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1 day ago

Ashe Statistics for Gardevoir101

Author's performance with Ashe compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

This is your standard set, I wouldn't substitute 7.png or 4.png for anything.

4.png - Your go to summoner to almost every champion and for someone like Ashe who has no escape, it is a must have. Remember, you can use this offensively but doing so can put you out of position and leave you with no escape so be aware of who is where.

7.png - The main ADC spell to pair with 4.png. Great when dueling enemies or surviving against long range abilities. It can also speed you up if you are getting ganked. Importantly, this not only works on yourself but it can on an ally that is close to you (mainly your support) and help keep them alive in lane. 

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.95 attack damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage
  • 9x
    +0.64% attack speed Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
  • 9x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +4.5% attack speed Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Marks - 8.55 Attack Damage
Seals - 9 Armor
Glyphs - 12.06 Magic Resist or 5.76% Attack Speed
Quintessences - 13.5% Attack Speed

This is your standard set, I would not make any changes apart from the Glyphs. If you wish, you can exchange some or all Magic Resist for flat Attack Speed (5.76%). This will boost your damage overall but make you weaker in lane against ability harass and later on in team fights.

Masteries Back to Top


The masteries for Ashe can vary depending on your matchup and who is your support but I generally run the masteries I have above. Apart from this there are some masteries where they are the only choice and these are listed below:

  • Fury
  • Battering Blows
  • Warlord's Bloodlust
  • Savagery
  • Secret Stash
  • Dangerous Game
  • Recovery
  • Insight
I highly suggest making one page for Ashe and changing it each out depending on the above factors. You will always have 18 points in Ferocity but the other 12 points depends on what you want. For example, if we take 12 in Cunning, we get easier last hitting and potentially better teamfight. 12 in Resolve will give you more tankiness and faster access to your Summoner Spells. 

If you are unsure about which to take in certain row below is a list of options for each tier with my preferred option highlighted in bold:
  • Fresh Blood or Feast
  • Vampirism or Natural Talent
  • Double Edged Sword or Battle Trance
  • Merciless or Meditation
  • Explorer or Tough Skin
  • Runic Armor or Veteran Scars

Abilities Back to Top


Frost Shot (Passive) ashepassive.png

  • Frost Shot cause targets to be slowed.
  • If a target is affected by Frost Shot it deals extra damage based on Critical Chance/Damage
  • Ashe's critical strikes no longer deal additional damage, instead, they double the slow of Frost Shot

Ranger's Focus (Q) asheq.png

  • Basic attacks gain a charge of Focus, once you reach 4 it can be activated and consumed
  • You cannot gain Focus while the ability is active, however, it has no cooldown
  • Activating this ability grants bonus attack speed and causes Ashe's attack to change into a flurry of five arrows
  • While activated, Ashe still benefits from ashepassive.png and on-hit effects only trigger once

Volley (W) volley.png

  • Ashe fires 9 arrows in a cone shape
  • Enemies can be hit by more than one arrow but only takes damage from the first
  • Volley now critically strikes applying double the slow of ashepassive.png

Hawkshot (E) ashespiritofthehawk.png

  • Based on charges with a maximum of 2
  • Range is global
  • Will grant sight along it's path and reveals an area at the end of its destination

Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) enchantedcrystalarrow.png

  • Range is global
  • Ashe fires a projectile that will shatter on the first enemy champion hit
  • The champion hit will be stunned, the duration depends on how far the arrow has traveled
  • Surrounding champions will also take half the damage and be slowed

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    Standard Core
    Choose One
    Choose One
    Consumables & Vision
    Example Final Build #1
    Read Below (Core)

Situational Items

    Defensive Options
    Read Below

Starting Items

1055.png - Your standard start on Ashe.
2009.png - Remember your Health Potions are now this thanks to Secret Stash, get more on your first few backs.
3340.png - Don't forget to buy this before you leave base, change to 3363.png at level 9.

Core Items

3006.png - Get this after or in between 3031.png or 3508.png and  3085.png.

3031.png - Your main source of damage on Ashe. Since you don't critically strike like other champions the passive works a little different. For example, this will add 20% to the additional damage of ashepassive.png and another 50% of the total crit chance is added, so 30% in total. This is the same for all other items that give crit chance, it if gives 30% then another 15% is added, so 45% in total, thanks to this passive.

3085.png - The extra bolts from this item apply ashepassive.png and asheq.png (if activated) but it does not allow you to gain Focus 3 times in one attack.

3046.png - The passive from this item is great because it allows Ashe to kite more. Naturally, she has no escape but if you pair this with 3085.png your movement speed will be one of the highest in the game.

3508.png - Can be bought as a first/second item in high poke comps and early/mid game aggression, building this puts more emphasis on using enchantedcrystalarrow.png throughout the game. Follow with 3085.png and build 3031.png if ahead. In some cases you may have to completely ignore it.

3033.png - This is great against multiple healers such as 36.png or 106.png.

3036.png - You will get this 99% of the time, it is basically a variant of the old Last Whisper.

3139.png - I feel this is a lot better than 3072.png because it provides the almost the same damage, some lifesteal, but most importantly, the 3140.png active. In some cases you will just want to build 3140.png first and finish the rest later because as mentioned above lifesteal can be skipped.

3072.png - A great item for damage and sustain. If you feel you do not need to rely on the 3140.png active then go for this as it provides high damage and lifesteal, as well as a shield if you attack at full HP.

3153.png - This item is just not as good as it used to be. Even against teams stacking health, 3036.png can do the job this item would have but it can still have its uses.

Situational Items

The next two items are used for defensive purposes, if needed, replace 3072.png 3139.png 3153.png

3026.png - Your all round defensive item. Gives you a second life if you take lethal damage.

3156.png - Against AP burst such as 7.png this is a fine choice and a better more offensive alternative to 3102.png.

3009.png - Personally, I prefer 3006.png because you can activate asheq.png faster and increases your damage output. If you really need the mobility, these are not the worst but can keep you alive.

1083.png - This is a gamble item as you need 100 last hits for it to pay off. I would only consider getting this if you have a good first back or the enemy has no kill potential early on because you delay 3031.png or 3508.png which gives your first power spike. Do not replace 1055.png as a starting item!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Mordekaiser
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Urgot
  • Varus
  • Vayne




One of the few champions that can naturally outrange you. When caitlynpassive.png is active in lane back off until she uses it on a minion. Be careful of her caitlynentrapment.png caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png combo and keep an eye out for her caitlynyordletrap.png.




Focus on dodging phosphorusbomb.png and try to keep your distance because you he gets too close then you will take the full brunt of his ggun.png. Unless you have a 53.png or 412.png it will be quite difficult for to get a kill on him because of carpetbomb.png. Once level six, do not get bullied by missilebarrage.png.




Draven deals more damage and will try to be aggressive especially if he has high stack of dravenpassive.png. If he uses dravenfury.png to try and harass you just use asheW.png and back off. Unless you have full stacks of focus for asheQ.png I would not try engaging in a fight.




I feel this matchup can vary and will depend on the support that he has. As long as you dodge ezrealmysticshot.png in lane he should not have any kill potential over you. On the other hand, if you are able to take advantage when his ezrealarcaneshift.png is on CD it could lead to an easy kill. Ezreal can spiral out of control and end up out poking you if he gets his items early.




This can go both ways. Be careful of the long range root from jhinW.png which can catch you out of position. On the other hand, he has no escapes which makes your slows better. Be careful of jhinQ.png harass. At level 6, you can cancel jhinR.png with asheR.png. If you find yourself in the situation where you can't you will probably need to 4.png.




Jinx can outrange you with jinxQ.png so be aware of where you stand while near minions. Like Ashe, she doesn't have a natural escape and has to rely on jinxE.png to stop you. Remember, if you're low you are at risk of dying to jinxR.png.




Kalista will be able to keep close to you even against your slows. Try to not engage with her and instead poke her down because she will catch you with kalistaE.png. If they reach level six before you, play very cautiously until you are six yourself because kalistaR.png will allow her to throw her support into you.

She's trash now so you shouldn't lose this matchup in any scenario.




There is not threat to you in lane unless you get harassed or he has an aggressive support. Like Ashe, he has no natural escape and must rely kogmawvoidooze.png to delay you. Once he has kogmawlivingartillery.png the only way he can kill you is by poking you down with it and using kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png.




Lucian has a high amount poke with lucianQ.png and lucianpassive.png. At level two most will attempt to go aggressive with lucianE.png. At level six be prepared for lucianR.png, remember your asheR.png can stop it but he can still dodge with lucianE.png.


Miss Fortune


This is a skill matchup and could go down to what supports you have. Because Ashe has a high amount of poke you can disable missfortuneviciousstrikes.png movement speed easily. In lane, be careful of where you stand so missfortunericochetshot.png doesn't hit you after it kills a minion. Once level six, you can use ashepassive.png to stop missfortunebullettime.png




This is a unique matchup since he is melee. Be careful of being harassed by his mordekaisersyphonofdestruction.png and stay a good distance back so mordekaisermaceofspades.png cannot hit you. Depending on his support mordekaisercreepingdeathcast.png can catch you out of position so make sure you are constantly aware how you are positioning.




You should win the laning stage because you outrange her. Make sure she isn't able to attack you while detonatingshot.png is on you and be careful about fighting her while rapidfire.png is active. Once she gains levels and has access to bustershot.png she can easily 100 to 0 and jump in and out with rocketjump.png.




This is easy if you don't get caught out by twitchQ.png. Try not to engage in fights in long fights or his twitchE.png will deal a lot of damage. Once level six, twitchR.png will increase his attack range so you need to choose quickly whether to fight or flight.




A matchup that you will probably never see. As long as you dodge his urgotplasmagrenade.png then it will be almost impossible for him to hit urgotheatseekingmissile.png. Once level six, urgotswap2.png does have the power to switch your position with his but it has a very short range.




Varus is very similiar to Ashe. He has a long range poke with varusq.png and can slow with varuse.png. Be careful of taking stacks from his varusw.png and once level six his varusr.png. Remember, it spreads to nearly allies but you can still cast spells and attack.




One of the best late game Marksmen, take advantage of the early with sustained poke but be aware of your positioning as she can easily kill you with vaynecondemn.png combined with vaynetumble.png vaynesilveredbolts.png. Once level six, you may require 2043.png for her vayneinquisition.png.

FAQ Back to Top

Q: Where are the Zeal alternatives? 3094.png 3087.png 3046.png

A: 3046.png has just been added! With the changes 3508.png is less value to Ashe (can still work) and she needs more attack speed instead of damage but the value of 3046.png also lies with the active. 3094.png and 3087.png are also viable but don't provide the same defensive stats and are just pure offense.

Q: How do crits, critical strike chance and critical damage work?

A: ashepassive.png changes how Ashe deals damage. The critical strike chance is the same as other champions in terms of if you get 20%, then you will have 20% chance to crit, however; instead of dealing additional damage you deal double the slow. Because of this she no longer has any critical damage (she no longer does double damage when she does get a crit) but instead starts with a flat 110% additional physical damage against targets affected by ashepassive.png

Purchasing items that have critical strike chance such as 1018.png will increase to amount of additional damage by the % given, so in this case 20%. 3031.png is unique for Ashe because the "critical strike chance damage is increased by 50%" would normally increase someone crits from 200% to 250% but with Ashe it adds an additional 50% critical strike chance gained from the item. So 3031.png and 3508.png would normally give 20%, it gives 30% instead. 3085.png and the 3086.png alternatives would normally give 30%, it gives 45% instead. Remember, this damage all goes to her passive and you need 3031.png in your inventory to gain the additional 50%.

This does not increase your chance to "crit" normally to gain double the slow. Although more % of additional damage is being added through items your chance to normally crit to double the slow effect is still the same. So if you finish 3031.png, 30% as I said before is added to ashepassive.png while you have a 20% chance to "crit" and gain double the slow. This is a little confusing to understand at first but once you get it you should be fine.

Q: What is Orb Walking and should I know how to do it?

A: Orb walking is essential for any ADC and is the process of walking in between each auto attack instead of just right clicking on the target and following them when they go outside your attack range. This comes with practice and is quite easy to do in the earlier levels but harder once you gain more attack speed. The main benefit of orb walking, especially with Ashe, is that you can kite your enemies and catch up because they are always slowed.

Q: I die so easily, what do I do?

A: Unlike most ADCs, Ashe has no escapes mechanisms apart from 4.png. To counteract this, you have to always be aware of your positioning and play more carefully than you would with say a 236.png and 18.png. Keep an eye out if the mid laner is missing and if you are pushed not only the jungler but a 12.png from top lane may greet you. If you are concerned about ganks keep 4.png ready for those moments. 3140.png also helps in getting away from hard CC.

Q: They bought QSS, what do I do with my R now? 3140.png

A: Most Marksmen who normally build 3140.png, so basically everyone, will build it earlier to have a get out of jail free card against enchantedcrystalarrow.png. First, it is important to keep an eye out for when they do purchase it because you do not want to waste anything. Second, you either have to target someone else or wait till they use the active, however; this can be dangerous especially if your team has nothing substantial to CC them. 

Early Game Back to Top

Level 1

  • Focus on last hitting, there is no kill potential.
  • You can still do a decent amount of harass with your volley.png ashepassive.png combo.
  • You will generally hit level two with the last melee minion of the second wave.

Level 2-3

  • This is where most lanes hit a power spike but unfortunately you don't automatically get full stacks of Focus which means you have to attack four times before asheq.png can be used.
  • If you are not intent on engaging be careful of the enemy reaching this point before you as they will probably look to engage.
  • You can skill ashespiritofthehawk.png here, if you do, use it immediately across the entire enemy jungle, this will provide useful intel for your team at the expense of a point in volley.png.

Level 4-5

  • Continue farming and look to harass both enemies with volley.png.
  • Don't spam this though because you will need at least 200~ mana at level six.
  • If you don't skill ashespiritofthehawk.png at level three you can still use it for scouting purposes.
  • Be aware of ganks, this is for previous levels as well, you have no natural escape.

Level 6

  • This is where you become very dangerous with enchantedcrystalarrow.png.
  • Remember to keep tabs of whether enemies have 4.png or even 1.png for your enchantedcrystalarrow.png.
  • enchantedcrystalarrow.png is global, so you don't have to use it on just your own lane. Of course it will be harder to hit a target across the map but it will generally result in a kill for that lane and may result in an objective.
  • If you do use enchantedcrystalarrow.png for another lane you will have to play more passively in your own.


  • Look to build 1038.png on your first back, if you can't afford it get 1037.png or multiple 1036.png instead.
  • If you have additional gold after everything buy a 2055.png (now a Control Ward).
  • Get 1001.png along with your damage item if you can along with some 2003.png.

Mid Game Back to Top

Level 7-9

  • As enemy champions around the map reach level six you must be aware of who can come to your lane, whether it can through river, jungle or 12.png. This can happen in the earlier levels too but the danger is higher.
  • Once you reach level 9, volley.png will be on a low cooldown. Keep an eye on your mana pool though and try to use it to harass multiple champions not just one.
  • Continue to use ashespiritofthehawk.png to scout around the map as well as objectives such as Dragon and Rift Herald, if you're against someone like 9.png or 19.png you may want to check Dragon earlier.

Level 10-11

  • Generally, when you reach level 11 most champions hit another power spike but the damage on enchantedcrystalarrow.png is AP based and not that noticeable, the stun duration is not increased either.
  • Despite that, the cooldown is reduced slightly and enchantedcrystalarrow.png is not used for the damage, it is for the utility.

Level 12-13

  • Once you reach level 13 asheq.png will be maxed and your damage will increase significantly when activated
  • Try not to be alone because you can still be easily picked off, especially by assassins.


  • After getting 1038.png, start working towards 3085.png and then finish 3031.png or finish 3508.png.
  • I will get 3006.png somewhere in between these two items for the added mobility.
  • If you have additional gold after everything buy a 2043.png.
  • Remember to change to 3363.png at level 9.
  • Depending the which champions are in the game you may want to get a casual 3140.png that can be turned into a 3139.png as your last time. Remember, it provides lifesteal now. In certain situations you may go for a more defensive option instead of this.

Late Game Back to Top

Level 14-18

  • Your enchantedcrystalarrow.png can win you the game if hit on the right target.
  • Remember, asheq.png has no cooldown so remember to keep activating it.
  • Save a charge of ashespiritofthehawk.png for Baron/Dragon and use the other for team fights.
  • Positioning is key because no matter how many items you might have you still have no mobility apart from 4.png. Some champions such as 7.png or 238.png don't care how many slows you have or how fast you are.


  • At some point during the game you will need 3036.png or 3033.png.

About Me Back to Top

If you would like to keep up with updates you can like me on Facebook and please give feedback or questions in the comments below. Thanks for reading and upvoting my guide, wafu!

PS: A big thank you to everyone for making this guide featured and one of the highest approved guides on all of Lolking, look forward to more updates in the future.

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