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6 months ago

Darius Statistics for Nihilism

Author's performance with Darius compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - This is an ideal spell on Darius because of the way it can execute opponents who are off guard, also it gives Darius the ability to pull off an amazing play + apprehend (pull) which can effect the outcome of games.

6.png - I would personally suggest using ghost if the enemy top is a melee champion to stack bleed and gain the movement speed buff whilst orb walking the opponent. It is strong if the enemy team does not have hard CC or else this spell is completely useless.

14.png - This spell is incredibly strong + haemorrhage, these two debuffs alone cause extreme damage to the enemy champion. If you want to win lane or maximize your damage output take ignite and demolish the other top laner.

12.png - This spell can affect the map control of your team to your disposal, it is an excellent spell if you are going complete AD Darius, T.P + Ghost + Homeguards decide the fate of who you are targeting.
NOTE: Season 5, T.P for top laners has become the new Meta, so this means that Map Control and Rotating is Important now :DDDD. But you can still go Ignite if you need the Lane Advantage.

21.png - If riot ends up nerfing heal or you want a really aggresive early game with a backup summoner that can help out-trade the enemy for 1 - 2 seconds, use this. Barrier used to be one of my favourite summoners due to how if you get hit up alot, you can just pop this to survive ganks and tower dives. However choose heal until they change the aspects on it.

7.png - Honestly, try this shit out it is seriously one of the best summoners i have ever used on Darius, it packs both heal and movespeed for a couple of seconds which is like having both ghost and flash + heal. #BROKEN #SUMMONER.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.95 attack damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage
  • 9x
    +0.16 magic resist per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +0.16 armor per level Greater Seal of Scaling Armor
  • 3x
    +1.5% movement speed Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed



The reason why i choose movement speed quintessences is because it works so well with Darius's passive  (Hemorrhage), not only that but it can also work well when getting into range and just landing one decimate or more on the enemy top champion regardless of him being a ranged champion.


Since fucking flat armor has been nerfed to the ground, try and stabilize the amount of armor you have at early levels for Darius, this means that you will have to adapt to having low armor earlier on and try to compensate this by giving more points in armor in the masteries if you are vsing an AD Top Laner.


For Darius to win most exchanges up top lane, he needs the bonus AD to deal the damage on the enemy top, my suggestion is that i would use AD over Armor Pen with Darius because his apprehend passive already has in-built Armor Penetration.


Just in case the other top laner is AP, then scaling per level makes an ideal glyph for an AD Bruiser top. Darius can only soak a certain amount of AP damage regardless of the build, Magic Penetration will weaken him however Darius is a champion that strives towards HP and Armor.
If you have enough experience with Darius, you can change up the Glyphs with Cooldown reduction that gives Darius much more utility than he already has, or if you want Magic Resistance more, then you can mix it up with (CD/R lvl+18) Runes with it.

Masteries Back to Top



The 9 - 21 - 0 mastery set-up is an ideal choice for any AD Bruiser champion however it is perfect for Darius because he needs the sustain in the lane which gives him the survivability when it comes to team fights. Since you are the one playing Darius it's obvious that you will be the main focus unless your ADC has no escape mechanics such as champions like  110_64.png 22_64.png. The new upgrade to masteries have changed a lot in terms of laning or fighting im team battles so here is a reccomendation of what you should add points to in each category.

Since tenacity is no longer an option in defensive it is a must to have either 3111_32.png/3172_32.png/3207_32.png to replace the lost tenacity. Due to Darius being able to get harassed alot during laning phase by ranged champions it is important to note that any hard CC can destroy darius, such as Stuns, Snares etc. which causes him to build tenacity to reduce the amount of time the CC is implied.

UPDATE: It is a must now to go 9/21/0 due to increased tenacity being 45%, unless you are going complete full AD Darius then 9/21/0 will help accomplish the role of an AD Bruiser.

Everyone relies on you being a tank which forces you to get rid of all of your damage and replace it with MR and Armor cause they cannot survive when the ADC or APC gets focused in the team fights.

note: it does not matter if you add a point or 2 in cooldown reduction since you will not notice it, and CD can just be purchased ingame items such as 3071_32.png or 3110_32.png, and if the enemy team has more AP champs you can purchase 3065_32.png for the CDR and its special effects. However I personally suggest getting either 3153_32.png / 3072_32.png / 3074_32.png so that your Spirit of Visage to waste, you can also get 3083_32.png for the Regen + Passive. Unless you have heals in your team such as 76_64.png or 16_64.png.

My personal recommendation: 9 - 18 - 3

I have been experimenting this mastery lineup and adding the extra points in mobility really gives Darius the movement speed he needs, it goes without saying how it is imperative to have mobility on Darius or else you will only get kited.

Abilities Back to Top



Hemorrhage.jpg = Hemorrhage

This is the main reason why Darius causes so much harass, he is able to stack this debuff on a champion up to 5 times (AA, Spells, etc.). the problem with this is that health potions can cover the bleed stacks if Darius does not have enough AD regardless of 5 stacks or not. however it makes up for Darius' lack of mobility, when each stack is applied he gains 1.25% movement speed on each stack that is struck on champions around him.

NOTE: Abusing this passive is the key to winning trades, the most important notion of Hemorrhage is to time how long it applies on the enemy champion and further exploiting its effects.

Decimate.jpg = Decimate

  • SHAFT PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 (+ 70% bonus AD)
  • BLADE PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 105 / 157.5 / 210 / 262.5 / 315 (+ 105% bonus AD)
Darius' main tool of damage, It is an extremely useful ability when it comes to many melee champions in top, it not only allows damage when you spin but if the damage dealt on the edge of the Axe it deals more 50% additional damage which makes Darius an ideal champion when it comes to close and long ranged combat. Pay attention to your positioning when using decimate even if you have CDR.

NOTE: That this is Darius's primary tool for harassing,causing more damage and they are at the edge of his axe. Decimate is incredible because when enemies are clustered up it allows more stacks and causes more movement speed to Darius.

Crippling_Strike.jpg = Crippling Strike

  • BONUS PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100% AD
  • SLOW: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%
If the enemy top laner is melee, then max crippling strike to stop them from doing additional attack speed and slow them down if they try to escape you. Darius' essential tool after decimate follows up with Crippling Strike, with crippling strike following up with a decimate it is a primary tool to use to lead up the hemorrhage stack. This is extremely essential to level up to increase slow/% damage of enemy champion.

NOTE: That this is a good ability to level up if the enemy top laner relies on attack speed or is a melee champion such as 23_64.png or 17_64.png.

Apprehend.jpg = Apprehend

  • ARMOR PENETRATION: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25%
Darius' most vital tool for engaging or saving a teammate in team fights, it is his primary tool to gap close targets and not only does it gain distance from you and the targets you pulled in, but it also gives you passive armor penetration to deal that extra damage to those who are very tanky. However the drawback from using apprehend is that it requires a massive cool down so it forces you to use it at the correct moment. Until this ability is rank 5 the cool down is extremely long.

NOTE: if the enemy top laner is extremely tank note that leveling up apprehend can increase the damage dealt to tanks and cause armor penetration.

Noxian_Guillotine.jpg = Noxian Guillotine

  • TRUE DAMAGE: 160 / 250 / 340 (+ 75% bonus AD)
  • MAX TRUE DAMAGE: 320 / 500 / 680(+ 150% bonus AD)
This ability is what most champions/summoners fear whence facing against Darius, it deals High/True damage to any enemy, each stack of hemorrhage increases the damage of Noxian Guillotine by 20% and at 5 stacks it amplifies its total initial damage by double the initial damage of Noxian Guillotine. It is the most vital ability in Darius' kit due to the fact that it resets on kills and because of the Nerf from long ago, he gets a 20 second extension on the ultimate which forces Darius to make this ultimate ability in either fights that are downhill or full engaged team fights.

NOTE: Pay attention to the amount of stacks that you bleed onto your target before executing this ability or else you are decreasing its full damage potential

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Heavy enemy poke damage
    Extremely desperate for first blood or in a 1v1
    Standard lane, either harassig or farming. Your choice really.

Core Items

    If you encounter a Heavy AD team then this should be what you are aiming for.
    Against a team with heavy AP damage and need to survive fights
    Season 5 New Build Darius

Situational Items

    Optional Damage Items

Early Game - Harass

Now in season 3, start off with sustain items 2041_32.png, 3 X 2003_32.png or you can go defensive top laning 1029_32.png, X 5 2003_32.png. The drawback with cloth armor and 5 health pots is that you lose more sustain in the lane if you want to use decimate and follow up with crippling strike, otherwise play safe with the cloth armor and farm until you get the items you need, it is also important that if you are fighting champions like 126_64.png you have to play safe and farm whilst reducing the amount of damage you are hit by him. However if the enemy top laner is someone like 92_64.png then you should pick up 1054_32.png 2003_32.png, and just farm up for items so that when you go back in lane you have more damage and increased stats. If the top laner is someone extremely kite and cast reliable such as 85_64.png be very careful with his damage and don't underestimate it.

Mid Game - Let the Dunk Games BEGIN!

What you should be focusing on building as core items is 3111_32.png/3047_32.png3134_32.png1011_32.png3044_32.png3155_32.png3082_32.png they should be the focus of what you should be building up to. 3082_32.png is extremely vital against champions that rely on kiting you down and can be built up to either 3110_32.png or 3143_32.png both which makes Darius a machine. Also remember if you need to get armor and HP you can improvise with 3068_32.png it allows passive burn damage and is very useful when you pull the enemy champions in. 3134_32.png helps you deal additional damage on top of it gives you bonus CDR and Armor Penetration that can be built up to 3071_32.png1011_32.png. Darius needs HP to enhance his chances of surviving skirmishes that he encounters, the greatest thing about  1011_32.png is that it can be built into many HP items that enhances Darius' maximum Health %, builds into 3083_32.png3068_32.png etc. 3044_32.png, this item is used to pursue your targets to the very end, in addition to fast movement speed per hit also gives you the potential to deal loads of damage on top of that, you still have crippling strike to add the bonus damage, and Phage can be built into 3078_32.png. And lastly 3155_32.png, this item is essential counter towards AP damages that deal straight up damage such as 10_64.png 8_64.png 105_64.png, it is crucial for Darius to contain at least a bit of MR to stop AP Champs from killing him, later it can be built into 3156_32.png, since the new patch for 3044_32.png has been released 3078_32.png it allows increased speed movement instead of the slow proc so keep in that in mind.

Late Game - Legend.

When late game begins to arrive, other champions begin to finish their builds ADC and APC are the ones who begin to start hurting a lot. This is when Darius begins to fall off due to being kited or snowballed hard enough that he cannot follow up with his apprehend and dealing enough damage to execute the champion he wants to kill, though Darius is pretty much Un-killable when fed, keep in mind he cannot soak all the damage he is stricken with. But when coming into late game don't forget to upgrade boots into either alacrity (Movement Speed 15+) to gain that little movement speed to catch your targets and drop their health pool with your bleed.

Final Build: 3269_64.png3022_64.png3156_64.png3083_64.png3071_64.png3143_64.png

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Elise
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  • Gangplank
  • Garen
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  • Malphite
  • Maokai
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  • Yorick




Considerably Strong throughout laning phase though hard to beat, use Q and follow up with a W and harass till he loses about 50% HP.

  • Do not fight him straight up, harass him back until he loses his health bar and then confront him.
  • Only Apprehend him when he begins to lost HP to the point where its less than 40% or lower.
  • Try and Pop his passive before you use the dunk and other summoners.
  • Make sure you have 1054_32.png when laning against him due to him relying on auto attacks.




Easy Lane, all you have to do is apprehend her, spam q and win lane.

  • Rush Mercury Treads for the bonus movement speed and magic resistance.
  • Use a Vision Ward to locate where she is in the shroud
  • Straight up wreck her in top lane.




Fairly Challenging lane considering his CC and abilities, ask jungler for ganks and farm the lane.

  • Try to dodge his Rupture, and harass with Q and don't go in unless you are feeling confident.
  • If he tries to auto minions, timing your Q will give you the advantage.
  • It is better to start off with 2041_32.png and X 3 2003_32.png and try to farm.
  • Once once both reach level 6, don't try to go in unless you have your CD up and wombo combo him leading up to Noxian Guillatine.




Extremely difficult to Lane against, very bursty and has crazy sustain in lane.

  • Play very safe in this lane, don't pull her in until she tries to hit you with her Q.
  • When she is in Spider Form try and not to take her on, her burst gives her a crazy advantage and you cannot outscale her damage.
  • Try to rush 3155_32.png and 3111_32.png. It will give you an edge to fight against and hopefully it is enough to beat her in lane.
  • Try and not to get harassed by her too much or else it could lead you into soaking too much damage and forcing you to B.
  • Don't get baited into her Rappel and Cocoon.




Not many people play fiora much, however if you do have to face her in lane do not fret.

  • She will try to deal as much damage as she can with E and if you retaliate back with a W, she will do the same with her parry.
  • Wait for her to use E and harass her with Q when she does and to avoid being damaged just time your abilities properly.
  • Once both reach level 6, Darius gains a massive advantage use your combo and follow up with the dunk.
  • To counter her, rush 3082_32.png and 3134_32.png to stop her from auto attacking you to death.




Pirates are too overrated these days, make him waste mana and laugh at him while he does so.

  • Apprehend him into landing W right after, lead into Q whenever he tries to use his parley, gives you the opportunity to him him square in the jaw with decimate.
  • Whenever you land apprehend, try and gain distance between his turret and you so that you are close to him while he tries to scurry like a girl.
  • Build however you want to against GP, however if you want to take full advantage of this lane, go for a 3047_32.png and go into items such as3143_32.png so that he cant run away fast enough or you can alternatively get 3044_32.png and prox your W




Snowball vs Snowball, Time Q before he silences you, challenge him when he spins so he doesn't get too much free damage when you run.

  • When vsing Garen, make sure you build up your Darius with 3134_32.png  or  3044_32.png with 1031_32.png will stop Garen from dealing excessive damage whilst you dealing a ton of damage.
  • Pull in Garen when he starts running away, do so after he has used all his abilities and they are in CD so that you can finish him immediately.
  • Farm and Stop him from farming is what it mostly takes to win the lane.




Gnar is both a kite-heavy champion and a tanky top laner, he is prime at initiating and disengaging. Bursting Gnar is key to winning the matchup but also being careful with his combo.

  • Try to combo Gnar with the E -> W -> Q.
  • Don't overextend unless you are confident that you are able to out damage him and the jungler isn't focusing top side.
  • Be cautious about his rage bar, and avoid tanking his W passive, it will most likely turn the fight in his favor.
  • Try to wait till Level 6, before all-inning on him or else he will most likely kite you down and finish you off.
  • Rushing 3143_32.png or 3800_32.png to combat him more efficiently.




Darius too op? why not nerf Irelia. Still strong in lane however just remember that her W giver true damage.

  • Deny Irelia from farming by using Q, Don't fully engage onto her, it will only drop your HP more than it will drop hers.
  • Building Armor will be a waste in this lane, so strive towards more HP and outscale her in damage and coming to mid-late game get armor.
  • I recommend 1054_32.png2003_32.png for this match up.
  • Be careful when facing Irelia into the late game phase, she will outscale you and out damage you when she becomes too farmed or has out rotated




Jax is a tricky one to handle, not only does he have CC, he can also build straight up attack speed and damage and carve you up.

  • If he tries using his Spin(E) wait for him to jump on you, after he has finished his combo, attack him once and then land a crippling strike follow that up with a decimate and make him retreat.
  • If you want to take him on 1v1, Bait counter-strike and wait for him to finish using his combo.
  • Once you reach level 6, take him on to your advantage, he will start playing safe and you will start becoming aggressive, farm until he decides to become cocky.
  • I recommend building HP/Armor and MR for this match-up, items such as 3111_32.png and 3082_32.png will make his basic attack more weaker to hurt you.
  • Be very careful of his engaging or else you will end up being snowballed so hard your dick will fall off.




I wouldn't call this lane impossible, however jayce is strong against darius in an early advantage.

  • Jayce Excels at using his E and Q combo constantly which gives him an overall advantage.
  • He kites very hard so try and avoid getting AA when laning against him or else you will die easily.
  • On top of that he can use his hammer form to knock you away from him.
  • Wait to your level 6, and try to play more agressive on him and show him how to dunk like a boss.
  • Build these 3082_32.png and 3047_32.png to give you the tankiness and bigger advantage to drop his health down.
  • Ask jungler for ganks in this matchup to demolish him.
  • Try not to let him kite you while you try to farm or engage onto him.




Not as difficult as most people would say, just very hard to kill prior to 6.

  • Kayle is hybrid and excels at doing damage up close and from afar.
  • try to land as many Q's as possible and after she uses her slow, pull her in with apprehend and lead up to many stacks of Hemorrhage as you can.
  • Once level 6, don't use dunk after she uses her shield ult otherwise she will survive with just bare health + wasting of summoners.
  • Build items such as 3111_32.png and  3155_32.png to give yourself a HUGE advantage against her when she comes back in lane.




Very hard to lane against, not only can he kite and stun, he can also use a lightning surge to gain massive distance against you and the jungler.

  • I suggest playing very passive and try to get as much farm as possible.
  • Only engage on to him when the jungler ganks your lane, and doing so will give you a good advantage prior to 6.
  • When both of you reach level 6, be extremely careful of his ultimate, it not only gives him free stuns that give him time to mess around with you, but he can continue to kite you down before you can dunk him.
  • Rush 3155_32.png and 3111_32.png, you will need the MR and the shield when he tries to burst you down.




After the nerf, Kha'Zix still remains a threat up in top lane for Darius, however not so godly as before.

  • Since Kha got nerfed he will still rely on W however his passive + Q will hurt more now, the best way to stop it is by stacking HP and armor.
  • Best way to beat him is by asking jungler for ganks, when he gains the distance pull him in before he uses his leap.
  • When you get to level 6, take the aggression on and destroy him, pull him in and stack as many bleeds fast as possible, flash if need be or ghost and utterly destroy his existence with the Dunk.
  • Get items such as 3134_32.png and 3044_32.png for this lane, you will need to prox the slows and CDR with brutalizer is perfect to do so.


Lee Sin


Blind man always plays aggressive with or without the dunk.

  • Careful not to absorb too much of his Q damage and don't let him kite you down prior to 6.
  • Watch for his item build set and strive towards items like 3143_32.png and 3022_32.png for the bonus hp and if he tries his slippery infamous ward jumps.
  • Don't fully engage if you are getting a gank, wait for him to use safeguard then go in for the kill.




This lane will be an absolute pain in the ass, the only way to stop malph from doing tons of damage is waiting for CD and stacking HP.

  • Most Malphite top players will always strive towards Tanky items, this leaves space for error and not building any MR because of the base stats that he uses and never gets AP items to hurt you.
  • the only MR item you need is 3111_32.png, if situational 3155_32.png. Malphite will not build AP unless he is either trolling or doesn't care about being a tank.
  • When reaching 6, engage when he tries to engage on you, or you can initiate with the pull and try leading up bleed stacks whilst moving ahead of him to gain distance.
  • If you see their jungler approach and the malphite is almost dead with no ulti, don't go in, malphite's combo will peel for the jungler to finish you off.




Not really that difficult to lane against, until he has gotten most of his core items. This is basically a farm lane in both favors, however it benefits him most of the time.

  • Deny the enemy maokai of as much farm as you can during laning phase.
  • Playing aggressive on him without junglers pressure makes it easier on Darius to draw attention and also gives opportunity to pick up easy kills.
  • Try to avoid Fighting him when his ult is activated or else it just wastes mana and time.
  • Roaming at level 6 is most preferred in this situation since he will be playing too safe underneath his turret.




This lane will be either challenging or it can be easy to a great advantage.

  • Prior to level 6, try to harass him as much as you can and stack bleed so that his passive does not block it off as much.
  • try to harass him away from your minions so he doesn't gain a massive shield boost.
  • When reaching 6, drop his health pool as fast as you can, and use the dunk when his abilities are on cooldown.
  • Useful items such as 3155_32.png or 3111_32.png reduce his total damage output.




This lane early game is piece of cake, deny him of most Q farm and drive him away.

  • If he Q's you, you will gain more the advantage where he can't do anything.
  • Don't leave lane unless he does, it will only let him freeze lane like most Nasus players do and give him the extra damage late game.
  • When reaching level 6, show him who let the dogs out, Wombo combo him + ignite and finish up with the Dunk.
  • This lane should only be difficult if the jungler is either: A) camping your lane or B) There is no Jungler and it's duo Top.
  • Darius can stomp him easily in lane, late game & teamfights depends on who is fed or farmed enough.




Very, Very slippery and extremely difficult to lane against once mid game comes around.

  • Before reaching level 6, Gain as much advantage as you can, deny her of farm and push her to turret.
  • If you want to do your combo from a bush then i suggest skipping 3111_32.png and instead building 3117_32.png and 3207_32.png to compensate for the tenacity or be a complete troll and skip Golem and build 3172_32.png.
  • Strive to build 3155_32.png and 3105_32.png for this matchup as you will need the MR and Armor.




Massive Douche to lane against, if it is a good olaf, then he will hurt you alot.

  • His mastery of spamming the Q is more unparalleled than Darius, not only is it a very short CD, but it grants a ton of damage and slows.
  • Has a True Damage dunk like Darius but it requires him to use % amount of HP to use it.
  • When both reach 6, you need to take advantage of it or else he will get away most of the times you encounter him.
  • Get super tanky items such as 3110_32.png and 3083_32.png to beat him in a straight up 1v1 duel.




This match-up will be one to fear, has high mobility, strong stun lock and annoying poke damage.

  • Q is an autolock and gains a bonus towards his stupid passive that stops any auto-attack and blocks it instead.
  • When he gets E to a high level, his damage will skyrocket when your HP drops beneath 20% HP, he gains 100% critical damage which is super OP.
  • Don't try to fight him until he has finished using E and W, even so he still has enough armor shred to spam Q.
  • FIght him once you reach level 6, and show him you're the man of the lane and shove his spartan hide up his rear.




Beware of her cc abilities when laning, though not much people play poppy top which makes it more confusing to you.

  • ask for ganks so that her speed steroid is wasted on cc follow-ups when it comes to fighting her.
  • Rush health and damage items to stop her from becoming a major source of pain whence late game approaches.
  • When laning against poppy, be extremely careful once her health is below 10%, this is when she can just go all out and demolish you and tank anything you throw at her.




many renekton's are tough, but this lane can be won and give you a good advantage when in the laning phase.

  • Try to take advantage of his CD and deny as much farm as he tries to take.
  • Don't pull in unless confident that you can execute his with bleed + ignite.
  • Don't waste too many summoner spells when chasing him because his dash gives him more mobility and he can gain distance + his flash.
  • wait for him to use his ultimate, then you can easily finish him off following up with Noxian Guillotine to eliminate him.
  • Get armor and health items to stop him from killing you in-lane, 3082_32.png and 3044_32.png
  • He sustains in lane like a mofo, this alligator is pretty strong and be careful of his ult radius, it does consistent magic damage over time.




Aggresive/Passive type of champ that will either aim for first blood or will constantly do his annoying brush leap attack.

  • Be extremely careful with his Q, it gives passive attack speed and deals incredible damage when full verocity is up.
  • If 107_64.png starts with 2037_32.png  2003_32.png x3 be careful it can only mean that he wants to kill rather than farm.
  • start with any type of build to be honest, it doesn't take much to eliminate rengar, all you need to do is just bait his combo spam and once you reach level 6, straight up kill him and show him the power of noxus.
  • 3068_32.png is really helpful for this match-up.




*sigh* This bitch is played so much recently it isn't funny, but if you do get matched up you still have capabilities of winning:

  • 92_64.png an incredible strong duelist that scales very strong from level 3 - 18, she has the abilities to out-maneuver her opponents and still deal a truckload of DPS. Most Riven players are strong, they are able to negate almost all the damage that 122_64.png can dish out with just shield + aa.
  • 1054_32.png2003_32.png It is a must to build this first if you are laning against Riven, and just play patiently. Wait till you reach level 6, then use your entire combo and show her who's boss.
  • In this lane it is completely dependant on what the Riven builds is what you choose to build. If she is focusing Armor Pen, build tons of HP such as 3083_32.png or 3022_32.png so that her items are pointless. If she builds Flat out AD, build things like Armor 3075_32.png3110_32.png or 3143_32.png. Either way these items counter her during the entire game , and you still have Damage + Bleed to destroy her with.




An asshole of a champion, this lane is quite hard if the rumble is even half-decent.

  • Keep an eyes out for his bar, YELLOW gives him extra damage or stats depending on what ability he uses it on, RED means that his Auto-Attack damage will do alot.
  • A Darius must be patient in between the time-frames when matched up against this piece of junk, wait for him to go into RED "Danger-Zone" and start harassing with Decimate and Crippling strike for even trades.
  • Once you reach 6, play mega-aggressive, this is where you can do as you please and demolish him in any trading situation.
  • 3156_32.png and 3102_32.png will help out significantly well when going up against this junk-bot.




Another pain in the ass top laner for season 4.

  • Ryze is a highly strong mage for top/mid lane that has extremely high bursts and can trade very well against Darius.
  • Keep an eye out on his mana bar and when he last hits, these are key essentials to beating Ryze.
  • Farm safely until you reach level 6, when you begin to trade you must be cautious and confident when you go in for the 1v1s. Maintain your distance between auto attacks, crippling strike blood resets and decimate damages.
  • I suggest going 3102_32.png,  3065_32.png and 3156_32.png for laning against ryze and if you can later on in the game, grab a 3083_32.png to support the healing effects of spirit visage.
  • NOTE: if ryze builds muramana, get 3143_32.png or  3068_32.png so that you can stick to him during duels and be careful because his q will shred you to pieces if you aren't cautious. 




This lane can either go:

1. An absolute snowball lane.
2. An annihilation.
  1. 23_64.png excels at short - medium trades, depending on his skill level. Tryndamere has the absolute tools to demolish 122_64.png in a 1v1 trade however, Darius can still come out of this lane a champion.
  2. You have either 2 choices in your hand with this match-up:
  3.  Playing safe and farming until you are confident you can fight him with you kit + items OR Play extremely aggresive; denying him of  CS, Rage build and setting his late game back.
  4. 1054_32.png2003_32.png this is recommended against 23_64.png, it can block off a bit of his AA damage and gives you HP Regen/s. Unless you are willing to go all in and go 1055_32.png2003_32.png and show him who the king of top is.
  5. Your first items should be focused towards 1011_32.png or 3082_32.png and can be upgraded into either 3143_32.png or 3110_32.png, it is entirely up to you.
  6. If you are going squishy but high burst type of Darius, 3074_32.png3072_32.png  or 3078_32.png . These items can demolish 23_64.png even if he gets to late game so it is still an option to build this way only if you get fed off CS or Kills. It isn't entirely worth it if you are still building damage and you go 0/3 or worse, Tanks are more essential than flat ad champs




This lane is literally cancerous. He will continue to sustain everything you throw at him, the ghouls will harass you until you die or low enough to back. Suggest getting jungler pressure against Yorick to snowball ahead.

  • Don't try to out damage him, play safe and consistently farm until you get junglers pressure or you are level 6.
  • Farm at a safe distance and still try to harass when you can without tanking too much damage.
  • Once Level 6, Harass him with your abilities effectively. When he overextends, take the lead and all in on him to finish it with a dunk
  • Getting items such as 3143_32.png or 3800_32.png would be appropriate in this situation considering how his Q gives him movement speed when he lands it.
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