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Site Feature: LolKing Guides

Preseason 3 has just hit the live servers for everyone and that means LolKing is proud to announce the beta launch of our brand new guide section!
Guides have been something that have been asked for by our community for quite some time now and we're happy to say that we were listening. For the past few months, Fishsticks and the team have been working to create a guide resource for the League of Legends community that stands out as much as LolKing's unique charts and summoner search do.

Initial Simplicity

We've focused our whole guide experience on brevity and functionality. The default sections all allow for quick overviews with an expanded information section below each one.

Quality Guides

LolKing has always been about our amazing community. That's why we're happy to announce we got some of our high elo users--including members from Absolute Legends--to write us some initial launch guides!
Here are a few of the many awesome guides we've already got drafted up:

Author & Champion Statistics

Every guide is tied to someone's unique account through our verification process. This means you can see their exact stats with the champion! You won't be relying on just upvotes or a guide's popularity anymore, you can see directly whether or not someone knows what they're talking about by viewing their statistics.
At first glance, you can see their elo as well as their LolKing summoner profile; by clicking further, you can see their win percentage, average KDA, gold, and more!
Additionally, even when you search for a guide, you'll see more of LolKing's statistics thanks to our popular and strong flags on individual champions.

Champion Match-ups

Something we feel is very important to guides are match-ups. Being countered in lane is never an enjoyable experience. This is why our guides have a mandatory emphasis on match-ups via a special widget we coded up that allows players to evaluate other champions in relation to their champion as well as write detailed information on the lane.
Last Modified On: February 16, 2013
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