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All Guides Diana Guides [Season 5 Updated] They called me a heretic, now they are dead.
3 weeks ago

Diana Statistics for Hexadecimal

Author's performance with Diana compared to the ranked average.

Games Played
Win %
KA:D Ratio
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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash

Standard on most mid laners. It helps you escape, gap close, jump walls, re-position - it's simply too good to pass up. There's simply no other spell that's as versatile as Flash. The fact that you can use it to escape, dodge spells, or go aggressive is what makes it such a strong spell.

14.png Ignite

Ignite is taken to increase your damage. This helps you with 1v1 fights in lane, but can also secure kills in team fights. The healing reduction is very strong against champions that rely on spell vamp such as Swain or helps reduce the AD carries life steal such as Caitlyn. Don't be too afraid of using ignite as there's nothing worse than an enemy escaping with 50 hp because you didn't ignite them. It has a relatively low cooldown so even if it was "wasted" on a kill it will be back soon enough.

If you're planning on all-ining someone you should ignite near the start of your combo. This is because you want to reduce their healing in half. A lot of the time people will consume health pots while you're fighting. By igniting early on when we're trying to kill someone we reduce their natural regeneration they receive from base stats as well as the healing from their health pots.

12.png Teleport

You can take Teleport if you're facing a ranged lane opponent that will be consistently harassing you down. This will allow you to Teleport back to lane early on, which will prevent you from being pushed out of lane and fall behind in gold and experience.

I choose to go Teleport when facing a ranged mid laner that will be difficult to kill. Teleport will prevent us from being bullied out of lane, while also giving us the option to Teleport to side lanes to turn fights around. If I'm against a melee opponent then I often take Ignite as there will be many fights and not having ignite will make the difference between winning and losing.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.87 magic penetration Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
  • 9x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1.33 health per level Greater Seal of Scaling Health
  • 3x
    +4.95 ability power Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

QUINT AP.png Quints

Flat Ability Power

You take the flat ability power quints to increase the damage on your abilities. Not only does this increase your burst damage against enemy champions, but it also helps you clear minion waves faster since your spells will do more damage.


Magic Penetration

You want to take flat Magic Penetration to maximize your damage. Diana is a burst assassin and being able to instantly kill an enemy carry is important. If the enemy survives your full combo, even with 50hp, that can be enough to survive and kite you back and kill you. Since the vast majority of Diana's damage is magic we want to take flat Magic Penetration.


Flat Magic Resist

You want to take Magic Resist glyphs since the vast majority of the time you will be facing Ability Power champions that do magic damage in the middle lane. This will help reduce the amount of damage that they do thereby helping you win trades and all-ins. Some people take scaling magic resist, but I prefer flat magic resist to help me in the early game.

Cooldown reduction per Level

You want to consider taking cooldown reduction per level when facing an AD mid laners. It will lower your cooldowns so that your spell rotations are up sooner, which is important for Diana.

Ability Power per Level

You want to consider taking ability power per level glyphs when facing a physical damage mid laner since you won't need any magic resist. This will increase your overall damage and burst. Choosing between ability power per level and cooldown reduction per level mostly comes down to play style.


Health per Level

Health Per Level seals are very strong. They will synergyze with your magic resistance glyphs to give you more effective health - meaning you will be tankier and the opponent will have to do more damage to kill you. The combination of health and magic resist in your seals and glyphs will help you survive the magic damage casters' burst that you're facing in the mid lane.

Flat Armor

Take this when facing a physical damage mid laner. Melee physical assassins such as Talon, Zed, etc. will often be fighting you from level 1. We want Flat Armor against them to give us a boost to our early game so we can fight for control of the lane immediately if needed.

Masteries Back to Top


Ferocity: 0


Cunning: 0


Resolve: 0


Offense - 21 points

  • Double-Edge sword is an efficient mastery for melee champs since you will deal an additional 2% damage and only receive an additional 1% damage. This is great for Diana who is a burst, melee assassin
  • Butcher is taken to unlock Feast - also has the added benefit of making last hitting slightly easier
  • Feast is taken as it will help restore a lot of health and mana throughout the laning phase.
  • Cooldown reduction is taken as it's a more efficient mastery than Fury.
  • Spell Weaving is taken since you'll be auto-attacking a lot in your burst combo
  • All other masteries I've taken in the offense tree are mandatory because of their usefulness and strength

Defense - 9 points

  • We take 9 points in Defense over utility when we're in a relatively tough lane where we feel we'll benefit from the additional defensive stats.
  • Recovery will give us additional health regen which will help us deal with harass in the early laning phase, which is common when playing Diana
  • Block and Unyielding will help reduce the amount of damage you take from auto attacks as well as other damage sources - this is mainly to help deal with auto attack harass from ranged champions in the early laning phase
  • Juggernaut is simply the best mastery in Tier 3 for Diana



21.0.9 page.png

The only difference in this Mastery Page is that we're running 9 points in Utility instead of Defense

Utility - 9 points

  • Fleet of Foot makes you move slightly faster, but you can take Phasewalker for 1 point instead - it's player preference
  • Meditation is taken for a small increase in mana regeneration during the laning phase
  • Alchemist equates to an extra 10 hp for each Health Potion or Flask charge you consume
  • Summoner's Insight will reduce the cooldown on your Summoner Spells by 10%, which is always good
  • We take Culinary Master as it's extremely strong during the laning phase. Being able to instantly restore an additional 20 health and 10 mana on consumption can be the difference between living and dying.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order  

Diana5.png > Diana2.png > Diana3.png > Diana4.png

Note: You can take a 3rd point in your E  instead of Q if your jungler is ganking. It can help secure you the kill and is more useful than the increased damage in Q.

Note: You can take your first skill point in Q instead of W if you are planning on playing very passive at level 1 and just using your Q to last hit minions that you're unable to auto-attack.

diana1.png Moonsilver Blade

  • A great passive that helps increase your burst
  • You can save your third attack to poke enemies or use it to clear minions along with your Q
  • Helps with clearing wraiths/wolves

Diana2.png Crescent Strike

  • Great for farming hard to reach minions
  • Can clear waves extremely fast when used with your W and passive
  • Great for poking the enemy

Diana3.png Pale Cascade

  • This ability is what allows Diana to win trades
  • Use it early game to negate harass
  • Detonating all 3 spheres refreshes the shield, which means you need to get in close to maximize its potential

Diana4.png Moonfall

  • A great form of crowd control that works well with the rest of Diana's abilities
  • Lets you lock people down and stick to them
  • Try to wait until the enemy is at the max range of your moonfall so you can maximize the amount of time they take damage from you

Diana5.png Lunar Rush

  • An amazing gap closing ability with high range
  • You can time your Lunar Rush right before your Q hits to still proc the refresh
  • You can use your Lunar Rush as an escape by using it on a minion
  • You can also Q jungle camps to get vision then R to them in order to escape

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Against Harass
    Aggressive Start
    Tough AD Matchups

Core Items

    Easy Matchup
    Tough AP Matchup
    Tough AD Matchup

Situational Items

    Nashor's End Game Build
    Abyssal's End Game Build

Start With

Crystalline Flask


A safe start with Diana. The flask is a cost efficient item and will pay for itself as the game progresses. A great start in a harass heavy match up (which is most for Diana). Diana is weak against ranged champions before level 6 since she has no gap closing ability before then. This sustain heavy build will help prevent you from being harassed out of lane. 

I start this build if I'm taking Ignite as my summoner spell. If I'm taking Teleport I much prefer to start Doran's Ring since I can use Teleport to get back to lane if I'm being harassed and therefore don't need as much sustain.

Tip: You can wait at the edge of the fountain when minions spawn to purchase a 4th potion. I prefer to buy a Mana Potion. You can walk back to lane fast enough that you won't lose out on any experience or gold.

Aggressive Start


This is a very aggressive start you can go in some melee matchups. You will have stronger combat stats, which can help you win fights. However, usually levels 1-5 Diana is just focusing on farming since she has no gap-closing ability. This is why you would only start with this build if you're against a melee champion that you think you will be fighting early on and think you can kill.

Also, you want to start with these items if you're running Teleport as one of your summoner spells. This is because you can simply Teleport back to lane if you take too much harass so you don't need as much sustain in your starting build.

Cloth 5 Pots


Use this starting build against strong AD mid laners that you find yourself struggling against. The extra armor will help deal with them if they choose to play aggressive. You will then want to build this into a 3191_32.png and grab two 1056_32.png. This balance of tankiness and ability power will often be enough to deal with physical damage opponents that you might have trouble with.


3340_32.png > 3341_32.png

Best starting Trinket for mid laners. This will help you cover key choke points on the center of the map during the laning phase to help keep track of the enemy jungler. Try to place your ward around the 3:00-3:30 minute mark on the side the enemy jungler will be. This will be the standard timing most junglers have their double buffs and will be looking to gank you.

You want to swap this for the 3341_32.png trinket at least by the time you're level 9. However, sometimes I will swap for the 3341_32.png trinket as early as my first back. This all depends on if you're planning on roaming or not. If you're planning on roaming you want the 3341_32.png trinket so that you can clear wards and increase your chances of not being seen when ganking.


Easy Matchup


This build will give you the best overall damage increase. It will help you clear minion waves faster as well as jungle camps faster if you choose to take them. This is due to the attack speed and passive having great synergy with Diana's passive.

It will also give you more overall DPS in fights than other items, but you do sacrifice some straight up burst damage. I recommend starting with these items in any matchup that you can get away with it. If instead you find yourself being bullied or struggling in certain matchups then choose one of the starting builds below.

Tough AP Matchup


This is your best starting build when facing an AP mid laner that is giving you trouble. The Abyssal Scepter will not only increase your magic resistance so you take less damage from the enemy mid laner, but it will also lower the enemy's magic resistance. This will result in the enemy taking more damage from you.

The two Doran's Rings will give you a nice health increase while your Sorceress Shoes increases your flat magic penetration, which synergizes with the flat magic reduction of Abyssal Scepter.

Tough AD Matchup


You want to choose this build when facing a physical damage mid laner that is giving you trouble. The additional armor will make them do less damage while the ability power and flat magic penetration will increase your damage.

The active can be very strong against physical mid lane assassins such as Zed since you can dodge portions of their damage with the Zhonya's active. In general, Zhonya's will always be one of your core purchases at some point in the game. This is due to the active being very strong with Diana's play style of engaging. You can often engage, crowd control them with your E and burst them with your combo and then Zhonya's when they try to focus you, which gives your team time to clean up and win the fight.

End Game Builds

Nashor's End Game Build


This is the order in which you want to purchase your items if you're choosing to go Nashor's first. It will give you the most amount of damage and burst. You will be relying on your Zhonya's active as your main defensive tool.

Abyssal's End Game Build


This is the order in which you want to purchase your tiems if you're choosing to go Abyssal first. You're sacrificing some burst damage for more tankiness against magic damage. This is your best bet if you're facing an enemy team with a lot of magic damage.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Gragas
  • Karma
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Kayle
  • Kha'Zix
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Mordekaiser
  • Morgana
  • Orianna
  • Pantheon
  • Riven
  • Ryze
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Vel'Koz
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs
  • Zyra




Ahri will harass you quite a bit before level 6 - focus on farming. If she started with only 2 health pots you can look to harass her with your Q to push her out of lane. Once you're both level 6 it can be difficult to kill Ahri because her ultimate gives her so much mobility. You should look to harass her down with your Q before attempting an all-in.




  • This is a match up that snowballs extremely hard into one persons favor
  • Diana wins in a straight up 1v1 fight against Akali if both are at 100% hp and are even in lane
  • Akali can harass you down very easily and has better sustain
  • Since Akali uses energy she has infinite harass, while you are limited by your mana
  • Be careful of Akali double procing her Qs. She will mark you once and right before it expires will ult to you then Q again.
  • Buy a pink and hold it in your inventory and place it when she tries to use her shroud to escape ganks or outplay you 1v1.




  • Can harass you pre level 6
  • Once you're level 6+ you can burst her down
  • She will likely play safe and stun you when you ult on her
  • Can be baited by the jungler so be careful
  • Usually passive farming looking for openings to go aggressive




  • Can snowball in either lanes favor, but Annie definitely has the advantage
  • Early on Annie will harass you a lot, you need to try to minimize harass as much as possible
  • Consider asking for a jungle gank if she's shoving to tower and harassing you in order to relieve pressure
  • Once you're level 6+ and have gone back and bought you want to start trying to harass her down with Qs from a safe distance. Once she's about 60-70% you can all in her if you land a Q.




Azir will look to harass you down in lane. You want to time your shield with his Q to help reduce some of the harass. Be careful of engaging on him when he's close to his tower as he can push you into it with his ultimate.

Your ultimate doesn't go through his ultimate as well. For this reason it's usually best to avoid fighting him and instead push the lane as fast as you can and then do jungle camps or roam/gank other lanes.




  • He can easily harass you before level 6 with his E/auto attacks
  • Once you go aggressive on him he can E+Q and then walk away to peel you off him
  • Look to go aggressive level 6+ whenever his Q or E is on cooldown
  • He can have very annoying lane harass, especially once he has blue buff
  • You can still land another Q on him after he's stunned you and all in him if you're ahead
  • Your aggression should be based on when his skills are on cooldown




  • She will give you a lot of trouble early on - minimize harass
  • Dodge her harass and try to land Q harass of your own once you've bought and are level 6+
  • If you get her down to 60-70% then all in her
  • You need to dodge her ult when you all in her - to do this you need to double R immediately. After your first R you should be in front of her, then hit your ult again and it will put you behind her. You can also use flash.




  • Can snowball into Diana's favor very easily
  • Will force Cho'Gath to farm with his skills
  • You can out burst him
  • Careful about being baited into a jungle gank




  • Annoying harass pre level 6
  • Once you hit level 6+ you can burst her down
  • Your shield negates a lot of her damage




  • You counter her throughout the game
  • You can win trades with her at level 2+
  • You can burst her down once you're level 6+
  • She will likely roam so it's important to call mias and either counter gank or go for her tower




  • This matchup can snowball very heavily into one persons favor
  • Always save your shield for when he goes aggressive on you
  • This matchup is highly skill dependent. You need to land your skill shots, dodge his, and time your aggression with his cooldowns.
  • I would go barrier in this matchup to help negate his high burst damage at level 6.




  • Galio counters most AP mids
  • Just avoid fighting him - he will win most trades
  • He will eventually be unkillable while being able to harass you
  • Just try to wave clear fast and look to impact the map by roaming or take your wraiths/wolves




  • He has better sustain from his passive and takes reduced damage with his W
  • You can burst him down at level 6+ if played properly
  • Your shield negates a lot of his damage
  • His Q reduces attack speed, which counters your passive.




  • She will bully you early on
  • She will be difficult to all in as well because of her tankiness and CC
  • Look to roam/take wraiths instead of fighting her




  • Farm lane pre level 6
  • Once you hit level 6+ you can kill him easily
  • He simply has no chance against your burst
  • You don't even have to land a Q if his exhaust is down. Simply R then E him and he will be forced to flash
  • If his flash is down you can kill him without having to land your Q+R combo. Just use R+E on him




  • You do more damage than he does
  • Early on you win trades
  • He has annoying harass with his Q
  • It's difficult to actually kill him because if you R to him he will simply ult away
  • Look to zone him the best you can




  • You out burst her at all stages of the game
  • You can be outplayed pre level 6 with her W harass
  • Save your E for when she ults once you're both level 6+




  • She will give you a hard time early on
  • Once you hit level 6+ she can counter your burst with her ult
  • Look to harass her down with Qs while last hitting if you can
  • You will most likely just avoid fighting her and try to impact other lanes/farm wraiths and wolves




  • He has sustain than you early on, but your shield helps compensate for this
  • You do have potential to kill him 1v1 if you're both equal in farm once you're level 6+, but you can be outplayed by the stealth from his ultimate.
  • If he starts with a fortitude pot then you have to be very cautious
  • If you land all your spells at level 6+ you will outburst him
  • Consider buying a pink ward to help counter him in lane when he uses his ultimate to stealth




  • She can snowball out of control and give you a hard time early
  • However, if you can make it past the early game without feeding you will start to develop some counter play
  • You can start Q harassing her, which will hit hard since LeBlanc is relatively squishy
  • By using your shield to absorb damage and use your abilities to harass you can create windows to all in or force her to back and look to gank side lanes




  • Very annoying harass early on
  • Difficult to all in because of her CC and escape
  • Best bet is to harass her down with Q harass and force her out of lane
  • Rather than try to kill her look to gank side lanes and take wraiths/wolves




  • Can harass you before level 6
  • Once level 6, if you go aggressive on her she can use her shield to negate most of the damage, bind you, then E. This will allow her to create distance and win the trade.
  • The lane can snowball hard into Diana's favor if she gains an advantage
  • It's a skill based match up




  • Annoying harass pre level 6
  • Can 100-0 you once you're both level 6
  • A difficult lane, but you are much more useful in team fights
  • Look to roam/gank and farm wraiths/wolves




  • Can harass you pre level 6
  • Can snowball into Diana's favor if she gets early ganks
  • Otherwise you can't win 1v1s against him
  • Look to set up jungle ganks, it's key that you tell this to your jungler
  • Mordekaiser is actually very easy to gank with Diana's R+E combo
  • Farm wraiths/wolves and look to gank side lanes
  • If you do plan on engaging, make sure to engage AWAY from the minions in order to weaken his shield




  • Will often turn into a farm lane
  • It's difficult for you to actually go aggressive with her spell shield and bind
  • You can be baited into a jungle gank if you ult on to her since she can bind you and ult you
  • It's usually best to farm wraiths/wolves and gank side lanes




  • Can harass you pre level 6
  • Once you're level 6+ you can burst her down
  • She will usually be able to kite you, but it's difficult for her to do it
  • Be careful of overextending and being kited




  • Rush Seeker's Armguard
  • Save your shield for when he stuns you with his W
  • You are much stronger than him at level 6 since his ultimate has no effect in a 1v1 fight
  • Expect to be harassed down from his Q - stack up on hp pots.
  • Your E can interrupt his E.




  • She has the edge early since she doesn't use mana
  • This lane can snowball in either person's favor
  • Utility your long range harass with Q
  • You can harass her down while she's forced to hard engage




  • Can harass you before level 6
  • Once you hit level 6 you do a ton of damage
  • Can snowball into Ryze's favor if he gets an early kill
  • Getting in close to Ryze is dangerous, but you should be able to burst him down once you both hit level 6
  • Focus on being aggressive level 6+ BEFORE he gets important items
  • Otherwise, just push the lane and farm wraiths/wolves or gank side lanes




  • Can harass you before level 6 really hard
  • You aren't able to burst him down once you're both level 6 because of his ability to kite/snare you and the spell vamp from his ultimate
  • Still, this lane CAN snowball into Diana's favor with jungle ganks or misplays by Swain
  • It isn't a guaranteed win for Swain, but is one of the better picks against Diana




Syndra is immobile and squishy so is easy to burst. Early on make sure to focus on farming and minimize harass.

Once you're level 6 you want to engage on her if you land a Q. Save the second charge of your ultimate to dodge Syndra's knockback/stun. If you can dodge it then it's almost a guarantee you will win the fight and kill her.




  • Will snowball heavily into one persons favor
  • Your shield helps you to win trades
  • Rush Seeker's Armguard
  • If you find you struggle with the matchup go Barrier instead of Ignite
  • Punish him when he E's onto you, don't let him get free harass. His abilities will be on cooldown for a few seconds and you can return damage to him.


Twisted Fate


  • He's extremely squishy with no escapes
  • You can burst him down easily once you're level 6+
  • He can harass you before level 6, but your shield will negate most of it
  • It's important to deny his map presence through aggression or counter ganking




Vel'Koz will look to shove the wave and poke you from a safe distance. You want to minimize the harass you take and focus on farming early on.

Once you're level 6 if you land a Q you can engage on him, but again be careful of taking too much harass from him or you will be too low to fight him.

Try to stay away from your own minions so he can't both push and harass you at the same time.




Viktor can be a lane bully. As long as you time your shield with his harass and survive the early laning phase you will be in a good position to snowball the lane once you're level 6.

Early on minimize harass and focus on farming.

Once you're level 6 time your aggression around his cooldowns. If he uses his Q or E on minions that can be a good time to aggressive on him.

Be careful of his W as it will stun you and allow him to kite back. You can jump back to minions with your R to disengage if you have no other way out of it.




  • He will harass really well before level 6
  • You can kill him if you land a Q once you're level 6+
  • Can snowball into either person's favor
  • If you're both even, Diana will win level 6+ if played properly
  • Skill based match up, slightly in Diana's favor in my opinion




  • Xerath can be tough to deal with because he can safely shove the wave and harass from a distance
  • Your best bet is to wave clear and impact other lanes
  • Trying to fight him head on can be difficult and he can outplay you with stuns and flashing your Q
  • Do your best to avoid being harassed down - that's an important part of how xerath wins lane




Yasuo is somewhat easy for Diana, but due to the nature of Yasuo it's always possible for him to outplay you and snowball the lane.

You want to save your W for when he engages on you and look to time your aggression when you have your passive available.

Use your Q to activate his shield and then wait for it to expire before engaging.




  • Diana actually does fairly well against Zed if played properly
  • Rush an early Seeker's Armguard
  • You can go barrier as a summoner spell in this matchup to help negate his burst at level 6
  • Do your best to dodge his harass
  • You can win all ins at level 6+ if you have Seeker's Armguard, Barrier, and both are at 100% hp.




Stay away from your minions so Ziggs doesn't both push the lane and harass you at the same time. Ziggs shouldn't do enough damage to harass you down through your W. He's also very squishy and can be bursted down quite fast.

You can also cancel Zigg's W leap by using your E as he detonates it.




  • Very squishy and easy to burst down
  • Will harass you before level 6
  • Once you're level 6 you can easily kill her
  • Still, be cautious of her damage. She does have kill potential on you if she lands her snare.

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Tips and Tricks

Escaping using jungle camps

  • You can juke the opponent by using your R on a jungle camp
  • To do this, first use your Q to gain vision of the camp, then use R
  • It's a great way to escape from certain death

Dodging Skills

  • In the example above I break a Morgana ult before it can stun me by using R on a lane minion
  • You can use this tactic in a variety of situations
  • You can also use this to juke the enemy jungler when he ganks your lane

Standard Combo

  • Above is an example of a standard Diana combo
  • Diana's Combo: Q+R+W+E
  • Make sure to auto attack as you're using your spells to proc your passive
  • You can either R again before your Q is up for more burst or wait to land another Q so your R will be refreshed

Early Game Back to Top

An effective strategy at level 1 is to auto attack the minion wave to push it using your passive and using your W when the enemy goes to harass. This will essentially shove the wave into the enemy tower resulting in them losing farm. However, be cautious of a level 2 gank from the enemy jungler. Certain junglers like Pantheon are much more likely to level 2 gank, making this a poor strategy against them.

During the early laning phase, specifically levels 1 to 5, you will often be passively farming or shoving the minion wave into the enemy's tower. This is because Diana has no gap close, allowing ranged champions to easily harass and kite her. You will often be using your Q to farm hard to reach minions, but be careful of hitting too many minions as it will start pushing your lane if you're planning on freezing the wave. You will also often be using your W defensively. Your goal is to last hit as best as you can while trying to freeze the lane in front of your tower so that your jungler can gank your lane or keep shoving the wave into the enemy's tower to gain a minion lead. Remember, you have no escape early on, meaning that you will be very vulnerable to ganks. This is why a safer and more consistent strategy would be to freeze the lane in front of your tower rather than pushing it to the enemy's tower - you will end up overextended and open to a gank.

Sometimes you will face a melee champion such as Zed. You have a lot more counter play against melee champions early on since you don't need a gap close to engage them. Once you hit level 6 you want to go back to buy two Doran's Rings as well as a vision ward. The ward will allow you to play more aggressive without being as vulnerable to a gank. The two Droan's Rings will give you a big power spike, which is important since your level 6+ is very strong and you'll likely be looking to play aggressive.

Middle Game Back to Top

Middle game is when Diana is much stronger. She has a high amount of burst, while also having her shield to absorb damage. A lot of champions will still be trying to farm up - in comparison, Diana does a lot of damage without needing items. At this point you will either be playing aggressive in lane, trying to kill the enemy mid laner in an attempt to shut them down or you will be pushing the lane to the enemy's tower in an attempt to roam around the map or take wraiths/wolves to gain a farm advantage.

Whenever you clear the wave, check side lanes and see if any of the enemy's are overextended and open to being ganked. If there isn't anyone overextended then simply take your wraiths or wolves to gain a farm advantage over the opposing mid laner. Warding is extremely important during this part of the game, not only to protect yourself, but also to help your entire team keep track of the enemy mid laner's roaming as well as the enemy jungler. Whenever the enemy mid laner begins to roam, you have to immediately decide whether to follow him and counter gank or try to punish him by taking the mid tower. Look to counter gank if the enemy team are overextended in the lane and are low on hp. If the enemy team is full hp then don't bother counter ganking and instead try to take the mid tower. Once towers start to fall the laning phase will begin to come to an end.

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Late game you want to try to pick up side lane farm whenever you can so you don't fall behind in farm. Warding, or vision control, is extremely important during the late game. Your team needs a wards to control objectives such as Baron or Dragon. It's also important to keep buying wards as a mid laner. You need vision on the map so you can make picks and out manoeuvre the enemy team.

You either want to group with your team or implement a split push strategy. Only split push if you can essentially 1v1 anyone on their team, but you're losing team fights. Group up if you're ahead as split pushing is a very inconsistent strategy in solo queue since it's reliant on communication.

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In team fights you want to focus their AP or AD carry. You should decide which one to focus based on how fed they are and how easy they can escape from you. If your team is ahead and have good follow up you can simply initiate with your ultimate and then E, pulling the enemy team in closer, and then popping your Zhonya's active when they turn to focus you. Otherwise, you want to wait for your tanks to engage and then try to land your Q on the enemy AP or AD carry. It's extremely important to land your Q in team team fights as it's your only form of gap close and without it you'll just be kited to your death.

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  • Has good burst
  • Her shield is amazing and allows her to win most trades
  • Gap closing ability with good crowd control
  • Doesn't fall off that much late game
  • Can wave clear really well
  • Can clear wraiths/wolves really well


  • Can be zoned in some match ups since she's melee
  • Has no escapes which leaves her open to ganks
  • Can be baited into being overextended if she uses her ult without landing her Q first

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Blue Side


1 - This is a typical spot to ward on the top side. You will want to put a trinket or green ward around this area. This will cover the "ramp" a key choke point most junglers and mid laners will have to go through if they want to rotate towards the top side of the map.

2 - This is a more aggressive ward and is known as the "wraith ward". Arguably one of the best warding spots in the game. By having vision of when their jungler does wraiths you relieve pressure off the map and allow your teammates to play more aggressive in their lanes since they won't have to worry about being ganked. You will also be able to see where the jungler goes after he finishes wraiths, which creates a ton of opportunities such as counter-ganking him, timing a dragon or buff steal if he heads top, and can save your teammates from being ganked since you will know where the jungler is heading.

3 - This is the small "island" brush just below the ramp in the river. You will want to purchase a pink ward and put it here ASAP. This will cover the ramp area which is a key choke point junglers and mid laners will rotate through to gank bot lane or invade your red. By putting a pink ward in the brush often the enemy will walk past it without checking the brush. This will result in the ward surviving for a very long time - making it a very efficient purchase.

4 - This is a passive place to put your pink ward. It's in the brush just above your red buff. You will want to put your pink ward here when you feel that a pink ward in spot 3 will be cleared out too fast.

Purple Side


1 - This is the small "island" brush just below the ramp in the river. You will want to purchase a pink ward and put it here ASAP. This will cover the ramp area which is a key choke point junglers and mid laners will rotate through to gank bot lane or invade your red. By putting a pink ward in the brush often the enemy will walk past it without checking the brush. This will result in the ward surviving for a very long time - making it a very efficient purchase.

2 - This is a passive place to put your pink ward. It's known as the "banana brush" because in earlier seasons it was in the shape of a banana. You will want to put your pink ward here when you feel that a pink ward in spot 1 will be cleared out too fast.

3 - This is a more aggressive ward and is known as the "wraith ward". Arguably one of the best warding spots in the game. By having vision of when their jungler does wraiths you relieve pressure off the map and allow your teammates to play more aggressive in their lanes since they won't have to worry about being ganked. You will also be able to see where the jungler goes after he finishes wraiths, which creates a ton of opportunities such as counter-ganking him, timing a dragon or buff steal if he heads top, and can save your teammates from being ganked since you will know where the jungler is heading.

4 - This is a typical spot to ward on the top side. You will want to put a trinket or green ward around this area. This will cover the "ramp" a key choke point most junglers and mid laners will have to go through if they want to rotate towards the top side of the map.

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