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December 12th
  • Applied our first wave of moderation, reducing our overall public guide count.
  • Converted our 5-star system into thumbsup/thumbsdown system to make rating a guide easier.
  • Added a "role" flag to our list pages to allow users to easily see if a guide is for the Jungle, Top, etc.
  • Removed the popularity bar and replaced it with views. We found the popularity bar to be too ambiguous.
  • If the author's top Elo is 1650 or above, it will now show next to their name on the guide list pages.
  • Fixed YouTube video embedding issue.
  • Added/modified sort options, see the list below:
    • Rating: The new default sort. Prioritizes guide upvotes/downvotes using Wilson score confidence interval.
    • Views: Prioritizes guide pageviews when sorting.
    • Top Elo: Prioritizes author's top Elo.
    • Win Rate: Prioritizes author's win rate with that specific champion using Wilson score confidence interval.
    • Date Modified: Prioritizes guides that have been recently updated.
    • Date Created: Prioritizes guides that have been recently created.