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6 months ago

Vel'Koz Statistics for Arexjamin

Author's performance with Vel'Koz compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Exhaust is definitely preferred as a bottom support - the damage mitigation and the slow can definitely help turn fights in your favor, and the late-game potential is just as important. Take this summoner spell in ~65% of lane matchups.

Heal is definitely a very close second choice for support summoner choice; with the extra heal and speed boost, it definitely can't be ignored as a defensive spell that could potentially save your ADC!

I take ignite if the enemy support is very heal-centric; ex: taric, soraka. Taking ignite will help reduce the healing that they give, and possibly help secure a kill for your ADC!

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.87 magic penetration Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
  • 4x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 4x
    +0.17 ability power per level Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
  • 5x
    +0.33 mana regen / 5 sec. Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +4.95 ability power Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
Rune Combinations

My standard page for Vel'koz includes 9x Magic Penetration marks, 9x Armor seals, 5x mana regen glyphs, 4x Magic Resist glyphs, and 3x Flat AP Quints. Alternatively, it's perfectly viable to swap out the quints for whatever you prefer (Ex: Flat health for extra early-game beefiness, all flat ability power for better early game damage, etc.)

Magic penetration marks are a requirement for support Ve'lkoz: his high base damage means that it's most efficient to give him penetration and focus on that, rather than building straight ability power. As such, these magic penetration marks will help you have the early game damage and burst that you need to secure kills, and help you scale into the mid-late game.

Armor seals give you a small amount of early survability, which is one of Vel'Koz's weaknesses. The extra armor allows him to stay just a little bit tankier, and can mean the difference between life and death in a lot of situations.

Magic resist glyphs will allow you some extra survivability against supports and junglers that do magic damage - the extra MR could mean the difference between life and death in some cases, and it helps make Vel'Koz just a little less squishy in lane and in teamfights. Alternatively, you can use scaling ability power/level - This will help give Vel'Koz some damage later on in the game, and give him some free ability power to do more damage in team fights.

**Important** Mana regen glyphs are definitely a helpful tool in giving yourself that needed mana regen, so that you don't need to purchase a mana regen item (ex: Chalice) - this will allow you greater build variety, since you wont be tunnel visioned into purchasing mana regen every game! If you find yourself always with tons of mana, use less mana regen glyphs, and vice versa if you find yourself running out constantly!

For quints, I take flat ability power, but you can also take GP10 quints as well. The gold per 10 helps me buy bigger ticket items throughout the game, and the ability power gives me the extra damage I need in the early game. You can change these out for your preference; especially with the Season 4 changes to supports, the Gold per 10 quints are not as necessary, but they definitely don't hurt.

Masteries Back to Top


For masteries, I recommend a relatively standard 12/18/0 build:


The 12 points in ferocity give us a bit of extra damage and scaling, which is always great as a support.


With the addition of Thunderlord's Decree, aggressive supports have hit a new high in terms of damage capabilities. Just landing an auto attack and two spells will allow you to get a great amount of AOE damage on the enemy team, and increase your trading capabilities! Alternatively, you can spec into the Deathfire Touch capstone, but I find Thunderlord's Decree to be much more effective throughout the game.

Abilities Back to Top


TL;DR Version: Max R > Q > W > E

Getting Q level one: Level 1 Q has a 70% slow over 1 second attached, and it also does more damage than W or E. In addition, it can be used to scout over ledges and into bushes, since it automatically explodes on contact with enemy targets. Finally, it can be used for early game harass without pushing the lane: just fire it around the creep wave and at the enemy ADC and support, and you'll either get them to move forward into your ADC's autoattack range, or more likely move backwards and potentially miss a creep kill.

You get W level 2, in order to be able to pull off the passive-proccing combo: hitting with a Q will give the slow needed to hit both damage hits of your W, which will then activate your passive and do bonus damage - this is extremely important, as the true damage will help you win trades and secure kills. We get W level 2 over E for this very reason; W gives two stacks of your passive, while E only gives one.

Once you hit level 3, you'll have multiple ways to proc your passive: either hitting your Q or E on them will give you the CC needed to hit your W, or you can hit with both your E and Q along with one portion of your W in order to get the extra damage. 
We max Q over W, because W will give the two charges for your passive no matter what - The only thing that changes is the damage that it deals, and the cooldown. Meanwhile, Q will give you an additional slow and more damage, allowing you to potentially use it to secure a kill for your ADC.

Once you hit level 6, Vel'Koz support really shines - You can almost always secure a kill once you hit 6, by hitting your full combo: hitting them with an E Q W will proc your passive the first time, and the second detonation of your W will put one stack on the enemy. Using your ult while they're still under the effects of the knockup and slow will make sure you don't miss - Your ult will apply a total of 5 stacks, bringing the grand total to 9 stacks of your passive, or 3 full damage procs. Depending on the level, this will be a significant portion of the enemy's health, not even taking into account your actual damage from abilities, and will completely wreck the enemy bot lane.

This combo also applies to teamfights, and can be used to 100-0 anyone who steps too close to your team during a teamfight - simply knock them up and use your abilities on them, using your ult to chase them down if they try to escape. In addition, you can use your ult to get behind the enemy's front lines and deal significant damage to the enemy carries in the back.

For more examples and videos of all of these combos, check out the Basic Skill Combos Sections down below!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is my preferred start for Vel'Koz support - This GP10 item is extremely efficient since you'll be poking at the enemy a lot. The pink ward can be placed in a crucial defensive position and last potentially the entire game. The warding trinket can be used for the side brush or to ward against the enemy jungler, and the potion is used just in case you take some harass. There really isn't too much variation that is possible with this.

Core Items

    With the Season 4 changes to how supports get income, bigger items are definitely a reality for the mid-late game. As such, our ideal build involves a mix of items that give our team benefits (Rylais) and gives us extra damage (Void Staff, Liandrys) You'll notice that there's a priority on magic penetration: with Vel'Koz's high base damage, magic penetartion is definitely the way to go. Trading out the frost queen's for a deathcap late game is not out of the picture, however. Also remember that while in lane, you should only purchase the basic sightstone, and upgrade to the ruby sightstone as one of the last items, since the one extra ward it gives in your inventory will mostly be a non-factor.
    Most of the time, I highly recommend Sorc Boots - The extra magic penetration will allow all your spells to hit harder. If you're going for more of a utility support role, however, you can go for Mobility boots and zoom around the map, warding all the things.
    MIDGAME - END OF LANING PHASE These are the items you should definitely try to have before laning phase is over - The sightstone is critical, and will give your team needed vision and map control. The tier 1 boots will ensure that you have some basic kiting ability and won't be caught out too easily, and the haunting guise will give you some basic damage, and build into your first early game damage item, either Liandrys or part of Luden's, depending on your gold and whether you need more survivability or raw damage in lane.

Situational Items

    A useful utility item - the extra stats it gives for the team and the shield effect can help your team survive.
    Another great item on AP Support Velkoz - You'll be getting a lot of kills and assists, so this is a good way to capitalize off those. However, not doing well can be a risk. All depends on your playstyle.
    If facing a heavy armor team or you are getting dove/burst down by the enemy team, Zhonyas can give you the survivability you need to get off full combos and kill the enemy team!
    A less risky alternative to some of the early ap items - building a tear of the goddess early can give you a solid mana pool, and allow you to scale into the mid-late game easily. Additionally, Archangel's Staff -> Seraph's Embrace is one of the most cost effective items in the game, and Vel'Koz can definitely benefit from this.
    If the enemy team is very heal or life-steal based (Ex: Dr. Mundo, Soraka, etc), this might be a good item to help mitigate that. The AOE nature of your abilities mean that this item will apply to a majority of their team each fight. In addition, this item gives a lot of the core stats that you can use as an AP support!
    If you're finding yourself low on mana, and would like better early/mid/late game sustain, chalice into athene's will provide all the mana regen you'll need!

Build Order

Whoa, whoa, wait. Pink wards? All game? WTF

Yes, take a pink ward. Pink wards have a MUCH longer potential warding time, especially if placed defensively. Take the pink ward, put it in a defensive position that will give you vision over the river area, and enjoy continued vision for around 15-20 minutes. Pink wards win games. 2043_32.png

Early Game:

The very first item I recommend you get is the upgraded GP10 item that you bought (3098_32.png|3096_32.png) in order to increase your passive gold gain. Generally, I will then rush a 2049_32.png and get 1001_32.png as soon as I can, in order to save myself gold from purchasing wards - The extra health and mobility also helps your survivability. After this, you should start building your core items - Either a 3070_32.pngto build into a 3003_32.png, buying the parts to purchase 3151_32.png (which I usually build as my first item) or you can build a 3041_32.png in order to begin snowballing. Another viable option is purchasing the parts to 3285.png, because it gives you AP, and movespeed (one of the critical areas that Vel'Koz lacks in)

Mid Game:

Once you finish your first major item, make sure you finish your boots, and begin building your second major item - I generally recommend either finishing one of the above items you haven't gotten yet, or getting 3089_32.png|3135_32.png for extra damage or magic penetration, respectively. Alternatively, a 3116_32.png will give you more utility with your slows, and more survivability with the extra health.

Late Game:

Upgrade your sightstone to a 2045_32.png, giving you an extra ward and a little more health to work with. Finishing your GP10 item is optional - I recommend finishing it as one of the last items you get, since it doesn't increase your passive gold gain and only gives you a moderately useful active. Otherwise, you can simply sell it and get another major damage/survivability item.

All Game:

Don't forget to purchase and place 2043_32.png as needed  - I recommend placing them in the bushes near bot lane (The one near dragon or the one near Baron, depending on how late in the game it is), as their utility is truly valuable for the gold cost. Also don't forget to use your sightstone and place wards! 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Akali
  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Elise
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Fizz
  • Heimerdinger
  • Janna
  • LeBlanc
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Sivir
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Vel'Koz
  • Xerath
  • Zed
  • Zyra




Difficult to fight in the mid-late game, her burst and gapclosing ability can easily kill you if you're caught alone. Beware!




Alistar gives Vel-Koz a difficult time in lane: the spammable heal can mitigate a lot of your poke, and his all-in combo can leave you or your ADC very vulnerable. Play cautiously!




Annie is another aggressive support, and as such it can go either way. Use your superior range to harass her down in order to win this lane.




Pre-6, Ashe is limited to a volley every 10-20 seconds and a relatively low damage output with no escapes - This leaves her vulnerable to poke and harass, and can help you snowball to a won lane. Post-6, her ult is a potential lane winner, and you need to be careful when you ult, since it'll leave her with a free retaliation ult that can't miss.




Blitzcrank specializes in pulling squishy supports out of their comfort zone, and Vel'Koz is the definition of a squishy support - Take extra care not to get pulled, as it will definitely take either your flash or your life. Even in the mid to late game, one lucky (or skillful) pull from a Blitzcrank can win the fight for the enemy team; just take care and maintain good positioning!




Braum is currently extremely strong in the bottom lane - he brings a lot of CC and tankiness to his ADC, and can disrupt fights. In addition, his innate tankiness makes him very hard to kill in lane, and later in the game. His shield can block the damage from your Q and your ult.. I recommend banning this champion out in the current meta, as there just simply is no easy way to fight and win against him. 




Caitlyn can be very hard to lane against - Her innate escape, waveclear, and long attack range can be dangerous to both you and your ADC - Stay in the side bush whenever possible and harass from there.




Draven's axes make his autoattacks hurt a lot, and making harassing him with autoattacks a near impossibility - Stick to poking him with your abilities. His ultimate can easily kill you if preluded by a couple of autoattacks, so use caution when laning against him. 




Elise support is played similar to Vel'Koz, but she has higher burst at closer range - Abuse your longer range and keep her at bay. Try to stay behind minions or in the bush, so it's harder for her to land her stun and burst you.




Fiddlesticks is an interesting matchup: Your knockup can cancel his drain and his ult channel, but his silence can cancel your ult channel. Time your spells well in order to win this matchup.




Another gap-closer assassin - He has the ability to dodge a huge portion of your damage and retaliate with his own, making him an extremely dangerous opponent both in lane, and in teamfights.




Heimer's turrets are his main source of damage, and they can be difficult to kill, even with your spells. His mana costs for his turrets are lower than yours, and trying to fight and kill them can lead to you running out of mana.




Janna's only trick up her sleeve is that her whirlwind can cancel your ulti and knock you into the air (her ult can as well, if she manages to get close enough). Otherwise, you have every advantage over her: you have superior range, much greater damage, and more forms of harder CC. This should be a relatively easy matchup, especially in the current meta: try to engage when her shield is down.




LeBlanc is another possible AP support - however, she has more mobility. She can be very difficult to deal with if she combos you, so make sure to stay out of her range and only engage on her if your abilities are up.




Your E can cancel her teleport skill, and you can easily poke her down with your autoattacks and spells - just be wary of her going all in on you.




Lucian is a powerhouse in the current meta - in terms of fighting Vel'Koz, he has a long range poke ability, an ability that speeds him up, a dash, and a very long range damaging ability - this gives him a kit that can be dangerous to Vel'Koz, since getting in range for anything other than his Q can leave him vulnerable to Lucian's harass. In addition, if Lucian gets hit with the Q, he can just dash away and remove the slow. Depending on the support, this can be a difficult matchup, so play it safe and coordinate with your ADC on when you're going to harass, so you can both get as much damage off in the windows of opportunity after he dashes.




Lulu can be a pain to deal with - Pre 6, she also has medium-long range poke, and can give more utility to her ADC than you can deliver to yours. After 6, she can bait out your burst and ulti and ulti her own ADC, saving them from certain doom. 


Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune can harass you from a distance, and has a similar ult to yours except with a bigger cone. In addition, her build in mobility from her passive can make her a pain to hit with your skillshots.




Morgana can mitigate a lot of your burst damage and CC with her spell shield - In addition, her ability to root you in place can leave you very vulnerable in lane. Use caution!




Nami is a squishy support, and should be relatively free kills in the bot lane if played correctly - Her heal is high cost and doesn't heal as much as other supports, so she can easily be bullied and poked out of lane.




Sivir has the ability to essentially remove one of your CC spells, giving her some resistance to your in-lane poke/burst/kill combos. As such, you have to make sure you hit both your spells in order to actually cc her and be able to get a combo off.




Sona is a very squishy, heal-centric support - Taking ignite and poking at her early can almost guarantee your lane free kills.




Aside from free mana and health, Soraka brings little to the table in terms of actual in lane competition. Abuse your superior range and zone her out of the lane - if she's able to starcall you, you're probably not doing it correctly.  Just be careful to avoid her silences when you ult, and you should be able to handle this lane very easily.




Taric has one major goal with an aggressive AD carry - Stun someone and hopefully net his bot lane a kill. Facing him, he has a heal on a relatively long cooldown and his spells are close range: abuse your range when fighting him, and this should be an easy fight. If he does get close enough to stun you, I recommend immediately unloading all of your spells at the approaching AD carry - this will ensure that they can't follow up on Taric's stun easily, and possibly even net you a kill from the counter-engage.




Similar to Blitzcrank, Thresh hooks can ruin your entire lane - Getting pulled will mean death for you or your ADC, so take care to make sure you stay behind minions and don't get hooked. His autoattacks will also do more damage than yours, so stay back and poke from afar.




You read this guide and the enemy probably didn't.. so you have the upper hand ;D




Xerath support brings a lot of the things to the table that Vel'Koz does - great ranged poke, cc, etc. However, Xerath is a lot less mobile while using his skills, and Vel'Koz can use that to his advantage: when he starts charging and moving slower, prepare to dodge a skillshot!




If there's a Zed on the enemy team, chances are he's going to focus you, and chances are he's going to attempt to assassinate either you, or one of the other carries. I highly recommend an early zhonyas to try to stop him from being able to snowball off you.




She has similar range with her E, and can poke down your ADC with her plants. Once she hits 6, her massive AOE can disrupt your lane and secure her kills - However, she's relatively squishy and vulnerable to your poke.

So, Why Vel'Koz Support? Back to Top

Velkoz support is, in my opinion, definitely one of the current hidden gems of solo queue. His high base values and true damage passive allow him to deal great amounts of damage with limited items, which is perfect for a support. In addition, he has a 70% slow from level 1 and a knockup, which can help secure kills in lane and through teamfights. In the mid-late game, he has an incredible aoe ulti that does a massive amount of magic and true damage, and can completely turn the tide of a fight.

This guide has been featured and followed on a lot of pro streams (and tweaked by just as many), so make sure you do what fits your playstyle. This is a guide, and is not a one-size-fit-all type of build.

-High Ability Base Values
-True Damage Passive
-70% Slow at Level 1
-Two forms of CC by level 3
-Long Range Poke in lane
-High skill cap, range-oriented aggressive support
-Long range AOE ulti that can win fights alone
-Ability to one-shot their carries in the mid-late game
-Carry in Solo Queue! Feed your ADC and allow them to snowball
-20/20 Vision
-Can see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ 


-Vulnerable to all-ins and gap-closer champs
-Hard to hit skillshots at close range
-Abilities take time to get used to (Especially Q)
-Doesn't get damage as quickly as a mid build

Overall, I believe Vel'Koz will be one of the up and coming bot lane supports through Season 4, and I hope this guide will help to guide people in the right direction with this OP champ!

This guide is still being edited and written - If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below! Also let me know how the guide worked for you :D  

Bot Lane Synergy Back to Top

So, who's the the best ADC to pair with Support Vel'Koz? Read below to find out!

Top Tier ADC's:

21_64.png - While Miss Fortune may not be totally in the current meta, she's still a strong ADC pick. She has great synergy between your ults, and her double-up combo combined with your CC will decimate the enemy duo. 4.5/5

18_64.png - Tristana has a suprising amount of all-in potential by herself, and coupled with Vel'Koz, this is a kill lane to be reckoned with. Even if you aren't trying to come out of lane with tons of kills, her safety with her jump will mean she can farm safely, regardless of your positioning. Overall, the combination of poke and all-in potential between thw two of you can easily mean victory in the bottom lane. 4.5/5

51_64.png - Caitlyn has the ability to follow up your burst damage with damage on her own, and can secure kills that you might barely miss out on. Overall a good choice. 4/5

222_64.png - Jinx can easily combo into your abilities, allowing her to do tons of damage with minimal risk. In addition, her aggressive playstyle combined with your CC and damage will get her constant double kills. 4/5

236_64.png - Solid burst damage, and an ulti that has synergy with Vel'koz. 4/5

29_64.png - Great range (post-6) and true damage makes this a great powerhouse bot. Very useful against enemy teams that might be tank heavy, and gives a great AOE compliment to your own AOE damage. 4/5

Good ADC's:

22_64.png - Decent burst with her autoattack-volley-autoattack combo, but low kill potential until level 6. Late game kiting and killing professional however, and coupled with your CC can easily lock down and kill a target from long distances. Her lack of escapes however, leave her especially vulnerable during the laning phase. 3.5/5

15_64.png - Great burst with her Q, and great waveclear and pushing capability, but not a ton of synergy with Vel'koz in terms of her abilities. Her ultimate doesn't help much in lane except to escape, as most kills will be secured or lost before the ult will make a difference. 3.5/5

96_64.png - I believe the newly buffed Kog'Maw can be great with Vel'Koz in theory, but he suffers from a lot of the same problems that Vel'Koz does: Lack of escapes, but high potential damage. Ideally, this could be a mid-late game powerhouse, but Kog'Maw is not the strongest ADC in lane, and Vel'Koz will be starting from a disadvantage.  3.5/5

429_64.png - The most recent ADC addition is either a great help or hindrance to your team. I recommend this lane particularly if you're duo queuing or have some solid communication, as the combination of Kalista and your auto attacks can be pretty lethal. Similar in respect to Twitch, but with a little less AOE. The main issue is with the ult - there's no real synergy, as Vel'Koz is squishy and can't be relied on to be on the front lines. 3/5

81_64.png - Has the damage early game to possibly get kills in lane and is a CS-machine; however, can fall off in the mid-late game. Additionally, can easily fall behind in lane and be useless later on. 3/5

Decent ADC's:

110_64.png - Not a great ADC in the meta; can secure kills from a distance with a fully charged Q, however. Overall not a bad pick, but his limited range and lack of escapes leave him vulnerable in lane.. Post-6 has a great ult with kill potential that can set up with Vel'Koz's skills. 2.5/5

119_64.png - Draven just isn't as strong as he could be in the current meta; his limited range and all-in playstyle leads to him either dominating with his passive or falling behind quite quickly. 2/5

67_64.png - A late game powerhouse.. but Vel'Koz is centered more on snowballing the lane and being an aggressive support to get kills. 2/5

104_64.png - Hypothetically a good ADC, but just not in the current meta. Has to get too close to the enemy ADC/support combo in order to deal full damage, and doesn't go well with Vel'Koz's long-range playstyle. 2/5

Bad ADC's:

4_64.png - TF, what are you doing here? You're drunk, go home.

Basic Skill Combos [With Videos!] Back to Top

Video 1: 

This basically shows your very basic in lane combination: You should initiate with either Q or E, and use that CC to hit your other abilities. Very efficient, even from level 2, and allows you to get extra damage from your true damage passive.

Video 2:
This video shows your main post-6 combo - You make sure to hit one of each ability as before, and launch the ult as soon as the other spells are casting: this creates a great chain that will explode multiple procs of your true damage passive, and chaining all of that CC will make your ult very difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. In addition, you can chase with your Q and second stack of W if needed to secure the kill. This combo does incredible damage; as you can see, even with minimal items and against an enemy with lots of health and MR, it lowers him to below half health in a matter of seconds.

Video 3:

This video shows an example of a basic level 3 poke combo: initating with my Q gives me the CC I need to hit my E, and both parts of my W, which procs my passive and does a lot of true damage.

Video 4:

This video shows the ways to use Vel'Koz to scout out bushes: He can either use his Q (You can see the maximum range of the ability; if it ends prematurely, you know that it hit someone and they're in the bush!) to scout ahead, or he can use his E to give vision in the area.

Author's Notes Back to Top

So, now that you've made it this far, you're ready to head into ranked and get that freelo, right? Not quite - This guide definitely has a little bit of information for everyone, but a lot of the information (especially matchups and synergies) rely on you having enough micro ability to reliably hit skillshots! This means learning how to smart/quickcast and becoming good enough at it to hit your CC and follow up with your abilities in a reasonably short amount of time. This is how you'll really become great at Vel'Koz, and turn him into a solo queue monster.

Also, everything in this guide should be taken with a grain of salt - A lot of the things listed in this guide aren't laws, and I do a lot of things from game to game that I haven't put in the guide. A guide is just that, and you should be building upon it and making changes according to your own playstyle; it's not a one-size-fits-all type of deal.
Season 5 Update:
So far, the pre-season update for Season 5 hasn't changed much, if anything, with how supports function. This was pretty surprising to me, but no complaints either; Riot has decided to maintain the status quo for us for the moment, and that means less rewriting the guide for me. The above is all still applicable (perhaps even moreso with the changes to mana regen!) so read up, and win games. 

The main challenge with support Vel'Koz nowadays is his lack of defensive stats; if he gets all-in'd, he's very squishy and vulnerable. Your job is to abuse that range and damage and win lane for your ADC! Watch this video for a great example:

All in all, I hope you enjoyed this guide! Feel free to leave comments on what you've thought, what worked for you, etc! Thanks for helping me break 1 mil views yall! :D  

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