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1 year ago

Lulu Statistics for Blagon

Author's performance with Lulu compared to the ranked average.

Games Played
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KA:D Ratio
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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Flash is mandatory to escape dire situations and at times close the gap to cast a critical ability. Lulu has low movement speed and really can only escape by casting Whimsy on yourself. Sometimes that isn't enough, and flash can save you. Other times you'll be running to an ally about to die, and you'll have to flash and Wild Growth them to save them.


Exhaust is something I run very often in combination with flash. It's an all-purpose disable that will work against most champions. You can chain it up with Whimsy or Glitterlance to lock someone down for a very long time. You'll definitely want these against champions that will dive your backline.


I don't run ignite much, but you can use it to add more damage or for an anti-heal. Champions like 36_64.png or 16_64.png are good examples.

Runes Back to Top

  • 3x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 6x
    +0.33 mana regen / 5 sec. Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration
  • 9x
    +8 health Greater Seal of Health
  • 3x
    +4.26 armor Greater Quintessence of Armor
  • 9x
    +0.9 Armor Penetration / +0.62 Magic Penetration Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration

Lulu's damage is mostly magical, but a good part of it comes from basic attacks while using your passive. Because you'll be damaging enemies with basic attacks and abilities, we opt for hybrid penetration marks. This gives you the best balance for early game basic attack harassment as well as increasing your spell damage.

In glyphs, it's good to have some split between mana regeneration and magic resistance.  A little but of mana helps with Lulu's ability costs.

Seals and Quintessences are used to round out your defenses. Armor quints give you more value, so use that for better defense against enemy marksman. In seals, running flat health is the most balanced option, although you could run more armor here too.

Masteries Back to Top


Offense: 0


Defense: 9


Utility: 21


Veteran's Scars, Juggernaut, & Recovery — All really important for keeping you alive.
Unyielding Block — Helps against enemy ADCs basic attacks.


Meditation — Lulu chews through mana so this will be very helpful especially in the early game.
Summoner's Insight— Helps get your summoners back faster.
Alchemist Culinary Master - Gives potions a bit of extra value.
Intelligence — CDR is great on Lulu and we'll buy plenty of items with activations.
Greed, Scavenger, Bandit Wealth — More gold.
Wanderer — We go this far into the tree, so might as well grab that last mastery. This doesn't do much in lane, but it does have its purposes.

Abilities Back to Top


Above is the skill order for a typical game. You might have to adapt on the fly based on the matchup. Generally, Glitterlance is your main control effect and damage source. You will use it to harass, slow enemies, push lanes, and everything else. Each rank will increase the slow duration by a quarter of a second and increase the base damage. This is your most important spell.

Whimsy is probably your second most important spell. You'll also get plenty of value per skill rank: lowering the cooldown and increasing the polymorph duration. Pretty much every time, you'll want to max this out second.

With this skill order, Pix becomes a one point wonder. You will only use it to move Pix around to aim Glitterlances and to reveal champions hidden in brush.

You'll see in the comments of this guide, however, contain a hot debate over whether Pix or Glitterlance should be maxed out first. Both sides make good points, and the answer is really based on the matchup and how the lane plays out. Glitterlance can harass the enemy, while Pix can do the same. Glitterlance can protect your carry by slowing the enemy, while Pix can grant a shield to block damage. A lot of it has to do with the range of your marksman and their matchup too. If they have a bad matchup and are going to be taking damage for every minion kill they go for, then the Pix shield would help more in that case. On the flip side, you could be against a 119_64.png, where the slowing from Glitterlance will hurt his gameplay far more than a shield would. He'll be slowed and fumble axes, he won't be able to move in basic attack range, and you can fire a Glitterlance where the axe will land and he'll walk right into it. In conclusion, analyze the lane and decide for yourself what is better.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    For safe gold income and laning and a better activate for late game fights
    For an aggressive laning phase

Core Items

    Your core non-gold items. You'll want to finish Sightstone first of this group.
    You'll get one of these in every game
    Good defensive item with an activation
    This may or may not be core depending on how the game feels
    Good option to nullify certain abilities.

Situational Items

    Against split pushers and stealth champions
    AP and CDR
    With a heavy physical damage team
    Against auto-attackers

Lulu usually starts the game in two ways: Either a 3303_32.png for enhanced poking and harassment, or a 3301_32.png for a more reliable gold income. Basically, if you feel the lane is a good or even matchup, you should probably take the 3303_32.png. Alternatively, if you think the matchup is bad for you, or you want to plan ahead for the teamfight phase of the game, grab a 3301_32.png instead. It kind of depends on your playstyle and how you play Lulu during laning.

Next you'll want to get a 2049_32.png. At the same time, change your trinket to 3341_32.png, so you can clear out wards. You'll only really need to upgrade it a 2045_32.png when you have nothing else to buy. Because of the three ward cap, you won't really need the extra charge most of the time.

3117_64.png are considered the standard boots for supports. You'll have to arrive at key locations quickly to help teammates or scout the enemy. These can also help you escape nasty situations or run down enemies.

3158_32.png is a second choice, but isn't purchased much anymore. If you are getting 20% CDR from 3069_32.png, you probably won't need this.

Main Support Suite

Items in this category are first in line to buy after your core build is complete.


This new improved support item great for Lulu. It fills the role that Shurelya's Reverie once had, except now you get plenty of extra gold while building components for it. You'll want to eventually get this item in every game you start with 3301_32.png.


You probably are getting this item if you started with 3303_32.png. It has good stats and it's activation isn't too bad, although a 3069_32.png is surely better. You can treat the ice lance as another peel. Hurl it into a group of enemies after Glitterlance has run out.


This item is no longer an undercosted beast, but it's still a pretty good support item. Sometimes your jungler will buy this, so make sure you don't overlap. You'll want to get this item if both enemy solo laners are magic damage, especially in the case of 68_64.png or 8_64.png.


Because of Lulu's mana costs, I find this way too necessary to keep up the playstyle I'm used too. Sometimes you can skip this though if the lane is dull. This also gives you some defense in magic resistance which is a nice because Lulu does not gain MR when leveling up. This item isn't required by any means. Sometimes I skip it because there isn't enough fighting to justify a mana item.


This is now a core item for many supports. If you buy this and use it properly you free your carry from so many problems. It also regenerates mana quickly which is really important for you.

Other Situational Items


After all the supports got reworked, ability power becomes a very powerful stat. All four of Lulu's abilities plus her passive have AP ratios on them. This is always worth the investment if you get the gold.


A fun item that will help you track down elusive enemies. This is cool against stealth champions and split pushers who try to escape over terrain and jungle brush.


If you really don't need the cleanse effect from 3222_32.png, you could turn your 3028_32.png into this, which provides cooldown reduction, ability power, and a lot of extra mana. This isn't really a great support choice though, it's more of a luxury item.


Pick up this item if most of your team is physical damage. Sometimes you'll get stuck on all physical damage teams, and that's when this comes out.


Go for this item when multiple enemy champions have annoying healing abilities.


The unique passive on this is powerful. Consider this against lots of auto-attackers.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Blitzcrank
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Janna
  • Leona
  • Lux
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nunu
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Zyra




Alistar is harassed easily but he has a heal that hits both him and his ally. He doesn't have much damage on his own, but using terrain he can neutralize your teammates for a good while. Lulu though, can also do that without relying on terrain and does great damage. Your ultimate also protects your carry and sometimes yourself while Alistar's only protects himself. He's scary if he tower dives you, otherwise you can outperform him.




Annie is very poweful in combination with some other champions. She has high basic attack range, but her other spells are actually kind of short. You can harass her usually but beware of the counter-attack when her passive is ready.

She gets a big power spike as six, with Tibbers bringing a lot of damage. Don't stand near him because his basic attacks hurt and he has a sunfire cape built in. He swings slowly and awkwardly though, so if you move and kite it he probably can't attack you. You'll want to use Wild Growth on whoever she is bursting, and immediately Whimsy the enemy marksman to prevent them from following up.

That said, Annie is still pretty vulnerable, she has no way to escape danger. Keep track of her 4.png, because it's the only way she can escape and the only way she can force a stun on to someone. You'll occasionally see an Annie without 4.png ready, meandering into the enemy team getting cut down before she can even cast a spell. Kite and harass her to death and avoid the all-in.




He does nothing when his spells are on cooldown so always harass him if he misses a Rocket Grab. You'll want to buy boots as fast as possible against Blitzcrank to more easily dodge pulls. If you are ever idling in the lane, always stand behind your own minions. You shouldn't be in a brush unless you are sure it's safe.

After you get level six you can sometimes save your teammate with Wild Growth if they get pulled, but I still would avoid it if possible. Used Glitterlance to disengage from the enemy and then reset back to normal.

Blitzcrank can snowball his teammates and sometimes the lane can get out of control if you make early mistakes. Be patient and don't be too greedy. Blitzcrank is strongest when he is around a nearby tower. If he pulls you into tower range you cannot reply without getting smashed by tower hits.




Fiddlesticks is mostly annoying. His Dark Wind is one of the best poke abilities at level one. Do your best to avoid it and either separate from your lane partner or hug minions to reduce its damage. Fiddlesticks is very squishy and can be poked down. If he uses Terrify on you, that's okay as long as you don't die from it. If used on your ADC, protect them with your Whimsy and Glitterlance. Always be wary of brush after he hits level six. He still does lots of damage even without an AP build.




After you cast Pix on an enemy, Janna may react by using Eye of the Storm on that champion. If she does, aim your Glitterlance at the opposite enemy, so avoid the shield all together. You can harass Janna early and often like this and she can't reply with comparable damage.

The main annoying thing about Janna is she can get away from trouble pretty easily, especially after ranking up Zephyr a few times. If you want to kill Janna, you have to 100-0 her in one stroke of offense.




Harass Leona whenever you can before she hits level three. You'll want to get Glitterlance with your first point blast it into the minion wave and get that pushed so you definitely get level two first.

After she hits 3, she can unload a combination attack that could burst down you or your teammate, so be wary from then on. If you get an advantage in lane with items or experience, it's usually okay to keep harassing her again because if she does commit to you, it's better she unloads on you rather than your ADC. Just make sure you don't die while this happens and you can still use all your spells.

If Leona lands a Zenith Blade, you must immediately Whimsy the enemy ADC to prevent them from following up.

After level six, your ultimate should alleviate some of Leona's potential. Note that a level six Leona can initiate quite a ways off so keep your distance if you suspect a gank.




Lux will have good damage output early in the game. Without AP or magic penetration, her damage will start to fall off. Make sure you stay spread out to mitigate her AoE spells.

Lulu may have slightly less damage but you have other useful utility to make up for it. Lux's shield isn't good enough to prevent Glitterlance harassment.




Morgana is a pain in the ass always. She can resist your harassment and control with Black Shield. That ability has a very long cooldown, however, so often you can put in some damage after she uses it and it wears off. Sometimes you can approach the enemy, or just cast a Pix on one of them, to bait out the Black Shield. Then either wait for it to wear off and then continue harassing or fire Glitterlance at the other unshielded enemy.

Morgana's all-ins are rough, her ultimate especially is devastating in a 2 vs 2. You want to play it carefully and not dive right into Morgana. Try to split up a bit so she can't get you both with the shackles (like when playing against 37_64.png). Most importantly, never Whimsy until the shield is off the target. It's a huge blow if Black Shield blocks your polymorph.




This lane is kind of even. Nami has lots of little benefits but nothing really stands out. Her stun is dodgeable so play carefully around that. Nami's ultimate can be devastating if the enemy is winning the trade and boxed you into a bad position, but it can also fall flat and you can easily avoid it. Try to stay in the middle of the lane where there is more room to breathe. Her heal spam can be annoying.




Nunu has no good response to Lulu and will be forced to hide way back or you can just basic attack him to death. If he ever gets close to your ADC to Ice Blast, cast Pix on him and as he retreats use him to aim a Glitterlance at his teammate.

Since Nunu brings no damage but instead buffs and debuffs, casting Whimsy on the enemy ADC brings down their DPS to almost nothing. You can chain up Glitterlance into Whimsy into an Exhaust and just blow them out before they even had a chance.

Remember Whimsy and Wild Growth interrupt Absolute Zero. Make sure to factor this in because it really sucks for your ADC to be stuck in that radius.




Sona is one of the easiest champions to kill. I always try to trade hard in the early game where Lulu slightly out-damages her, except her base stats are considerably weaker. Sona will be forced to burn through mana to heal up from your harassment. If Sona gets low on mana keep the pressure on.

Be careful about level six, because Crescendo can hit both of you, it will prevent you from helping your teammate and you could both die. Keep a certain distance apart and don't commit too hard unless you know you are stronger.

After the lane resets, Sona's healing and aura abilities will start to get annoying. She'll start to gain leverage again if you couldn't gain an advantage in the early game. This is where the matchup transition to "hard". She will start healing up your harassment and pick up items to buff up her defense. You won't have the same leverage against her, and she'll start to take over the lane. From this point you need to play smart and not overextend or you'll be punished hard.




Be as aggressive as possible in the early game. Astral Blessing has a 20 second cooldown and is quite weak without some ranks into it. If you can't get an advantage from the early laning, you might be in trouble because Soraka will be able to outheal most of your harassment and annoy you with Infuse.

Because later in the laning phase she can heal up your harassment and then burst heal with her ultimate, she'll eventually get leverage on you in a slow, painful lane. You must apply pressure early to hold off this outcome. If you don't snowball, consider maxing out Pix first to protect your marksman so they can hang around and farm. Always calculate Soraka's healing, do NOT get baited into bad fights.




Taric is very tanky and commands respect in the brushes. Use basic attacks only when the position is right, don't cross too far to get harassment in or he'll just turn and stun you and you'll get torn to shreds. If you make a mistake against Taric he can snowball the lane and make it hard to come back.

In an even fight, Lulu has the advantage. You can Whimsy the enemy ADC right as Taric lands his Dazzle, then unload on them as best you can while ignoring Taric. If the enemy ADC goes for your teammate, use Exhaust on them. If they go for you, pull back and distract them as long as you can. If you have level six, your ultimate should be enough to offset Taric's burst and slow him down for a moment.

One drawback to Taric is when he wants to fight he must fully commit, so he can be ganked and destroyed if baited into your jungler.

If Taric starts putting points into Imbue then that's fine as well. A healbot Taric isn't very powerful, just mildly annoying.




I hate Thresh. He gets ridiculous free stats from his passive and if he ever grabs you it will feel like hell. You should always remain cautious for the first few levels of the game until you can buy some items. If he ever grabs you at level 2 or 3, you are probably giving up first blood. Poking him is not easy, but can be done sometimes. He's very tanky and can reply with his own spells, so never try to harass him like you would a Nunu.

His grab does have a telegraph where he lassos it around before he throws. You have to learn to recognize this and react accordingly. With Lulu's slow movement speed, it would be wise to get 1001_32.png earlier than normal. Remember he can't hook through minions, so take cover.




Zyra can be anywhere from hard to easy. If she snowballs and buys powerful items then she almost turns into a second AP carry.

A key thing about Zyra is you can kill her plants quickly by using one basic attack (with Pix) plus your E. You'll want to do this immediately if she tries to use her plants to harass or zone you. If you manage to dodge the grasping roots and fire back some damage onto her you'll be in good shape. She won't have much healing without buying lots of potions or 1054_32.png.

She is  squishy if you mange to catch her in a bad spot. Remember that committing hard to a Zyra can hurt like hell especially with her ultimate. If she created plants in her ultimate radius, then they will attack super fast and hurt like hell. It's best to poke her down and make her use summoners, her ultimate, and generally make her uncomfortable.

Introduction Back to Top

Lulu is an aggressive support champion with excellent disabling and team fighting abilities  She brings additional damage and control effects to a lane, and later in the game has synergy with a number of tanks and bruiser class champions. She excels at disrupting dangerous enemies and granting buffs to teammates. Lulu will never "carry" a game, she allows others to carry by setting up plays and controlling enemies. She has a tool for every situation and can fit into pretty much any team.

Abilities Back to Top

Most of Lulu's strength comes from using her abilities correctly so this will be the most in depth chapter. As a support champion you'll only be picking up a couple of key items and then using your wits from then on to help your team. Know each of your abilities and how they work for maximum performance.


This spell is a linear skillshot nuke that will fire two bolts, one coming from Pix and one coming from Lulu. This is your main control effect and damage tool. While laning, it harasses pretty well and slows the enemy preventing them from trading back. In fights, it disengages or slows enemies for a short time to allow your team to kite, catch up, or get away from the enemy. Because it fires two bolts, you can cover a lot of ground by moving pix with "Help, Pix!".

The slow starts at 80% for one second and increases to two seconds by rank five. 80% is a devastating mark and is only matched by the last tick of Nasus's Wither. The enemy will slow to a crawl making them an easy target or giving yourself and teammates room to breathe.

Aim from Pix and Lulu simultaneously to hit the maximum number of targets. Pix doesn't follow the enemy exactly, she kind of just floats around near them lagging behind a bit. If an opponent is being a dick a won't stand still or run in a straight line then just aim from Lulu and hope for the best.

You can't spam this spell like crazy anymore because of the increased mana cost. Be a bit more conservative in the early levels.

Glitterlance can also push waves really well. The trick is to place Pix at the first minion then aim down the wave as they approach in single file. You'll damage every minion except for the cannon in the back (if there is one). This is an effective combo with a Caitlyn Peacemaker or a Graves Buckshot and when timed you can annihilate a wave almost immediately which saves you time to recall and heal up.


Whimsy is the most rad spell in Lulu's kit because of all the cool applications it has.

First of all, "hexing" or "polymorphing" an enemy 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds is an excellent disable that should shut down most champions completely. The speed decrease is decent, but the powerful part of this is they can't cast spells, use summoners, use items or do basic attacks during the hex time (Note they can still 11.png while hexed).

While laning, use Whimsy on the enemy marksman as soon as you can to slow down their damage output and disrupt their timing with their own support's abilities.

Later in the game, disable dangerous opponents who are trying to murder your teammates, interrupt channeling spells, or just annoy people.

If Whimsy is cast on a teammate, they receive a movement speed boost for five seconds. Unfortunately, the ability power bonus was removed which totally stinks in my opinion. You do grant bonus movement speed based on an AP ratio, but in my opinion it wasn't worth it. Still, it can make a great opener to a fight, sending your initiator into position.

Everyone in the game can benefit from bonus movement speed. Every champion needs to position themselves properly to fight at their best. Some initiators that benefit from the movement speed: 32_icon_64.png54_icon_64.png57_icon_64.png120_64.png254_64.png. There are several more, but you get the idea.

Next, assassins can get to work faster and better using the Whimsy buff. Examples: 131_icon_64.png55_icon_64.png84_icon_64.png. These used to be tremendous when Whimsy granted ability power, but it's still pretty strong.

And then there are champions who fit neither of those classes but become monsters with Whimsy on them, such as 9_icon_64.png, who can own everyone with one good Crowstorm. You also have 30_64.png with his Defile doing a similar thing. With movement speed, they can stay right in the enemy's face, doing additional damage.

Casting Whimsy on yourself should be your first response to danger in case of a gank. With enough warning, you can get away from most threats. If you're trying to escape, it's almost always better to Whimsy yourself and run then to polymorph an enemy.

Help, Pix!

Lulu's one point wonder, used to reposition Pix to help an ally's DPS or aim a Glitterlance. Don't worry to much about the shield value, Lulu defends allies by disabling enemies anyway. One key thing here is when cast on an enemy, it reveals them for six seconds. This is great to keep focusing a shifty opponent even when they try to juke you through brush and whatnot.

Most of the time when harassing, use Pix on an enemy and then fire a Glitterlance from Pix to do damage. Sometimes you can hit both enemies. Sometimes you'll aim for the other lane opponent after putting Pix on their teammate. It all depends on your read of the enemy's position.

Use Pix on a teammate to grant them bonus damage from your passive. Pix deals very low damage in the early game, but scales well and actually does more damage with AP. Later in the game it will become a powerful DPS bonus. AD carries with 3006_32.png and 3086_32.png will be hitting like trucks with Pix lazers. This even works with some tanks and bruisers who have attack speed like 59_64.png56_64.png24_64.png, giving them extra DPS. Generally, use Pix on the closest allied fighter who is most fed. The damage will increase every odd level from three to seventeen. Buy more ability power to increase the damage!

Wild Growth

Lulu's ultimate is a house and can swing fights, follow-up initiations, or protect teammates. It works similar to Chronoshift or Intervention most of the time except it has a knockup built in. So when it works, it really punishes enemies for over committing to their target.

We already went over some tanks that work well with Wild Growth, but there is also 59_icon_64.png120_icon_64.png102_icon_64.png56_64.png254_64.png5_64.png who can get into the enemy ranks and use the knockup effect while also getting tankier.

Note that Wild Growth simply grants bonus health and doesn't count as healing. This means 14.png and Grievous Wounds won't affect it.

It has a huge range, so you can cast it safely from a distance. Occasionally, you'll have to use Whimsy or 4.png to reach an ally in time to grow them. It's worth it if you save them.

Wild Growth also doubles as a 300/450/600 HP heal outside of combat, sometimes you need it there to protect from a Requiem or give your jungle enough health to finish a Dragon. This is a pretty rare situation, but the cooldown is reasonable, so use it when you can.

One of the best parts of this is the baiting you can do. Letting enemies tower dive you thinking your toast then popping your ultimate punishing them for overextending.

Level One Back to Top

The main thing to note is Lulu is slow as hell with a base speed of 325. Be careful and don't go out and scout the river in the opening seconds. Just wait near allies and always follow them around or else you could give up first blood.

If you see any enemy

Retreat immediately. Optionally fire a parting shot to slow their advance. If they intend to invade, ward their target (usually a buff camp). With that vision, you can see if they intend to stay there, what items they have, if any decide to recall, or whatever other mischief they could be up too. Use your 3340_32.png ward too, it was made for these kind of situations.

If doing a level one fight

Glitterlance is usually your best option since it can hit multiple targets and the slow is powerful.

If the fight is near a brush, you must ward it so you don't lose vision of the enemy. Even if your team has a better composition, enemies with a vision advantage will get more basic attacks while your teammates are firing abilities blind and unable to shoot.

Y-Brush ward

If there was any activity in the bottom half of the blue-side jungler, immediately ward the Y-brush next to the river in the bottom lane. It's easy to be careless and get blindsided by a level two jungler.

Laning Back to Top

Although Lulu is great at all stages of the game, her laning prowess is the most respected attribute.

You can either get Glitterlance or Pix for the opening of the laning phase. If you want to push, get Glitterlance and fire it through the wave. If you want to harass, Pix can sometimes be better, but it's whatever you are most comfortable with.

If you get level two first, you have your E+Q combo to harass the enemy and get some pokes in.

Know when to use basic attacks or Glitterlance to harass. Here are some examples:
  • The enemy is going too deep for a minion kill
  • The enemy used a key ability and it's now on cooldown
  • You are a higher level then the enemy
  • You have better healing then the enemy
If you can time your basic attacks to fire when the enemy ADC goes for a minion kill you can get a free hit in as long as you retreat immediately after. Don't do this all the time and be careful against a 44_icon_64.png or something because you can get punished badly if you don't know what you are doing.

An example of a "key spell" would be Rocket Grab, Boomerang Blade, Buckshot, Dazzle, etc; a spell important for trading/doing damage. If one of your opponents wastes a spell on minions or just a misfire you can take advantage and get some free harass in.

If you get an experience advantage in your lane, use it by leaning on your opponents a little bit at a time. You don't have to "all-in" them at every turn, but you can usually come out ahead in trades because more levels means more health, more skill ranks, more damage, etc.

Since sustain has been nerfed up and down by Riot, healing generally means how many 1053_32.png are in the lane. If your opponent doesn't have one yet you can be sure your damage will stick. Some support champions have no healing on their own like 89_icon_64.png53_icon_64.png, etc. Attacking these champions and getting damage to stay on them is important for gaining leverage in the lane.

Team Fighting Back to Top

Lulu doesn't have to be a support for just one person, she can help everyone on the team. So be generous with your abilities.

Starting a fight

  1. Whimsy teammates who have good synergy with the movement bonus, or if they just need to get into the fight ASAP. Sometimes you want to save Whimsy though for a really scary enemy.
  2. Use 3069_32.png to get your entire team moving

During a fight

  1. Cast Pix on the closest, strongest allied fighter. Preferably one with high attack speed.
  2. Wild Growth the initiator tank, whoever is in the middle of the fight, or whoever needs the health.
  3. Whimsy and Glitterlance dangerous enemies.
  4. Throw 3092_32.png into a group of enemies.

Ending a fight

  1. Whimsy your allies to help then chase down stragglers (or use 3069_32.png if you haven't)
  2. Glitterlance fleeing enemies, moving Pix ahead on a forward ally to cover more ground with the second bolt
If you spam your spells at every opportunity, you will run out of mana pretty quick. It's okay to hold spells for the right opportunity (Like Whimsy versus at a 55_icon_64.png).

Sometimes you will have to force Whimsy on an enemy carry to give your team the best chance to win the fight. Hold it until they commit or use 3069_32.png to close the distance to them. If they target you, use Glitterlance to get them off and/or try kiting them around and waste their time. An example of this would be a very fed 67_64.png on the other team. You'll just have to find a way to Whimsy them and possibly chain it up with 3.png to give your team the best chance.
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