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Champion Skin

MalphiteDrag to Rotate, Control + Drag to Pan

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1 year ago
so faster
1 year ago
I need 2 see with out passive too
11 months ago
Attack 1 is bugged...
6 months ago
"His crit looks like a stone who just bitchslapps someone" - Wickd 2013
2 months ago
Malphite's backstory and his default splash art make him seem like kind of a sad, bumbling sweetheart, but his in-game model/quotes and his other skins make him seem kind of evil. I really wish they would fix his identity crisis. Barring that, I would love a "cute" Malphite skin :3...
1 month ago
er han go
4 weeks ago
new look on malphite ?
3 weeks ago
Looks the same to me. Just a different splash art.