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All Guides Nidalee Guides Best Toplane Nidalee NA - The one and only RF Legendary guide to Nidalee
4 months ago

Nidalee Statistics for RF Legendary

Author's performance with Nidalee compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Now time I mostly use flash teleport, and that is part because I am an amateur competitive player and its what the meta makes me use so its better that I'm used to making teleport plays and utilize it for split push well, but its a question of preference and you are more then free to use what you like better, so, play around with it. 

Don't be mistaken because teleport can be used very effectively to acquire lane advantage playing off wave control and also it prevents you from losing your lane to a camp.

I used flash ignite heavily before and it worked out just fine, now that nidalee is better early it should work even better but, again, personal comfort in summoner spells is important if you are playing soloqueue, also, flavor of the month is very relevant when it comes down to choosing between teleport and ignite because sometimes you could make very good use out of ignite over tp but still use tp because everyone does :)

Runes Back to Top

  • 6x
    +0.95 attack damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage
  • 3x
    +1.7% attack speed Greater Mark of Attack Speed
  • 9x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +1 armor Greater Seal of Armor
  • 3x
    +2.25 attack damage Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

My basic default page is 5.1% AS, 12 AD 9 Armor and 12 MR!

Now its a must to take 5.1% attack speed due to Nidalee receiving a slight nerf to the attack speed. Three marks for AS make up exactly what was taken away from her and makes the change unnoticeable. Also there is no more hybrid pen but more flat attack damage to make up for yet another nerf to flat AD. Basically I chose to remove hybrid pen and make up the early game nerf :)

You can run cooldown instead of magic resist when you're up against an all ad toplaner and jungler, making sure you don't interact with magic damage until you are to have an MR item.

Also, you might want to use movement speed when you are facing volibear singed or darius because they rely heavily on having more ms than you to get a successful engage.

I like to stick to high ad early on because it is very comfortable to cs under the tower with it, especially after the flat stat nerfs to Nidalee.

Masteries Back to Top


Ferocity: 0


Cunning: 0


Resolve: 0

You 9/21 in cases of severe early game for example riven where you need to focus on surviving the all in and be more careful. Also 9/21 is an option for when the enemy team comp has heavy CC.

Masteries are a subject to change depending on who you're up against (obviously you are not using armor against a Lissandra).

21/9 is predominant against weaker toplaners and goes really well with the hybrid pen while flat ad and 9/21 is more for classic lane vs things that beat you (rivens/kennens etc)

I would refer to 21/9 if you are new to Nidalee, offensive masteries are always good for lane winning if your opponent makes a lot of mistakes.

Abilities Back to Top


All right, this is pretty simple, you take bushwhack level one so you can fulfill the enemy jungle with all those annoying traps, or you can protect yourself from getting ganked.

Level one, right as you appear in the fountain, grab your items learn W and run, run to trap everything, everything that bushwhack touches is your land Simba! jk, no but srsly they are very useful for tracking down jungler location, a lot more useful then a heal or spear at lvl 1, cougar form Q is arguable but I go bushwhack first every game and it works...

Lane placement of bushwhacks is usually the bushes which you step in and out of making sure those are in control.

Lvl 2 you get spear and try to make a play with the Q combo, its very good for cheesing so to say, where you rush lvl 2 and instantly go to trade because you have 2 abilities while he has 1.

Heal is to be maxed out on bruiser Nidalee. Gives you great sustain and a steroid.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Basic start, works best nowday
    Start against things like panth fiora and may-be even riven
    Obviously I would like to remind you to not forget the trinket and on that note, that due to large amount of people using trinket lvl one to ward you can also use red trinket to counter that since you will be wherever they are faster (nidalee is fast at running out of base)

Core Items

    What you go against almost everything when they deal remote attackdamage (best item choice vs bruiser and I use it 90% of the time due to meta)
    You aren't getting anywhere in life without wards, everything that this green thing is placed on is your land simba, remember it.
    In situation where you are bound to split push you can go trinity force into blade of the ruined king, but this is only for when you are going to be splitting all game.
    Usually the basic go-to against bruisers and midgame
    Golden cat needs no explanation but zhonyas provides you with ability to safely go for picks since you can use it right after pouncing into the enemy team.
    If you are getting fed go for it
    Good against teams that have veigar and other things loaded with cc catch
    Good rush against magic dealing champs that bully, like ryze.

Situational Items

    If you are laning against a weak toplaner that can not win you, this is what you get because you can get big.
    Best Item for when they have catch and zed since you can use QSS to remove death mark.
    Situation item to help prevent getting caught, nice pickup against TF Ziggs etc.
    You play mid-late game AP nidalee now, so naturally you will build ap
    Good against vladimir, karthus, rumble.

Dorans blade is used most of the time, it came to be after the early game Nidalee cougar form changes, works surprisingly well against most matchups because you have an escape route now which makes it very easy to be able to not get rekt early, also the teleport plays a big part in this because generally you don't risk as much anymore as you used to.

Cloth 5 against Riven, Pantheon, Fiora or other things that reck you earlygame. You will make use out of the cloth 5 anyways and theres no way you can win against those champions in the lane anyways.

Gauntlet is the core item for me, good against heavily AD champs and good for teamfights. Rush it if you are against an AD in the lane or go for Athenes and later on gauntlet if you are against an AP.

So your basic core can be Gauntlet Athenes and I am a big fan of Zhonyas.

QSS is great against cc comps to free the kitty.

So, yeah, use your best judgement to pick your items, no build is ultimately good, everything is customized even when it comes down to order depending on the game!
(ex: hexdrinker against vladimir is a good choice)

Matchups Back to Top

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After the changes to Nidalee cougar form being from lvl 1, Aatrox has became a lot less of a problem, mainly because before you would have to worry about his hard engage early but now you can dodge that with your reaction pounce-away, this works the same in all the matchups that have that sort of engage.

Aatrox lifesteals a lot so you have to watch out for that, make sure you at least match the damage he is trying to heal or do more, lane requires a lot of pressure so once you get the advantage you need to pressure to limit his sustain.
Usually good vision is essential when pressuring an Aatrox.

Aside from that, all good players dodge all the skillshots so get your dodge boots on and don't get hit by abilities for once.




Akali is quite hard to face but her pre-level 6 is weak.

Try to play aggressive and pressure her before she gets her ulti and here on out you have two options.
1. You got insanely ahead and can 1v1 her through out the lane
2. You have not and now have to buy a pink ward and call for jungler help

Ether way you will buy a hexdrinker and pink wards tho

Good tip is to bushwhack under yourself so that when she goes on you she can't shroud.

Be careful with overextending though because her triple dash all in is one of the strongest in then game.




Easy outlane at lvl 2 with the all-mighty lvl 2 Nidalee rush due to his lack of escape or counterattack.

Also you can pretty much bully him through out the entire lane phase as long as you don't overextend you should be fine and even if you do you should be fine as well since rupture is easy to dodge with pounce.

Watch out for things like Maokai + Chogath that can easily kill you early by locking down the combo.




Don`t grabbed, if you did, well... you gonna have a bad time.

Ranged poke him and when you see that the spin Q is down, take a chance by jumping in Q E and then run back out.
Bushwhack bushes or around creeps see if he walks in them, if he does he cant sit in bush and wait for you to face-check it and has to take more damage.

Darius is very easy to gank since he is bound to push and has no escapes, so, communicate with jungler accordingly.




Dodge the Q`s by using leap horizontally and running kind of towards her but aside. As long as you do not get hit by those you don`t get killed by Diana.

It always shoots her Q in the same arc direction, so its pretty easy to figure out how to dodge it once you play against her couple of times.

She got a good shield and it makes her a very strong matchup after she hits 6.
Early diana can easily be abused tho because she has no gapclose and she is melee.


Dr. Mundo


Same as shyvana, start dorans harass early and try to execute, any lane without gapcloser should be a lot easier then the one that has 1, like riven.

As long as you are persistent enough with the aggro play should be good to go.
He has little engage so you are relatively safe against ganks when the enemy jungler comes.

Don't get killed by his base tp out-item all in with ulti btw, watch out for item/lvl advantages from lane control

Usually you can go tear into manamune since this match-up is quite easy to handle, hybrid ap build is also good but focus on having lane pressure more than anything.

Going blade of the ruined king first item is surprisingly effective because mundo stacks a lot of hp and armor/mr but he can't get all of the same time and combination of magical dmg in cougar and power of the blade as far as shredding tanks goes makes it a very valuable pickup against him. Also you can get a lot of farm in this lane because he is not a lane bully.




Used to be one of the most op toplane matchups, very frustrating to play against.

Nowtimes, i think its quite easy to win against one, simply because you outdamage her and especially if you land Hunt on her, you just drop her low and theres very little she can do.

Cougar form can easily clear spider-lings and waves of creeps and with the pressure provided by having better clear she will quickly fall behind since she uses a lot of mana.

Also, dodge the cocoon by using pounce sideways :)




Basically what she does is all in you at level 6, before that, honestly she cant trade you for a whole lot plus many of Fiora`s just spam W reflect to get more cs safely and run low on mana. If you see she`s level 6, be careful, in general you can simply run away from it if you don`t fight back, get some armor (shop once usually) and it will get easier, try to lure her into a bushwhack and always ALWAYS keep your hp high.

There is a very useful trick to cancel AA's and many people curse at it because its annoying to cancel an autoattack on someone when trading, but its a very valuable mechanic against fiora because most of them use W when they see you AA them. Your goal here is to start autoattacking and then press S before the AA wen't off, basically do the little stopaction after casting animation, most fioras get fooled by it and use W which is the reflect thingy and then you wait 1sec and proceed with what you do.

Also, if you are all in fighting her, account for her reflect and if you don't have time to wait it out, use regular AA first to break it and instantly use Q for amplified damage but don't just mindlessly trade like you would against anything else, actually, I take that back, never mindlessly trade anyone.

Stack armor (protip)

p.s. if you do get caught in stupid situation where a lane that has no CC like fiora somehow gets a kill on you with a jungler, lanes that don't have cc should be easy but this one is hard, be patient with the armor stack.




Cloth 5 is a good start against gp, trade auto attacks for his parley and outsustain since he will quickly run out of mana.

When he goes to parley you fall back a little bit until he extends further than his creeps and since parley has an animation, you can land a spear while he casts it. (when you see him go for parley, throw a spear and an auto attack right back at him and since he will stand there for a split second its going to be hard for him to dodge your spear).
Depending on how ahead or behind you are you can go on the spear to combo.

Going early armor is always good and makes gauntlet a perfect item choice against gangplank. 




Easy lane to harass early, however do not go damage items since he may seem weak but his all-in is really strong if you don't have defensive items. 

Gauntlet is a perfect choice to kite him around.

Utilize the bush movement speed to never let him catch you and don't go for melee trades until you are absolutely sure that you can win.

He might resort to staying back and regenerating hp using his passive and the best thing to do here is to start denying him cs by extending behind your creep wave and threatening to cancel his passive. Its amazing how much garen players focus on not getting their passive canceled by your auto-attacks they forget to cs and exp.




Gnar does somewhat the same thing as you do because he is ranged and has all-in tendencies, as long as you don't get caught in to the trap of getting all-inned by his melee form you should be fine because you out poke him also boomerang is easy to dodge out on. 

A very useful thing to note here is that his boomerang leaves a trail when it comes back to him. Using prediction skills you can toss a spear right where he is about to catch the boomerang leaving him with a choice of ether get hit by spear or not catch the boomerang.
a). You hit spear = you can all in him and do a lot of damage (but be careful of transform once again)
b). He doesn't catch boomerang means that you have 20 seconds to play really aggressive.




Gragas has a lot of regenration making him simmilar to nidalee.

Also gragas has kill potential due to his cc and all in ability making him hard to lane against once he gets control of the lane because he can roam and he can set up kill against you.
Point here is that you need to do something about him which makes him hard to play against especially as melee champions.

Good thing tho is that Nidalee is not melee, not all the time and you can easily take control over the early laning phase by being able to safely poke him and engage as you please. On that note, don't just dive into his full combo even if you landed the spear because he is going to kick your ashe.

Dodge the barrels with cougar form pounce to the side and persist with the auto attack poke until he ether gets mad and tries to bodyslam you or gets low enough for you to try and melee him down.

Preferred build is to go trinity force but you can get some early mr here because the lane goes ether even or you lose, at least against a very good gragas and its easy to be a good gragas.




Hecarim has no way to get to you early game and practically has no kill potential until he gets couple of his core items and ulti.

Start playing similar to when you play against a singed, you can easily poke him out of the lane using basic bush-stepping technique described in "tricky cat" section.

Do not be urged to go in even if you hit a spear because he might be able to outtrade you due to the fact that you go 21/9 vs hec and have very little defense with just a dorans blade.

Most Hecarims aim to roam midgame and try to make plays elsewhere than top and from here you have two options.
a). Don't follow and push toplane gaining a big lead
b). Use teleport to follow where he goes but make sure toplane is pressured

If Hecarim fails at roaming he falls behind quite a lot and Hec is not a good champ to have on your team when he lacks core items.




She can all in you at levels 4+ and she can do it over, and over and over.

Go for smart laning with utilizing your range and engage on fights that she is heavily misspostioned in (inside your creepwave going for the CS while getting hit with spear). It has gotten a lot easier now that cougar form is avalible earlier because you can actually pick fights with her and match damage but still gotta watch out for the true damage.

And he all in with Q on a creep E + W AA AA Q on you and AA will hurt you a lot.
What do? Use bush and bushwhacks, don`t stand near low hp ally creeps, be passive aggressive and try and get your advantages safely, don't evenly trade her because its to irealia's advantage to have you stand right near her, if you ever played irelia you know how annoying it can get to actually be able to get on someone.
Irelia is a strong match up for Nid, be very careful.
Also, stack hp just like with olaf.
3047_32.pngHelps, Irelia does lots of attack damage besides true damage.


Jarvan IV


Another all in champ to deal with, runs low on mana quickly, is less effective then other all in top`s unless he gets good ganks. His E Q Ulti combo is dangerous if jungler is there.

Dodge his poke with Q, should be pretty simple, don't stand in line with the creeps he wants to last hit, do fast horizontal movements.

Keep in mind that he relies on the same combo to engage, poke and run away, use that to your advantage and if you can safely bait out him going on you and dodge it with pounce you are good to go, some quick reactions are always good but here they are especially nice because he doesn't have much besides his combo, at least early.




Play aggressive if he does not respond.

Push lane early if can to get as much advantage on jax as you can and don't get cheesed on by the early all in, its a hard match as time goes on so you need to shut him down early as much as possible

Poke him from getting the farm or let him push to the tower and farm until the junlger comes and ganks.

Try bushwhacking under yourself when pushing on him or when you are farming so that way when he jumps on you he has a harder time fighting.

Try to use the bush to get positional advantage on him and try to not fight him for long, never a good idea vs Jax.

Short trades and ranged pokes picking up on small mistakes he does and accumulating them is how you win. (If he does not mess up)




Farm, dodge his ranged shots, get armor.

Matchup gets better as you both get more items.

If you see a good opportunity to trade after you hit a nice spear, go for it, make sure you disengage instantly after trade is done, you don't want to get hit by literary everything he has.

Sometimes players just blatantly missplay by positioning poorly and you have to recognize that but in general this is not a matchup to force a lot of things in because good jayce players will always outtrade you early.

Gauntlet practically ends this lane.




Kennen can all which makes him hard to face as nidalee.

You can win early fights with crafty dodging of his shuriken but watch out for the Kennen's 4th attack on his W spell, he will usually have to use it on a creep or else he misses cs but don't let him auto attack you with it and chain it with the W active.

Make sure you have the right hybrid masteries for the magic resist and armor and make sure you have tenacity.

Magic resistance items such as chalise and hexdrinker help out a lot, also consider going early merq treads since kennen is one of the few matchups that relies on cc in order to win lane.


Lee Sin


Don`t get hit by his Q, fight in your own creeps.

Bushwhack under yourself.
Heal will do the job of sustaining you vs lee.
He loses trades as long as you don`t get hit by Q.

If he maxes shield and tries to sustain, you need to bully him out of that, its like laning against Aatrox all over again, he just heals back all the damage you done, thats why you try and deal more damage while he hits the creeps.




Lissandra's early game revolves around harassing with her Q and counter-trading you for when you dive in-to the creepwave.

Luckily Nidalee is ranged, so your focus will be to harass her without overextending the trade.

Logic in trading lissandra should be that you do not trade, but rather deal free damage without taking anything back. This can be accomplished by utilizing lane bushes mobility and landing auto attacks without pulling creep aggro or getting hit by her shard.

Obviously when you are ahead in the matchup and land a spear you can go for an all in which she is bound to lose due to her being low hp.

Athenes is usually the way to go but hexdrinker is also a very good item against Lissandra.




Lulu is in a way like facing ryze, you have to make sure to try and get dominance early by pushing so you get lvl 2 faster and try to do the combo. If not then just pressure lane and don't get hit by glitter lances until you see an opportunity to go in. Chalice is a good item so is hexdrinker but judge for yourself.

Also, sometimes its not good to jump in on her even if you landed spear because she has poly morph and you need vision at all time




Here is 2 ways this can go:

1: He goes ap and harasses you a lot.  Some MR and careful play will help you to not get all in`d (watch out for when you are below 75% b/c he can 1 shot you with a combo) and sit still lane wise, well, until he pushes up too far and you get a gank.
He will also be less useful in teamfights then regular beef malphite.

2: He goes tank malphite, well, he will run out of mana quite fast, do almost no damage and your job is to take his tower down or take him down chances of which are kind of small but possible.

But on the plus side malph isn't tanky early and neither he deals much damage, so don't mess up early game and abuse the lane advantage you have to never have him reach the point where he becomes a problem.




He is melee, that has weak early game, just having strong harass and pressure in lane should do it, maokai falls under pressure as long as you don't get ganked, also freezing waves is extra useful against maokai since he has no escape.

Aim for getting a lead before he gets his core items (roa, the other new speed up item)
because once he hits those he will be too tanky for you to abuse him.
Also theres no reason not to abuse maokai's early game weakness even if he didn't do well mid-late game.

Lategame he will do more then you but you should aim for splitpushing all game!




Gets beat early game, the only way you can lose is if you let him farm to the point where his all-in out-damages yours.

His only early game strength is the shield he gets from the creeps, however due to being weak at lvls 1-4 you can establish control and zone him out to the point where he can't come close to farm.

Don't stand inside creep-wave and in a perfect world, be on an exact opposite side of creeps leaving him with a choice to get more shield from damaging creeps or actually hitting you.




Nasus's early game sucks allowing you to bully him out of the lane as long as you are careful with creep aggro.

Important thing to note here is that pushing the lane over and over does not exactly out-lane him, in fact in many cases that is exactly what he wants since it provides him an opportunity to farm through the early game.

A lot like Mundo and Singed he has very little ability to engage making him easy to kite with gauntlet.

Early gank's are always a good way to shut him down but no matter how behind Nasus gets, be very careful roaming around the map because every minute you are absent from the lane he gets farm to put him back in the game.




He just snowballs you and tries to be useful, many people find him very annoying but that is true only in case of him having a jungler that will dive you top 24/7 and sit camp.

Chalise of harmony is prob the best thing to go against him, do that, also consider a rather early pickup on merq treads, don't be afraid to trade he doesn't actually deal as much damage as long as he doesn't have an advantage to work with.




Use the bushes and movement speed.

DODGE THE AXE, don`t let him get to you !
Good idea to fight him in ranged form and just poke until he is low enough for you to make a play.

If he does get to you and E, Q`s you then in catform use everything on him, if he is running then keep chasing with W`s and do as much as you can until he turns, if he does not just run, don`t let him free dmg you and keep sustaining, you good.

Stack a pack of HP, Olaf cant deal with hp stacking very well.

If he is maxing out Axe toss over Lightning Strike (True dmg E) then build armor.




9/21 mastieres, armor heavy rune page and cloth 5 start, just sit there and poke him back with AA's as he tries to spear you, he will probably run out of mana before he kills you, lvl 2 rush is possible but not recommended becuase his passive may mess you up hard so don't risk it.

Survive early on phase against him, you outsustain his spears unless he goes flask and potions (he will run out of mana harassing you if you play it right). Spear shot is not enough to just take you down and if you don`t get hit by anything else and don`t give him chance to capitalize you should be all right. 

Lose cs if you have to in order to survive.




Oh, this guy...

Try to deal free damage to him, don't trade and play safe, you will outscale him if you farm and level well and don't get denied, if you see him down his cd's thats time to strike if you can but other then that you AA and kite around, his trade will be stronger at all time.

Don't overextend leads, lok for him using his abilities to trade once they are on cooldown, renekton is easily abused if you get advantage in health at least, also his kill potential is low if he doesnt have ignite.

You can fight long fights with him as long as you make good use out of your abilities cooldown because he is easily kited around.




2043_32.pngWhen you can afford and ask for a jungle gank, also, bushwhacking at the right spots can do the work of a vision ward, there is not much you can do if Rengar is really good.
play off his mistakes trying to go for cs undertower or, look for him to waste ferocity and his abilities for nothing.

Protip: copycat his build =D jk, don't.

Gauntlet is so useful here, probably more useful then in any other matchup.

Going good amounts of hp vs him helps, if you go dps you are not going to deal much to him anyways and its just going to make you an easy target for him.




Be crafty about disengaging her all ins, you have to have decent reaction to R + W away from her gapcloser and then fight right after because her cooldowns are longer then yours.

Its probably one of the most intense matchups in terms of lane dynamic, goes bothways, don't get all-ined by her at lvl 6 because then she can actually execute you from 100 to 0. Disengage those as you would for any trade you are offered with.

Should be fine as long as you don`t die early to her.




Take advantage of the sustain and ability to engage on him. Don`t wait until he does dmg to you, poke with AA, cougar trade. Do what it takes before he gets his items.

Take advantage of cougar form early, it is an easy kill you can stick to rumble with no problem especially when his stuff is down. Early game rumble kills are very possible as Nidalee, just have to catch him off guard not expecting it.




Ryze starts getting harder to beat as he gets more levels and items.

try to make something out of early game by auto attacking a lot.
Cheese faster lvl 2 can help outlane a lot because your heal trade with AS vs a lvl 1 ryze with only redball is really strong
Chalise helps a lot.
Also if he combos you make sure you do damage back, don't just let him do free dmg




He harasses you good with his Q especially if he maxes it, if he maxes shield then you cant trade him -.- he takes like no damage before you get your items.

Even if he does not max shield he does not take much from you but if you keep sustaining and being persistentat harassing especially in catform, you will be able to outlane him.

If he teleport ults somewhere, kill tower, if he has a teleport (summoner) and ports back then he should not be a threat.

You can match the tp with your own tp, but thats a judgement call, can't tip you there on it, look out for yourself to make a play on them first.

Try running more in offensive tree btw.




Start of dorans or boots and kite her around, don't let her W E trade you with bunch of aa's and watch out for lvl 6.

Her W runs out really fast if she doesnt hit anything.
Kinda like singed tbh, pretty easily abused because of how much free damage you can get off.




AA him. Run from him through the bushes when he wants to fling.

Heal to sustain.
3028_32.pngis good.
Nida cant get denied by Singed going behind tower and farming there because she can handle creep waves by herself at level 6.




It is a swain, he has a bird, cats > birds jk

Try to pressure him before he is 6
Seriously tho, go chalice 3028_32.png and regular 2 dorans buy this  3123_32.png executioneers calling is good to cut down on his heals every time he tries to trade you, other then that just buy your regular lane items




Ap teemo got nerfed, so thats good.

Also new nid can actually kill him due to the early kill potential if you land a spear.

Watch out for using your Q when you are blinded, damage doesn't go through, but go for fights just make sure you are crafty enough to slip the trade in before you get blinded, then you disengage.

Honestly this lane can get obnoxious if he gets any form of lane advantage to work with, so pressure him hard enough and you will be fine.




You have to be careful with his all in from lvl 6 with pillar and everything, other then that keep your range and keep harassing, if he uses Q on a creep you go and trade with cougar but not for long because it has low cooldown. Then proceed playing the same way as you do against any other sustain-er !




Tryndamere relies on hitting creeps in order to sustain, aside from that he hits you.

WHile being fairly easy to kite around, it is actually challenging to force him out of the lane especially early on when all he is doing is willing to cheese you with his crits.
However, if you kite around using bushes bushwhacks and creeps for long enough you will be at the very least fine yourself. Also he builds no tankyness so he will always be squishy as long as you don't get killed by the lvl6 all-in.
You have to go ahead harass with AA's and then when he gets in close proximity go for the E Q combo in the catform and if he goes in on you, jump away, if he doesnt, jump toward him then transform back and AA (usually the last part only happens when tryndamere is scared of you which is pretty much never). Doing those little trades will make tryndamere lower and lower and as long as you don't let him hit creeps and press Q for the heals you will be fine.
Protip: save ignite the longer you can meaning that when he ults wait a couple seconds because he is going to try to save his heal and obviously ignite counters it. Also run away from him when he ults (thru da bushes)
and, yes ignite can serve you more then tp in this lane
Build Ninja tabi because he deals auto attack damage.




All in him early on with doran blades and offensive masteries. Jump on him and do the combo, get out of ranged form heal + AA`s. You should have enough sustain to deny him, don`t wait until he gets big, dominate, just like any other sustain lane, you have to play against vlad like you would against yourself, he is very similar in sense of how you are supposed to play against him with nidalee.




Quite hard matchup if you let him get to you.

I recommend ether starting boots or running movement speed runes, ether way you want to be mobile and never let him outrun you.

Bushes help your mobility very much so make sure you are not lazy and utilize those the best you can.

Aside from that Nidalee has a good execute so once you get ahead, his passive shouldn't be much of a trouble, also gauntlet lets you kite him very well.




Wu got early game and snowball on lock.

Should be easy to beat with bushwhacks and spear into cougar quick trades. Also keep in mind that if he doesn't win lane he does not do a whole lot in the game overall.

3047_32.png+ Some lvls and you are fine.
Bushwhack under yourself or lure him into 1 to win trade.


Xin Zhao


Cloth armor +5 matchup, survive early and the lane gets easier.

Do not get isolated in dueling him, make sure you stay in the creepwave and toss couple of bushwhacks underneath yourself, you should be able to outtrade him in every situation.

Also be careful of jungle ganks, pressuring xin can be a very dangerous thing as early game is what he has and even that is not that good against nid, he will choke late.




Run in and out of bushes taking aggro from yourself and making yorick push the lane because ghouls will attack the creeps if they cant see you. Also his W is aoe and that makes him push even harder if you stand in creeps. (also the ghouls aa the creeps makes him push even harder)

Kill the small little ghouls don't let them hit you(should be pretty easy once you hit catform) 

Chalise is a great choice btw but you have to play it right from very beginning




Zac is in many ways like tryndamere, he heals of hitting things. 

First of all you have to step on his little blobs to prevent him from healing too much however remember that you can't take free damage from creeps or zac while doing it so be crafty.

If you pressure him down, and make him run from his precious green goo blobs then he will stay at the hp he is or lower. So yes you have to apply pressure and if you zoned him try to keep it that way.

Blowing ignite on zac before he uses his passive is a good idea because his passive is not that hard to kill for Nidalee due to good attackspeed from heal, and your catform.

Lane phase. Back to Top


Starting bushwhacks implies that you are going to utilize it the best you can, basically what you want to do is use those in high traffic locations (tri-bush, river bush, ramps etc.)
Aside from that, you want to keep lane bushes whacked as well since having control over those is very vital to your playstyle.
The so known 'bushstep' requires you to bushwhack in the bushes you are executing it in.
(explained in more detail lower)
Bushwhacks are very important in order to execute this, usually laners do not face-check bushes that have traps in them since it allows you for a very easy trade, so making sure they can't do that is big. 
Also, you can bushwhack underneath your-self when playing against someone who has a gapcloser to make sure you get an extra hunt proc as well as some % dmg on them if they dash you.

Trading & and all-ins.
(Philosophy of damage dealing or how to generally not suck at laning)

You do not trade anything as far as the lane goes, rule of the thumb to keep you safe, stick to that unless you know to do otherwise in a specific situation.

What you want to achieve with this is fall back safety where you don't make any move that will make you lose pressure, usual auto attacks may seem as if they don't do much damage but having a convenient bush in the toplane makes sure that you can keep auto-attacking people all day. I ensure there is no such thing as dealing no damage and if you see an opporunity to AA the opponent for free you go for it, what I mean by this is that you don't want to overextend into the creepwave just to get the hit off, if they back out let them be, this is zoning, if they get close enough where they recieve the AA hit you punish them, if they stay safe, they miss cs and have no pressure.

Once they are low enough, you can take a trade. Aim for hitting a spear while they are chunked, then following up with a regular pounce into E + Q combo, than back out unless they are too pushed up to get away. If they are, human form, spear and proceed with another combo until they have to flash or die.
Be careful of an all-in back, this is an experience thing but what I am hinting at is that if you are against Riven that has an ulti, obviously you want to be very careful jumping in-to her because that is exactly what she wants and even if she is low, she can still kill you because her all-in is better than yours! Same thing with Irelia, Fiora and some other champions who have strong 'burst'.

Dealing with engages is very important, I will make another example out of Riven, she wants to E + combo into you in order to do damage, this is easily anticipated and avoided by a simple R + W away. This requires some reaction but anticipation more than anything, comes with experience but pounce away has to be your basic 100% reaction to every engage that is done against you, weather its an Irelia Q'ing on a creep or Fiora dashing, get some breathing space between you and them as soon as you see the engage.

Once you know some of their cooldowns are down, you can play more aggressive or force a fight, its the same philosophy with every champion you play, once you know the opponent downed a spell, approximate mind timer should suggest you that its a good window to trade. 
If they fight you, they won't have that ability to fight which means they will be weaker than you and if they run, they just take the damage you dealt without doing anything back!
Nidalee has very low cooldowns and two ability sets you can utilize meaning that you can abuse it and bait opponent trade by pouncing away and than re-engaging knowing their abilities are down.

Heal allows you to sustain an 'x' amount of hp back as well as provides an attack speed boost for a short period of time. This is a very useful tool for sustaining back after trading as well as a good amplifier mid-fight against someone. What this means is that if you are playing against a champ that has no way to sustain back you may trade them if you are absolutely sure you won't take more damage than they do, afterwards you can keep pressuring the lane dealing free ranged damage and sustain yourself back up leaving them without hp since they have no sustain.

However if you are significantly ahead, you can force things and rely on being stronger and having a heal.
^ This applies to every champion pretty much, very important to know what you can do and can't.


Use the bush to get movement speed and positional advantage, free poke and cancel the vision of minions or summons especially vs this guy 83_icon_64.png run in and out bushes. Versus any toplaner you can abuse the bush for the movement speed and aggro cancellation. 

- Run out of bush, make sure you are out of it.
- AA once.
- Run back in to cancel the creep aggro.

If you do it fast enough it shouldn't cause your creeps to push hard.

Make sure that you heal yourself using Alt + E over coursing over yourself, saves time, prevents stupid situation where you throw spear the opposite direction.

Bushwhacking lane bushes is very important to prevent the scariest kind of ganks, the bush lane ones... Don't forget to keep them bushwhacked, please.

Having better mobility then most of solotop champs gives you an opportunity to help the jungler invade. If you are duo with a junlger or you are playing with him in team you can make some nasty invades with early push from nida and then going red or blue.


Midgame/Teamfights Back to Top

There is two options to go with here, you can ether be splitpushing and go ad nidalee, the deciding factor that goes into that is usually the lane you are playing against. Obviosly if you are against someone you know for sure you can keep beating and mercilessly take his towers, you split. But aside from laning you have to take into consideration what kind of teamcomp you have, enemy team has and what are the chances of you winning teamfights.

What I prefer most of the time is the off-ap mid-late game Nidalee. The idea here is that you lane as a normal ad nid would but slowly transition into ap using hybrid items like gauntlet zhonya athenes and finally rabadons and voidstaff for lategame spears. Carries rarely build any resistances and opportunistic early game bruiser playstyle allows for a smooth transition into full ap where you have all the poke in the world. Aside from that you also have an ability to actually dive in-to people since zhonyas and gauntlet are very good items for that, but again, its all a judgement call.

Well, if you don`t win your lane you are not going to be much useful in team fights i can tell you that.

If opponent goes to help his team with dragon or to roam you ether follow him or take the tower, this all depends on the situation but the only thing to help you here is your game-sense, are you stronger than him? Can you win the forced dragon teamfight? Can you counter-gank?
Make sure you let your team know whats going on with pings or w/e but don't sit there and farm , ether split the tower down or follow.

Or if you shoved out the lane far and you see that you can come down to dragon or kill someone in the bottom side really quick, go for it, but make sure you don`t give the opponent a tower or his advantage back.

Nidalee is a champion that can easily get a lead on people but its not about the lead, its about what you do with it, your end goal is to win the game and not your lane, most of people below challenger complain about being ahead of their lane but losing the game because of bad teammates. Yes, some games are un-winnable but if you are fed its your own responsibility to carry so utilize your lead appropriately by using opening windows for roams, tp plays and invades.

Start teamfighting when you are beefy enough to. Heal has a good use for your ad carry, attack steroid makes ad carries very good, also nidalee has good beef to protect the ad.

If you see an opportunity to poke enemy ad or to pick on him or to pick on anyone really... Go for it but don`t get caught, draw attention to yourself in teamfight and use it to split the opponents, 3v4 or even 2v4 is easy to win for your team, just don`t die yourself, try to pick someone off if enemy team does not help him.
ZONING IS GOOD ! If you get 2 ppl out of the fight for 1 (you) its good, watch out if your team is weak though.

Bushwhack all over the place every time its up, vision has never been a bad thing. Also bushwhack under people in teamfight or in between the wall and the tower when pushing.

Whenever team pushes on a tower, you are one of the people that has to actually hit the tower if enemy team is defending it, don`t get caught and poke it step by step with gauntlet and heals, jump out if they want to get you.

Keep buying wards, help your support if you can, but don't sacrifice being important for the team.

Also keep on taking your or enemies jungle camps as you go.

Spears, even tho you are ad, can hurt and can help out your team`s poke. Especially with the gauntlet AA and the spear as the bonus damage its a great way to stab someone in the eye.

Talk a little about priorities.
Well, priorities are based on people`s opinions on things, and their decisions, and everyone has different ones that often cause arguments.
If you can push a tower instead of running to try to help your team, if they are not close enough, ping them to b and push that tower, take it, if you noticed that your team is team fighting you are probably already late to the party. It is your team`s fault if they initiated that, there is no need to blame or point it out and if they blame you in losing that simply ignore them. However if you are near your team and you can help without even making 2 steps go for it, don`t run off. 

Murumana usage: Remember that your murumana deals damage based off your current mana pool  so when you are full mana you deal more then when you are almost oom so just turn off murumana when you reach a point that is considered "low mana" to save some up for the heals and rest needed to trigger gauntlet or possibly utilize it in a necessary way.

Here's a protatomonster #1 place by meh:

Mechanics, tricks and special tactics! Back to Top

Alright, lets start off a not only Nidalee trick but a general toplane tip. Please take some time into looking at this picture, going into a custom game, buying bunch of wards and than practicing it for a bit, doesn't take that long. In case hyperlink hasn't worked its here: https://twitter.com/RF_Legendary/status/536437047490527232

^ I would insert the image into the guide itself but it does not allow zooming in.

This is one of the most useful wards you will know as a toplaner. The reasons why include that its efficient, safe and most importantly, fking fancy.

Most of the time you will want to use it:

  1. When coming back to lane thats getting pushed to check for enemy jungler sitting there.
  2. To scout out where the opponent wards after pushing your lane.

Before you read anything further down, take a second to go into your settings, and turn off auto-attack! Its not needed if you are familiar with league, it will only cause problems with jumping walls and pouncing in the right directions.

To start off, utilization of your passive is very important. You gain bonus movement speed when moving through the bushes meaning that you have to try to path through bushes as much as you can. This might result in what I call Nidalee syndrome, where every champion you play with you tend to walk through bushes even though it is not the most efficient path to take.

The Q + W combo (pouncebite)

Alright, I have fought riot on this because there was a patch that this was fixed in (not intentionally) so, in advance, you are welcome. Basically what goes on here is you Q and pounce at the same time, this is used on low hp creeps or players and works similarly to Riven animation cancellation. You auto attack in catform, when you are in-range for the AA, press Q and W right after changing the mouse aim to a direction to where you want to pounce. Thought process behind this is that you can't cancel the Q amplified autoattack like you can cancel the regular attack, but pounce can cut down the animation in half and not only make you 0.25 seconds faster at the cs but also give you a reset on pounce! Since you are killing a unit with your Q and pouncing right afterwards, you get the in-advance reset making you able to pounce again to reposition. This has not so much visible practical use but its a cool trick to do, I am a believer in the butterfly effect and when your opponent sees your APM (action per minute) starcraft micro skills in lane they get anxious, scared and pressured. Fear factor plays a strong role and nothing's more scary than a Nidalee players showing off their mechanical skill.


Another very important thing to get down is wall hopping. Its fairly simple and after some practice it becomes second nature to pounce over walls to position. I recommend going into a custom game and familiarizing yourself with the distance of the jump, spots and angles. This collection of screenshots should give you a pretty good idea of whats going on however practice is the only way you're going to get good at it.


Bushwhacks! (again)
Its always efficient to place bushwhacks around the enemy jungle in order to provide vision of the enemy jungler once he clears past a camp. 
Different junglers have different clear time and even though players usually have a good sense of where the jungler currently is, its not perfect and bushwhacks provide the opportunity to track him down.
Aside from placing bushwhacks around the jungle you can also utilize efficient spots such as these:

What this ^ does is limits opponents space to move without giving you an opportunity to possible engage, perhaps not however it deals some damage and opens up more options which is always good. The more positive side is that it limits space you have to work with in toplane since most of the time people avoid stepping in bushwhacks.
(I am a big fan of the psychological aspect of limiting opponents space and being able to manipulate his movements so this kind of ties in, but its not actually that influential on the game).

Well, i think i told almost everything, i will keep on updating and adding stuff in here as time goes.

That`s me =) Back to Top

Hello, thanks for reading through the guide, hopefully you are a better Nidalee player now.

A little bit about myself, I am an aspiring amateur-professional player, I have been playing since season one and still going, I have been top of the ladder every season and currently challenger as well.

You can become a fan by following me on my stream for my flawless gameplay and witty half-useful commentary, following me on twitter or even going as far as liking me on facebook.

I would post a beautiful picture of myself here, but I'm sure you can find that on your own

Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/RFLegendary

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RF_Legendary

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RFLegendarylol

You are very welcome :)

Oh, and if you want some more instant RF, you can totally watch these montages/highlights!

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