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News LolKing's Season 3 Changes Are Live

by Ashelia on February 1, 2013
A fresh season is upon us, summoners! With season 3 starting, Riot has introduced many new changes including the removal of the elo system. We are happy to announce that we've been working the past month on site features to help you navigate the uncharted waters of season 3! On this note, we are proud to introduce some profile changes that compliment Riot's brand new system.

Riot's Season 3 Changes

For those of you who may have missed it, Riot unveiled their new system for ranked in season 3. It hit the servers this morning.
In short:
  • Players and teams are now placed into a league
  • Leagues are assigned to a skill tier and a division
  • Winning and losing now causes you to gain and lose League Points
This means ranked is more accessible than ever to summoners who want to prove themselves on the Fields of Justice!

Profile Changes

Want to know your tier? How about your division? Or maybe how many League Points you have? Our profiles will now showcase all the new changes so that tracking your personal progress through divisions is easier than ever. You will be able to look up everything you need to at LolKing as usual.

LolKing Score (LKS)

With Riot's new system, we really wanted to make sure users got a grasp on what their division and league really meant. Since elo no longer exists and cannot be found in the client, we decided to use Riot's awesome new system to create an accurate representation of your progression through the leagues called LolKing Score (LKS).
With LKS, we have a formula that takes your League Points, division, league, and other factors into account to create a numerical value that will lend guidance to your progress throughout the season. This ultimately allows us to still give you neat features like last season's elo charts that track your progression.
LKS will show up on our site in many places. Since right now it is a brand new feature, we will constantly be adapting the formula to make it as accurate as possible to reflect your standing in League of Legends.
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