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Guide Spotlight: Immortal Journey

Go on an epic journey with style and skill!

With Riot's latest skin theme, Immortal Journey, co-starring alongside an Arclight guest, we'll be here to break down some great guides to check out while rocking the new wardrobe. We've also thrown in an honorable mention to make a full team of 5 (even if they don't cover all possible lanes).




Lets face it; Yorick getting a new skin is a pretty massive deal and that alone means that he'll be reserving the top spot for this week's guide spotlight. Unfortunately, he hasn't recieved as much popularity with the player-base recently, which will hopefully change once this awesome skin gets released.

Rock up to lane with the new Arclight Yorick skin and this guide by KappyTikka to learn how to body your opponent and show them just who's top ghoul in this game.

Click here to check it out!




Riot just loves to give and give. For what may be the first time in League of Legends history, we finally catch a glimpse of Master Yi's face under the mask. While there may be complaints about this Wuju swordsman, we just have to appreciate the fact that he's really not that bad to look at.

DreamzOfYou can help you appreciate this slippery jungler in a completely different way with their incredible guide on how to destroy camps and laners alike.

Click here to check it out!





Fiora's popularity has been up and down for players -- from overpowered to not-so overpowered, there is one thing we can promise: once you learn how to utilize this duelist's skillset, you'll never have to look for a new main again. Then again, she may have just secured a vital spot in our hearts with the new Soaring Sword skin.

Sheensta has your back when it comes to mastering this finicky top laner and with all the detail and love poured into it, you'll be left completely breathless.

Click here to check it out!




Last but definitely not least, we have the mistress of wind and freelo herself. Janna has skyrocketed in popularity and winrate due to a certain Ardent Censer but be warned, this champion is not for the faint of heart. You will need the ability to click with precision and grace -- wait, this isn't Janna's quote.

Well, regardless of who said what, Sawyerr has another amazing guide for you to check out, detailing the best way to shield your ADC and your entire team to victory.

Click here to check it out!




Honorable mention to Ashe and her brand new Championship skin, which is available for purchase through Riot's in-client store, and a cut will go to a good cause! But we aren't here to talk about that. Barring the fact that the splash-art is amazing, Ashe is definitely the all-rounder marksman to go to whether you're just starting out or dusting off the ol' Summoner's Rift.

With constant updates and maintenance, Gardevoir101 has an Ashe guide that will always stay relevant no matter what patch you're on.

Click here to check it out!

Last Modified On: September 27, 2017
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