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12 months ago

Hecarim Statistics for Cygan

Author's performance with Hecarim compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Ghost is simply made for Hecarim. It boosts your damage, your ability to initiate, chase, escape.
Movement Speed is a great synergy stat for Hecarim. My favorite Summoner Spell for him.

If you want to lane with Hecarim you should probably take Ignite.  It is pretty much self-explanatory.
The true damage is great, helps you to finish off the enemy and provides Hecarim a great damage boost, as he is more of a sustained tanky fighter.

If you want to jungle a must-have. Do NEVER EVER jungle WITHOUT smite. It is like sending the enemy jungler an invitation to visit you. He will be happy to meet you. You won't.

Exhaust is also a great spell. Good versus AD Champions and the extra CC. One of Hecarims weaknesses is the lack of reliable CC which you can compensate with Exhaust. It can provide many early kills if you jungle with him and gank.

Flash is Flash. It is okay on Hecarim. It depends on your personal style. But due to its very long cooldown and lack of synergy with Hecarim, I take Ghost over Flash. It simply gives you more bonus stats and utility than Flash.

Great for coordinated attacks and sneaky ganks. Be careful in Solo-Queue though. Coordination is not that easy with 4 strangers on your team.

It is ok if you really rely on massive amounts of heal. I do not take it because of the future Item Build and his great sustain Spell Skill-W32.png. It will give you more than enough health.

Exchangable as with Heal. Using Barrier means that you expect to use huge chunks of health in a short time. So technically it acts like a heal but only for you and with a shorter cooldown.

Hecarims job is to soak, absorb and tank all the CCs they throw at you. You do not need it as you will recover from any form of CC without any problems later on.

Can work in some exotic tactics. But it is just "meh".

Hecarims item build will give him enough mana to stay alive and/or deal enough damage. It wastes a Summoner Spell slot and it is simply not worth it.

Wards are the better alternative to this spell. Waste of a slot.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +1.28 armor penetration Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
  • 9x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +1.5% movement speed Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
They synergize extremly well with Hecarim. It boosts your damage and makes faster overall.

Greater Seal of Resilience
Mandatory for laning and jungling. You do not want to recall every minute in lane or die in the jungle.

Greater Glyph of Warding
Defensive stats are always nice on Hecarim to upgrade his survivability. It is the counterpart to the armor runes and mandatory against all Ap Casters. You can also take the scaling MRes runes for more late game durability.

Greater Mark of Desolation
Hecarims base damage is great and it even received a buff in the V1.0.0.152 Preseason Patch.
You get enough Attack Damage with your Passive Warpath, Items and Quintessences.
Armor Penetration provides some additional power for Hecarim to deal more damage with his already high base Attack Damage.

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 0


Defense: 0


Utility: 0

Depending on your playstyle you can go 21/9/0 or 9/21/0. I love the defensive tree more as it is too slot efficent and a must-have. It makes our Hecarim tankier and more sustained. Your job is to initiate teamfights and jump straight into the enemy. You MUST survive. Even 30 points in the offensive tree will not help you when you die before even reaching the enemy lines.

Some points in the defensive tree are exchangable with each other. Just take what suits you best.

Abilities Back to Top


Standard Skill Path

This is the common skill path. You go for the damage maximization to clear jungle camps faster and deal more damage in ganks.

If you win hard in lane or if you are able to bully out your lane opponent easily, take more damage to snowball from this point on and build dominance in your lane.

You should skill E at level 3 or 4, depending on the situation. If you fear you might get ganked, skill it earlier to escape. Otherwise skill at level 4.


Hecarim ignores unit collision and gains attack damage equal to 10% / 12.5% / 15% / 17.5% / 20% / 22.5% / 25% of his bonus movement speed.


Wow. I love this passive. You gain FREE stats for getting movement speed and you ignore all units. It makes you a great hunter, ganker and initiator. Very useful in PvP situations.
Funny advice: Annoy the hell out of your lane opponents by denying the minion farm from them. Walk on minions and press S when oyu are on top of them. This way the enemy can not select the minion as a target and he is forced to attack you, pulling minion aggro - And those minions hurt early game.

Active: Hecarim cleaves nearby enemies, dealing damage. This skill deals only 66% damage to minions and monsters.

If Hecarim damages at least one enemy unit with this attack, he gains a stack of Rampage, reducing the base cooldown of this skill by 1 second for 8 seconds. This effect can stack up to 2 times.

Range: 187.5
Cooldown: 4 / 4 / 4 / 4 / 4
Cost: 25 / 25 / 25 / 25 / 25
Physical damage: 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200(+ 60% bonus AD)
Minion, monster damage: 33.33 / 56.66 / 80 / 103.33 / 126.66 (+ 40% bonus AD)


Very short cooldown, low mana costs, high AoE Damage. This skill is great. Just spam it every time you can. Q will also act as a trigger for our Damage procs on the following items: 3057_32.png, 3078_32.png, 3025_32.png . It deals lower damage to minions but it is still decent. Use it so secure minion farm under tower and in between your auto attacks in the jungle to maximize your damage output.

Active: Hecarim surrounds himself with the spirit of dread for 4 seconds, dealing magic damage per second to all enemies within its reach. Additionally, Hecarim is healed for a percentage of the damage enemies within the area take from any source. Healing from damage dealt to minions is capped per cast.

Range: 262.5
Cooldown: 20/18.5/17/15.5/14
Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90
Magic damage per second: 20 / 31.25 / 42.5 / 53.75 / 65 (+ 20% AP)
Maximum damage: 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+ 80% AP)
20% / 20% / 20% / 20% / 20%
Minion healing cap: 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180


I LOVE this skill. And you should too. It deals AoE damage and it heals you with a very low cooldown on the correct item build.

Let's explain it a bit:

While jungling this skill deals great damage and heals you based on the damage dealt. It has a healing cap on minions and neutral monsters, but it is still great. 

In lane it makes you so hard to kill. If you max this first your enemy will most likely lose most trades with you. When you start a fight with an enemy wait until you lose some HP first. THEN you activate it to get the full heal out of it. Never use it in fights when on full health. The key to win trades with your opponent is to stand in between the enemy minions to heal from him + his 6-7 minions while fighting. Most people are surprised by the health healed and react too late and keep fighting you until they drop below your % HP.

In teamfights you should use this whenever you or oyur team does damage to get a truckload of heals. It does NOT cap on champions. So in huge 5vs5 fights you will receive more heals than you need as long as Spirit of Dread is active and you're in the middle of the teamfight.

You will most likely reach your Cooldown Reduction Cap of 40% with my recomended build. This means that you can use this skill every 8 seconds while 4 of them are active. This means every 4 SECONDS you are in GOD-Mode. You are unkillable. This skill makes Hecarim extremly durable and tanky.

Small advice: 11.png Smites damage also counts towards common damage to minions. If you need a quick heal, activate W and smite a minion nearby to get your maximum heal immediately.

Active: Hecarim gains 75% movement speed, starting with initial 25% upon cast, over the course of 3 seconds, ending one second afterward. His next attack knocks the target back, dealing damage based on how far Hecarim has traveled during Devastating Charge's duration.
While Hecarim is charging, he gains 150 extra range (325 total).

Cooldown: 24 / 22 / 20 / 18 / 16
Cost: 60 / 60 / 60 / 60 / 60
Minimum physical damage: 40 / 75 / 110 / 145 / 180 (+ 50% bonus AD)
Maximum physical damage: 80 / 150 / 220 / 290 / 360 (+ 100% bonus AD)


Huge amount of movement speed for a pretty low cost. You can use this skill for initiations or as a run-up skill. What I love about this skill is that its usable in defensive and offensive situations. Its great for chases and ganks. Hecarims gains so much speed that he can pretty much ignore wards and even ganks directly through a lane. On the other hand you can use this skill to displace an enemy to break a channeling skill (9_icon_64.png3_icon_64.png55_icon_64.png20_icon_64.png) or simply safe your allies by pushing away any chaser. It is essential to know the pushback properties on this skill. Sometimes you will encounter strange behavior with flashing skill or Flash itself. If you hit them just in the moment they flash away you will knock them back further away fro mYOU and your allies. So it decides if you succed or fail in initiations or retreats. It also gets stronger the further you travel. This means hardcore initiations with your E,R, ,Ghost6.png, Shurelias3069_32.png and probably any Speed buffs from your team make this skill extremly powerful.

Advice: Try to get behind enemys to push them BACK and further away from any safe locations. My favorite initiation combo is the following: Activate E, Activate R and target BEHIND the victim, rush into the victim with your activated E. This combo gives you great travel distance, displacement and a great possibility for your allies to focus and finish of your chosen victim.

Active: Hecarim summons spectral riders and charges forward, dealing 100/200/300 (+ 80% bonus AP) magic damage to anyone they strike.
Hecarim releases a shockwave when he finishes his charge dealing an additional 50/125/200 (+ 40% bonus AP) magic damage and causing nearby enemies to flee from Hecarim for 1 seconds.
Hecarim himself will only move to the targeted location. The riders will always move the full distance.

Range: 1000
Cooldown: 140 / 120 / 100
Cost: 100 / 100 / 100
Charge magic damage: 100 / 200 / 300 (+ 80% AP)
Shockwave magic damage: 50 / 125 / 200 (+ 40% AP)
Total damage: 150 / 325 / 500 (+ 120% AP)


This ultimate is a game changer and has such a great impact on the course of the teamfight.used correctly, you can fear all 5 enemys for a whole second, making it impossible for them to counter react. It is also a great escaping tool because you can easily escape through walls and obstacles over a VERY LONG distance. Similar to Malphites ultimate you are cc immune while traveling.
If you initiate with this great skill, try to rush in the centre of the enemy but most important: Hit the Carrys and bring them into your teams direction. This is the most important thing to know about Hecarims ult. Displace the enemy squishys and push them to your team.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Against Bullys

Core Items

    Rushing Cooldown Reduction

Situational Items


Our aim is to get tanky and sustained enough to tanky everything they throw at you for your team.
You have to initiate and have to survive the initial clash with the enemy. We got many items to accomplish this task.

Lets go step by step:

Jungle start:
Machete and Pots are pretty much a must have on 95% of all jungler right now. It builds into 3 viable items
Take 3-5 Potions.

Wriggle's Lantern boosts your clearing speed, and gives you all the sustain you need in the jungle. It brings a free ward and gives you great objective control because of the high damage proc. It is an okay item, but there are better options for Hecarim.

Spirit of the Ancient Golem is a more late game oriented item than Wriggles. It gives you Cooldown Reduction, sustain with the Regeneration stats and is the offensive oriented Spirit Stone (1080_32.png) Item. If you want to carry the game by yourself, consider to rush this item. The damage is HUGE and the passives are more reliable in the jungle. You will deal more constant damage with this item than Wriggles.
Additional note: The burn passive applies to your Q and it deals TRUE DAMAGE! So it is a great item to clear jungle camps a LOT faster and any encounters with the enemy will most likely be in your favor. You will deal true damage and you will get healed for crazy amounts because of that. No matter how much Resistance the enemy buys. True damage ignores it. It synergizes the most with 3025_32.png.

The amount of health is massive, it has Tenacity and great sustain. You will get this item most of the time. because of how tanky it makes you. Everything this item offers, is great for Hecarim.

Lane start:
This is the common start for us. The base movement speed on all champions got buffed and the boots got nerfed, but we still get free Attack Damage for Movement Speed. Free Stats are cost efficient, and Hecarim profits from it.


We want tanky stats, cooldown reduction and sustain.
This are the core items we are looking for:

Why these? Well Spirit Visage always was a great item for Hecarim because of his (W). In the V1.0.0.152 Preseason Patch it got buffed and it is even stronger than before.
We get Cooldown Reduction, Health, Magic Resistance and the main reason we get this, the HUGE amount of ADDITIONAL HEALING.
This item combined with his already strong (W) make him a god amongst ponys. You will simply never die. It is strong on lane, it is strong to heal up in the jungle, it is strong to drain even more health after you initiate into teamfights.
ALL of those stats benefit us. Many people see this as an situational item, but for me it is a core item.

Frozen heart gives you huge amount of Mana to spam your skills more often, Cooldown Reduction a LOT of Armor and it builds into two Items Hecarim loves. It builds out of a  1031_32.pngChain Vest and a  1027_32.pngSapphire Crystal. For 380 Gold  more you get 15% Cooldown Reduction and 100 Mana. This item is cost efficient as hell.
With those two items you already get 30% Cooldown reduction.

Buy any of these whenever you need them first.
You lane against a Jax, Irelia, Jayce or any AD Bruiser or auto attack reliant champions, get Frozen heart.
You face guys like Rumble, Fizz, Vladimir or any AP Casters, get Spirit Visage.
As a jungler you should look at the enemy team and decide who is the biggest threat early on and chose your item accordingly.

But in the end: Get both of them.

Little Update: If you do not really care about Tankyness, you can rush the Spirit of the Elder Lizard. After a buff to this item, you get 10% Cooldown Reduction. You want Cooldown Reduction, so it is a very strong offensive alternative, to be considered core.

In the quick Item guide you see offensive and defensive items. Choose your future items out of them, depending on what exactly you need against the enemy team.

3110_64.pngFrozen Heart R5.png
It builds out of Glacial Shroud and gives you more of everything it has.
The Passive Aura is seriously awesome. -20% Attack Speed for all 5 enemys. This is a huge amount. You will be in the center of all fights, triggering this passive to the maximum potential. It was a great item and it still is. If you have to go for a more supportive, disruptive role, take Frozen Heart.

3143_64.pngRanduin's Omen R4.png
This item is also great on Hecarim. I dont use it this often though. It also reduces the attack speed and slows the enemys. around you, making initiations even easier for your team and more lethal for the enemy, because you render their AD Carry completely useless for those important seconds.
The Armor bonus is huge and the Health will benefit you too. Overall a great impactful item.

3107_64.pngRunic Bulwark R4.png
The versatile "Aegis of Legion" received an upgraded item.
Lot of Health, Armor and Magic Resistance. Your allies benefit from it a LOT. It just supports Hecarims role as a tanky initiator and the centerpiece of the battle. You rush in, cause displacement and chaos und buff your teammates and make it eaiser for them to clean up the scattered enemys.  Get this item if no one else does and if you simply need overall tanky stats. It is also a cost efficient item. In the best case scenario you give your allies 40 Armor, 120 Magic Resistance and 40 Health Regeneration. FOR FREE. This is huge. Free stats are awesome.

3068_64.pngSunfire Cape R4.png
It gives you some Armor and Health and a cool looking Fire Aura which damages nearby enemys.
For aggressive oriented Hecarims, this item is great. Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen are more versatile in terms of Item Build and provide more utility for your team, but Sunfire Cape works exceptionally well in a aggressive build.

3083_64.pngWarmog's Armor  R4.png

The meta has changed currently. There are MANY AD Assassins and Bruiser around with Black Cleavers and other amounts of Armor Penetration. The best way to utilize against Burst Damage and heavy AD Damage is a LOT of Health. One Warmogs early on and you can do pretty much whatever you want.


3025_64.pngIceborn Gauntlet R5.png
Hecarim lacks of some reliable CC. Iceborn Gauntlet  gives you EVERYTHING you need in a more aggressive oriented style.
Hecarim loves Sheen procs. The only choice he had was the expensive Trinity Force. But now he can combine a Sheen with a Glacial Shroud I already described. but in addition it SLOWS the enemys with your Auto Attacks after using a skill. Luckily Hecarim can spam all his skills non stop.
Riot should rename this item into "Hecarim's Hoof" or something like that because is fits Hecarim perfectly.
You are very fast and mobile and with this item you can stick to the enemy infinitely. If you dont plan to get a more defensive Frozen Heart, get this item. It works best in combination with 3209_32.png.

3078_64.pngTrinity Force R4.png
Trinity Force is still a great item for Hecarim. My traditional build with Hecarim was: 3111_32.png3110_32.png3065_32.png3078_32.png
It gave you all he needed but with the introduction of Iceborn Gauntlet, it is a bit weaker than before. You paid money for a Zeal 3086_32.png which does not really synergize with Hecarim and the Phage 3044_32.png procs are not really reliable. Trinity is a very expensive "allround package" for all your needs. You can get it if you are ahead in game and bought a Frozen Heart. The additional Movement Speed bonus is nice for Hecarim.

3069_64.png Shurelia's Reverie R3.png
If you decided to go for a Philosophers's Stone 3096_32.png early on, you should consider upgrading it to Shurelia's. It has decent Regeneration stats and a well synergizing Active. The Speed Boost makes your initiations and engages even more lethal and dangerous. I get this as a last item or when I feel that I am strong enough on my own to use an item slot for it.

3156_64.pngMaw of Malmortius R4.png
This is one of the few AD Items that is actually good on Hecarim. It is extremly strong against burst AP Casters, has decent Magic Resistance and a cool passive. The passive gives us bonus Attack Damage the lower Hecarim's Health is. You can drop pretty low in clutch fights. You will have enough sustain and heals due to your (W) so you will be able to profit from it whenever you want. I use this item (especially Hexdrinker 3155_32.png) when I struggle to really go balls deep into the enemy Ap Carry. It will save your life many times because of the great Spellshield.

3071_64.pngThe Black Cleaver R4.png
The Black Cleaver is a great aggressive option for laning of if you dominate from the jungle.
It gives you Health, Damage, Armor Penetration with a great stacking effect and Cooldown reduction (In combination with 3065_32.png3110_32.png it will make you cap at 40% cooldown reduction!). It is a great aggressive allround item for aggressive playstyle. The stats itself are all great, but additionally Hecarim is able to stack up the Armor Penetration passive very fast by spamming his Q. Another great aspect is the build path. it is build from a Ruby Crystal and  the famous Brutalizer which is a great item by itself. So if you manage to snowball and want to pressure even more, Black Cleaver is a great option to keep in mind.

3139_64.pngMercurial Scimitar R2.png
This new item is something like the new cousin of "Maw of Malmortius". It gives you Magic Resistance, Attack Damage and the traditional Quicksilver Sash 3140_32.png Active. First of all, Hecarim does not really need this active. Of course it is possible that it will safe your life sometimes, but Maw of Malmotrius is overall better and cheaper.
You pay here 3800 Gold for stats you get elsewhere in a more usable way. It is ok, but why should you buy this when there are way better alternatives.

3142_64.pngYoumuu's Ghostblade R2.png
The active is really cost efficient and strong, but not so strong on Hecarim. It gives you Armor Penetration and Critical Hit Chance, which is okay, but you do not need these stats throughout the game.
If you prefer to play a more AD focused Hecarim, it is great because of the Movement Speed bonus it grants. But otherwise I would not take it that often.

3074_64.png Ravenous Hydra - SITUATIONAL
Why do I put this item in here? It somehow does not fit into the mindset I presented you here so far, as it offers offensive stats only, but I like to combine defensive items with reliable stats that fit my playstyle of Hecarim. Let me explain: If you are seriously ahead and do not need many defensive stats, you can man up and get this item, but ONLY and ONLY in combination with Iceborn Gauntlet3025_32.png.

Iceborn Gauntlet has the Spellblade/Sheen effect: "After using an ability, your next basic attack deals bonus physical damage equal to 125% of your base attack damage to surrounding enemies and creates a field for 2 seconds that slows enemies inside by 30% (2 second cooldown)."

Hydra has the following effect: "Deals up to 100% of your Attack Damage to units around you as physical damage, decaying down to 60% near the edge. (10 second cooldown) "

What does this mean? In short form: Basic Damage + Bonus Damage + Spellblade Damage + Hydra Damage = around additional 225% AoE SLOWING Damage. This is freaking insane.

So if you want to have fun and "man up" try out this hilarious build. Its worth a try!


Hecarim is very versatile in terms of boots.

3111_64.pngMercury's Treads
Good against hard CC teams with a little bit of Magic Resistance. Take them in case you do not build a 3207_32.png.

3047_64.pngNinja Tabi
They are the AD counterpart and very cost efficient. If you have to deal with many of them, take these boots
You should get a 3207_32.png though as it gives you a good amount of Tenacity.

3009_64.pngBoots of Swiftness
These boots finally received a buff. You get Slow Resistance, which hurts Hecarims damage a bit. The same way he gains Attack Damage through his passive, he can also lose it. I really started to like these because they give you a static and solid Movement Speed and Attack Damage boost.

3117_64.pngBoots of Mobility
Great for initiations because of the high Movement Speed and Attack Damage amplification.
I do not use them that often, because I do not liek the downside of the. After receiving damage they are simple level 2 boots with no additional effects. Boots of Swiftness grant you the Slow Resistance and a permanent level 3 Speed. I think it comes down to personal playstyle. They are not BAD.I just feel that I wate my boot slot a bit when buying these.

Let's take a look at the Boot Enchantments:

3281_32.pngCaptain R2.png
It is pretty okay. You will initiate in the middle of the enemy team so your team will move in as last afterall.
It can be useful because you help your team to get faster into the teamfight.

3280_32.pngHomeguard R4.png
Homeguard is so damn funny to use, especially as Hecarim. In combination with Teleport12.png you can pull off some hilarious and very efficient ganks . Keep this tactic in mind. Its both funny and strong.

3282_32.pngFuror R5.png
My favorite Enchantment. You will be in between the enemys. And you will stick to them no matter what. The 12% bonus Movement Speed bossts your mobility AND your Attack Damage. It will never decay until you decide to back off because of how sticky Hecarim can be.

3283_32.pngDisortion R3.png
25% on Summoner Spells is a huge deal. If oyu rely on your Summoner Spells or simply want to use them more often, it is a good alternative to the Movement Speed oriented Boots.

3284_32.pngAlacrity R2.png
Simply more Movement Speed but outclassed by the "Furor" Enchantment in my opinion.

My favorite Build:

Jokes beside. My favorite build hardly focuses on Health, Magic Resistance, Armor, Cooldown Reduction:

Defensive Build:

Aggressive Build:

Hecarim's builds are versatile, but these combinations are the ones I like the most. Just buy whatever you need, just keep sure to get Glacial Shroud and Spirit Visage. Rush Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Iceborn Gauntlet if you want to carry and dominate yourself.
Make your own experience, experiment and tests around. A guide is an advisor, not a strict law you have to follow. I made my best experience with the builds above. You can easily exchange any items there with any recommended stuff. Just make sure to buy what you and your team need the most.

If you need additional sustain in the jungle or in your lane, get this item. It is the most cost efficient item in the game. If you calculate the costs compared to simple potions like 2003_32.png2004_32.png pays for itself after using 9 charges PLUS the selling value of 90 gold. It makes you roam longer, jungle longer, survive in lane longer, spam more skills, allows more trades etc..

It is also great as a starting item if you expect to get bullied a lot.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Alistar
  • Amumu
  • Anivia
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  • Ashe
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Jungling against Ahri:
This AP Carry is a bad jungler and very squishy. Counterjungling should be an easy task.

Ganking with Ahri:
Ahri offers her E (Charm) for ganks. It is a skillshot, so be careful with your E (Devastating Charge). You do not want to knock the enemy out of the E projectile. So time it well.
Pre level 6 it is crucial to hit Ahri's E (Charm) because it is the only reliable CC in this stage of the game.
After level 6 both Ahri and Hecarim have great chasing and repositioning tools with their Ultimates.

Laning against Ahri:
If you have to lane against Ahri, stack Magic Resistance, avoid her skillshots and hide behind minions to avoide her E (Charm). if she starts a hard engage with her ultimate on you, you are most likely about to get ganked. Use your escape tools to get out of there (Unless you warded and are 100% sure).
Pre level 6 it is easy to engage on her if she wastes her E (Charm) leaving her without any escapes. your cooldowns are low, Ahri's cooldowns are high. This results in trades in your favor.

Ahri should be a high priority target if you KNOW that your team is able to burst her or chain cc her. She is a very slippery target to engage on because of her high mobility. So make sure to either kill her within seconds or choose another target to focus.




Jungling against Akali:
Akali is somewhat slow in the jungle. She has good single target damage but is very vulnerable in her own jungle.
She COULD possibly outtrade you in straight 1v1 early level fights but she shouldn't have her W(Twilight Shroud) leveled up yet to be in a good spot. She is a good counterjungle target.

Ganking with Akali:
She offers no CC and is one of the hardest champions to synergize with. After level 6 she is able to chase someone down with with your help. But pre level 6 it is a pain to gank with her as the only form of CC is your E(Devastating Charge) and Akali's slow from her W(Twilight Shroud).

Laning against Akali:
This matchup can be hard for you. Hecarim is a meele champion and Akali has a good time against most meele champions because of her limitless Q(Mark of the Assassin) harass. If you feel like having a hard time, Max your W first, go for last hits only and get Magic Resistance.
If you feel confident and dominant in lane, max Q.

After level 6 Akali becomes a monster at single target assassination. You wil be most likely able to survive her harass with enough sustain and Magic Resistance, but it will be hard for you to kill her also.
Try to get a gank. She is squishy.

No matter what: Avoid getting hit with Akali's double Q combo. For clarification:
Akali throws a Q at you and waits some seconds until it is off cooldown again. Meanwhile she hits you with an auto attack to activate the first mark of her Q. Right in this moment her Q should be off cooldown again which lets her throw another Q at you and activating it with another auto attack. Avoid this combo. It hurts a lot.

As an assassin her job is to finish off your squishy allies in a short period of time. She is mobile with her R and untargetable with her W. She will wait for the right moment to get into the fight and stand back if she feels unsafe. Oracle's elixir is a good way to counter her only defensive skill. If your team has enough burst damage and enough vision you can choose her as your first victim.




Jungling against Alistar:
Alistar's jungle capabilities are not very strong in Season 3. You CAN try to counterjungle him with enough vision but killing him is almost impossible. he is naturally tanky and has his Q and W to control you and disengage from your invasion attempts. Try to focus on stealing buffs with visino and a well landed smite.
Early aggression is important. Alistar is a strong early ganker, so make his early jungling a hard time so your team does not have to care about Alistar ganks.

Ganking with Alistar:
Alistar synergizes well with Hecarim. His Q and W are easy to land and very reliable. It gives you enough time to charge at the enemy with E (Devastating Charge) and to get yourself into a good position.

Laning against Alistar:
Alistar can pretty much screw up any engage you start. The only time he is vulnerable is between his cooldown phases where he is not able to cc you. Killing him on your own is not easy because of his tankyness but he can't kill you either.

Do not focus him. Time your engages well with his cooldowns. Alistar is a disruptive force. He is able to destroy every initiation attempt you start or even turn them around.




Jungling against Amumu:
Amumu is one of the strongest late game junglers because of his strong ultimate. His weakness is his early jungling.
He is vulnerable and not able to defend himself. Try to aggressively counterjungle him with enough vision and well placed
Smite steals. Let him level up as late as possible. Be aggressive. It is the only way to delay his strong late game.

Ganking with Amumu:
His Q(Bandage Toss) has a high range and the ultimate is a 100% sure AoE CC. Amumu is great in combination with Hecarim.
You both profit from the ultimate of the other one. Use and abuse them.

Laning against Amumu:
Lane Amumus are not common. He has very good damage output if he is able to stick to you. I suggest passively farming until he runs out of mana. Safe an escape spell to get out of danger and ganks.

Amumu should not be focused.




Jungling against Anivia:
This AP Carry is a bad jungler and very squishy. Counterjungling should be an easy task.

Ganking with Anivia:
Anivia is a great champion to gank with. She has stuns, slows and a game breaking icewall to zone out people.
The ice wall works great with premade teammates to isolate targets easily. Ganks with Anivia depend on the skill of the Anivia player. A good stun and a well placed stun can secure a kill every time you gank.

Laning against Anivia:
Anivia's Ice Wall can stop your initiations.
All her skills slow or stun you, lowering your damage output. Try to dodge and stay out of them.

Anivia is squishy and should be killed as soon as possible. Try to do your best to get her into your teams range. A well placed wall can even block your ultimate. If you rush into the enemy team always keep in mind:
The 5v5 can turn into a 1vs5 any time with her Ice Wall.
Never forget her egg and her second life.




Jungling against Annie:
This AP Carry is a bad jungler and very squishy. Counterjungling should be an easy task.

Ganking with Annie:
Annie's stun should be ready every time a gank happens. If she is level 6 it should be a 100% secured kill.
Be sure to use your E when Annie really hits the stun on place. Her W and R are area spells and you could possibly knock the enemy out of it.

Laning against Annie:
Stay away from her when her stun is up. You see a white aura around her, similar to Guardian Angel. If she wastes her spells you can engage on her. She is squishy and should not be a problem to kill.

High priority. Engage on her when possible.




Jungling against Ashe:
This AD Carry is a bad jungler and very squishy. Counterjungling should be an easy task.

Ganking with Ashe:
Ashe is a great kiter and slows with all her offensive spells. This makes it easy for you to gank from any position you want.

Laning against Ashe:
75% of her skills slow you, lowering your damage and movement speed. She can kite you until you decide to fully engage on her where she should die instantly.

Like all AD Carrys: High priority. Engage on her when possible.




Jungling against Blitzcrank:
It is possible but he is very slow, has no sustain and overall low damage output. You can counterjungle him, but always keep his Rocket Grab in mind. Do not chase him too much in his own jungle. A good grab will isolate and kill you.

Ganking with Blitzcrank:
His Rocket Grab is game changing. If he lands it with its ridiculous range you will have an easy time engaging on the prey as you wish.

Laning against Blitzcrank:
Do whatever you want in lane, just keep your lane warded to avoid Rocket Grab initiated ganks. Do not towerdive him unless you are 100% sure. His Rocket Grab and Mana Barrier shield can keep him alive for a longer time than you would expect.

He is mostly played as a support. Ignore him. Keep in mind that his ultimate silences you for a short time when you want to engage on his team. In this time you are not able to activate your W to immediately heal damage after your initiation.




Jungling against Brand:
This AP Carry is a bad jungler and very squishy. Counterjungling should be an easy task.

Ganking with Brand:
Most of his spells are skillshots. Make sure he hits them with your help or make him stun the enemy for you to get into a good ganking position. Ganks with Brand are a huge success or a miserable fail because of his skillshots.

Laning against Brand:
As mentioned: His main damage skills are skillshots. Just dodge them and engage him while they are on cooldown.

High priority. Engage on her when possible.
Split up when you see his slow ultimate incoming to avoid backsplashes.




Jungling against Caitlyn:
This AD Carry is a bad jungler and very squishy. Counterjungling should be an easy task.

Ganking with Caitlyn:
She has a skillshot slow with a long casting delay and a non reliable trap.
Most Caitlyns will place the traps in the bushes, so try to lure the enemy into walking through the bushes to activate them. Otherwise all you have are your mobility and her damage output to kill an enemy.

Laning against Caitlyn:
She has high range and good damage output. It is easy for her to zone Hecarim but she is squishy of course.
An All-In engage preferably with an ally should seal the deal.

Like all AD Carrys: High priority. Engage on her when possible.




Jungling against Cassiopeia:
This AP Carry is a bad jungler and very squishy. Counterjungling should be an easy task.

Ganking with Cassiopeia:
Cassiopeia has a slow with W(Miasma) and her ultimate R(Petrifying Gaze).
Try to gank the enemy from behind to get the enemy in closer range to Cassiopeia to make it easier for her to land her spells and putting out the damage you need to kill the victim.

Laning against Cassiopeia:
She can zone you and has low cooldowns. Safely farm with hit and run Qs. Move unpredictable to dodge her spells. Get Magic Resistance as soon as possible.

High priority target. Just be careful a bit. You do not want to engage and facetank her ultimate before you even hit the enemy.




Jungling against Cho'Gath:
Cho is one of the most solid and versatile junglers out there with many skill, build and jungling options. If you are an experienced jungler you can counterjungle him when he ganks lanes far away from you. I really like to steal his red buff while he is doing it with a Smite.

Ganking with Cho'Gath:
Cho Gaths (Q)Rupture is a great cc tool and knockup. Its range is great and quite easy to land if the eenmy does not expect it. The slow afterwards is great for Hecarim to charge in from a good position.

Laning against Cho'Gath:
A good Cho Gath is unkillable but he also wont kill you. Avoid his Q and E and abuse your passive and stay on minions. This way you force him to attack you, pull minion aggro and lose all the health he gained by his passive. If you manage to outtrade him once, keep the pressure and zone him away from the minions. Max Q in this case and eventually you will force him to go back home or even kill him in a moment where he makes a mistake.

He will be beefy and he will try to protect his squishys. Ignore him if you can.




Jungling against Corki:
This AD Carry is a bad jungler and very squishy. Counterjungling should be an easy task.

Ganking with Corki:
Corki has a lot of burst damage and can chase pretty good, but offers no CC at all. Gank from behind to neutralize Corki's low auto attack range, so he has an easy time hitting the opponent.

Laning against Corki:
He can be quite a bully and disengage whenever he wants and you will not be able to stop him. Stack armor, max W if you feel like getting outharassed too hard and ask your jungler for a gank.

As every AD Carry he is a high priority target but the problem is his escape spell where he simply flies away. Force his escape spell and engage on him when it is on cooldown.




Jungling against Darius:
Darius is one of the faster junglers with a HUGE damage output.
You can try to interrupt him at the bigger buffs and try to kill him when he is low on health. Otherwise just back off and do not trade with him. It is Darius. We all know him. And he hurts.

Ganking with Darius:
All he has is his little pull which has a little cast delay. Help him out and hit the enemy from behind. If you manage to do that, the enemy will die in most cases because of Darius' reidiculous damage output.

Laning against Darius:
He hurts. He hurts a lot. Just get a lot of Health, Armor and Magic Resistance and max W first if he manages to bully you hard. Get a Flask and wait for your jungler to come.
Darius ultimate deals 320 / 500 / 680 True Damage (+ 150% Bonus AD) PLUS the Bleed and possible Ignite damage. So always back out of fights fast enough. Do not get baited into longer fights, Hit and run harass him with Q when he used his Q.

Darius can build tank items only and still deal tons of damage. Depending on his build you can target him. Tanky = Ignore him/Keep him away from your squishies. AD/Glasscannon = Engage and burst him with your team.
Darius is an All-In Champion. Once he goes in he either survives while dunking on people or he dies in one of his attempts. But once he is in, there is no backing out for him.




Jungling against Diana:
Diana is able to jungle quite well but her ganks are not strong unless she hits level 6. She is somehow very beefy and hard to kill but stealing buffs is possible because Hecarim can simply outrun her whenever he wants to.

Ganking with Diana:
Pre level 6 it depends on your ganking direction and your ability to stick to the enemy. Diana has a little AoE pull but thats all. After level 6 you both are able to chase down pretty anyone you want.

Laning against Diana:
Dodge her Q(Crescent Strike) and your good to go. The range is quite small and easy to dodge. If she wants to fight you and she activates her W(Pale Cascade) back out and wait for it to expire. Afterwards you can engage on her. You can try to bait her Q by standing on your minions. This way you force her to push and make her gankable.

She is a high priority target. She can dive in on your Carrys and nuke them down quickly. But once she does it she has no way to escape. Disable her when she engages.


Dr. Mundo


Jungling against Dr. Mundo:
Fastest Farm jungler out there but he can get quite low on his first run. He will start at his Red Buff and do the Blue BUff later on. This is where you can try to meet and kill him. Otherwise you should ward your own jungle and bait him there with your teammates. Let him run into a vicious trap and isolate him. He is a strong counterjungler, fast clearer, farmer and duelist.

Ganking with Dr. Mundo:
A good Mundo will chain slow the enemy with his cleavers. This makes it easy for you to knock back the enemy away into the correct direction.

Laning against Dr. Mundo:
Stay behind minions and his main damage will be gone. Pre level 6 is the only way to kill him in a 1vs1. Afterwards it will be impossible without help. Focus on farming and try to outpush him. Mundo is a bad farmer unless he uses his AoE damage aura which costs him Health each second. This way you can try to keep him low on health and force him to activate his ultimate.

Ignore him. He is too tanky and a meatshield only.




Jungling against Draven:
This AD Carry is a bad jungler and very squishy. Counterjungling should be an easy task.

Ganking with Draven:
He has a little knockback which doesnt help that much. Count on your ability to cut the enemy off and the CC of other teammates.

Laning against Draven:
He can be quite a bully,deals good damage but has no escapes. Stack armor, max W if you feel like getting outharassed too hard and ask your jungler for a gank. Draven is squishy - one hard engage on him with a teammate will shut him down.

AD Carry, no escapes. Focus him. Kill him.




Jungling against Elise:
Elise is a good jungler and has many ways to stop your invades and counterjungle invades. Her 1vs1 dmg is high. Ward for your lanes and give her a hard time ganking.

Ganking with Elise:
She has a high ranged stun and 2 gap closers. it all depends on her stun. if she hits it, you have a 100% sure kill. Otherwise do your best and damage the victim as much as possible while he retreats.

Laning against Elise:
Health, Magic Resistance and maxing W are important here. She has strong poke. I like to get a Flask in this matchup to stay in lane and farm as long as I can.

She can get in and out of fights quite easily. Very slippery champion.
Always pay attention to her E(Rappel) in spiderform. She can cast it on enemy targets only. Otherwise she will land just where she activated it. Keep this in mind when fighting her.




Jungling against Evelynn:
She is a fast jungler and clearer. Invasions and counterjungling can turn out bad. Ward her buffs and get out of there as fast as possible. Once she reveals herself you can try to couterjungle her. Otherwise stay out of there.
Note: If you do your buffs, enter the bushes so you see Evelynn coming once she decides to counterjungle you.

Ganking with Evelynn:
You both are great chasers but bring almost no CC pre level 6.
Your only chance to kill someone with Evelynn is when the enemy exposed himself far away from his safety zone. The further away he is the more damage you can deal.

Laning against Evelynn:
Constant harass by Evelynn. Max W and farm with hit and run Qs. Whenever she tries to engage with the ultimate on you, simply run out with Ghost, E or R. Evelynn has to chase to deal damage but you are faster.

As an AP Carry she is a high priority target. Good Evelynns try to initiate from BEHIND. So keep your flanks warded with pink wards. Otherwise you have no chance to focus her because she will not show herself.




Jungling against Ezreal:
This AD Carry is a bad jungler and very squishy. Counterjungling should be an easy task.

Ganking with Ezreal:
He offers nothing but damage and mobility only. It is all up to you and your teammates to pin a victim down.

Laning against Ezreal:
He can be quite a bully,deals good damage and has a build in escape. Stack armor, max W if you feel like getting outharassed too hard and ask your jungler for a gank. Ezreal is squishy - one hard engage on him with a teammate will shut him down.
Be careful when using your E on Ezreal. When he uses his escape in the right moment you will hit him away from you.

High priority. Wait until he wastes his escape and engage on him.




Jungling against Fiddlesticks:
Counterjungling Fiddlesticks is highly recommended. Ward his jungle and initiate on him in the moment he uses his Drain on creeps. Abuse his cooldowns and safe your E to interupt his next Drain. Interfere him at big camps. They deal a lot of damage to him if he doesn't drain them immediately. So forcing a fight between you and the creeps against Fiddlesticks makes it like a 1vs2 for you. If you dominate him early on with hard counterjungling he will become useless.

Ganking with Fiddlesticks:
He has a fear, a slience and his Drain mentally zones the enemy. His fear includes a little gambling,but most of the time it will disposition the enemy well enough for you to get in position.

Laning against Fiddlesticks:
I like maxing W in this matchup. If you max W and initiate on Fiddlesticks he will fear and drain you. But you will keep dealing damage to him and nearby minions because of your already activated W. Additionally you can activate E before initiating. When the fear ends you knock Fiddle back, cancel his Drain and gain the upper hand.

Most Fiddlesticks are squishy. Interrupt his Drain and he is easy prey for you and your team. If you see him channeling his ult try to get in and knock him away. Ward your flanks to evade his surprising ultimates.




Jungling against Fiora:
Fiora is not the best jungler. but she is a good duelist, Luckily you can simply outrun her when you encounter her in a straight duel. She has no cc therefore you can aggressively counterjungle her with enough vision.

Ganking with Fiora:
She brings no cc, ganks are hard to pull off. Higher your chances of a seccessful gank by attacking the enemy when he is most vulnerable and overextended. Wait until the enemy goes for a lasthit and charge in.

Laning against Fiora:
Stack Armor and rush Frozen Heart. This item alone counters her. If she ults you, try to get under your tower and try to keep her there with E and R.

She must get chain cc'd or else she will use her ultimate to unleash some damage before dying. Otherwise ignore her. If she decides to somehow ulti on you, run back to your team to isolate her from her team.




Jungling against Fizz:
Fizz is very dangerous enemy to meet. he is able to chase you or get out in time from any danger. But like with any other mediocre jungler, you can try to counterjungle him with enough map awareness and vision.

Ganking with Fizz:
Fizz has great damage output and chasing potential. His only CC comes from his ultimate but your damage should be neough to kill most enemys. Be careful with timing both of your ultimates. You do not want to scare the enemy away from his ultimate.

Laning against Fizz:
Fizz is quiet a pain to lane against. You will never catch him and his Troll Pole will even avoid your ultimate when timed right. This means that you have to strike when he wastes it. As long as his Troll Pole is on cooldown you can harass him as you wish. Fizz has good Damage over Time damage, keep that in mind when you trade with him and back out of fights some seconds eariler than you normally would.

Wait for his Troll Pole. Strikt when he is most vulnerable without his ultimate. Like most AP Carrys he has high priority.











Jarvan IV


















Lee Sin
















































Xin Zhao





What is Jungling? Back to Top

I am dedicating a whole topic to the Jungle.
First of all I should explain what jungling is.

In every competitive League of Legends game there should be a jungler on each team.
If your team got a jungler you move away from the standard 2-1-2 Lane composition. You go for 1-1-2 instead.
A viable jungler get his experience to level up in the jungle killing the neutral creeps. This way, your second solo lane (Normally on Top lane) gets more experience than the 2 enemys he has to face. Having another champion with additional level advantage is essential for competitive gaming.
So the experience advantage is one important aspect.
The other one is the map control you gain by a jungler. The enemy will have to expect a gank from you almost every minute while you can roam freely around the whole map. The enemy will never know WHEN and WHERE you are going to strike, unless they ward the map.

You as a jungler should not stay in jungle all the time. As a jungler you got some dutys to fullfill. Those dutys are not sorted in anyway by priority. It is always situational.

1. Jungle/Map control
You have to control the neutral creeps including the Dragon and Baron Nashor. Remember that Baron Nashor and Dragon are worth even more money than a tower for your whole team. Get an oracle2042_32.png if you can afford it and clean out enemy wards to build up map control.

2. Warding
You have to ward the map and keep everything under control. Keep an eye on every of your lanes and allies. those guys count on you!

3. Assistance
If any ally has to go back to base, it is your job to cover their lane. Keep last hitting for them, harass their lane opponent but do not push the lane. This way you destroy yourself the chance to gank this person afterwards. Sometimes your top laner will have to face animpossible to beat enemy. In this case you should aid him but leaving him the last hits and only getting the last hits when he would really miss this creep.
Exception: If the enemy is away from his lane, PUSH the lane. If you push the lane fast enough your minions will die to the enemy tower. This way you deny the enemy from precious XP and Gold.

4. Ganking
The main purpose of jungling is the ability to gank out of nowhere whenever you want. Do not stay in the jungle all the time. If the enemy is overconfident, let him pay for his mistake.

5. Divide et impera
Divide and rule is also important as a jungler. If you are at the top of the map and you are sure you will not visit your jungle creeps at bottom lane, tell your allies to kill the minions. Every second where the jungle creeps stay unaffected are wasted potential gold because you delay the spawn of the next creeps.

6. Counterjungling

The same thing counts for the enemy jungler. If he is at top lane, steal his jungle creeps at bot lane. He will not be able to defend them if he is on the other end of the map.

7. Time the Objectives
Blue and Red Buff spawn after 5 minutes.
Dragon spawns after 6 minutes.
Baron Nashor spawns after 7 minutes.
Whenever you kill one of these, write down the next spawn time in your chat. Also time the buffs in the enemy jungle. This way you can plan ahead, organize jungle invades, steals etc. .

Jungling as Hecarim Back to Top

1. Skill order
I see many Hecarim beginners, which follow other guides, starting with W.
I suggest to start with Q for several reasons.

Q is a cheap, spammable AoE Damage spell. The damage output with Q is higher than with W. Another bonus is the stackable Cooldown Reduction on this spell.

If you manage to keep up your stacks between neighbour jungle camps, you increase your effectiveness.
This means it makes your jungle clear FASTER.

In Season 3 and the jungle changes it became common for the teammates to help the jungler with the first two camps. One could argue, that W is better in this case because it acts like a free Health Potion. But as I said, your damage output IS lower this way. Not only do you delay YOURSELF but ALSO your teammates. They risk of getting zoned, losing XP or minions.

Additionally Q is more effective and useful in level 1 skirmishes and invasions.  You can pop your W and wait with the horrendous cooldown on the first few levels.
But with Q (Similar to Olaf's spammable Axe and Skarner's spammable AoE dmg) you can gain the upper hand in level 1 invades and teamfights.

2. Jungle Routes
Early on Hecarim is a mana reliant jungler. He clears really fast but just because of the fact that he is able to spam his skill with a Blue Buff. Starting with Red is possible, but slower. Starting with the Blue Buff should be your common way to start the game:

Wolves --> Blue Buff --> Wraiths --> Wolves --> Red Buff --> (Wraiths) --> Gank
This should be your common route to take.

Depending on your choice, team abilities and the position of your enemys, you should gank at level 3 or 4.


3. Gank Types

There are different types of ganks which we can use with Hecarim:

River Gank: You go straight through the river and gank.
Most people will ward their lane after their first trip back or after dying, making it hard to gank through the river.
When I know an enemy just went back to get wards, I camp the small bush between the lane and the river. He will pass you 90% of the time or even walk straight into your bush, making it easy to gank.

Direct Gank:
Hecarim is one of those who can simply rush through the lane with his ridiculous speed, ignoring everything. All you need are some CCs from your allies to keep the enemy in place whiel you rush in.

Lane Bush Gank:
When your allies pushed the lane, the lane bushes will be out of the enemy vision, unless they warded it. But if its unwarded, you can simply camp in there and wait for the minion waves to push back into your direction. It is risky though because you will potentially waste some time for nothing, due to the long waiting time and shorter escape way for the enemy.

Camp Gank:
Similar to the gank type above, you can simply wait in a bush until the enemy walks in. You will have the surprise momentum on your side. You can prepare for this moment, but the enemy will be overwhelmed by your presence.

Repeated Gank:
Sometimes you will not get a kill when you gank a lane, because the enemy outplays you, warded properly or wasted a Summoner Spell like Flash or Ghost. A common method to be successful is to gank the lane immediately afterwards again. They have lost an escape spell and are vulnerable to ganks. Abuse this and help your laning ally to build up dominance.

Diving Gank:
This type requires some good coordination. Your allies push into the enemy turret, forcing the enemy to stand right at his turret. Hecarim for example can gank people from behind, surprising them completely and leaving them no space to move. It is very risky though because you will pull tower aggro in this moment, so be careful with it. Coordination is the key.

4. Ganking with Hecarim

Hecarim has 2 ways to initiate a fight or gank.

- Activate E, hit the enemy from behind and use R as you think it would benefit you the most. Good possibilites are seperated paths (like the big obstacle aroudn he Tribushes). If you knock a victim away from his tower, and ulti in the right moment, the fear MAY lead the victim into the intersection where they have to choose the longer way back home because you cut them off.

-Activate E, but rush into the enemy with your R in the moment you are in ulti range. this way your E will deal extra damage on-hit and the distance you knock the enemy backis doubled (Fear + Knockback).

5. Personal Jungle Advices

- Ask for help at the first Wolves camp and the Blue Buff. More damage means a faster clear time and less health and potions wasted.
- Try to get a "Smiteless Leech" if you plan to counterjungle the enemy. You save your Smite for a jungle camp of your enemy
- Clear the jungle camps in this Skill Order:
Upon hitting a camp with an auto attack, use W then Q immediately afterwards. This way you reset your attack animation just in the moment you dealt damage and heal up the initial damage you receive.
- Try to keep your Q-Stacks up by killing the camps with Q. It enhances your clear time speed if you manage to keep up your stacks.
- Keep track of the enemy jungler and ward important buffs and jungle entrances.
- Time all the buffs and write them down.

Top Laning in General Back to Top

Top Lane is the most isolated lane. It offers no early game objectives, so it becomes pretty much a 1vs1 lane unless your jungler heavily focuses on your lane.

As a result it often comes down to small mistakes one of the the Top Laners do. A mistake at Top Lane is crucial and almost unforgivable.  It is the most snowbally lane. Once you fall behind it is almost impossible to come back on your own and on the other side, once you get ahead it will be most likely that you will keep your advantage.

There are many roles a Top Laner can fullfill.

1. Splitpusher
You overwhelm your enemy so hard, that you can easily push his lane in. The enemy most likely gave up the lane to prevent more casualities against you.

2. Binder
A Binder is pretty similar to a splitpusher, but you play more careful. Your aim here is to bind 2 or more champions to your lane. This creates opportunities for your team to do team objectives like taking other towers, stealing buffs or taking the dragon.

3. Late Game Bulwark
You got a lot of farm throughout the game (Preferably more than the enemy top laner) and symbolize the core strength of your team. You start fights, you tank, you defend your squishies.

But to do any of this you need Dominance and Farm.

You have to create an Advantage for you and a Disadvantage for them.

1. Farming Minions
Simple but important. Practice your lasthitting, know the damage your champion (In this case Hecarim) does.

2. Denying Minions
Deny your enemy from farm by outharassing him or creating threats, like possible ganks, a higher Health Value etc.
If the enemy is gone, push to his tower and let the tower kill his potential farm.
Additionally Hecarim can stand on minions due to his passive, making denying even easier.

3. Experience
You need an Experience gap between yourself and your enemy to get higher Base values with every level up.

Important note: Kills do NOT mean EVERYTHING.
Kills are a BONUS, nothing else. If you manage to force your enemy to teleport back to base, congratulations. You can farm in peace while he has to teleport back and get back to the lane. You denied him in XP and farm. This is all what it is about. Kills do not matter. Simply force the enemy out of the lane and you have done your job.
Do not risk towerdives if you are not 100% sure to get a kill. If you die in such a task, you screwed yourself over.

Top Lane as Hecarim Back to Top

Hecarim is a very strong laner with many strengths and no extreme weaknesses.

- Great Sustain with (W)
- Great Damage with (Q) and (W)
- Great escape spells with (E) and (R)
- Easy and effective wave clearing with (Q) and (W)
- Hard to gank because of his escapes (E) and (R)
- Easy to gank for because of his displacement skills (E) and (R)
- Hard to bully out of lane
- Low mana costs and spammable damage skill (Q)
- Can easily adapt his build
- Great Transition through all stages of the game
- Brings a lot of utility to the team
- Great splitpusher

Some quick advice:

- Most people do not expect Hecarim's high lvl 1 damage if you skill Q first.
- Max (Q) first if you have an easy time laning
- Max (W) first for great healing, sustain and to turn around 1vs1 trades
- Use (W) after you actually receive damage
- Fight your enemy in between his minions to maximize your (W) Heal.
- Annoy your enemy by standing on your low HP minions and deny him from farm. He will be forced to attack you and pull aggro damage on himself
- Counter your enemy with your Core Items. Build 3024_32.png or 3065_32.png first depending on his damage output.
- Always safe enough mana for (E) or (R) to escape dangerous situations
- Use (R) only if you are 100% sure that you kill your enemy
- Use (R) over walls to make a chase impossible
- Abuse your passive. use minions as a blockade to escape your enemy

Early Game

In this phase of the game  it depends on your enemy lane opponent if you will have a very easy time or just an easy time. If you expect to get ganked early on, because of some typical level 2 Junglers (12_icon_64.png64_icon_64.png56_icon_64.png2_icon_64.png35_icon_64.png102_icon_64.png98_icon_64.png) you should probably skill your E (Devastating Charge) first to make sure you will escape any aggression. It will safe you an important Ghost6.png.

But if it's not the case you should usually start with your Q(Rampage). It costs 25 Mana with a 4 seconds cooldown and it deals 50 Damage  + your bonus AD. It is like enhancing your auto attacks with an AoE 50+ Buff. It is huge, cheap and abusive. Most people will not expect this early damage and cant deal this much damage themselves. Only exceptions which came into my mind are 2_icon_64.png and 92_icon_64.png. But other than that you should pretty much out damage anyone early on. If that's the case you should max your Q(Rampage) first to snowball from this point on.

If the enemy gives you a hard time, leave your Q(Rampage) at one point and start to max out W(Spirit of Dread) first. If you max it out first it will make your life more comfortable and the reason is very simple. You keep your Q(Rampage) at our theoretical +50 AD Damage boost and max out W(Spirit of Dread) first to maximize the sustain on lane. It makes your farming faster than with your Q, because of the permanent AoE Damage which HEALS you for insane amounts form one minion wave only.  Remember that it heals you for auto attacks and all your other skills too. If you consider this the skill itself looks pretty broken. And this is only at level ONE. So MAXING it makes you a sustain monster. if the enemy tries to fight you, all you have to do is stand in between the minions, fight him, heal for the damage dealt to your enemy and heal for the damage dealt to minions. You constantly gain health, the enemy constantly loses health. This makes it stronger than Q at a certain point.

Healing in between minions has one downside: You will automatically push your lane. But I expect every top laner to ward the lane properly and keep a escape skill up any time for emergency. So if you overextend and get caught, it is not this guides fault, not Hecarims fault. It is your fault because you did not pay attention to the map.

So after collectiong some gold in either of the two ways (Max Q, bully out your opponent or Max W, sustain and farm enough) we can continue to mid game.

Mid Game

At this point of the game you should counter your opponent with the fitting Resistance.

3024_32.png for AD oriented enemys, or 3065_32.png for AP oriented enemys.

Both items give you the explain Cooldown reduction and the ability to either spam your skills and heal more. They are literally almost the same items. Both give you Cooldown Reduction, both give you the needed Resistance and both give you more sustain (One through Mana, the other through higher heal rates)

After getting one of these just continue your strategy and farm/bully your opponent. At some point you will reach an unkillable status (You outzone your opponent by outdamaging him or you outsustain any damage dealt to you).

You have two possibilites after getting back to your lane:

A: Keep pushing your lane like crazy. They will not be able to kill you. When they gank, you escape. If they chase, ping for a gank. but no matter what happens. the enemy has to bind one or more champions at your lane to keep you in place, leaving your team in a majority. This means: Free towers, free map control over certain parts of the map, free Dragons.

B: You go and help your team. If you decide to help your teammates (Ganks or objectives) Make sure to push your lane. A pushed lane pressures your top lane opponent. He has to farm against his tower and if he isnt even there, he loses XP and Gold, making your advantage bigger.

Late Game

This phase is where Hecarim really shines. You should have your important counter items against the enemy team by this time which will grant you massive tankiness in teamfights just by your items but this is not the limit.

Your W should be maxed out, you should have a Spirit Visage a long time ago. You WANT to fight now. You WANT to bring havoc over the enemy team.

As Mentioned many tims before, you are a disruptive Initiator. Your job is to be the first to jump in and cause chaos. Simply wait for a good opportunity to go in. This requires general knowledge of the game and has nothing to do with Hecarim. Knowgin when and where to fight is the key.

Always keep an eye on the numbers. Are you both even? Minority? Majority? Where is everyone? Always make sure to have your team behind you. Nothing is worse than the tank engaging a 1v5 because you used all your mobility to rush into the enemy, isolate yourself and get killed. Always make sure that your team can utilize your engages within a comfortable range to catch up. Otherwise you are screwed. The best case scenario would be an Ultimate engage into all 5 enemys, while hitting the AD or AP Carry in the back, to bring them closer to your allies.

Worst case would be hitting no one or pressing the squishies away from you.

Sometimes you will not b able to engage. if this happens: Always watch for your squishies. If they get isolated or picked out,  use your ulti onto their battle area to give them 2-3 seconds to get into a good position and/or burst the engagers down. Hecarim really excels in such counter engages

No matter what happens: Use your W EVERY TIME you expect a truckload of damage to be dealt. Often times I engaged into the enemy, got bursted down to like 20% of my HP with all the exclusive skilsl the enemy had but I just did not die. I did not die because of my Spirit Visage + level 5 W in combination with the damage dealt by my allies. I would enter a fight, get down to 20% HP and leave the fight with 60-70% because of the limitless heal capabilites against champions. Use and abuse it.

Hecarim and Friends Back to Top

There are a lot of champions that work really well with Hecarim. Hecarim himself is a very versatile pick for any team, making him very valuable in any matchup. But what are his best friends?

Hecarim shines the most in hard AoE and speed buffing teams.

AoE Champions do well with Hecarim, because he can heal for huge amounts while staying in fight and tanking.
Remember: There is no healing cap vs champions. His heals in AoE team compositions are just ridiculous.
Another good aspect is the possibility to disable the enemy for a long period of time. If you chain your AoE CCs the enemy will simply have not a single chance to react.
Also you or any other AoE champion can prepare engages for each other.

There are too many AoE spells and champions in the game, so I will only list the best ones:

What do they have in common? They all have hardcore AoE CC ultimates.
They 100% disable the enemy and keep them in place for you or the other way around.
Just imagine a Malphite, Orianna, Hecarim ult combo...

Another great thing Hecarim loves, are Speed buffs. They make him engage super fast, boost his damage and make your initiations unpredictable for the enemy.
Champions with Speed Buffs are:


Conclusion: Orianna and Galio are your best friends.

The Art of War Back to Top

This section is dedicated to the mastermind "Sun Tzu" and his great book "The Art of War".
I will quote some LoL-related sentences and try to transfer them into the LoL universe. Have fun reading!

Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable;
when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we
are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away;
when far away, we must make him believe we are near.
Hold out baits to entice the enemy.
Feign disorder, and crush him.

Try to build up an illusion of disorganization. Use squishy allies to bait the enemy.
Hide in a nearby bush, let the squishy person push a lane and jump out with your team or let the enemy run into your bush.Do not always move at the three lanes. Moving in the jungle covers your movement. The enemy will not know where you are.

If he is secure at all points, be prepared for him.
If he is in superior strength, evade him.

Never attack fed or duelist champions on your own. Take down big tanky guys with your team.

If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to
irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.

There is a difference between provoking (Using sarcasm, making non-harsh jokes about your enemy) and flaming, trolling and raging. Try to play a bit RPG. Cause the enemy to do mistakes or focusing him on chatting, not gaming. Lure the enemy into situations he thinks he got the upperhand.

If he is taking his ease, give him no rest.
If his forces are united, separate them.

Force the enemy to come out of his base. He wants to teleport back? Instantly harass him or push so he has to stay at his tower with low health. Backdoor and split push while both teams or poking each other. They will split their power but you are faster than your enemy. Use this as an advantage.

To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our
own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy
is provided by the enemy himself.
Thus the good fighter is able to secure himself against defeat,
but cannot make certain of defeating the enemy.

Whoever makes the first mistake will probably lose the next point of conflict. So be prepared, let your tank be in front of you, keep your flanks warded and safe. This way you will be invulnerable to the enemy. Wait for him to make a mistake.

What the ancients called a clever fighter is
one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.

Meet your enemy with good team coordination, making even the smallest fight a mental surpression on the enemy morale.

The clever combatant looks to the effect of combined
energy, and does not require too much from individuals.
Hence his ability to pick out the right men and utilize
combined energy.

League of Legends is a team game. With combinated strength you will win. Alone you are useless.

In battle, there are not more than two methods
of attack--the direct and the indirect; yet these two
in combination give rise to an endless series of maneuvers.

Ty to find a good balance between direct teamfights, poking, pushing and backdooring.

If we wish to fight, the enemy can be forced
to an engagement even though he be sheltered behind a high
rampart and a deep ditch. All we need do is attack
some other place that he will be obliged to relieve.

Attack obvious key points like the Dragon, towers or the buff camps of the enemy. Let him think he can overcome you, but face him with your prepared allies.

By discovering the enemy's dispositions and remaining
invisible ourselves, we can keep our forces concentrated,
while the enemy's must be divided.

Wards and map control are your friends.

Knowing the place and the time of the coming battle,
we may concentrate from the greatest distances in order
to fight.

be aware of the enemy's movement. Always be prepared to defend Baron Nashor, the Dragon or your towers.
Never leave any important point without defense. Thats why normally bot lane is covered by two laners to be able to control the dragon.

Do not repeat the tactics which have gained
you one victory, but let your methods be regulated
by the infinite variety of circumstances.

Every enemy learns with every mistake he did. (At least smart ones)
Be creative and fool the enemy. Create the illusion you use the same tactic twice.

Let your rapidity be that of the wind,
your compactness that of the forest.

Move as a team, react as a team, strike as a team.

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night,
and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

React fast and unexpectable, engage fast with your team. Do not let the enemy any time to counter your initiation.

When you plunder a countryside, let the spoil be
divided amongst your men; when you capture new territory,
cut it up into allotments for the benefit of the soldiery.

Don't be selfish. You also gain gold for assists. If you are already fed, give the kill to someone who needs the gold more than you (If the kill is 100% sure)

Do not swallow bait offered by the enemy.
Do not interfere with an army that is returning home.

Do not get baited by yourself. All those tactics can also be used against you.
A weak enemy may be strong. A solo enemy can have four allies be ready to protect him.
Do not run into terrain you do not know.

Hence the saying: If you know the enemy
and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a
hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy,
for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.
If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will
succumb in every battle.

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