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All Guides Cho'Gath Guides Cho'Gath Carry From The Jungle!
4 months ago

Cho'Gath Statistics for KoreaBread

Author's performance with Cho'Gath compared to the ranked average.

Games Played
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Summoner Spells Back to Top

  • Smite- Regardless is necessary for any jungler. It is the perfect summoner spell to smite steal a dragon or barron when your ult happens to be down. Another bonus effect is the extra gold you get from the mastery tree!
  • Flash- Allows you to chase any opponent that also has flash. Flash can also be very deadly with the usage of red buff AA followed up with your Rupture > Scream combo.

  • Exhaust- Is not recommended in my opinion as it doesn't suit well with cho'gath as well as flash does. For example,
    81_icon_64.png--------42_icon_64.png--------18_icon_64.png,  Basically any champion that has an escape mechanism pairs up their summoners with flash and either heal or ignite or cleanse. So, exhaust isn't as useful because once you use it, they can just flash and jump away. However ,flash allows you to gain the distance to allow you to land a rupture and close the distance and, it even makes it easier to ult the enemy carry then what exhaust can accomplish!

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +1.7% attack speed Greater Mark of Attack Speed
  • 9x
    +0.16 magic resist per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +1.5% movement speed Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
  • Greater Quintessence of  Swiftness-
    I've found it personally to love the movement speed in all of my games. (With the exception of AD or AP carries, I almost run movement speed in all of my games.) Those extra movement speed allows you to close the gap of the enemy champion that you have landed rupture on, and is especially deadly when paired with red buff. I cannot specify how awesome it is to chase down opponents trying to run away when your shredding their hp down.
  • Greater Seal of Armor-
    This allows you to tank most of the damage output from the jungle creeps. Even negates some damage usually outputted from a bot lane when ganking. As Cho'Gath you want to tank usually for your ad carry while disrupting the enemy's carry.
  • Greater Seal of Scaling Health-
    The only time I would really take this over armor is when you know for a fact that the enemy team will not be able to abuse you early on. 64_64.png for example is someone you want to take armor over health because without that extra defensive stats, he will be able to murder you and make you his toy in the jungle. But health would be good against someone else who is a tanky jungle as well. 

  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist-
    The reason you would choose magic resist per level over flat is because of the fact that early on, you have enough hp to tank the little burst of Ability Powered skills so flat wouldn't be as effective late game as per level would be.
  • Greater Mark Of Attack Speed
    These runes are specifically for your damage output and faster timing in the jungle. All of cho'gath's skills are based off of rupture followed by AA pressure, which is why Red buff on him is so deadly! His Vorpal Spikes also pairs up pretty well with the runes as it allows him to get more DPS out then magic pen would allow.

Masteries Back to Top


For as long as I've played league of legends, masteries is something you want to adjust from your own play style.  If you want to go offensive and boost your jungle clear speed, going 9/21/0 is probably your best bet. But if you want that extra duration and movement speed then going 0/21/9 is your option. In all honesty masteries don't really matter in game as long as your mechanically solid. It's just an asset that you adjust to help you play your style and gain advantages over the enemy team. So my previous mastery tree or the current one I set up is good. 


IF YOU CHOOSE THE 9/21/0. I RECOMMEND GETTING GREATER GLYPH OF COOLDOWN REDUCTION and making 5% out of it to get a whipping 10% in total and with blue you'll have 20% which is a big boost. While leaving the remaining as magic resist flat(should get about 4 mr) Put 4 points in fury and 4 points in Sorcery as well as 1 point in Expose weakness to get the maximum potential out of your tree.

Abilities Back to Top

Why Max E?
Vorpal spike allows you to clear camps faster and allows cho'gath to sustain because once a minion is killed his passive is played which allows sustain for him by regenerating hp and mana that scale off of his level.

What to max afterwards?
Reason I recommend maxing out W is because it's the safest and most stable way of play on Cho'Gath. Most people that play Cho'gath have failed to land ruptures at pivotal moments but they are able to land the silence. As more points go into W the silence duration is longer from 2 too 3 at max. And every second counts in a team fight, this skill particularly shuts down enemy AP champions. Maxing out rupture only allows you to have more damage output, but as I said, This guide is to play Cho'Gath as a tank for your ad carry and relieve pressure from your team and force the enemy to focus you!

Side Note:

You can scale your abilities by doing e-q-w and then max e afterwards and continue following the guide if you think the silence would be beneficial to you, when you have an engagement occuring elsewhere.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Always start with these items, they help you clear jungle faster.

Core Items

    Enemy with Heavy Attack Damage ***Note- Never get a randuins and frozen heart together unless its your only option and your like an hour into the game and can afford it. When you decide on what to buy, Consider this question; am I being focused in teamfights? Yes = Randuins, No = Frozen Heart.
    Enemy with Heavy Ability Power Damage (Shoes may vary depending on what you want, cool downs,movement speed, armor are what you're going to choose in between) Do not build a merc treads because the tenacity does not stack with the Golem Item. Locket is also a good buy because of the extra shield passive you get from it. When you build a locket always try to buy the kindlegem first.
    End game build with a team of all mixture would look something like this.(Warden's mail because by then the game could've possible ended)
    This is probably the jungle item you will mostly want to get because the rest doesn't really do as much for cho'gath. But you could try to work stalkers blade and its basically all players preference. With this trailblazer you want to go for clear and ganks at any opportunity.

Situational Items

    When you are fed to the point where you think you can carry.However this usually does not occur and the team requires you to build tanky.(Basically a Mid cho gath build)

Machete + 5 health potion start- Standard jungle start for every jungler and it helps you sustain clears. Usually you would burn around 2 or 3 potions depending on the leash you recieve from your team. Chogath's passive allows you immense sustain in the jungle and provides you to farm more or have more health to gank another lane.

1st Back- Try to get enough gold to buy 1001_64.png and a 1080_64.png.
2nd Back- Aim for getting a 3105_64.png or 3207_64.png Depending on how fed you are or what your team comp needs.

Afterwrads adjust to the items listed above and you should be fine.

*****Side not I do not reccomend upgrading aegis anymore unless your around level 10 and higher because the shield is benefitted off of levels and early on it won't be as significant for you.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Amumu
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Hecarim
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Nautilus
  • Nocturne
  • Olaf
  • Shaco
  • Shen
  • Shyvana
  • Skarner
  • Udyr
  • Vi
  • Volibear
  • Xin Zhao







Personally, I think Cho'Gath is better then Amumu. He has a rupture that is smaller then Amumu's ult but the cool down allows you to get a lot more off. Being able to land skill shot is another asset needed by the player in order to allow Cho'Gath to be able to be played to his maximum potential. But Amumu has a CC that may catch your team off position so It would be difficult in teamfights.


Dr. Mundo


It can be difficult to kill mundo at times, but if you see the opportunity. When he ults you should rupture him and ultie him to shut down any ability to regain hp. However, your main focus is not to be on mundo but to cc him from touching your ad carries and target down theirs. Mundo should always be left last to be killed by everyone, unless he is on top of your ad carry.




If you know fiddlesticks is going to go for a drain, save your W because that cancels his cast during progress or even before it. Your Q is a great tool as well if you see a fiddle channeling his ult, as it disrupts and if your lucky enough to land a W, even better to save your Q for teamfights.  However if your teamfighting and a fiddle does happen to get his ult out during the fight, you want to quickly disengage by landing a Q on him and running away until his ult is done channeling. Main thing about fiddlesticks is to be wary of his positioning and always ward when your playing against one, especially when your going for towers, dragons, and barron.




This guy will out gank you, out farm you, and out damage you. It is really hard to win against a fed hecarim and a really good one at that. Try to keep him off your ad carries and prevent him from getting anywhere close to being fed in the early phases.


Jarvan IV


This guy will ruin your day if he plays it right. He has a knockup as well and an ult that prevents movement. However your Q can prevent his combo as well but its really difficult to time it. He ganks are more easier to land and so they are more effective. My opinion against this match up is to farm up and build tanky as soon as possible. Rushing randuins is also really good since your going to hug your carries and pop a randuins as soon as jarvan tries to intiate. Land ruptures on top of your carries when you see jarvan go for it as well to stop him from applying pressure. Overall his damage output and tankiness outdeals chogath's in a way. You could win if played right but its just difficult.




If the enemy jax is fed, with a 3153_64.png and a 3078_64.png you probably will have a difficult time throughout the whole game. However building items such as 3143_64.png or 3110_64.png will greatly help you and your team.

  • Main things to consider when your going against a Jax:
  • Wait for him to use his Q before you use yours, because it makes it easier to land.
  • Aim your Q's speceifically at your carries because Jax is most likely going to jump on them and when you land one, follow it up with a W and focus fire him before he uses his dodge ability.
  • He is mobile and you are not as much, your job is to be a disruption and tank for your teammates(means to stand on top of them and take his Q's if you have too but doesn't mean to die).
Overall you shouldn't have that much of a problem with jax because jungle gives you a lot less amount of gold then a laning jax would ( which means he gets his items slower). So just focus on your tanky aspect and as long as you land your Q's at the right target at the right time and (yes you need to land them) then teamfights should be easy and you will be finding yourself a win!! :)




This matchup can be really hard or really easy. If you built tanky enough and stay close to your carries during teamfights, then it should be easy as they are dealing damage while you are protecting them. However that is not the case and if khazix just finds one kill and starts to murder your team, then its over. This matchup is heavily in khazix's favor and he has the ability to ruin your team, where as vice versa you have the ability to ruin his by focusing khazix or just protecting your team with your Q's


Lee Sin


Don't want to really fight him on a 1v1 situations. However you do outscale him in crowd control and tankiness. The main objective of going against a lee sin is to farm as much as possible and avoid any invasions from him. If he lets say invades red, you should automatically leave your red and go to his. Of course with caution and explain to your teamates what your gameplan is. Basically don't get caught in the jungle and keep your carries protected against any possible damage that can be dealt by lee sin.




This match up is easy because you negate malphite's ability to chase your AD carry.
Also cho'gath has multiple disruption compared to malphite's 1 ultimate that is attainable at level 6.




Its easy for you to win this match up because once maokai jumps on you with his skill.
Land a rupture on him and cc him until your teammates can land the following blow. However be careful to watch how you spam your skill because a good maokai will watch his passive and heal when he can. Often avoiding situations where you assume he's dead but he heals it all back.




This guy can gank better then you, has a skill that adds health and if he uses it properly, can even tank more then you. Just a cc champ that does things better then chogath. Only time I would recommend fighting is when you can force a fight as a 4v5. Increasing your chances to win and if they even have less thats better. You usually want to fight nautilus when he is alone and in teamfights peel him off of your carries.




In my opinion this match up is easy because of the fact that he can't kill you unless he gets really fed. But you shouldn't allow him to get to that stage as you will be ganking when he ganks and shutting down any momentum the enemy team tries to gain. Rushing a 3143_32.png is good against this guy.




Early game:
You should be able to win if you dodge his axes properly.
Towards Late game:
Olaf would win hands down depending on how the game goes. If its equal he would have the advantage as he would be able to tank your damage output.
It its one sided towards enemies: He would definitely win hands down even with proper manuever of axes.
If its one sided towards your team: You should have enough damage to take down the enemy.




This guy is a pain in the butt, he can invade you. Harass you out of your own jungle. Take your buffs. My best suggestion is to ward against him and try to keep your teammates wary of his ganks. I wouldn't recommend dealing with him until you face teamfights as a whole team. There you can protect your carries and allow them to do damage while you peel and keep any pressure off of them. But this is only in the hands of a skilled shaco player. If its just a regular decent player, build health and armor and you should win teamfights hands down without any problems in your jungle route.




Dodge his taunts and your fine. Crowd control the enemy carries if he does land a taunt on your carries to prevent them from winning trades. Overall not that difficult to win against a jungle shen because he has a lower income then when he plays top. Be aware of his split pushing abilities that throw many people off however.




Early On, Cho'Gath is one of the strongest junglers if played right. Cause of his passive allowing HP regen and his skill sets allowing disruptions. But late game, shyvanna is bound to win as you will not have enough damage to kill her. BUT ITS OKAY BECAUSE your main focus is to force her to attack you instead of pressuring the AD carry who should be able to shut down her once they have eliminated the enemy carries.




STAND IN FRONT OF YOUR CARRIES IS MY BEST SOLUTION. When your fed on stacks xD your a huge monster so make use of it and stand in front of your carries for him to ultie you instead of them. And you should be built as a tank to withstand the damage outputted by his team. But in reality it would be best to not get grabbed by him at all and just win fights by landing your over powered ruptures :]




Stalemate in my opinion of this matchup. But you shouldn't be focusing him in teamfights, focus on the carries more,this is a big key to winning engagements. Udyr would be focusing down your ap or ad carry and your job is to disrupt that and stand in front of them as a tank, but that doesn't mean take all the brute damage output for idiotic mistakes that your teammates might make.




This champion has a passive to shred your armor and skill sets to hold you down for a good 1-2 seconds. But as long as she can't stick to you during the whole fight, focus on protecting your mid or ad carry because there is a high % that she will try to ult them. When she does, time your Q to where you can knock her up when she flies up in the air and kill her. I say kill her because you want to opt for a situation that is not favorable for her to jump in and wait for her to make that mistake before you start a teamfight.




He's fast, he's tanky, he does dps. xD. Volibear is more difficult because he can just get to your carries without worrying about much. Landing ruptures are important for this matchup because one screw up could cost you a nomed carry during the early phase and cause you to lose. Wards are the best counter to a volibear to predict where he will gank. Counter ganking would be the best option if your laner does more damage then the enemies, then you would want to lock him down in a crowd control q-w and auto's then run away. Never tower dive a volibear or chase him. Rupturing after him after a big teamfight which you've won is okay though :]
***Due to recent nerfs, he is not as big of a threat as he used to be, but becareful because he still does damage.


Xin Zhao


This champion with cooldown based skills will also be a difficult to deal with. If you can't land a single rupture; you lose all hopes of saving your team and yourself. This champion will also stick to you like glue, so landing ruptures are sometimes predictable. Just be careful not to get too close to him as he will do a lot of damage. Going for items like randuins are the best situation against a xin zhao and if he doesn't attack you at all, go for a frozen heart. Another tip is to always build some health before armor, otherwise it would be useless if you can't even take a few damage before dieing,

Early Game: Back to Top

  1. Farm as much as possible before you shop without risking death.
  2. Try to gank those that extend and get your team ahead.
  3. Landing Q is pivotal when ganking at this stage as it allows for extra summoners to be burned or allows close kills to be evaded from the enemy. When you gank, make sure to try to come from behind the enemy line if you have red buff and AA them. Once they burn a summoner spell, use your Q. If they still have a summoner spell and they're to far to reach, use your spells to burn their spell. However best solution is to come from behind and silence them before you AA.

Mid Game: Back to Top

  1. Control teamfights and aim for the enemy carries with rupture. Never risk anything risky that would cause a throw and allow the enemy team to gain total dominance.
  2. Control the dragon area and go for global objectives. Once bot and mid tower is taken for example, group up mid and force another tower down and apply pressure. TIP: Never tower dive, I strongly recommend this and always warn teamates to fall back when they decide to go in. 1 Will never go in alone if everyone doesn't follow him. 
  3. Deny enemy from their jungle by applying deep pressure with your ultimate.

    ****Wards are an important factor of the game. Even if you aren't a support, anyone can always buy a ward and placing one helps everyone. It is a team game!****

Late Game: Back to Top

  1. Never allow enemy team to get a free barron.
  2. Aim to close down enemy carries with your disruption while protecting yours
  3. Force the enemy to focus summoners and skills on you, but don't do it idiotically that it kills you before a teamfight even happens. Then your death will be in vain and they can just barron for free.
  4. Having an oracles and keeping map control is also helpful for everyone :] (Although recently, the investment in oracles is not worth as much as investing pink wards. Until you have bought every single item and filled up your slot, I do not recommend purchasing oracles anymore.)

Jungle Tips: Back to Top

You want to start either on gromp or the golems. Reason you don't want to start on a certain buff nowadays is because smiting it doesn't reap you any benefits. The gromp has a poison effect and the golem has a fifth attack stuck that helps you tremendously while clearing camps. Another thing you should focus is on the skuttle crabs because its basically a free hp boost as well as gold that your missing out on. The faster you clear it, the better it'll help you attain vision and give you the hp for a possible gank afterwards. But use your judgements wisely when pursuing out of your jungle as you may find another jungler with the same idea.

Route: Start Blue or Red depending on your lane match up. If you notice that you have a favorable positioning in a lane such as bot lane. For example a 89_64.png and 104_64.png would be a much better target to gank for over a top lane such as 75_64.png. Ganking is about what lane you are able to help the most with a visit and if you are able to secure a kill or not. Crowd Control Champions are your friend and best bet to secure your difficult to land Q. However if you can land a Q without CC even better! In situations where you are unable to gank however, you would choose to go back and farm your jungle until you see an opportunity to arise. This may also be a rude thing to say, but if you gank a lane that is constantly pushed and your laner is losing. Stop ganking for the person and focus your attention else where. There is no point in helping a lane that cannot, 1: win by him/herself, 2: Cannot even win the lane after numerous attempts to help the person, and 3: it allows you to be viable and may cause a counter gank opportunity where you may lose.
But all in all, focus your attention on the lane you have the highest success in winning a kill or burning a summoner spell. To further that, also help the lanes that are being camped by the enemy team, before they get too big and your effort to even help them becomes futile. At that point you should focus on being tanky and getting all your items.

Helpful Site Tips: Back to Top

- This website helps you get a general overview on what champions are better against others. Although not all of them are true, its just a general outlook. Use game knowledge and apply it to your idea's you gain from other people's insight. This is a great tool to educate yourself on a certain champions too as you have an idea on what type of champions such as bruisers or bursters are better against other champions. Guides from these websites aren't really recommended in my opinion by the way.

-Really easy tool to get a general outlook of your team. Helps you settle down if your panicking in a rank game and want to decide how good your opponent is. However it's not always relient but it will link you back to lolking if you click their names and show you all the other aspects.

-Just to see your statistics if you wanted to see how well you've been performing and etc.

-To see what the pro players are building in their games, you could also see a list of their statistics performed on a certain champion.

About Me: Back to Top

I go by the in game name of KoreaBread.
There are those that have played Sudden Attack with me and converted to league of legends. I happen to be only 16 years old but I manage to gain an elo of 1900+ during season 2. I would've been able to manage to get Diamond if it weren't for the luxury of school and having asian parents that think you study even though you don't. But because of the fact that all league takes is just insight and just a little thinking. Never be afraid to play rank games. I've been through my friends account as well as mine. When climbing elo, it is difficult to get past the "elo hell" of 1400's. I've noticed what people have talked about but you can still win a game. Never give up, as a solution can occur through the difficult times of finding a way to win. Usually you want to take a carry role AD, or AP. But, like I said I got to 1900 through the jungle. If you play a role and play it right. It brings a more higher chance of success to your team as it's one less thing for another player playing it right to worry about. Teamwork and cooperation is also a huge key to winning league of legends. At times there are those that refuse to communicate and you lose the game, but the chance of a person like that is also available to the enemy team. A best tip for the moments where you go on a losing streak is to take a short breaks in between, do something and requeue and try again later to avoid the trolls that you previously played with. Everyone has losing streaks and winning streaks. But the chance of winning depends on the player and how well he or she plays. Not everyone is the same, you have aggressive people, passive yet skilled players, or even beginners who can't play worth a crap. Practice and thinking however allows you to progress and become better into anyone that plays professionally and ranking is a tool that can be used to achieve that. Good Luck with future games and best and final tip, have fun and enjoy playing League of Legends, its just a Game. It is fun,and if it wasn't why else would you read this xD. Try to avoid raging as well, as it reduces motivation and focus from the team.

I stream sometimes but due to lack of views, I gave up on it. But Occasionally it will be on from time to time, so check up if you want to see me jungling!


Stream Link Back to Top

Apologies Back to Top

I haven't been keeping up to date with this guide in particularly, due to the fact that as the meta changes. Cho'Gath is not as viable as it used to be. The new meta currently is junglers who have dueling potential as well as tank on top of that. For example, Hecarim , Lee Sin, Pantheon are all junglers that have a higher % of carrying and snowballing games over cho'gath. Which is why I haven't been keeping up to date with this guide as I would've liked too. But if you guys want, I can make a pantheon guide which is about 200% times better then cho'gath if you play him to his maximum potential. Just leave a comment below and if I get enough feed back within 1-2 weeks then I'll create the guide for those who are interested. I am sorry for those who have wanted me to update this guide, but cho'gath is just not simply viable anymore. He's still fun to play every now and then but its better to play other champions if you want to carry yourself in games such as rank or so. Still a great champion top lane to disrupt or in the jungle if the enemy team has a passive jungler as well.

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