressure and try and snowball your team. You can do this a few different ways, the easiest is to push your wave and try and roam to middle lane for a gank. Another great way to snowball your team with your lane advantage is to take objectives. Tell your team to prepare for dragon and push your lane out and run down for the free gold. If the enemy tries to fight for dragon that's great use your advantage and win the team fight. Taking towers is another great way to help snowball your team to victory. If other lanes are losing and you cant gank for them try and force the enemy to come help their top laner by shoving tower and proxy minion waves. You should be able to fight 2v1 vs your lane and the jungler and if they bring mid lane up your team will be able to take objectives. Make sure to only do this when there is an objective to be had aka if drag is not up and your mid and bot are not a position to pressure their tower don't try and proxy. 

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