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All Guides Rengar Guides Q_Q combo by rengar
1 year ago

Rengar Statistics for 0hayo

Author's performance with Rengar compared to the ranked average.

Games Played
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KA:D Ratio
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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.95 attack damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage
  • 9x
    +1.28 armor penetration Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
  • 9x
    -0.83% cooldowns Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +2.25 attack damage Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
  • 3x
    +1.5% movement speed Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

I prefer to use ms+arp for top build with maxing W. It helps u to poke ur opponent and heal up really fast.

Flat ad for jungle because u need to roam hard early especially with new trinkets that replaced old one bonetooth neck.

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 22


Defense: 5


Utility: 3

These are my top build masteries.
For jungle u should take blade armor instead of unyielding and block

Abilities Back to Top

U can take E instead of W on lvl2. it depends on ur next targets. Also u can take lvl3 Q if u going to gank any lane. The reason of taking W lvl2 is better jungling and taking 5 stacks faster + some resists. I prefer to gank lanes with 2 stacks. In this case u can deal all ur damage + your Q cd will be faster because u engage with it and only after casting W+E+empQ
Spell rotation
When u have 5 stacks\ulted:
Engage -> Q+Q+E+W+3074_32.png+3153_32.png4.png back\into brush. Even vayne with warmog(yes, she disliked me that much :D) died in 2 secs. 

TOP BUILD with 10.png
This build is very deadly if one of your mates is feeding his lane. Just focus on push top to tower, then ult mid or recal for bot double(rengar can carry the game if enemy's tean adc or apc feed because they are still easy for being 1 shoot with combo) . For top lane i like to start with E and take 2 or 3 point in it for cd+slow+harras with 5 stacks. 2nd lvl skill deend on ur opponent. If u feel that u cant carry his lvl2 + jungler gank take W or if u see jungler on bot or u trade him in lane take Q and poke from bush with W + q when lasthitting minions. But keep in mind if you are laning vs champ with a stun your creepjump might be the last. :)
After lvl 6 focus on maxing your Q and roaming or try to dominate top with ur jungler ( but i mostly like to help other lanes)
Now some words about 10.png. Ppl oftenly call me troll in lobby but it ends with those ways: 
- I loss my lane phase but I can kill adc + apc
- I won my lane phase and I can kill anyone in solomod (or even 2 / with good 89_64.png37_64.png ult it might be even 3-4)
- I loss my lane and i cant kill anyone with combo(rarely happens)
All those endings are enchanced with revive. Now i tell u why
- After killing adc+apc by suiciding yourself use 10.png while ur teammates clean others -> go push harder or even nashor. Because your ulti cd = champ res time and u can free kill 1 more target in enemy's jungle.
- Just do ult when you sure that enemy have no vision on you-> do kill or 2-> buy more stuff. Your team must clean 3v5 when your 3077_32.png aoe others then 10.png and repeat this actions.
- It is really sad when you have fed top and can do nothig...  But Q+Q can destroy a tower + ult(dont use it if u are 101% dead) can grant an escape or if it failed use revive and go with team as tank with 10.png hp buff (only if u didnt lost your ult)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    1st buy depends on ur succesful ganks. I prefer take red and gank lvl2 top\bot for easy fb. it really give advantage to you and ur m8s. try to get some of this items on backs
    *top build on backs try to focus on taking this
    1st (upgrade to hydra after botrk\lw)
    depends on your gold + lane situation but i like to take it after 6lvl
    2nd or after taking boots
    3rd Upgrade to homeguard if your team behind or u playing revive
    4th\5th if u feel free to kill or have a lot money take Botrk but if u are behind or they build early armor - last whisper then finish botrk
    no need to explain why u finish with it
    Start items for top build
    jungle start items for early gank nearest lane with redbuff
    jungle start items for roaming hard without regular backing to base

Core Items

    Your perfect build for killing in mid game adc\apc\support with 1 shoot combo will look like this.
    The final build should be look like this
    Focus on rushing this after u got tiamat + bonetooth + cdr boots
    after building hydra + botrk take it for better damage on bruisers\1hitting strategic supports or build it 2nd item if you behind
    crit rengar fun build (2400 emp.Q hit with 3 bt ie and triforce :D)
    a bit tanky but still assasin top build *with ignite*
    My current build on top rengar (sometimes jungle) very like it. Better assasination + burst then with botrk since it was nerfed for 30s more cd

Situational Items

    Buy this sneaky eye evry time u get b. It saved me many times when i counter jungle :)
    replace boots with this. the choise is yours

I prefer 3279_32.png on rengar because when u hit 16 lvl u can do -1 simply by walking around their jungle, and not to be afraid about ult cd or smth. Also it make ur q+w+e hit easy and stack more faster to ur wombo combo.

3077_32.png gives u Easy jungle, hp reg, burst, if u use ur combo when leona or any other cc support cauth 2+ targets u can do a very easy penta by splash dmg of your burst.

3153_32.png is a main art caz u need to make ur target below 50% to get more dmg on it
then u can upgrade 3074_32.png and rush 3035_32.png

It can seem that this rengar have 0 sustain but look his lifesteal + dmg done in teamfights, he tanks with his dmg. When u get caught and u know u cant escape just spam some Q_Q combo and tiamat, sometimes i survived caz of it:)

*10.png top build notes *

ur main priority in items are 3077_32.png->1001_32.png->1053_32.png->3144_32.png->3166_32.png-> 1042_32.pngx2 or 3158_32.png->3153_32.png->3074_32.png->3275_32.png->3035_32.png->1057_32.pngor1031_32.png->3026_32.png

*14.png top build notes*

depends on your matchup really but i start with 1036_32.png ->3134_32.png or 1053_32.png if u feel fine or 1038_32.png or start with 1001_32.png + 2003_32.png if u feeling that u will get outplayed early.
if u having troubles play passive under tower with farming up and healing, farm golems\volwes\wraithes\ganking othre lanes. If i feel behind i throwing 1st top tower so i can went roaming or force opponent roamings it helps me to take back some CS and force enemy to loss some CS. 3071_32.png 3022_32.png when u behind and 3065_32.png if they have ap top and mid. It will give you some tank for mid game and good utility from BC to adc when u roaming. Also u lossing not much damage but 3072_32.png working better then 3022_32.png the choise is urs, if your team carrying id rather took fm for better stressing :)
 take 3166_32.png only when u feeling to go roam because it wont give u much advetage on lane phase.

Matchups Back to Top

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If u see ashe -> u see free money! use ult and kill her when she solo or zoned :D




Beware of traps and she is kinda hard to caugh. with e + flash she can easily escape ur ult so u should w8 for her to make E first then go in with ult




His fear is ur main pain and there is nothing u can do but 1 shoot him before he fear you or watch for him and when he is faded use ult -> he is obviosly trying to position for using ult, u should pick the moment he start cast and cut him befor he finish because he is extremly vulnerable




DODGE! Yes your q+q combo wont work when he spining his stick over his head. So watch for him. When u got stuned u may not survive it :)

  • max E and go for pokes on him but remember that his leap -> your E range
  • He is mana dependable so u can outplay him by poking with E and healing up
  • keep his stun in sight and go b after he starts to cast it if he leaps use W instantly to take some armors
  • if u made him cry that he picked jax against rengar start to max your Q instaed of E




Your main target is to destroy adc -> her ult ur main pain

Engage with ur ult only if u sure that kayle distracted by some1 or zoned from adc
  • not that hard until she got ult
  • will be very hard in mid-late game if get fed because of 1 shots from lichbane + e +w + Q combo




he will outplay you in lane because he is

  • energy champ so u cant outplay him with your poke\sustain
  • having escape that u cant stand
  • ranged + builds 1055_32.png lvl1
  • he have CC
  • His ult much > then yours
Start with E and get lvl2 W if u got hardly poked or Q if your jungler inc
take passive lane by farming with E and taking stacks by using Q W behind your creeps for not get poked. Poke him with double E+W. But id rather recomend to keep stacks for healing




the carrier of ur special item :) just kill him 1st  in late game for profit

  • dont go in 1v1 vs him when u both are full
  • he is mana champ -> outplay him with poking and healing up
  • he can assasinate u faster in early because of better burst


Lee Sin


He have better burst and shield that can counter ur E pokes. Try not to take brush because he can easyly get you in it. Play farm if he play agressive and wait for ur jungle to help you. 




fat, deadly and have tons of slows and cc wich are ur main enemy. Try to focus anyone but not him




same as cait but u can simply walk to her trap and dont notice that u have a vision on u, check ur status when u ult and walk in bushes, she is also easy target




the hardest top lane for me. He will outplay you in changes because of stun and double jumps. Play very safe against him:

Poke with e+w+e if he jumps on you cast q and back off
try to hit your spells whenever they cooled for taking heal faster 
only way to win laning is your jungler and healups. 
1 mistake and u wont get back to farm lane




he is a pain. Try to cut him with ur ult caz this is the only way u can close him




u shall go passive lane vs singed+ taking 2 or 3 lvls of W early.




EEEXTRA MONEY! Better to force her ult only on u or kill her before :)




Yeah i played against him on top. You are stronger only at lvl1. And with each lvl he will outplay u harder and harder. To do list against swain on top:

  • farm
  • farm and heal
  • farm
  • wait for jungler gank
  • farm
  • farm and heal
  • Got lvl6? Roam mid\bot for kill then go farm top
If you can - poke him but when i played against swain even last hitting a creep out of tower range had cost me 70% of my hp
The way to keep alive is dodging his stun




Mushrooms + blind but u can easykill him before he react :3 (works for EXTREMLY unskilled teemos only)
* he is hardest top lane opponent. All u can do vs teemo is to farm\poke with e but it will cost u 50% of ur health. Better stay passive farm under tower, wait for lvl6 and gank mid with double bola.




u can die in chages after he got 3 lvl so try to poke him to force him lossing rage on healing. But he will be stronger after 6 so id recomend to go roam after u hit 6 to force him take your turrent. After that u can have more farm + jungler\mid help.




can kill u with single ult if he hit stun but u can kill him before he stun ;) so he is ur high priority target in teamfights


Xin Zhao


He is stronger then u 1v1 early game so if u faced him in jungle kate him in brushes or with ur E and hit him only with cd of q+w

READ FIRST Back to Top

This build is on maintance!

Sup! Wasnt here for a long time. Well I still keep playing with rengar and using same build and soon i will rework this article C:
I glad that riot finaly took my opinion in their sight (I had wrote to them and asked to think about reworking Rengar's neck because comparing to khazix it was kinda unbalanced and unfair. It using a slot while khazix just having free bonus after quest bla bla bla etc :D) so now it makes you to take 1 MORE ****NG ITEM! And this is really amazing thing. Now i prefer to jungle with 3154_32.png and build all the same items. Top build is still the same but i prefer to take 5 item 3078_32.png or 3139_32.png or 3072_32.png instead of 3026_32.png(tbh i rarely take ga now because we can just get 3072_32.png3072_32.png3074_32.png3153_32.png wombocombo lifesteal build that makes us not even deadly but tanky as hell when dealing damage) 
5th item depending on game:
Need to be more tanky and deadly? 3078_32.png
Havnt got enought time to kill the carry because of being CCed? 3139_32.png
You feel perfect and want to kill this fu**ing teemo for 0.01 sec instead of 0.2 sec? Here you go3072_32.png3072_32.png
The sad news was riot reworked rengar's E to a skillshot :( now we have to be more attentive when engage. E now deals more dmg and keeps our pray at one place so this thing still quet helpful to hit isnt it?

Thx for using my build :3 
I have seen a lot of rengars that used my build (they werent that well as i excepted caz i usually countered them as 89_64.png and exhausted :X)

***Finaly riot gifting us a new skin! Now it will be more bloody on summoners rift. The hunter in the hood inc :3 I like it very very much hope you guys too.

Synergy mid and top for better teamfights Back to Top

Pick this rengar build ONLY when u have 1 tank!

I got a lot of bad games when first picking this bacause of no communication in game lobby. Your mates could think u going half-tank build. Be sure to notify them that u going full ad build and ask them to take some1 tanky for top\mid. Better to ask some1 to go for jax\renek\nasus for top lane and leona\taric\ali\blitz\thresh for suports. Your team must be at least with 1-2 frontlners. 
This build have OP sunergy with other assasins like 38_64.png105_64.png1_64.png. The can help you cleaning or burst other targets while u assasinating adc\apc.

For top chars best sunergy i ever played is 98_64.png. He can be helpful even when u not ganking him. But if u do good shen will secure 100% kill for you. Also double ult with good timing from rengar can win a teamfight easyly. 
 27_64.png can clean or distract enemy team when u ulting. He is also very good cleaning champ but in case that he have no CC u have to call mid + support take cc or ask for 110_64.png22_64.png  adk to make an engage.
62_64.pngalso having a good cleaning distraction pontential and making a good sunergy with rengar but he is not a good tank.
83_64.png his ult can make u secure at least for 1 more kill after u got focused in fight also very good cleaner + tank. 58_64.png very good tank + dmg combo make him strong. Before 107_64.png go in rene MUST force adc or apc to use they 4.png or escapes then u can secure a free kill. 
3_64.png never played with him because of unpopularity :( but from my prev exp galio can do a good engage for rengar taking 1-2 free kills.

Its very hard when opposite team have 2 tanks like 58_64.png 59_64.png56_64.png u will be able to take them off only after finishing 3035_32.png (2030 g)so i'd recomend u take this item as 2nd after finishing 3077_32.png+3144_32.png. Main reason of this switching is the damage output after killing adc\apc will be droped down and those chars can carry teamfights in midgame so rushing lw will payback. And right after lw u should finish 3153_32.png(1800 g). 230 more gold for 35% arp + dmg but u will loss dmg%from hp and 15% hp burst will be worth for mid game. (also i recommend build lw after tiamat for top build if u are lossing lane hard)

If u playing top rengar:
254_64.png best initiator for rengar. Noone cant dodge this ult :) follow her chasings for instakills

Strategic targets Back to Top

Sometimes u need to us rengar not for assasination, there are some moments like splitpush, focusing wierd targets and scouting with ult(.
 Lets start with split push. As i said before Q+Q works on towers very good so try to lend q when u have 4 stacks and then do another q with some aa. Towers melt down really fast with it.
 Another moment when your support cant buy oracle and the other has warded all ur jungles and camps u. Each lvl of rengar's ult improves it's radius and costs less cd. So when u are confused where are enemy team feel free to use ur ult. 
And the main topic is wierd focus. 
It has to be when entire teamfight depends on 1 or 2 champs or ults. Here are they and they pains. 

6_64.png prioriteze to zone 1 of ur mates for better engage. Just position urself and be ready to engage with the player that he ulted
7_64.png can 1 hit anyone and it is hard to finish her but preoriteze her as 1st target
9_64.png YOU should engage the teamfight not HE ( it makes different when u are having a fiddle in team) try to calculate ur ult to be loaded when he is about to start teamfight, engage him while he casting it to deny him or his ult :)
10_64.pnglow cd ult + slows on you. try to force her ult by focusing her\support when ur team engage the other targets
11_64.png hard to get him but if u will he is dead. Also he is highest priority target.
13_64.png focus it each time he trying to start combo
19_64.png you should wait for his start with ult and then engage on adc\apc also u can use ur ult to make them panic. Unseen rengar is kinda scary u know :) if u make adc\apc to run and not deal dmg when they see you ulting = profit
25_64.png initiate and kill her after her Q lost
26_64.png force him to use his ult on him after that get adc pwnd
30_64.png the main pain is his passive.  So try to kill him when he zoned for his defile do nothing to your team.
32_64.png just stay unvisioned. Let him think that your team is 4 and force him to take an advantage by ulting 4, engage adc with ult after he did a fatal mistake :)
33_64.png stay back from this ball and keep him slow, get him only when u have mates near
34_64.png it seem that anivia is easy target but... engage on her after she lost her stun
37_64.png main target. weak sustain and op ult makes her win teamfights. Force her to ult only you by engaging 1v5 and flash back after u got a kill.
45_64.pngkill it nomater how. His ult is a pain.
59_64.pngDont mention him at all when teamfights. His target is to zone all your team for adc+apc easy kill it your target kill adc+apc after he ulted
61_64.png same as for all adc force her to loss her ult nomater what
62_64.png keep 5 stacks fury for his ult and engage apc\adc after u land improved bola on his spinning.
63_64.png force him to loss ult or kill it with fire before he will:)
72_64.png keep 5 stacks for bola to keep him in place when he get ur teammate then kill adc apc with ult
79_64.png u can go in 1v5 and kill adc or graga wll lost his ult. both thing are good even if u will die
82_64.pngengage on him after ur team starts
83_64.png keep his ult range in mind and kill adc when youric going power truck mode
85_64.png  u shall engage first and kill him nomater what or flash back if he used jonya+ult before u got stuned.
89_64.png very annoying cc when u trying to engage. Let her waste her ult then go all in for adc apc
90_64.png his utl stronger then yours:) tro to get him when he zoned or ulting 1 of ur mates
98_64.png ignore this thing and kill as many squishy targets as u can to force his ult( or at least damage them )
101_64.png engage him when he is his stance
99_64.png just engage her 1v5 and kill
107_64.png beware! wild cat! (or fluffy kitten if not have read this build) :D
112_64.png engage him with a team and assasinate as fast as u can
113_64.png same tactics as mumu. just stay back and dont alove her to get u with ult or slows
117_64.png hardest support caz her ult gives hp+ slow+ a bit cc after casted all of it not good for this rengar. Just stay sharp and seek for oportunity to assasinate any target u can.
120_64.png keep 5 stacks of bola when he trying to engage just use double bola and ult adc\apc
127_64.png force her yo ult herself or you by engaging frst
267_64.png assasinate her when she zoned then flash back
All of this things are better in jungles so u dont need to use your ult to close the distance.

Main tip: If u dont see the rengar he is ulting you or prepearing for ulti you :)

Nota bene Back to Top

this guide works only before plat tiers :)

3157_64.pngTroll item vs rengar! Watch out when u engage on apc :D u can simply die before u end combo :D

3026_32.pngalso is a hard troll item. 
10_64.png >48_64.png if u know what i mean :D
RIP 2043_32.png u shall watch for enemy support placing those wards. They are really annoying :) RIP THX RIOT NOW WE CAN HUNT

The main thing for my build: from the 1st look u can deside that he is squishy, but dont forget ur Q+Q combo heals u from life steal so better waste ur stacks for q then for w in lates and always use W before taking damage.
CC is ur main enemy.
Sry for my english, i know that there are some mistackes, but i just want to share my build with you ;)

This rengar is higly dependable on team because some of them cant get why u engage solo v5 and dont build "FUCKING" tank xD

It is also funny in normals when in 98% games players are split and dont ward they jungles ;)

HF hunting :)
PS i just noticed that its harder to play rengar on plat elo because every good support know that he should ward with pinks vs rengar :( so this build will 100% carry u through bronze -> gold 1 if u can play it in a proper way:) i has no problems when played this build in silver 1 all games were full of fun and assasinations :) gold elo become harder because of large amount of players who THINK they pro and deservse Diamond 1, so they all were ignoring calls and rarely following. But i really enjoy playing rengar in plat caz ppl there are more skillful and they will follow your calls also there is no problems with map awarness like in gold elo. But as i said supports in plat elo will counter you easily with pinks :( not really that bad in case that u still can kill 1 or 2 zoned targets but u got focused and CCed hard.
Also i liked to use a new way of engage on apc. Try this out. 
  • Get 3 or 4 stacks (depends on how far apc is)
  • Use ult and wait for 5 stacks
  • Activate ur Q right after u get 5th stack
  • You will waste ur current stacks and ultimate will continue generate fury.
  • Wait for 2 3 or even 4 stacks (BUT keep in mind that u can loss your improved Q so react fast)
  • Engage-> fast combo of Q+W+(E)+hydra+botrk -> then improved Q again.
Last time i did it on brand -> he dissapeared in 0.62 sec :D
Also it works for destroing bruiser but... better not to engage on bruisers :) anyway u can erase 126_64.png68_64.png92_64.png in mid game.

<3 Back to Top


Crit Rengar lulz *RIP* :'( Back to Top

start with3078_32.png3031_32.png3072_32.png3166_32.png3275_32.png3035_32.png (1700-1900 crit damage with Q)end with 3072_32.png3072_32.png3072_32.png3078_32.png3031_32.png3087_32.png (literaly screenshot)eK2MnJfor3A.jpg

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