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News New Skin Previews: Haunted Zyra and Sultan Gangplank

by Ashelia on October 16, 2013
Riot added even more skins to the PBE today for the upcoming Harrowing event! In the past day, they've released four skins: Sultan Gangplank, Haunted Zyra, Victorious Elise, and Officer Vi. Be sure to check them out in our modelviewer to get the full experience.
They also released some interesting information players should be happy to hear: this Harrowing season, there will be a new functionality called mystery gifting. Mystery gifting will cost 490 RP and it will gift your friend a skin for a champion they already own. It could be that amazing ultimate skin--or it could be a cheap skin. It's all up to your fate, let's just hope it's not twisted.
Which skin is your favorite so far? And are you going to be trolling your friends this Harrowing with a mystery gift--or is it out of your price range?

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