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6 months ago

Janna Statistics for Duchess of York

Author's performance with Janna compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash is a must 

Exhaust 95% of games 

Ignite 5% of games

When to take exhaust?

The enemy has a strong diving ad champion such as 5_64.png 11_64.png 23_64.png 48_64.png 121_64.png 266_64.png 238_64.png 56_64.png 80_64.png

By default you should take exhaust.  It will shut down any champ diving onto your marksman.  Exhaust won't help your damage output as much as ignite while in lane, but it will scale much more effectively than ignite does.  

When to take ignite?

  • The enemy team has 36_64.png but even then you can get away with exhaust if your team has 2 ignites
  • Laning against a 16_64.png AND the enemy team does not have any of the divers shown above
  • You want to go full man-mode and steal kills from your ADC

When to take heal?

You shouldn't, heal is only for your marksman.  If you are taking heal, start learning to play without it.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.91 armor Greater Mark of Armor
  • 9x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +0.17 ability power per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
  • 9x
    +8 health Greater Seal of Health
  • 3x
    +4.95 ability power Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
  1. Hybrid Penetration:  If you like to play offensive.  Can substitute magic pen if you cannot afford hybrid pen.
  2. Flat Armor:  If you like to play defensive.

Yellows/Seals:  Flat health yellows.  You can also use flat armor yellows but they are less effective.

Blues/Glyphs: This is where things start to get interesting because what is best here is not as clear as reds and yellows. Flat magic resist or magic resist/level are considered standard but I like the power that ability power/level blues give.  AP/lvl blues help you shield scale very well into mid game, but you will sacrifice survivability.  

  1. Ability Power per level - help your shield scale well, giving your ADC that extra edge
  2. Flat magic resist - help protect against the magic damage dealt by other supports and possibly junglers.  They work well against champs such as Tristana 18_64.png  or support Morgana25_64.png.
  3. Magic resist per level - helps protect you against magic damage better than flat MR will past level 6, but they will leave you squishier early game than flat magic resist would.

Quintessences:  This is a matter of preference.  I always use flat ability power.
  1. Flat ability power - gives your shield a nice boost early game.  This affords slighly more protection to your ADC and, although not as useful, an extra 1.5 AD
  2. Flat health - this will allow you to survive longer in early fights.  Because Janna is reliant on providing utility and not damage, staying alive is critical, making these a decent choice.  I would recommend these for beginners.  
  3. Flat armor - you can mix in 1 or 2 of these with flat health or ability power but I wouldn't do all 3 as armor.

Masteries Back to Top


Abilities Back to Top

You can level up E at level 3 if you want a bigger shield, but I like the utility that W provides.

Start with Q if you are invading.

I discuss actual usage of abilities in a different section below.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Ancient Coin is good for passive laning or against strong poke champs. You should also consider if your team can make use of Talisman of Ascension later in the game.

Core Items

    1. Build sightstone first and swap your trinket. Then upgrade to Nomad's Medallion
    My favorite build. most games will end before you have a chance to complete more items

Situational Items

Build Options:

There are 3 general build pathways you can do depending on defensively you want to play
  1. Defensive
  2. Hybrid
  3. Offensive
Each one has it merits and which one you choose comes down to team compositions and your preferred playstyle. Generally you will want to use the defensive build against lanes that you have trouble with, or against dive comps, and the offensive build against lanes that are easy for you.

In general when purchasing items, you have the choice between AP or CDR and utility.  AP is more offensive (because it boosts Janna's shield, and thus your ADC's damage), while CDR and utility are more defensive (which will help keep your ADC alive longer).  

1. Defensive Build


  • 9x Flat Armor Marks
  • 9x Flat Health Seals
  • 9x Flat Magic Resist Blues
  • 3x Flat Health Quintessences


Start with Ancient Coin


Your build order should look something like this:

3096_32.png >  2049_32.png > 3069_32.png > 3158_32.png >  ( 3023_32.png or 3190_32.png or 3222_32.png )  > 3089_32.png


This build emphasizes keeping you alive.  If you are alive, you can keep your ADC alive.  This offers high mobility to your team with Talisman of Ascension, and can catch people with Twin Shadows.  Locket should be purchased against teams with high AOE magic damage, and Mikael's should be purchased against lockdown CC teams.  If the game goes long enough, you can get Rabadon's Deathcap to give your shield a large boost.  

This build includes Ionian Boots of Lucidity because you will only have 5% CDR from masteries.  The boots plus one of the support items will very quickly cap your CDR at 40%.  

2. Hybrid Build


  • 9x Flat Armor
  • 9x Flat Health
  • 9x Flat Magic Resist or Flat AP or AP/level Blues
  • 3x Flat Ability Power


3301_32.png or 3303_32.png

Your build order should look something like this:

3096_32.png >  2049_32.png > 3069_32.png >   ( 3023_32.png or 3190_32.png or 3222_32.png )  > 3089_32.png


As you get better at Janna, start transitioning your build to more offensive items, which will allow you to be more aggressive and increase your winrate.

3. Offensive Build


  • 9x Hybrid Penetration
  • 9x Flat Health
  • 9x AP/level blues or Flat Magic Resist (depends on lane matchup)
  • 3x Flat AP Quintessences


Start with Spellthief's Edge


Your build order should look something like this:

3098_32.png >  2049_32.png >  ( 3041_32.png or 3092_32.png or  3089_32.png )  >  ( 3165_32.png or 3023_32.png or 3190_32.png or 3222_32.png )


This is the build you should be doing once you have some experience.  It increases your chances of winning in lane, and thus of winning the game.  The reason you need experience is because this build will leave you rather squishy, and thus you may die more often if your positioning is poor.

I only upgrade Spellthief's Edge if I am against a team that can be kited easily by slows (like Udyr, Nasus, etc)

Other Notes:

  • Gold generation per non cannon wave is 12 Gold/30 sec if you are nearby all minion deaths
  • Health regeneration per non cannon wave is 30 health/30 sec

  • Gold generation per non cannon wave is 21 gp/30 sec if you hit 3 auto attacks on champions or towers
  • Deals 15 additional damage on hit to champions and towers


Always start with Warding Totem 3340_32.png and then swap it out for Sweeper 3351_32.png when you finish Sightstone 2049_32.png.  Lately I have been swapping out for sweeper when I know I will complete sightstone the next time I go back.  This is because trinkets have a 3 minute cooldown after selling, so by the time I get my sightstone, I will also have sweeper ready to use.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Vel'Koz
  • Zyra




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

Consider taking 14.png to stop his heals and burn through his ult

Enemy Zone Control:

Alistar does not have effective zone control but keep the brush warded to watch for headbutt combos.


Alistar has no poke but he can also heal most of your poke.  His headbutt combos can do some moderate damage but you can disengage very easily and auto attack him as he walks back.

All in:

Alistars ultimate make him a good all in champion when tower diving.  The only time you have to worry about all-ins against Alistar are when he tower dives post level 6 with a jungle gank.  If their jungler isn't ganking, you have nothing to fear.

How to win:

Janna wins this matchup by default and is arguably her easiest lane.  While I list this matchup as easy, you will have a difficult time killing Alistar or his ADC.  However, Janna does well in lane by  simply surviving, meaning this is a good matchup for Janna since you neither of you can kill each other.  You can't stop him from his headbutt combo but can definitely make his life difficult with Q and W.  Poke him with auto attacks constantly to annoy him.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

3301_32.png or MAYBE 3303_32.png
Take flat magic resist runes

Enemy Zone Control:

Annie's stun and long AA range gives her good zoning potential.  Ward the brush!


Annie became popular as a support due to her immense trading potential.  Her auto attack range is much larger than yours, and her Molten Shield returns damage when you auto attack her.  She will outtrade you all through the laning phase, be sure to shield her Q's.

All in:

Annie also has good all in potential with her Tibbers stun.  However, picking Annie support is reliant on getting kills in lane, and Janna ult can shut down kill options completely.  As long as you don't get bursted instantly, you will be fine.

How to win:

Try and rush level 2 before the enemy laners and engage on Annie.  She is squishy and weak with only her W at level 1.  If you manage to knock her up and have a strong marksman you can deal enough damage to scare her off for a few levels and maybe even burn flash.

Be sure to shield your ADC when Annie casts disintegrate.  She has a lot of damage at level 6 but after the stun wears off you should be fine disengaging with Q or R.

Buy Chalice of Harmony 3028_32.png quickly and upgrade to Mikael's Crucible 3222_32.png BEFORE you finish Talisman of Ascension 3069_32.png.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:


Enemy Zone Control:

Just dodge his Q and you are good to go.


Healers are always annoying for Janna to deal with but thankfully his heal isn't super strong.  Your adc should be able to out trade the enemy adc with your shield quite effectively.  Janna's high movement speed means you should have an easy time dodging his Q, which is his only real offensive tool in lane.

All in:

His ult counters yours to a certain extent, since you have to stand still for 3 seconds to get the full heal.  However Bard is otherwise pretty weak against all ins so you should come out ahead.

How to win:

Bard is super weak right now, you win by default.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

3301_32.png or 3303_32.png

Take flat magic resist glyphs if you can't dodge hooks

Enemy Zone Control:

Blitzcrank's hook gives him large zone control.  Keep the brush warded and stand in your creep line.


Blitcrank has no poke to speak of and cannot directly assist his marksman.  Be sure to autoattack him as much as you can.  You can also spam your W on him, just be careful of your mana.

All in:

Blitzcrank's grab-knockup combo is deadly, especially to squishy ranged champions.  Thankfully Janna has Q to interrupt some damage output and W to run away quick if you get grabbed.  If you get grabbed at level 6 you may die instantly if you do not have flat magic resist runes.

How to win:

Janna is squishy so his grabs will hurt if he manages to hook you.  You should be able to zone him most of the time in lane.  Your W counters his W and Q is always good against melee champs.

Poke him with auto attacks as much as you can, but be safe.  Keep the brush warded and stand inside your creep wave.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

 3301_32.png or 3303_32.png

Enemy Zone Control:

Braum has some decent zone control with his Q, but if you can dodge that you are good to go.


Braum is somewhat like Janna in that he is a very defensive support, but notably his Q is more offensive.  He needs to either auto attack you or hit Q in order to proc his passive.  If he gets his passive on you just back off.  Auto attack harass him as much as possible.

All in:

Braum generally wins all ins but it depends on if you can get a good ult as Janna.  I would advise against all in trades because he has a deceptive amount of damage from his passive.

How to win:

Dodge/shield his Q.  If he does land Q on you, back off.  If he tries to run at you just W him.  His cooldowns are moderately long so harass his ADC if his W or E are on cooldown.  He is very strong at early levels, so don't fight him before level 5.  Try to avoid all ins and poke him down.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

Consider taking 14.png to stop his Drain heal

Enemy Zone Control:

Moderate. Strong after level 6
Keeping brush warded is absolutely 100% necessary once Fiddle hits level 6.  


His crow bounces can be annoying, just be sure to shield your ADC before the crow hits either of you, or you won't be shielding anyone at all.  Fiddle harass can be strong if you fail to shield properly.  Be sure to move away from minions and your ADC when he casts Dark Wind to stop multiple bounces.

All in:

If Fiddlesticks gets off a successful ult then you have done something very wrong.  

How to win:

I would list this matchup as easy but if Fiddle is smart he can get some clever ults off on you and he will fear you while ignoring your ADC.  While it means your ADC will live every time, you will almost certainly die.

Q and R will both stop his ult from casting (his ult has a 1.5 s channel time) or if you can't stop it from casting then your R will be enough to put some distance between you.

Try and let your ADC get feared (sounds counter logic, right?), since you can disengage anything easily.  Don't fight him while he is draining you.  Be sure to shield yourself or your ADC when he is about to cast silence, and move away from your ADC or creeps when he does cast silence so it doesn't bounce to you.  

Buy Chalice of Harmony 3028_32.png quickly and upgrade to Mikael's Crucible 3222_32.png BEFORE you finish Talisman of Ascension3069_32.png




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

3301_32.png or 3303_32.png
Depending on how well you can dodge skillshots, you may want flat magic resist glyphs

Enemy Zone Control:

Karma's decent range on her Q gives decent brush control


Karma excels at poking and that's what she will be doing to you all through the laning phase.  Get some early boots so you can try and break her tether when she engages and to help with dodging skillshots.  Her empowered Q will break through your shield on its own, so don't stand on it!

All in:

Karma's speedboost and tether snare make her good at engaging and disengaging.  Winning all-ins here should favor you so long as you have been dodging her poke previously.

How to win:

Karma is good at poking.  A skillful Karma player will make your life hell.  Fortunately, Janna's shield has a higher base amount than Karma's Q, and a higher AP ratio as well.  Thus if your fingers are quick enough you should be able to block most of her very annoying poke.  

Try to stand behind minions as well to block her Q.  Don't engage if she tethers you.  You should be able to outpoke her when you shield your adc.  

She can be difficult to catch due to her speed boost.  Save your W for whomever she speedboosts and you will have an easier time engaging.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

3301_32.png or 3303_32.png 

Enemy Zone Control:

Zenith blade gives her some zone control


Leona is not a poke champ and cannot poke you at all.

You can try and poke her down if you like but you may find her quite resilient to poke damage.  Leona has the highest base health regen in the game, combined with either Doran's Shield or Relic Shield, she will have absurd amounts of health regen.  

Poke her ADC instead

All in:

Leona is an all in champ and this is where she excels.  Too bad for Leona you can completely disengage fights with your ultimate.  You can win all-ins versus Leona so long as you keep her off your ADC.

How to win:

Leona really shouldn't be able to do anything against Janna.  When Leona casts Zenith Blade, use your Q to knock her up and it will prevent her from dashing to the target.  This can take some practice to land but given the fairly long cast time of Zenith Blade, shouldn't take you too long to learn.

If Leona does manage to get on top of you or your ADC, simply ult her away (make sure her Zenith Blade is on cooldown first!).  A Leona who isn't in melee range and has her spells on cooldown is useless.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

Take flat magic resist glyphs.

Enemy Zone Control:

Her EQ combo gives some zone control, watch out!


Lulu is an amazing poke champion with her Q, E, and strong auto attacks.  There is no way you can outpoke her at any time.

All in:

Lulu is also good at all ins due to her W and R.  You probably won't win all-ins versus her.

How to win:

I used to rate this matchup as hard, but after numerous Lulu nerfs have moved it to medium.

Lulu is a very poke heavy champ.  However, not only can she outpoke you, she can also all in better than you as well. Her autoattacks are also very strong, so be careful when engaging.

The trick to winning this lane is mana managment.   Lulu has very high mana costs so try to bait her spells in lane and shield the damage.  When she has low mana, engage on her.  




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

Take flat magic resist glyphs.

Enemy Zone Control:

Dark bindings flying out of unwarded brush can be scary. Ward!


Morgana has decent poke that is on a somewhat long cooldown.  All of her damage is going to come from a QW combo, if she can land it.  She has short auto attack range, so you can outtrade her with autos.  As long as you dodge her Q you will be fine.

All in:

Morgana has good all in potential with Q and R, and her E can make disengaging her rather difficult.  If you do get out of her ult range before the stun, you can usually win.

How to win:

Morgana isn't seen too often but is annoying to deal with.  Janna relies on CC to be useful, but Morgana's shield blocks all CC.  Try to poke her out of lane.  Stand in your creep wave so she cannot land easy dark bindings on you.

If she ults, use your ult immediately to get her away.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

3301_32.png or 3303_32.png depending on ADC matchup

Enemy Zone Control:

Nami can land bubbles easily from unwarded brush and her E makes her autoattacks very strong.


Nami will outtrade you at all times due to her E.  If she lands a Q then you're in even bigger trouble.  Her W also heals all of the harass you do to her

All in:

Nami can all in easily with R followed by Q, while speedboosting her ADC.  Your ult doesn't counter hers, meaning you will lose all ins.

How to win:

Nami is Janna's strongest counter.  She can outtrade you at all times in lane so be careful.  Her autoattacks will hurt more and her CC isn't something that you can disengage easily.  

Thanks to her heal, she will outsustain any poke you deal as well.  Her kill potential isn't super high without ganks but she can zone you easily with how much poke she has.

Try to rush level 2, bait her Q, then kill her, she is squishy.  Otherwise, you won't win this lane too often.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

Take flat magic resist glyphs.

Enemy Zone Control:

The decent range on her Q gives some zone control.


Sona will always outtrade Janna.  Her Q will deal damage to both you and your ADC, breaking your shield, and then she uses powerchord to rub it in your face.  Then she heals any poke you dealt. 

All in:

Sona also has all-in potential thanks to her ult and the bonus damage provided from her auras.  Her ult isn't really countered by yours either.  Sona will win all-ins.

How to win:

You will need jungle ganks.  Sona will melt like wet tissue paper if you can gank her.  If not, you will lose in an equal skill matchup.  This is Janna's hardest lane.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

3301_32.png or 3303_32.png
14.png recommended

Enemy Zone Control:

She has no mobility control abilities and only moderate ranged harass.


She has decent poke if you are dumb enough to let her spam Starcall on you.  You should generally try to harass Soraka rather than her adc, since she cannot heal herself except by landing starcall.

All in:

Don't get baited by how strong her ultimate is.  In season 4 it now heals more the lower health her allies are, making it very strong when people are low.  Her starcall will hurt if you let it stack up so be careful of that.  Otherwise, she is squishy and affords no mobility control so she is easy to kill.

How to win:

Boring snoozefest of a lane but generally Soraka will come out ahead thanks to her sustain.  However, she is highly vulnerable to all ins.

She is easy to engage on and you can burst her down with jungle ganks.  Try and poke her rather than the ADC since she cannot heal herself.  You should be able to win all in trades vs her and can even out poke her depending on the ADCs.

Be sure to get 3165_32.png after you finish 3069_32.png.


Tahm Kench


Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

3303_32.png or 3301.png depending on your playstyle

Enemy Zone Control:

Moderate.  His Q can be quite annoying, so try and stand in minions if you are harassing him.  Just watch out if he eats and spits a minion at you


He can heal back a lot of the poke you do, so it's unlikely that you will be able to bully him out of lane.  You should be able to harass his ADC quite effectively, especially when your ADC is shielded.

All in:

Tahm Kench can be quite strong in all-ins thanks to his passive.  He can also disengage all-ins effectively due to his ability to swallow his ADC.  However, because he relies on being close to be effective, you can kite him easily, and your ult should easily stop any kills.

How to win:

Focus on poking his ADC.  You're not likely to get to many kills against him or his ADC, but you should be able to bully the ADC out of lane more effectively thanks to your shield damage.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:


Enemy Zone Control:

Taric only has the threat of his stun


Taric has no poke but okay trading.  He relies on stunning someone and then casting W, and then his ADC has to follow up.  Fortunately, the damage is very easy to shield and your Q and W both prevent him from getting in range of casting his W.

Your should be able to harass him easily but due to his high armor and self heal, he will be difficult to get low.

All in:

Taric's all in potential used to be strong until it underwent several nerfs.  It's pretty lackluster right now, and as Janna you can simply ult him away if you ever get low.  He really has no kill potential on you.

How to win:

Harass him constantly and shield his damage from W.  Unless you experience some horrific jungle gank, this should be a very easy lane to win.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

 3301_32.png   You might want flat MR runes

Enemy Zone Control:

OP hook, OP Flay, OP lantern for jungle ganks, OP auto attacks.


The bonus damage on his empowered auto attacks from his E is stupidly strong.  You should be able to shield whoever he is about to AA when his bonus damage is up.  You can try to AA against him when you shield yourself.

All in:

Thresh's all in ability is arguably the best of any support.  Even if you immediately disengage with your ult, the box will be sitting around you and he's already dealt a lot of damage.  I hate this champion

How to win:

A good Thresh will give you nightmares.  I recently moved this matchup to medium from hard but it's highly dependent on the Thresh player.  Your best bet is to play safe and wait until mid-late game when you are more useful.

If he lands a hook on your ADC, you can interrupt his dash with your Q, but it takes practice.  His flay passive auto attack empower gives him good poke damage and you must be able to shield it at all times.

If he ults, use your ult to get rid of him and heal.  Try not to break the box if you can, it deals a lot of damage and usually you should be okay to just sit inside it while your ult casts and you let your ADC get to work.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

3301_32.png Take flat magic resist glyphs

Enemy Zone Control:

Vel'Koz has extremely long range and good damage thanks to his passive.  I hope you passed geometry class in high school.


Vel'Koz will outpoke you at all stages of the laning phase, I would recommend staying back and not trading with him at all.

All in:

You should be able to all in more effectively before level 6, but after he gets his ultimate he will deal obscene amounts of damage.  Only fight him when your jungler comes to gank.

How to win:

Vel'Koz is highly immobile and cannot directly help his adc.  Use this to your advantage.  Ask for frequent jungle ganks and encourage your adc to poke the enemy adc with your shield.  If you cannot dodge his spells consistently, you will lose this lane very quickly.




Starting Items and Summoner Spells:

Take flat magic resist glyphs.

Enemy Zone Control:

Her seeds and plants give her vision inside brushes, allowing her to easily "face check."
Her Thorn Spitter plants can also zone you out of your brush.
Never facecheck brushes unless you want to die.


Zyra has a longer auto attack range and very good poke.  She will outtrade you at all times.

All in:

Zyra has good all in potential with her snare and ultimate (which counters Jannas).  Her plants also deal crazy damage if you stay near them.  Zyra can all-in better than you at all times.

How to win:

This is one of Janna's hardest matchups.  Never facecheck brushes unless you want to die.  If you dodge her snare, try to engage on her, since she will be vulnerable.  Be careful of her Q because it deals high damage.

If Zyra has her Grasping Roots on cooldown she is very susceptible to jungle ganks and will die quickly.  You can also try rushing level 2 and going all in, but her snare will probably put a stop to that.

What do I do when I get to lane? Back to Top

ice queen.png

The unfortunate part about guides is that they are heavy on theory, but theory can only get you so far.  You will need to practice in order to get better.  In this section I'm going to try and put less emphasis on theory and more emphasis on what to do when you find yourself walking into lane.

Jungle Leash:

Leashing for your jungler is absolutely necessary unless you have a Shaco or your jungler chose to start at the top side buff.  Giving a proper leash for your jungler means they will take less damage and improve their clear time.   To leash, cast E on your jungler at 1:36 (2 seconds before it spawns) and auto attack the buff until it's nearly dead.  You want to cast before it spawns so you have time to cast a 2nd shield on your jungler before you go to lane.

Level 1:

Janna has an excellent level 1 with shield.  What I like to do upon reaching lane is immediately start auto attacking the enemy support or ADC.  As soon as I cast my first AA I will shield myself.  The shield gives very good damage for your weak level 1 autos, and will protect you from returning fire.  Don't overextend your visit though.  You do not want to take damage at this point, so make sure the shield doesn't break.  Once shield is off cooldown you can repeat the process.

The reason I like to go aggressive at level 1 is because it helps set a tone for the lane.  When you are aggressive at level 1 it's like sending a message to the enemy that says "hey I know how to play my champ, I have experience, you better watch out."

You will reach level 2 after clearing 9 minions.  This means you will clear 1 wave and then the 3 melee minions from the second wave.  It is often a good idea to rush level 2 because it will give you a significant advantage over anyone who is level 1.  You should auto attack creeps to help your ADC clear the wave faster if you want to rush level 2.  If you see the enemy duo pushing very hard, you should also auto attack creeps to prevent them from level 2 cheesing you.

This video shows a perfectly executed level 1 trade.  I take virtually no damage, while Karma is left at half health.  Take note of my shield timing after I have auto attacked but before the projectile reaches Karma, making her think she has the upper hand.  Also notice how I disengage as the shield is about to be broken.  Proper positioning also means Karma draws more minion aggro than I do.

Levels 2-3:

Most other supports get a decent power spike at levels 2 or 3, but not Janna.  Getting access to Howling Gale (Q) is nice but it's a better disengage tool than engage tool.  If you happen to be laning with an aggressive ADC and then enemy has a squishy support, you can rush level 2 and engage with Q the instant you level up.  You should be able to output good damage onto the enemy while taking a minimal amount.  Otherwise, continue harassing when you can, but now you will probably be shielding your ADC more often rather than yourself.

Levels 4-5:

At this point your jungler might come to gank.  When your jungler is ganking, you should always engage a few seconds before they arrive in lane.  Lead with W on whomever your target is, and follow up with Q.  Usually you should cast your shield on the jungler, as they will probably take more damage and deal more damage.

Level 6 and onwards:

Janna's ult is almost purely defensive in nature (except when combined with flash) so you probably won't be getting too aggressive at level 6.  Just continue farming and harassing as before.  Never be afraid to use your ult,  it's always better to be safe than dead.

If you're ahead:

Be sure to keep the river warded so that you don't get ganked and lose your lead.  If you can effectively zone the enemy ADC from minions (which can be difficult as Janna), then do so.  Otherwise push down the tower as fast as possible and then group mid lane to get mid turret as fast as possible.  Always take dragon when you are able.

If you're behind:

If you start to fall behind, stop engaging the enemy.  Play passive and miss CS if you have to.  You do not want to exacerbate the situation.  Remember there are 3 other players on your team besides you and your ADC.  You can try roaming mid lane if you are sure that your ADC won't be dived under tower.  Be sure to keep dragon warded, as dragon fights will be key to getting back in the game.  Do not complain in chat about anything nor should you defend yourself against accusations or negative comments, it is not productive.  If you find yourself getting mad at other players, use the mute button.

Ability Usage Back to Top

ability usage.png

Passive - Tailwind

Janna's allies that move towards her have their movement speed increased by 8%.  Range: 1000

This ability keeps getting nerfed.  It was arguably one of the best passives in the game when it was global.  Now it's really only useful for disengaging.  The patch 5.4 nerf has made engaging and laning with Janna even weaker

Q - Howling Gale
howling gale.png
Active: Janna summons a mighty whirlwind.  For the next three seconds, she can then reactivate the spell to release the storm.  On release the storm will fly in the direction it was cast, dealing magic damage to enemies and knocking them up into the air for 0.8-1.5 second.  The damage done, knock up duration, and distance traveled by the whirlwind increase for each second it channels.

Range: 1100-1700

Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10

Cost: 90 / 105 / 120 / 135 / 150 mana

Magic Damage:  60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 (+ 35% AP)

Additional Damage Per Second Charging:  15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 (+ 10% AP)

Max Magic Damage:  105 / 145 / 185 / 225 / 265 (+ 65% ap)

"This ability will separate the good Janna players from the great Janna players." - Morello

I made that quote up but it couldn't be more true.  Your ability to properly land Q and knowing when to use it will make or break your team, even more so than your ultimate.  

  • You must never spam this ability carelessly.  It has a high mana cost and you will quickly find yourself out of mana if you do.
  • Do not first cast this ability in the brush and let it charge for 3 seconds to send flying off into the general direction of the enemy.  It is easy to dodge if they see it coming.  This is especially a problem in lower Elo.
  • Do not charge Q longer than you have to.  It is better to land an instant cast Q than not landing Q at all.
  • You can stop every dash in the game with this ability (but not blinks).  An example of a dash is Tristana's Rocket Jump, while a blink would be Ezreal's Arcane Shift.  Learning how to stop dashes is what will make you a good Janna player.  Some of the most common dash situations you will be faced with as Janna are Jarvan IV's EQ combo (when jungle ganking), Leona's Zenith Blade, and Thresh's Death Sentence.  Learn to stop all of them.
  • Do not use this ability if you are doing short trades (less than 3 auto attacks)
  • If you are not attempting to interrupt a dash, you must always position yourself to hit both the enemy ADC and support.  This is arguably one of the most difficult things to learn, and will take you lots of practice.

For teamfighting, you should run through a sort of mental checklist of priority for casting Q.  I suggest the following order of importance:
  1. Interruping a channeled ultimate (Fiddlesticks, Katarina, Malzahar, etc)
  2. Stopping any enemy champion that is dashing towards your AD or AP carry (Kha'zix jump comes to mind)
  3. Peeling any enemy champion that is on top of your AD or AP carry (Renekton AAing your ADC)
  4. Stopping a high priority target from running away.  This is more difficult due to the short range of Janna's Q when instant cast and the travel time
  5. General use.  You can allow it to charge for a better knockup if you see no good opportunity.
Other Tips:

When doing Dragon or Baron, save your Q for when Dragon/Baron are low on health, and then Q the enemy jungler to make stealing attempts more difficult.   

W - Zephyr
Passive:  Janna is aided by a wind elemental, gaining movement speed and ignoring unit collision.  
Active:  Janna launches the elemental to deal magic damage and slow an enemy's movement speed for 3 seconds (capped at 80% total).  She loses the ability's passive benefits while it is on cooldown.

Range:  600

Cooldown: 12

Cost:  40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 mana

Movement Speed Bonus:  9 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 17 %

Magic Damage:  60 / 115 / 170 / 225 / 280 (+ 50% AP)

Slow:  24 / 28 / 32 / 36 / 40 (+ 6% per 100 AP)

  • You can cast this ability once in a while and use it as a harassment tool unlike Q.  The mana cost is pretty low and having it on cooldown doesn't leave you super vulnerable.
  • After the patch 5.4 nerf, you should be more cautious about spamming this ability.  Use wisely.
  • When your jungler is coming to gank your lane, use this on the champ you are going to attempt to kill.
  • Cast W before Q to make landing your Q easier.
  • Fairly straightforward ability.  Gives you bonus movespeed, slows enemies on cast, what could be simpler?
  • If you are winning a teamfight, cast this ability on the closest enemy you are chasing.
  • If someone is diving your ADC, cast this on them.
  • If your team is in full retreat, do not cast this ability.  It's better to keep the movement speed.
Other Tips:
  • This ability lets you move through units when off cooldown, keep that in mind.  
  • If you are running away through lane, run over your minions.  
  • If you want to avoid on hit skillshots, stand inside minions.
  • Never use this ability when running away
  • Almost always use this ability when chasing

E - Eye Of The Storm
Active:  Janna surrounds a target ally with a wind shield that absorbs incoming damage for 5 seconds.  While the shield persists, the target will also gain an attack damage bonus.  This ability can be used on turrets.  If a shielded turret kills an enemy champion, Janna will receive the kill.

Range:  800

Cooldown: 10

Cost:  70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana

Shield Strength:  80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 70% AP)

Attack Damage Bonus:  14 / 23 / 32 / 41 / 50 (+ 10% AP)

Janna's bread and butter ability.  The attack damage bonus AP scaling added in Season 4 is the reason I choose to build AP items.  Take note of the ability duration at 5 seconds and cooldown at 10 seconds.  With 40% cooldown reduction, the shield will be on a 6 second cooldown, meaning your marksman will only be without for 1 second (assuming you're spamming the shield).  Combined with the attack damage bonus scaling, this ability is absolutely devastating in teamfights.  By end game with an AP build I typically have around 400 AP, which means the shield will give 90 attack damage.  This is the equivalent of 2 BF swords, and it has a pseudo "1 second" cooldown. 

You should be spamming this ability fairly often in lane.  You MUST learn how to block incoming auto attacks with this ability, or you will never be a good Janna player.  The converse is also true:  you should be able to shield your ADC after they have cast their auto attack animation but before the projectile has hit the enemy.  

Keep in mind that damage is calculated when an auto attack or ability hits an enemy, not when it was cast.

Any time your turret is being sieged you should cast this on the turret to protect it.

Super Secret Key Binding Trick

If for some reason you do not like to use your mouse click for shielding allies, you can do the following trick.  I do not use this method, but you may find it useful.

You can bind a key to select an ally and have shield bound to normal cast.  By default, your ally select keys are F2-F5.  You can identify an ally position by looking at the champion portraits on the left hand side of the screen.  

Let's say your ADC is team member 1, hit E (normal cast must be enabled or this won't work) and then hit F2 and you will shield your ADC regardless of your mouse/cursor position (so long as they are within cast range).

R - Monsoon
Active:  Janna emits a powerful blast of wind, knocking back enemies within 875 range and then channels, releasing curing winds that heal allies within 875 range every half-second for 3 seconds.

Range:  725

Cooldown: 150 / 135 / 120

Cost:  100 mana

Heal Per Second:  100 / 150 / 200 (+ 60% AP)

Max Amount Of Healing:  300 / 450 / 600 (+ 180% AP)

Janna's ultimate is, in my opinion, the second most difficult ability to master.  The nature of this ability means that you can actually do more harm than good if you use it improperly.  

  • If an enemy support engages on you (hard engage with an ult) and that support needs to stay in your face to be effective (Leona, Thresh etc), ult them away immediately
  • The heal on this baby is huge, so even if you don't need to cast it for the knockback, use it for the heal (like saving people from tower hits)
  • If your jungler comes to gank you can flash in front of the enemy and immediately ult them back for fancy plays.  Generally you will want to avoid doing this unless you are certain you can get a double kill
  • This ability will interrupt all dashes (same as Q).  Try and interrupt dashes before the enemy reaches you to prevent damage (ie: ulting Akali back when she is mid ult means you will not take damage)
  • Always immediately blow any assassins away from your ADC
  • Blow away any disruptors (Malphite, VI)
  • Use it for the heal when your team starts to get low if you don't need it for the knockback.  Be sure to pay attention and try to get as many of your teammates as possible in the heal radius
  • Always pay attention so that you do not blow away low health enemies and save them
  • Pay attention for if an enemy is waiting to engage in a fight.  You should have a priority list of who to knock away.  That Akali waiting to jump in on your ADC is more important than the Renekton already on your ADC, so save your ult if you have to

Marksmen Synergies Back to Top

hextech header1.png

Win Rate Statistics


My Opinion on Synergy

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." - Mark Twain

You should always be careful about interpreting statistics and the above charts are no different.  I tried to portray the data as objectively as possible but that doesn't mean its perfect.  I'll give you my opinion of Marksman synergy based on my experience of several hundred games with Janna in Diamond.  

Great Synergy:

Draven's axes scale very well with AD, and Janna's shield gives a boost to AD.  This means that Janna's shield is even more potent than usual when put on Draven.  Draven's lack of a dash means he needs some help with peeling, which Janna is good at.  Janna's W also gives a huge slow when used offensively, allowing Draven to engage and catch axes more easily.

Vayne requires protection which Janna can provide.  Janna's shield also gives a nice damage boost to Vayne's Tumble.  Also, since Vayne players tend to build a lot of attack speed, your shields become more effective (more attack speed = more attacks with your shield on = more damage coming from shield than other marksman).

Ashe is typically very passive in lane which can make a lane rather boring, but Janna-Ashe brings some excellent teamfight utility.  Ashe has no gapcloser or speedboost which means she needs a lot of protection and peeling.  Janna's shield also gives a nice damage boost to Ashe's Volley.  Because Ashe often does poorly in trades, Janna's shield gives much needed protection.

Jinx synergizes well with Janna for a number of reasons.  Her attack speed bonus on Q (Pow-Pow) and her ult go well with the AD bonus from Janna's shield.  Jinx also lacks a reliable escape mechanism, so Janna is very helpful with regards to peeling.  Also, Jinx's traps make it much easier to land your tornado, and her W slow and Janna's W slow means you can get some very strong slows on someone for up to 5 seconds.

Good Synergy:

Caitlyn likes to poke with auto attacks from afar in lane which means Janna's shield gives her some extra poke damage.  Caitlyn is already hard to hit, so when enemies do hit her you can just rub it in their faces that you shielded the damage.

 Eye of the Storm + Spray and Pray + Expunge = Dead enemy team.  Twitch's only self peel is his flask, so Janna is a big help with keeping him safe.  Twitch also relies on his Q (Ambush) to escape, but taking damage can delay him going invisible by up to 3 seconds.  However, taking shield damage will not delay him going invisible.  This means if you cast Eye Of The Storm on him when he starts going invisible and enemy damage does not break the shield, the invisibility will not be delayed.

 Lucian is arguably the best self peeling marksman in the game, contesting first place with Ezreal.  That means that Janna's peel potential is kind of wasted on Lucian.  That said, Janna's shield synergizes very very well with Lucian's passive and moderate AD ratios, meaning this lane isn't all that bad.  Also, after the nerfs to Lucian's range, he benefits even more from having a shield (because he is more likely to take damage).

Miss Fortune is known for being a lane bully.  Janna's shield combined with Miss Fortunes Impure Shots means that you can actually go in for longer trades than would be considered normal with other marksmen.  

Janna Kog'maw used to be the most popular lane duo during the first half of Season 2 (2nd half was Graves Taric).  The meta at the time focused around a "protect the carry" style of play, which Janna of course is amazing at doing.  Both Janna and Kog'maw have been nerfed numerous times since then because it was such a strong lane (yes you could even play Kog against dive teams!).  Janna's shield won't add too much damage early game because Kog scales with AP, but late game when he has high attacks speed it will be good.  The patch 4.4 changes to Kog were definitely a step in the right direction to make him viable again, but not enough considering the current meta game.  

Average Synergy:

Kalista will do better with someone that is a little more aggressive in lane than Janna.  That said, this isn't an awful pairing.  Kalista generally doesn't need the strong peeling that Janna provides, although the shield is excellent for the AD ratio.  

Tristana's lack of AD ratios makes your shield not as beneficial as it could be.  Tristana also has her W and R for escape and self peeling, so Janna isn't quite as necessary.  That being said, I didn't put her in mediocre/poor because a Janna/Tristana has an obscenely strong late game when shields give 80 AD and Tristana has the highest range in the game and a 90% attack speed steroid.

Varus has pretty good poke in lane and no escape so I thought this we be a good lane for Janna, but after looking at the numbers I'm not so sure.  Janna's shield turns Varus arrows into some pretty nasty health chunkers

Mediocre Synergy:

Sivir has some good AD ratios on a full rotation of spells which are made even stronger by Janna shield.  Sivir's short range and lack of dash means Janna is a good choice to provide peeling.  However, this lane is pretty heavy on utility and lacks damage, which can be very difficult to play.

Quinn is one of the most unique marksmen, and not in a good way.  If you have a Quinn you are probably going to be doing some split pushing later in the game, which Janna is good at helping with.  Janna is known for having great disengage. If you are pushing 4v5 while Quinn is split, you can easily disengage most fights and give Quinn enough time to get to you.  Janna's shield also works well with Quinn's Vault while in lane.

Poor Synergy:

Ezreal is a super slippery champion that doesn't need much help peeling.  Your shield can give him some extra damage for Mystic Shot but it's nothing to write home about.  You will find that if you are in a Janna-Ezreal lane, you will have a very difficult time engaging on the enemy.  

 Corki has weak AD ratios and a decent escape with Valkyrie so he doesn't need much help from Janna.  He has a lot of magic damage scaling as opposed to AD, so shield won't help him out as much.  Because Corki has no CC, it can also be very difficult to engage the enemy aside from poking.

Warding - Start to Early Game Back to Top

new splash.png

Where you ward will dictate where your team can go, where you will fight, if you can catch people (or get caught), and influence the outcome of teamfights. 

Game Start - Invades:

Generally in solo queue if there is an invade purple side will invade blue team's red, while blue side will invade purple team's blue.  If you suspect an invade, you should ward your buff.  Don't use your regular ward if you can help, use your trinket ward.  It is not necessary to ward if they are not invading.

Playing as Blue Team (they invade your red):

You or your jungler should place a ward in position 1 or 2 shown below.  If you see the enemy coming to invade, make sure someone places a trinket ward in position 3 so that you have vision of the buff.


If they already invaded your buff and you want to try to regain control of the area you can ward the brush from the golem camp across the wall, as shown below.


Playing as Purple Team (they invade your blue):

Again, try and ward in priority of the numbers shown.  If you do have to ward in position 3, place the ward in the very corner of the bush so that you can also have vision of the area highlighted in yellow. 

Early Game - Your First Ward:

If you didn't place your trinket ward during an invasion you will want to place it in the opponent's brush when you reach lane.  This is so they don't surprise you with spells and you can auto attack them at all times.

Because almost all junglers start at the buff camp closest to bot lane and then move to their upper jungle buff, you won't have to ward the river immediately.  You should try to keep track of where the enemy jungler is so you know when to ward, that way you can get the greatest use out of the 75 gold you spent.  

As a general rule of thumb, junglers will reach level 3 or 4 then gank mid or top.  They will then clear the lower jungle camps and come gank bot lane.  You can estimate where the enemy jungler is by looking at what camp your jungler is at (at least for the first clear).  Therefore, when you see your jungler move back into the lower jungle, it's time to place your ward.  Keep in mind the speed of junglers.  Champs like Lee Sin and Elise clear much faster than Nautilus.  For blue side you should ward tribush, or if you are pushed up you can ward river bush.  For purple side you should ward river bush.  

Warding - Early Game Back to Top

Warding properly is something that takes experience.  Whenever you go back to shop (before you own sightstone) you should purchase at least 1 ward, preferably 2.  Where you place these wards depends on how you are doing in lane and who the enemy jungler is.

Playing as Blue Team:
  • If you are pushing to the enemy tower, ward tribush and dragon.  If the enemy team has a Fiddlesticks you should also ward the purple team tribush on the other side of the wall.
  • If the lane is even, you should at least ward river bush, but preferabbly tribush and dragon.  Be sure to keep the purple side lane brush warded to prevent lane ganks.
  • If you are being pushed to your tower, ward tribush so you know if tower dives are coming.  It is also preferable to ward your lane bush for the same reason.

Playing as Purple Team:

  • If you are pushing to the enemy tower, ward tribush and dragon.  
  • If the lane is even, you should at least ward river bush, but preferabbly tribush and dragon.  Be sure to keep the blue side lane brush warded to prevent lane ganks.
  • If you are being pushed to your tower, ward your tribush to prevent tower dives (not the one in river).  It is also preferable to ward your lane bush for the same reason.

Special Notes:
Be sure to ward Dragon early (when junglers hit level 6) and keep it warded if the enemy team has a Fiddlesticks, Shaco, or Warwick.  These champs can solo dragon very early.

Warding - Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game marks the end of the laning phase and is where you might find yourself headed to other lanes more often.  You will probably only go bot to get assist gold when your ADC is wave clearing.  Dragon is a very important objective while Baron is typically too powerful for your team to kill at this point.  Because of that, you will tend to have more wards in the lower half of the map compared to Baron side.  You will place wards differently depending on if you are winning or losing.  

Note that these maps are a general guideline of the most important spots, actual warding will vary.

Blue Team - Winning:

wards mid blue win.png

Blue Team - Losing:

wards mid blue lose.png

Purple Team - Winning:

wards mid purple win.png

Purple Team - Losing:

wards mid purple lose.png

Warding - Late Game Back to Top

Late game is where you will spend most of your time with your team.  All of the outer turrets have fallen by this point and the losing team will have most of their inner turrets gone as well.  Baron is an important objective at this point and you will be sieging inhibitor turrets (or be sieged by the enemy team!).  You will tend to have wards more focused around Baron.  With regards to taking Baron, I felt that this was a point that many people have trouble with and put warding Baron in its own section.

Place wards over the walls of the base when you are sieging turrets (and vice versa when you are being sieged).  If you are being sieged you can easily counter these wards with a pink, as the enemy will not be able to destroy it.

Note that these maps are a general guideline of the most important spots, actual warding will vary.

Blue Team - Winning:

wards late blue win.png

Blue Team - Losing:

wards late blue lose.png

Purple Team - Winning:

wards late purple win.png

Purple Team - Losing:

wards late purple lose.png

Dragon Back to Top

dragon header.png

You should always kill dragon when it is available and you are in a favorable position versus the enemy team.  This can include
  • Killing the enemy jungler
  • Killing the enemy mid laner
  • Killing the enemy bot lane
  • The enemy jungler has been spotted in top lane
  • The enemy mid laner has been spotted in top lane and you happen to know the enemy jungler is low health
Janna's shield is very good at absorbing damage from Dragon's attacks.  Her Q and R are also useful at keeping enemies away.  These two things means she is very good at taking Dragon compared to other supports.  

If the enemy jungler will attempt to contest your Dragon attempt, use your ultimate to blow them away when Dragon gets low.  It is much better to have your ultimate go on cooldown than to even give them a change to steal Dragon.

You almost always want to place a sight ward inside the dragon pit when you do dragon in the early and mid game (not as necessary later).  This is to deny vision of dragon and thus keep the enemy guessing of whether or not you are killing it.  If the enemy team knows you are doing dragon, then it prevents them having vision of dragon and thus reduces the likelihood of a steal.  

You should place your pink ward slightly inside the pit if you are blue team, and if you are purple team then place it slightly closer to dragon than you would if you were blue.  If you believe the enemy team will contest you taking Dragon, you should also ward the surrounding area very well.  Vision is key to winning teamfights and preventing steals.

Warding Dragon - Blue Team

The following image shows ward locations for when you want to kill Dragon if you are on blue team.  The pink ward and ward #1 are almost absolutely necessary, and two is also a very high priority.  Notice how ward 2 is far enough back in the brush to give vision of the terrain behind the wall.  Ward 3 is less common, but still useful.  Late game when you can kill Dragon quickly without taking much damage, you sometimes don't even have to ward especially for Dragon, just scan with your sweeper 3351_32.png.

wards dragon blue team.png

Warding Dragon - Purple Team

The following image shows ward locations for when you want to kill Dragon if you are on purple team.  The pink ward and ward #1 are almost absolutely necessary, and two is also a very high priority.  Notice the slightly different location of the pink ward compared to blue team.  On purple team your pink ward should be slightly farther back in the pit compared to blue team, so you can see any blue team wards near the back wall.  Ward 3 cannot be seen in the image because it is blocked by the HUD, but I still highlighted its location.  Late game when you can kill Dragon quickly without taking much damage, you sometimes don't even have to ward especially for Dragon, just scan with your sweeper 3351_32.png.

wards dragon purple team.png

Baron Nashor Back to Top


I won't go too much into specifics of when you should take Baron, you could write an entire guide on that alone, but rather I will talk about what you should be doing as Janna when your team attempts to kill Baron or contest Baron with the enemy team.

Your top priority as support is to make sure your team is safe when doing Baron.  Baron's attacks make you more vulnerable to magic damage, and the damage he outputs will make you low anyways.  Due to these two things, if you are ambushed doing Baron you will almost always lose the fight.  If the enemy team comes to fight, stop doing Baron immediately unless he is very very close to death (under 3 seconds to kill).  

When you are doing Baron, you should always shield whoever is tanking Baron.  This will prevent your jungler from getting low on health and therefore be safer if you are ambushed.  

If the enemy jungler will attempt to contest your Baron attempt, use your ultimate to blow them away when Baron gets low.  It is much better to have your ultimate go on cooldown than to even give them a chance to steal Baron.

If anyone on the enemy team is going to attempt to contest your Baron kill, you should always ult them away.  Your ult cooldown is more than worth letting them have any attempt at stealing Baron.  If you are trying to steal Baron from the enemy team, try to flash + ult the enemy jungler away from Baron when he gets low.  This will increase the odds of your jungler succeeding with smite over enemy damage.  

If the enemy team knows you are doing Baron and can fight you before you kill it, STOP DOING BARON.  Seriously, you will lose, why throw the game?  Baron can wait for later.  

Regarding wards, I have shown the critical wards (aka MUST WARD THIS BEFORE ATTEMPTING BARON) in the screenshots below.  Ideally your team will help ward these locations and you can place deeper wards to give a greater advance warning about enemy positions.  For Blue Team, deep wards would include the wraith brush and red brush.   

Notice the location of the upper right green ward in the screenshot.  Be sure to place this ward so you have vision to the right (shaded green).

Warding Baron - Blue Teambaron wards blue1.jpg

Warding Baron - Purple Team

For Purple Team, deep wards would include the blue buff brush and the brush further down off screen below the bottom right ward.

baron wards purple2.jpg

Video Tutorials Back to Top

Janna Videos

Turret Save Attempt

  1. Shield turret immediately to prevent it from being destroyed
  2. Ahri realizes the turret will take a few more hits and goes to move out of range, use Q to stop her
  3. To attempt a kill, position in front of her and ult her back.  This ensures more turret shots and also allowed Eve to kill her

Escaping ganks, one of my escapes with annotations

  1. Use Talisman immediately upon noticing imminent danger
  2. Flash an otherwise fatal Malphite ultimate
  3. Lee Sin will slow you with Tempest/Cripple or ward hop and use Dragon's Rage to kick you back into his team.  To prevent this, ult him back while he is in flight from Q
  4. Always allow your Q to charge as long as possible to get the maximum possible knock up duration
  5. (Optional) Taunt enemies in all chat after you make a clean getaway

How to engage in a level 1 trade

This is a repeated video from a section above, displaying a perfectly executed level 1 trade with Janna vs Karma.
  • Shield yourself after you have auto attacked but before the projectile reaches the enemy
  • Disengage once the shield is about to break
  • Position properly so has not to draw minion aggro

Repositioning Enemies for Caitlyn Ult

Taric is going to block Cait's ult from hitting MF.  In this case it is 100% worth it to burn flash and ult to secure the kill.  While this looks like a nice play, this Janna actually misplayed this and should have been farther forward earlier in the fight to slow and knock up MF, so Cait could have gotten the kill without ulting. 

General Videos:

An old but excellent tutorial on zoning for beginners.  Learning to zone properly is something that takes experience in knowing how much damage champions can put out, what kind of crowd control each party has available, and where the jungler is located.  Proper zoning is one of the most noticeable differences between players of different skill levels.

How to back without missing creeps:

You must learn this if you want to escape low elo 

Funny Janna Videos Back to Top

Some bonus clips from YouTube

Alex Ich on Janna one shotting Reginald on TF in Season 2

How to win every game in League of Legends

How not to ult as Janna

My In-Depth Support Guide Series Back to Top

Update Nov 24th, 2015

I am in the process of writing multiple guides for supports.  Guides as in depth as this take a lot of time, so they won't all be out for a while.  However, I am working on 

117.png Lulu - released Nov 24th, 95% complete 

143.png 30% done

25.png 10% done

412.png Planned

89.png Planned

I've been playing LoL for 5 years now and have been a support main more or less since the beginning.  I was Silver S1, Gold S2, Diamond S3, Diamond S4, and Diamond S5.  Janna has been my most played since season 1 but only began to seriously play her and other supports in season 3. 

I also have all three honor ribbons.

Great Teammate

Great Leader

Great Mentor

Feel free to add me in game, I accept all friend requests!
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