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All Guides Lee Sin Guides Korean Guide Translation]Lee Sin by 만기퇴소
2 years ago

Lee Sin Statistics for Bhany

Author's performance with Lee Sin compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

14.png is fantastic finish with Leer.png combo that cannot be replaced with any other summoners.
and also 4.png integrates very well with Lee Sin's kit that are geared more towards utility 


Q: What about 12.png with 4.png?

A: I do tend to use it sometimes; it shines with Lee Sin's high mobility.  I believe in certain situation 12.png can be better than 14.png such as...
going against 98_64.png who will be hard to take the kill; after using Leer.png to cancel his ult you can use 12.png to be at the teamfight instead of him.

You can jinx yourself using 12.png; however when you have passive jungler on your team such as 32_64.png who are weaker in small team fights (2v2 or 3v3) , 12.png could definitely shine.

Runes Back to Top

  • 1x
    +0.93% critical chance Greater Mark of Critical Chance
  • 8x
    +1.28 armor penetration Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
  • 1x
    +0.28 attack damage Greater Glyph of Attack Damage
  • 8x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +2.25 attack damage Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Q: Leee.png has 1AD ratio, why would you use ArmPen Runes?

A: As I already mentioned in Renekton Guide, 10 ArmPen is the way to go.
Also goes same for fixed magic resist runes.

// I also looked at his renekton guide to see what he said about the armpen runes,
but I really couldnt find much ... except :
" There are people who say Damage rune is the best, but there is reason why armpen rune has been nerfed
Ofcourse if you use Damage runes, you will have easier time pushing and CS ing, but 
I can guarentee you that 90 damage + 10 armpen is much stronger than 100 damage. "

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 0


Defense: 0


Utility: 0

Some might wonder why Lee Sin will take such defensive tree when he is so strong early.

I will explain this as we go on with the guide.

Abilities Back to Top

How to use Lee Sin's kit.
This difference is the core of top Lee Sin's advantage; the reason why I am writing this guide.

It is a misconception to master first lol_abil_067.png only because lol_abil_067.png 's damage is ridiculous.
This guide is to use this as advantage.
Unless your opponent is a down right stupid, he will try his best to stay behind minions to not get hit by lol_abil_067.png.
Also, because Lee Sin's AD potency, they will try to obtain even the least armor items.

This is why we need to pay more attention to Leee.png.
1 AD ratio turning into magic damage?  This will spectacularly obliterate the opponent's weakness.
Of course, they cannot build magic resist item against Lee Sin.

Also the synergy that comes with Leeee.png which reduces opponent's attack and movement speed.
This synergy is amazing for top Lee Sin.

You can say "MINION OP" early game.
Lets consider 1v1 fight to death situation early on (level 1-5)
Your opponent will try to sit behind minions to avoid getting hit by lol_abil_067.png
; however, for us who masters Leee.png first, its just meaningless.
When the fight start the minion will each attack the opponent's champion, this is really important to remember.
because Leeee.png will also be applied to minions... which will in return minimize "MINION OP"
also if your opponent is normal-hit oriented champion, everything becomes easy mode.

If you master  Leee.png your line pushing power becomes very powerful.
This means that you will get more chances to hit lol_abil_067.png.

When you play Jungle Lee Sin, you probably have experienced seeing no angle for lol_abil_067.png to hit because of the minions. But when you master Leee.png there will be no minions to left to block your lol_abil_067.png which will optimze the situation in your favor.  Then you can  lol_abil_067.pngLeeqq.png14.pngLeer.png to finish him off if he is low enough.

The ideal combo for Leee.png master Lee Sin would be
lol_abil_067.png hit hit  Leee.pngLeer.pngLeeqq.png

lol_abil_067.pngLeer.pngLeeqq.png combo is generally used within people who are experienced with Lee Sin because
Leeqq.png does its skill damage + 8% bonus damage of missing health.
this means that even though you don't master lol_abil_067.png first,
the 8% bonus damage will be applied nonetheless.
So you just need to have Leee.png within the lol_abil_067.pngLeer.pngLeeqq.png combo.

Are you still wondering about the 9/21/0 masteries ?
Leee.png master Lee Sin will take advantage of stereo type (strong burst AD) that leads to hoarding armors.
Using Leee.png's magic damage that will target enemy's weakness then use Leep.pngLeew.png to relative safer dealing, and

using Leeee.png to make deal loss of enemy and his creep to take upper hand in deal exchange.

This is the key point to this guide, so don't you forget.


Q: Could jungle Lee also master Leee.png first?
A: Yes when you are going against normal-attack-depended-champions, I definitely would master E first as well.

Q: Lee Sin is hard.  Is there a tips on hitting lol_abil_067.png more accurately?
A: First of all, try not to throw lol_abil_067.png in to go in.  Try to applyLeeee.png before you use lol_abil_067.png.  This has to become a habit.  Also it is surprising how accurate lol_abil_067.png can be when used in between minions.  And when you use lol_abil_067.png on opponent that is shuffling left and right, you should practice using lol_abil_067.png not straight to your target but try to place it next to your actual target.  It is true that lol_abil_067.png is hard to hit with; however that is "the skill".  When enemy is hiding in bush and you are about to throw your lol_abil_067.png, he will try to come out of bush just a bit trying to evade it, so I would just throw it in between the center of the bush and the edge of the bush.  Most time he will get hit by it trying to evade it.  Everyone says one thing that experience is the answer, but it is true :). 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Set #1
    Set #2 (of course 5 pots)
    Set #3

Core Items

    Core Items
    Final Item Set

Situational Items

Q: Is laning Lee Sin a strong burst deal AD caster?

A: No. Lee Sin is Utility Tanker.
Depends on the situation, Lee Sin can and should protect our firepower or bring theirs to our doorstep.

Only situation where Lee Sin should build damage item would be when I get fed and their AP is feeding
or when all is about even but I am fed like crazy.
It would be most ideal situation when enemy's AP caster did not get so strong.

Like I have mentioned above, Leee.pngLeeee.png skill is very critical to enemy champs that relies on normal attacks.
When their AP caster is weak and their ADs could be slowed by Lee,
you just need to chase them ADs down to hell.

Lee Sin has very strong kit which allows you to deal sufficient damage by just being ahead in levels.
This fact, in result, gives top Lee Sin (being able to advance in level quicker) advantage even if you build him tanky.

In situation above, it would be ideal to take one or two damage items such as 3134_32.png.

If you have to worry about enemy's AP caster 3155_32.png this should be more than enough.

You shouldn't need to upgrade these items and just use until end-game, and 

rush other tank items such as 3143_32.png3068_32.png3083_32.png etc.

As laning as Lee Sin, even if you got fed like no others, please do not go 3072_32.png
if you will, it would be something like pub stomp with so much skill difference.


Q: If you get 2049_32.png when is it a good time to buy it?
A: Hmm, I just buy it when my  intuition tells me to which is more than 80%; you just have to get a feel for it.
When I do buy it, more fed I am the faster I get the 2049_32.png.

Q: Wouldn't 3022_32.png be a good choice after 3044_32.png for tanking too?
A: 3022_32.png isn't a bad item; however, other upgrades with 1011_32.png has much much better efficiency.

Matchups Back to Top

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Because 86_64.png uses his kit to deal damage, it will be harder to win damage exchange with  Leee.png master.  I suggest you leveling 2 or 3 of Leew.png first then master Leee.png.  If 86_64.png charges not even trying to evade lol_abil_067.png then you could level up lol_abil_067.png to come out ahead in damage exchange. 




It is rare to see 24_64.png to engage pre 6.  When they start trying to pick a fight, save your  Leew.png so that you can just burst him with  Leee.png then get out with Leew.png asap.   24_64.png is more of steady dealer where Lee Sin is a burst dealer.  After 6 do not fight him head on, even when he jumps at you with his e up just apply your  Leee.png then get out.  You will come out ahead in damage exchange.




So if you couldn't kill by level 2 or 3, you still would not have hard time farming quietly, but you would definitely feel pressure to stop 75_64.png from farming.  In that case, use Leee.png to push the lane then roam or could force dragon fight.




 2_64.png is also hard champion to play against as top Lee Sin.  Just as going against 98_64.png, invest 3 points into Leew.png then master Leee.png.  If 2_64.png masters his e first, it will be absorbed with your shield.  If 2_64.png goes armpen rune and master q first, then just try to evade the axes until his mana is low.




// When reading this section refer to starting item sets indicated on items section above

Against 58_64.png : recommend starting item set #3
When you are going against, I recommend you to take 2 or 3 points Leew.png then master Leee.png.
Because when 58_64.png play style is pushing the lane, you can't really stop him.
Then when he learns Renr.png at 6 then try to fight, you will lose. 
So when he engages at 6, use Leew.png or Leer.png to wait his Renr.png out.lol_abil_067.pngLeeee.pngLeep.pngLeeqq.pngLeer.pngLeew.pngLeee.png




You do not have to worry about end game influence with top Lee Sin compared to 98_64.png.
So do not feel pressured and invest 3 points into Leew.png then master Leee.png.  When he is ulting cancel it using Leer.png.
Also for firsts item, you should buy 3068_32.png instead of 3134_32.png or 1053_32.png




27_64.png is very tough match up for Lee Sin.  I would take a look at what they play before I pick top Lee Sin.
In ranked, I would ban 27_64.png when I am first pick to play top Lee Sin.




Starting at level 2 or 3 use Leew.png to near minion then hit hit Leee.png hit hit.  When he just plays safe, calling jungler for help would surely kill him once he is low.

Introduction (please read this first!) Back to Top

//Hello fellow summoners!
After ALLSTARS 2013 many more players are recognizing different builds and meta in Korea can also be used in NA.
I hope this helps you think outside of box or help you confirm your build.

This guide is written by 만기퇴소.
It is not written by me who is only gold V, but I am translating for you all :D

Anyways, I just want to point out that the guide are suppose to be just tips and hints that help you get better.  Its not something you must follow every game, and you should always try be versatile and adapting to different circumstances.

Also during the guide I have added some my own comment which will be italicized like this, so you don't get confused.

So here the guide begins.

I have posted few clips from my ranked solo ques on the forum.
check it out!

and this one is provided by fellow redditor ( abel5a .. Thanks!) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI6F9gDNCAc

Hello.  After good reviews I have received on my Renekton guide, I decided to carry on make a new guide. Thanks.

The goal of this guide is for many more players to understand the campion Lee Sin.

Lee sin is very well known as aggressive jungle already;
you might wonder why I would take top as Lee Sin.

As working towards my current tier in ranked (Diamond I ),
I feel more attracted to top Lee Sin rather than him in jungle.

So.  What do you consider as stereotypes associated with Lee Sin?
jungler?, powerful ganks and counter jungle? and becoming useless in end-game teamfights? (expiration?)

To break your stereotypes, I will start my MOST1 Lee Sin Guide.

Your Role In Teamfights Back to Top

Understanding the champion is very important when playing as Lee Sin.
This also goes for your teammates as well.

Just as all junglers, in normal game where jungler letting laner get the kill, it is harder for jungler to grow huge.
The "second supporot" is the poor jungler.
The reason why jungler Lee Sin expires is because they lack leveling and tank items.

Top Lee Sin on the other hand will be able to play big part in end-game teamfight,
and if you have build  3143_32.png the AoE slow is almost to 4 seconds using 3143_32.pngLeee.pngLeeee.png!

In this 4 seconds, the enemy ADC becomes practically useless, and thus advantage of fight changes to your favor.

You can also use AoE slow to break their ADC and get on their AP caster right away too!

I emphasize once again that Lee Sin is untility tanker.
In team fight, you should apply Leee.pngLeeee.png3143_32.png to as many enemy champions as possible then 
peel for our ADC using Leer.png.

Lee Sin should be able to be very versatile in plays and be adapting in every situations.

However, Lee Sin is NOT a initiator.

As I mentioned Lee Sin's pros above, he is...
1. very strong in small teamfights such as 2:2 3:3
2. can effectively make their ADC lose output deal.
3. his kit can be adapted into all different situations.
But he is Not a initiator, if enemy team has 33_64.png13_64.png44_64.png like target cc 
bringing enemy with lol_abil_067.pngLeeqq.png2044_32.pngLeew.pngLeer.pngbecomes a dream.

General Matchups are written here! Back to Top

For 5_64.png62_64.png59_64.png39_64.png24_64.png : take up starting item set #3
They cannot beat Lee Sin that masters Leee.png first.  
You can say Lee Sin can counter them.
Also you will Not be any behind in team fights against them.
Once you start to exchange deals, you will be able to slowly start denying them even.

For 85_64.png60_64.png98_64.png41_64.png17_64.png27_64.png : take up starting item set 1 or 2 
I recommend you invest 3 points into Leew.png first, then master Leee.png.
When you are going against 60_64.png, do not go dive in first.
try to drain her mana by mitigating Elise1.png with Leew.png then fight when her mana is low.
If you engage first and fight you will lose the deal exchange.

Conclusion/ more Q&A from lolinven comments Back to Top

This is a short guide.
Champion like Lee Sin is very pilot depended, so whatever guide you see it will probably be the same.
The thing is inexperienced player cannot be expect to be good at Lee Sin just by reading the guide.
You have to read the guide and experience many different situation to learn and understand the champion itself.

This guide is written to understand what Lee Sin really is.

to recap:
1. Lee Sin is utility tanker, so minimize buying damage items.
2. Lee Sin is a tank, but his skill kit is so good that if he levels well he will still put out much damage.
3. Lee Sin can be very versatile with masteries, items, and play style.

//This ends the guide...
Some of the Q&A that I inserted are the comments that 만기퇴소 himself replied on his guide.
here are some more that you might find useful(imo...).
Well I hope you enjoyed the guide, and upvote for me so more people can "understand" the champion :)
Thanks for your time!!

Q: Why top Lee Sin?
A: There are a lot of good guides for jungle Lee Sin.  The main point of this guide is to raise your level of understanding on top Lee Sin.

Q: Tell us more about mid Lee Sin.  Wouldn't it be better to get more damage items? What about masteries?
A: I also play mid Lee Sin often; if I am fed I usually get 3072_32.png then straight to 3026_32.png.  
Otherwise I would normally build 3134_32.png3155_32.png3035_32.png3083_32.png.  Mid Lee Sin should usually go 21/9/0.

Q: What would you consider as hard counter to top Lee Sin?
A: 60_64.png27_64.png31_64.png98_64.png68_64.png these are hardcore lol!

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