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All Guides Kassadin Guides Korean Guide Translation]Kassadin by Apdo God
2 years ago

Kassadin Statistics for OutbackIsAwesome

Author's performance with Kassadin compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

These summoners are almost always the best options.
14.png is a spell that gives you kill potential as well as lane pressure. Even if you are in a lane where your kill potential is very low, one of your jobs as a mid laner is to roam and 14.png should help you net kills when you gank.
For instance, if you are level 5 with level 3 Q and your opponent is at around 400 health, they are forced to port back. If you had 12.png or any other summoner, they could stay in lane and eat more poke without fearing death. In solo queue, 14.png heavily outshines 12.png

However in games where everyone is on the same page (Team 5x5), 12.png could still prove to be very useful and is definitely a viable option. 

Imo,3.png and 21.png can be okay alternatives if you are really afraid of being burst down.

1.png is not my cup of tea. If you need to escape from deadly cc, build a 3140_32.png.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.87 magic penetration Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
  • 1x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 1x
    +1.19 ability power Greater Glyph of Ability Power
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 1x
    +4.95 ability power Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
  • 1x
    +1.5% movement speed Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed


GMarks (1) Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
This mark is the best option on many AP Champions. They not only give you early game power, but scale very nicely into late game. On Kassadin, this is honestly the only option.

GMarks (1) Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration
People have started to use hybrid penetration marks more frequently. They can be useful on a few champions, but Kassadin is not one of them. You should NEVER run these on him. Before you decide that these runes are viable on Kassadin, take these factors into consideration:
  1. Kassadin rarely auto attacks during laning phase, the stage of the game when these runes shine most on ranged AP mids like 103_64.png4_64.png, etc.
  2. Kassadin's nether blade (W) which makes his auto attacks part of his damage source post-ultimate during fights is all magic damage.
  3. Runes are most important in the early game, when every bit of magic penetration helps your Q hit harder.
  4. Late game, your ad damage is very minuscule, and the extra damage from armor penetration will probably be in single digit numbers.


GSeals (1) Greater Seal of Armor
This seal is the best option for Kassadin for all matchups. Here is my case:
  1. As a melee champion you're forced to farm under auto attack harass from ranged champions. Don't underestimate this source of damage as auto attack harass could add up to a LOT of damage. Farming against AP mids with ranged auto attacks can be a nightmare without these seals to help you reduce damage in this department. Running these against AD mids is a no-brainer.
  2. Armor helps you reduce minion damage. This damage can add up to quite a bit if you are put in a situation where you need to take some minion hits.
  3. Lane swaps. Kassadin's worst nightmare is not pantheon nor talon, but a lane swap bringing an ad carry and support mid. While usually a rare occurrence, 1v2ing which is already brutal will become impossible without armor. 
GSeals (3) Greater Seal of Scaling Health
If you feel that you absolutely won't need the armor in lane, this is probably the next best option on Kassadin. Mana regen is unnecessary as you will be starting flask and rushing tear as your first item, and these will give you about 175 health at level 18. While this might not seem as much, That's about as much health as you get from a ruby crystal which isn't too bad at all. The only part that bothers me about running these runes is that it is really hard to find a situation where you won't be benefiting from running armor in one of those 4 situations I listed above in the armor yellows section, and by level 18, the role of runes really dwindles down.


GGlyphs (3) Greater Glyph of Ability Power
Using AP Glyphs strengthens your early game. These glyphs will help your spells do more damage and even against tanky matchups, the damage from Q should build up to a moderate amount. Even against AP champions with high magic damage, you should run these runes to shove them out of lane over time and keep your health high through flask and potions. Once you're level 6, you become a much stronger champion and you should start to win the lane even against hard matchups if you survive through that phase. 

Don't forgethelps you survive against AP damage as well.

GGlyphs (4) Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
If mid & top or mid & jungle both are primarily AP damage dealers, that calls for Flat MR blues. Don't ever run scaling magic resist. If you want to run scaling magic resist, run the flat AP instead.


QUINT%20AP.pngGreater Quintessence of Ability Power
These quints add up to around 15.6 flat AP with your passive. That amount of AP is nothing to scoff at, as it's pretty much 3/4 of an 1052_32.png. This should improve laning, increasing kill potential and lane pressure throughout early game. I believe running magic pen on quints hurts your early game damage too much for it to be worth it, as runes are mainly for the early game benefits.

QUINT%20AP.pngGreater Quintessence of Movement Speed
These quints are viable to help you against matchups that require you to avoid skillshots. Some champions that come to mind are 134_64.png63_64.png, and 61_64.png who have skills that can punish you extremely hard if you are hit. Even though Kassadin has a blink, it won't come until 6 and these may be what you need to survive that early laning phase.

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 21


Defense: 0


Utility: 0


Never change the 21 points into offense. The only possible change you could make is to take out 2% from cooldown reduction and put it into butcher to help you last hit. You need the 21 in offense to deal as much damage as you could out of your masteries setup. No other setups are worth losing the 5% increase in AP (Think of it this way: If you have 300 AP, that's 15 AP from 4 points. If you have 600 AP, you gain 30 ap from the 4 points.) and the 5% damage increase to anyone with less than 50% health (If you deal 1000 damage to a target with less than 50% health, that's 50 free damage from 1 mastery point [Even with resistances, I believe any extra damage in double-digit numbers is a huge gain for 1 mastery point]). You also gain 6 AP right off the bat which is a great addition to your AP from runes. Spellsword is also a nice 1 point mastery which helps you deal extra damage with W.


If you decide to go with 9 points in defense, you should take the 4 points in durability[6 Health per Level], whatever resist you need + 1 of the other, and veteran's scars [30 Flat HP]. 


Utility is where my 9 spare points usually go to. It not only gives you 15 seconds off flash as well as a 10% reduction both your summoners, but it gives you mana regen and extra buff duration which are both valuable assets. While the 15% reduction in active items may seem like a good idea, the active items you build are both very situational actives and it's very unlikely you will use them as soon as they're up again. While same could be said for your summoners, the cooldown is much longer and I believe that reducing the much higher cooldowns of summoners is a better use of the mastery points.


Always pay attention to your matchup and change your masteries accordingly. Also, have a playstyle based on where you spend your 9 spare points. This is very important. If you take mana regen, don't be afraid of spending mana if it will win you the lane. If you took 9 in defense, understand you took defensive masteries because you intended to play safe or you wanted to trade more efficiently and play aggressive through favorable trades.

Abilities Back to Top

Before looking over Kassadin's abilities, I want to explain why I prioritize maxingbefore a second level of
  1. Kassadin has a lot of kill potential once he starts to finish his 3027_32.png. I believe sacrificing one second of cooldown and the 10 extra damage ondoesn't provide enough bonuses to overlook the very high damage increase inonce you start to level it up.
  2. 's slow % goes up as you level it, making ganks much more easier to pull off.
  3. You can buy 2044_32.pngs to offensively without worrying about ganks and not become too dependent on using it to escape.

2444896038.png  Void Stone (Passive)
  • Do not underestimate this skill - Along with Nether Blade, if you take AP damage, you can dish out lots of damage just from auto-attacking. 
  • 15% Reduced Magic Damage could be very beneficial when facing AP champs in lane, as well as during teamfights. 

3364432142.png  Null Sphere (Q)
  • Kassadin's poke mainly comes from this spell. Use this spell to repeatedly harass your opponents and pressure them to risk their life by staying in lane or force them to port back.
  • You max this first for the damage to increase harass damage
  • Silence has a very strong use in all stages of the game. It not only shuts down champions who deal damage through cooldowns, it also cuts off spells from channeling, very helpful when facing champs such as 55_64.png or 20_64.png. Also remember silence prevents 4.png.

3593762473.png  Nether Blade (W)
  • You learn this at level 2 to have mana sustain in lane and max it last.
  • This deals a lot of damage as you start to build up AP, so don't miss opportunities to auto attack using this spell if you are able to.
  • This synergies well withwhen dueling AP champions.
  • Remember this spell counts towards  stacks.

2751905201.png  Force Pulse (E)
  • This is your second main damage spell. 
  • It requires 6 spells to be used around him in order for this skill to be available for use. Always keep track of your stacks.
  • This spell synergizes well with ganks, helping slow them from getting to safety. Use in conjunction with to prevent flashes/escape skills for a small moment.
  • As you level this spell, it becomes Kassadin's main wave clear.

2738197416.png  Riftwalk (R)
  • This spell is what makes Kassadin extremely strong at 6. It gives you an escape, a gap closer which can close a lot of distance along with 4.png, as well as an ability to get to different places in the map very quickly. 
  • allows you to go in and+ to deal damage and then disengage while they are silenced and slowed. Always be wary of junglers.
  • Don't forget this spell comes with heavy mana costs once you start to stack it, so if you are using it to move around the map, let the 1st stack expire before you use it again (8 seconds).
  • Don't make this spell an excuse to play recklessly. s are still invaluable and you need to bring them to lane. If youto harass and you get caught in a bad situation from a gank, you have a high chance of dying before being able to escape.
  • If by some chance you are in a situation where you are running for your life and you happen to turn level 11, skillfor the cooldown reduction.2044_32.png

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is your ideal start
    If you truly think you need a ward

Core Items

    First Buy
    End Game Items

Situational Items

    Facing too much AP damage
    Build this if you need cc removal. NEVER build mercs.
    Works very well on Kass due to built in escape
2041_32.png + 3x 2003_32.png is your ideal start. Do NOT build boots 3, cloth 5, rejuv/fairie ward + pots, or anything else. You benefit from flask for most/all of the game and it gives you the sustain in lane you need. 

3070_32.png is your first buy as you need to stack that as soon as possible. 

1001_32.png is a cheap buy if you need the movement speed against skillshots. I would rather start on my 3010_32.png in most cases.

3010_32.png into 3027_32.png is a build that gives you health and even more lane sustain, and you also want to build up 3027_32.png passive as soon as possible.

After getting these 2 items, itemization route varies based on the situation. If you're doing well and you believe you can stay alive while netting kills, this is the perfect opportunity to buy a 3041_32.png. If you are facing too much AP damage,  build 3001_32.png before/after 3003_32.png based on how much you need the extra MR. 
The common itemization route is:
3070_32.png 3027_32.png > 3020_32.png > 3003_32.png > 3157_32.png > 3089_32.png > 3135_32.png

Build 3140_32.png if you need to break away from deadly CC such as 90_64.png ult or any other CC you find overwhelming.
I do not really like 3128_32.png but you can buy it if you can burst down squishy priority targets.

3100_32.png is a viable item, especially if you want to use it to split-push.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Brand
  • Diana
  • Evelynn
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Gangplank
  • Gragas
  • Jayce




This matchup while relatively easy, is all dependent on how well you can dodge her skillshots and stay alive until 6. Do not get carried away trying toat bad times and take damage. Remember she is ranged and you are melee so don't get greedy for CS early. Also, do not let her push you to tower because once you start to last hit under tower, it becomes extremely easy for her to hit her spells. Without, she can't really kill you. When you turn 6, the tide turns and you should beat her in lane. Remembershuts down her spell rotation so if she, silence her and back off.  




Akali is not the easiest matchup. While she is also melee ranged, her sustain keeps her relatively safe in lane and+ auto attack hurts a LOT. Her strength also comes when she turns 6, when herallows her to stick onto you. Buy a 2043_32.png once she turns 6 and if she decides to all in you, drop it down once she usesand retalitate as you will most likely outtrade her if you take away her invisibility.




People believe that Anivia is a very easy matchup for Kass but early lane is painful. With, your kill potential on her early is very small and her superior range can be tough. If you get +ed, you will most likely lose lane, and if a jungler is there you'll also probably die. Early on, your goal should be to hit 6 as soon as possible and win through roaming. Also, once you turn 6, you can also beat her in lane asshuts downwhile yourturns heroff. Still,can be a big obstacle while trying to solo kill her so use your superior movement to good use. Froggen frequently bans Kassadin before playing 34_64.png for these reasons.




Pretty easy matchup. Youroutranges herso always get it off if she is willing to retaliate. You should out trade her and end up pushing her out of the lane. Once you turn 6, keep your health up or she has the potential to burst you withand repeatedly bully her with. One thing you have to worry about is a gank pre-6 along with her stun so be wary of that.




63_64.png is a terrible lane early. Every one of his spells hurts like crazy and if he stuns you while you're chunked, death is likely to follow. Try your best to not take too muchand don't worry about farming early game. Start to poke him back when you turn level 3 and focus on staying behind minions because once again, stun = lose lane. Focus on survivng until 6 and when you get, you should be able to beat him if you avoid the stun.




Diana is a relatively easy matchup. Heris pretty easy to read and you can easily avoid her pre-6. Once you both get ultimates, hit her with++combos and it should not be long before she has to leave lane. When she hits a, wait until she dashes to you and then use+and thenaway. To top it off, you are also a better roamer.




Very easy matchup. Don't let her harass you with, and feed her withs. She can't take too much harass and she is relatively squishy so you have kill potential on her even pre-6. Pay attention to how long she goes missing because one of 28_64.png's major strengths is roaming.




This matchup has everything going for 105_64.png. His kill potential is ridiculous and he can juke yourwith his. You should probably give up ranged minions because once you're that extended, he can just dash onto you withand auto attack you with. At 6, if you userecklessly, you're open to getting "Sharked!" and one shot with acombo.




Focus on avoidingbecause it will chunk very hard. He has solo kill potential on you before you turn 6, but once you have, focus on roaming and get an advantage that way. He is really hard to push out of lane and killing him will be difficult without a gank.




Gangplank is extremely tough to deal with because he outtrades you and outsustains you while also being able to get rid your silence and/or slow. Also don't even think about trading with him in melee range because not only will he hit harder, especially with hisdealing extra damage, you will be slowed and if a jungler's there....then you're probably dead. Once you hit 6, you could try and set up a gank, and save the slow for him to.




Fatman isn't a hard matchup. Keep in mind hisneeds to be procced to explode early and silence prevents that. Just watch out for hisbecause if you get hit by that, your going to take auto attacks buffed from, which really, really hurts. If you get ganked while you are slowed, you will probably die as well. Once you turn 6, you are one champion 79_64.png has almost no hope of bursting down with his combo. 




Probably one of the most annoying lanes. While all AD mids are hard, Jayce can deal tons of damage if you get hit by , and if you don't silence when he comes in withand run away, he has a LOT of kill potential on you. You NEED to have silence to stay alive in this lane so don't throw aways and survive until 6 or ask for a gank and hope to kill him or at least send him back. 

Laning as Kassadin Back to Top

Laning Phase + everything you need to know (Translated fully by bhany)

This is the most important part in this guide, so please read it carefully.

Level 1 ~ 5 Laning Phase

Before level 6, laning 38_64.png has completely different meaning than other mid lane champions.
Other champions will consider farming CSand damage exchange into their laning phase,
but 38_64.png must go all in only on damage exchange.
The reason being, 38_64.png is a champion in mid lane that most heavily dependent on level.
To be equally leveled with your opponent, you must not leave the lane before him.
No matter what you must stay in lane as long as you could; however whenever 38_64.png tries to CS,
you will get poked leading to disadvantage.
Only way out of this problem is to give up some CS (of course not completely).

It is most important to realize that in this phase 

1. you must use Kassq.png only on enemy champion.

if you take a look at some low ELO 38_64.png users would use Kassq.png just to take 1 cs...
this is utmost stupidity.
You must take CS only with normal hit, and the moment your opponent tries to poke use Kassq.png on them then take whatever CS you can, and you need to get out to avoid further more damage exchange.

While Kassq.png is on cooldown, just don't even try to CS and just wait.
This is only way for you to stay in lane as long as your opponent if not longer!

CS is obviously very important part of the game; however for 38_64.png its just relatively not as important.
Consider 38_64.png having only 150 CS compare to your enemy who already have 200 CS, your contribution to team fight in 2v2, 3v3 or even in 5v5 will be much greater.

2. You must pull the lane 

If you only CS with normal hit saving Kassq.png for enemy champion, line will automatically pulled towards our tower.
With Kassw.png, it is easier for 38_64.png to CS under the turret, and with Kasse.png at level 4, you will be able to respond very strongly to gank from our jungler, so you must must pull the line at all time.

Only downfall is that you cannot go to other lanes for backup, but this really cannot be helped(ofcourse until 6)
If your enemy have pushed minions under our turret, he will either keep trying to poke or go onroaming,
so you must not for get to call MIA.  If there is 2:2 at top, make use of retreat ping until you can't ping anymore. lol

Laning After Level 6

With Kassr.png38_64.png becomes strongest mid laner!

1. Advantage to attack first.

It means just what it says. 
For your understanding of the concept, let me show you an example.
Consider 91_64.png vs 1_64.png both at level 6.
When both sides are at full health,
91_64.png  tries to exchange damage with Talone.pngTalonq.pngTalonw.png combo to 1_64.png.

1_64.png then precede to chase down 91_64.png on cooldown with Annieq.pngAnniew.png + normal hits until

91_64.png is at 40% health and 1_64.png at 60%.

Do you think 1_64.png has won the deal exchange?

Do you believe that she will win laning against 91_64.png from here on?
If you believe so, you are wrong.

Because talon has "Advantage to attack first." with Talone.png
Regardless of his 40% health, he can easily one combo 1_64.png.
After such deal exchange, when 91_64.png has Talone.png up again, 1_64.png has to stay back until she have recover certain amount more health with 2003_32.png.  Until then she will be kept denied.

This is the advantage of having be able to attack first.

After a deal exchange, with less than enough health, in the next fight between these mid champions who can one combo each other, the one who that has ability to attack first is in absolute advantage.  // And Kassadin will have that advantage post level 6

2. Skill Mechanism

For 38_64.png, He has not only the advantage to attack first, but also Kassq.png's silence.
This means that he can not only able to attack first, but also he can force his combo without a fair exchange.

The example above of 91_64.png and 1_64.png, after 91_64.png cast his combo, he must tank the Annieq.pngAnniew.png in return as he runs back; however this will never has to happen with proper use of Kassr.png.  
It is only 38_64.png who deals damage.

3. High Melee DPS

To be honest, 38_64.png performs very well in 1v1 death match at low level.
If he can deal damage with Kassw.png freely, he could easily win the fight.

Before he can get close with Kassr.png (pre level 6),  Kassw.png is only a skill to manage mana;

however, after Kassr.png,  Kassw.png becomes damage dealing skill.

His kit that is relatively useless before Kassr.png becomes absolutely useful after level 6.

4. Your opponent becomes weaker to friendly ganks; you become relatively free of hostile ganks.

With Kassr.png added to the kit, 38_64.png can respond strongly to gank from our jungler,
and their chances of successful ganks drop like there's no tomorrow.

After Leaning Kassr.png, the laning phase for 38_64.png changes exclusively. 
Just be aware of when to beat the **** out of your opponent; anyone can do it!! 

4.png will be able to let 38_64.pngeven Initiate.

This is simple.  When enemy are bunched up together with you having 4.png up your sleeve. 
Use Kassr.png to initiate then use Kassq.png to silence whoever may have target CC, then AoE slow with Kasse.png.
Then enemy will try to CC you.  4.png away from enemy CC, and your teammates should already be fighting with advantage. 

Even without 4.png, if you have 3157_32.png, its same principle.

You Must calculate your opponent's CC.

Consider our first bottom tower went down, their bottom say 51_64.png143_64.pngcame up to middle.
You must know that if 143_64.png is silenced, they have no ability to keep you in place.
Therefore, you could safely initiate with Kassr.pngKassq.pngKasse.png into zyra and just walk back.

Same thing before anticipating team fight.  You should calculate their CC and safely poke with Kassq.pngKasse.png and Kassr.png.
This will effectively pressure opponent.

In team fight, same principle applies.  Your timing on Kassr.png and how far will you able to go up front will be decided by enemy team's CC.  This should be thought through early game while you port back home.

Who to target during team fight?

Mainly one who without any Magic Resist or one that is way out of position.
Ofcourse with OPness of Kassr.png you can also target their ADC (when safe).
Or enemy champion who become useless when silence is applied with Kassq.png such as 68_64.png or 85_64.png etc..

Champion Matchup

There is really no real way to go on about explaining each match up versus.

// You just have to know and understand the enemy champion such as their mechanics, skill cooldowns, theirs and your positioning. etc.

Now with buffed sustain in lane for 38_64.png, you can even first pick it without devastating challenge.
But, one thing you must worry and careful about is lane swapping.
If your enemy team successfully swaps lane, there is good chance you become perfectly useless.

Conclusion Back to Top

     Thanks for taking your time to read the guide. My motivation to write this up was from bhany's reddit post on translating Korean guides from lol.inven.co.kr. When I checked out the site, I saw that a Kassadin Guide as written by the current rank 1 in Korean challenger tier and I decided to share his wisdom. His guide was well written, but it lacked explanations on some sections so I added many of my own input to his ideas while trying my best to stay true to the guide. I hope that you can take as much as I did from it because it truly made me a better Kassadin player and also a better League of Legends Player in general. 

     In this guide, you will find my input italicized while the rest of the guide will solely reflect Apdo's opinions. So please pay understand this as you look into the guide.  

Final Notes & Everything Else Back to Top


Bhany - My main motivation to write this guide & Translating the laning explanation which was too hard for me. He was also very willing to help me with anything I needed and provided a lot of input in this guide!
Apdo God - His guide is what I based most of this information and strategy on
LoL Talon (Now Sheriff Destiny) - Playing Kass to get to diamond 4 from gold, his guide helped me fill in the matchups section that was not in Apdo's guide. 
한방이중요해- Author of the most read Kassadin guide in the site that I also used for matchups


6/16/2013 - Guide Released!
6/17/2013 - A few more matchups added, more in the upcoming few days.

Other Comments

Any helpful advice/comments are appreciated so please leave any of your thoughts below!

More Matchups coming soon!!!!

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